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An In-Depth Guide to Trustworthy Online US Gambling Sites

At JustGamblers, we’re a team of iGaming enthusiasts with a mission to help fellow online gamblers find the right casino for them. On our website, you’ll find detailed reviews on the world’s leading gambling sites as well as guides to help you gamble responsibly and maximize your chances of winning. Only the most trustworthy iGaming sites that provide a truly amazing gaming experience can achieve our coveted 5-star rating. Keep reading below to learn more about our values, what we do, and how we can help you.

What You Must Know Before Start Gambling Online

Our experts assess the essential aspects of gambling websites including safety, ease of use and exclusive bonus options.

Wanting to make sure your money is safe when gambling online? The experts at JustGamblers provide guides and reviews on fully licensed and regulated online casinos, enabling you to play with confidence.

When choosing an online gambling site you should understand the most crucial details before playing with real cash:

  • Do they offer the casino games you like?
  • Do they accept the payment option you prefer?
  • More importantly, is gambling online legal in your state?

We’re a team of seasoned gaming experts who have been playing online casino games since they first started appearing. Not so long ago, only a few online gaming websites allowed real cash bets.

Since then, online betting has boomed online for games including roulette, poker, slots, sports, horse races, blackjack and more. However, because so many online casinos claim to offer the top odds, widest selection of games, or the BEST bonuses, choosing the right one for you can be challenging if not overwhelming.

For that reason, our professionals have accounts with all the leading online casinos and personally vetted them to provide you with honest reviews. Our gaming enthusiasts provide you with the truth on what all online players care about, such as safety, bonus codes, existing complaints, payment info, and ease of use.

Many casino review websites simply direct you to a casino to get referral points. They use paid-for customer reviews to generate revenue and traffic. Or, they gain a commission from a casino to point players in their direction. On the contrary, our experts take online gaming very seriously.

Understanding what you’re getting into is essential to ensure there aren’t any surprises – besides winning a substantial jackpot.

Play Confidently On Licensed and Regulated Gambling Sites

Many beginner players unwittingly think the essential thing about an online gambling site is how many positive reviews it has. If thousands of other players enjoy their gaming experience, that means everybody else also will, right?

The short answer is perhaps. But a more important aspect to consider is if the online casino meets license standards and state regulations. Some players don’t think twice about laws and realize that if a casino has a website, they must be trustworthy.

In reality, unregulated betting sites can be unethical and illegal. For example, they may not use random number generator (RNG) software to power their casino games, giving the house an unfair advantage. Unlicensed casinos may also:

  • Delay payouts so that players are forced to wait weeks or months before receiving their winnings
  • Mix player’s money with operating expenses
  • Limit withdrawals or payout amounts
  • Void winnings or avoid paying jackpots
  • Use unsecured or unlicensed casino software
  • Charge extortionate cash out fees

Unlicensed and unregulated online casinos often take advantage of players, sometimes even engaging in illegal activities. Nobody wants to be ripped off by playing a rigged game. JustGamblers is here to put your mind at ease by reviewing only the very best gambling sites.

We’re here to ensure you’re not alone. To help, we’ve highlighted three top tips to help you find a licensed casino that offers a fantastic gaming experience.

Verify the Online Casino’s Experience and Licenses

Licenses are the first thing all players need to check when considering creating an account with a casino online. Being licensed proves the casino follow regulations and meets strict conditions to operate. You could scour the internet for hours searching for a casino’s license details. Or, you can view them all with detailed reviews regarding usability, security and bonuses in one place here at JustGamblers

Licensed casinos are frequently audited by independent sources. Such auditors ensure casinos use powerful encryption software to secure your personal and payment information. They also check whether they use legitimate RNG software to prevent game rigging, meaning you can be sure the casino games are honest and fair. You should definitely check an operator’s licenses before playing with your cash.

Withdrawal and Payment Terms

You should take the time to look into which payment methods a casino accepts. Widely accepted payment options include:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Prepaid vouchers
  • Skrill
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Wire Transfers
  • And more

The number of acceptable payment options often depends on where the casino is based. Most trustworthy casinos offer dozens of secure deposit options with state-of-the-art encryption software, enabling you to deposit cash into your online casino account safely.

If a new form of electronic payment doesn’t sound appealing, you should verify what other payment options an online casino accepts before creating an account.

With regards to withdrawing cash from your casino account, some of the most widely accepted methods include eCheck, cryptocurrency and wire transfer.

Always check potential withdrawal fees before selecting a method because casinos that charge extortionate fees can reduce your winnings.

Variety of Casino Games

The entire point of online gambling is to enjoy yourself! Ensure you find out what games a casino has before creating an account.

If an online casino offers a vast array of games, you can find one that matches your interests while having the option to branch out later. Having plenty of options is essential because it means you won’t have to search for another reputable online gambling site when you fancy something different.

Overall, it’s better to find out the truth behind an online gambling platform before you gamble with your money. We recommend reading our expert reviews before selecting a website.

Get the Most Up-to-date Information on Safety and Compliance

Just Gamblers, have a mission to provide you with the most accurate and recent information regarding online casinos from all corners of the globe.

“There’s a lot of talk out there about online casinos. So many just want to take your money any way they can… it’s hard to know who is good to go with.” Aurora F.

Our in-depth and unbiased comparisons analyze all the most essential aspects of the world’s most popular and fully licensed gambling sites. We give each element of an online casino a star rating of one to five before determining the casino’s overall score. We award only the best casinos with five stars.

“All the suggestions from are spot on. They do the work for me, and I just sign up and play. Never had any regrets.” Hunter R.

Our comprehensive casino reviews detail the essential aspects each player must know, such as:

  • Available languages and game versions
  • Accepted payment and withdrawal methods
  • Existing complaints
  • State-based restrictions
  • Player reviews
  • The latest bonuses and promotions

“I discovered a new casino I wasn’t sure I could trust until’s review got me to join. I hit big my first night. Best decision ever; hands down!” Jack W.

Our primary goal is to uncover the truth behind the dazzling banners that are sometimes nothing more than a distraction in the online casino world. For that reason, our team of expert gambling enthusiasts deliver essential current and prevailing information on today’s leading online casinos.

We give you our unbiased reviews, comparisons and guides because we genuinely care about fair gaming.

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We’ve partnered with many of the best casino game developers to let you test our favorite soon-to-be-released casino games.

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Increase Your Odds of Winning by Reading Our Expert Guides

Regardless of which games interest you, our experts can offer you some top tips. Our in-depth guides include information on:

  • Slots
  • Crash Gambling
  • Poker
  • Live Casino
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Esports
  • Sports
  • Bingo
  • Lotto

Why You Can Trust Our Online Gambling Professionals

We’re a team of seasoned online gamers that has played online casino games since they first became available.

We boast first-hand experience of the worst and best of all games. From sign-up campaigns and bonuses that appear unrealistic to rigged odds and withheld winnings – our experts have seen everything.

Many casinos offer impressive graphics and claim you’ll win huge jackpots, but some aren’t to be trusted. We help players select the best casinos online by cutting right to the chase.

Our group of expert online gambling enthusiasts provide the most current information on all the leading gambling websites today.

US laws concerning online gambling are constantly changing, making it difficult to know what is illegal or legal. We can safely state that no federal laws prohibit US citizens from gambling online.

Laws vary by state, each setting its regulations regarding online gambling. Many states have not legalised online casinos, but others have specific rules related to particular forms of betting.

We recommend researching the law related to online gambling in your home state to find out whether it’s illegal or not. You might also want to find out if anyone has ever been penalized for unlawful online gambling too because many state laws are either unenforced or outdated.

Because so many states prohibit online gambling, many online casinos are based offshore. There, US players may be able to create accounts and play with real money legally, but it’s essential to know that such online gambling sites aren’t regulated by the US.

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware and Michigan is one of the few US states that has legalized online casinos and offer games such as slots, poker, roulette and blackjack. See the complete list of online gambling products available in your state.

StateTypes of Gambling Available
New JerseyCasino, Sportsbook, Poker, Fantasy Sports
PennsylvaniaCasino, Sportsbook, Poker, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
West VirginiaCasino, Sportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
IndianaSportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
ConnecticutCasino, Sportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
NevadaSportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
IowaSportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
Rhode IslandSportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
OregonSportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
MississippiSportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
DelawareCasino, Poker, Fantasy Sports
MichiganCasino, Sportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
IllinoisSportsbook, Lottery
New HampshireSportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
MassachusettsFantasy Sports, Lottery
New YorkSportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
Washington D.C.Sportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
MontanaSportsbook, Lottery
New MexicoLottery
ColoradoSportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
TennesseeSportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
AlabamaFantasy Sports
ArkansasFantasy Sports, Lottery
KansasFantasy Sports
MaineFantasy Sports, Lottery
MarylandFantasy Sports
MinnesotaFantasy Sports
MissouriFantasy Sports, Lottery
North CarolinaLottery
North DakotaLottery
OhioFantasy Sports, Lottery
South CarolinaNone
South DakotaNone
VermontFantasy Sports, Lottery
VirginiaSportsbook, Fantasy Sports, Lottery
WashingtonSportsbook, Lottery
WyomingSportsbook, Lottery
The online gambling legalization table was last updated: 03/15-2022.

Read each product guide to see what options or limits each state have, such as limited options, in-person only or in-person sign up requirements.

New Jersey

Residents and tourists who are in the state of NJ can gamble online legally. Accounts can be funded from anywhere in the world, but gamers can’t play until they are within the state’s borders.

Remember that you need to be 21 or older to gamble online in NJ, read our full guide to the most suitable NJ online casino for you on that page.


Read our experts evaluation after weeks of testing all 21 online casinos licensed in Pennsylvania, you find the results and list of the best PA online casinos here.

Enjoy Safe and Secure Online Gambling

It’s easy for fantastic welcome bonuses to distract online gamblers, but researching online casinos before playing with cash is essential. Fortunately, the experts at have done the challenging work on your behalf. Read our reviews, and you’ll know everything about an online casino before playing.

The most reputable online casinos offer a vast array of casino games with honest odds and zero rigging. They have casino licenses, comply with stringent regulations and a proven record for providing excellent customer service.

Any casino that has earned our prestigious five-star rating has been rigorously tested by our experts.

Our independent gaming enthusiasts have checked the odds and ensure our 5-star rated casinos offer a fantastic gaming experience. We review the websites that load quickly and boast amazing graphics.

We also offer exclusive deals such as no-deposit sign-up bonuses as well as the ability to test new games without paying a cent.

Now, you can either search the World Wide Web for hours to find an online casino hoping they play fair–but why waste your time when our experts give you current information on the world’s best online gambling sites right here at

Find the right casino for you now!

FAQs from American Online Gamblers

Most common questions asked by US-gamblers. A must-read for everyone that is new to online gambling.

Do I need to be a resident of NJ to gamble online?

No. Any person who is within the borders of New Jersey can gamble online. You can usually create an account outside NJ, but you won’t be able to play for cash until you’re inside the state.

Is it normal for an online casino to ask for my social security number?

Yes. Most online casinos will ask for your social security number when you create an account to verify your identity and age. Licensed casinos won’t pass on sensitive information to third parties.

How much is the minimum sign-up deposit?

This cost varies depending on the casino you choose, but you can usually deposit as little as $10 to start playing with real money.

How do I know games aren’t rigged?

Regulated casinos use random number generator (RNG) software to ensure the outcomes of cards, slot machines and table games can’t be predicted. Of course, the house always has a slight advantage, but games are never rigged in anybody’s favour.

Do online casinos develop their own games?

Some online casinos create games in-house, but almost all of them purchase at least some of their games from third-party developers. Licensed online casinos only buy games from regulated developers that use sophisticated RNG software.

What happens if I lose my internet connection while playing?

Most casinos have safeguards in place should you lose your internet connection. For example, if you’re playing a slot game, you’ll simply return to the game when the connection is restored. If you play a table game such as roulette and the wheel is spinning when you lose your connection, your winnings (or losses) will be automatically added or removed from your account. You can return to the same game as soon as your internet connection is restored.

How do I choose the right game when there are so many from which to choose?

We recommend reading our in-depth guides on some of the most popular casino games to gain an insight into what to expect. You can also test out a vast array of games by heading to our games lobby.

How long does it take to withdraw my earnings?

This duration depends on the online gambling site and payment option you choose. Wire transfers can take several weeks to complete. Online bank transfers and PayPal tend to be the fastest withdrawal methods.

Should I download software or play straight from my browser?

We recommend playing straight from your browser because the experience is almost identical, and you don’t need to download any software and sacrifice storage space on your computer.

How do I know I’m playing with real humans instead of a computer?

You might worry that you’re playing with computers in games such as poker, in which case the house would have a considerable chance of winning. Provided you choose a licensed and regulated casino, you can remain confident that the games are fair.

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