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JustGamblers believes that everyone interested in online gambling should be able to find safe and reliable information regardless of what state they’re living in. We help our readers through guides and recommendations on the topics of online casinos, sports betting, sweepstakes, poker, daily fantasy, and horse racing—we empower everyone to make decisions with confidence through responsible content.

You, Readers, Team, Company—JustGamblers

We all lean on each other to create safe and great gambling experiences. Beyond our expertise, we require different viewpoints to maintain our good reputation and help safeguard our readers—you.

Every reader we interact with reminds us of the person behind the screen, who can help us remain impartial, choose facts over hype, and stay on top of the latest trends and developments that impact decisions. In turn, we do our best to protect the individual by informing them of consequences and potential harms by prioritizing responsible gambling in everything we do.

JustGamblers balance all our content and media with careful ad placement for our partners’ products and services; our company may be compensated by you clicking on certain links placed throughout our platforms.

Our team consists of international experts from all over the world who strive for unbiased coverage backed by rigorous editorial standards and methodologies.

Every sentence we publish is fact-checked by an editor, every recommendation we make is made by an accredited gambling expert, and we never compromise on integrity or responsible gambling.

Our Organization

JustGamblers comprises some of the top gambling experts in the business who have helped shape the iGaming industry over the past two decades—from online casinos to sports betting, game development, and responsible gambling. Our accumulated experience and expertise shape all content we share on our platforms.

JustGamblers Team

JustGamblers employs top talent from the iGaming industry, and all their work is reviewed for accuracy by the review board. Our team comprises writers, editors, graphic designers, testers, and product experts collaborating to provide the best gambling content. We know that trust is earned, and we always strive to deliver quality insights fairly, transparently, and responsibly.

Gambling Expert Review Board

Our gambling expert review board consists of accredited iGaming experts who help guide the publication of all online gambling-oriented content, ensuring it meets the highest accuracy and regulatory compliance standards.

Our gambling experts range from founders and C-level executives, with each person having between 10 and 20 years of experience in the iGaming industry. To become a board-certified expert at JustGamblers, the person must have a verified track record in iGaming and online gambling that can help ensure our work is trustworthy and backed by relevant expertise.


Our leaders have created a culture where every team member can make positive contributions and decisions without ethical concerns. All work processes are structured around our responsible gambling policies, editorial guidelines, and code of conduct, ensuring that we take responsibility for our readers’ well-being and treat all contributors at JustGamblers with respect and dignity—with a platform to grow and enjoy.

Helping Our Readers Make Smart Decisions

Our mission is simple: provide clarity and guidance for gamblers' online gambling decisions—help you choose the right direction and avoid pitfalls and unnecessary risks.

From our recommendations and comparisons to editorial content, we provide objective and transparent advice full of actionable steps to help you make smart decisions. This is why thousands of Americans put their trust in us.

What We Offer US Players and Punters

JustGamblers connects our readers with the best and safest alternatives for online gambling in the United States. We arrive at conclusions and recommendations based on objective work and collaboration between knowledgeable team members and leadership.

  • Award-winning editorial content.
  • Objective reviews.
  • Accredited recommendations.
  • Product comparison tools.
  • Tailor-made tools.
  • Responsible gambling resources.

The Trusted Name in Online Gambling

For every state, JustGamblers’ goal is to be there to add value and trust, a mediator of fun and safe online gambling experiences. We’re not available in all states yet, but we're getting there with the help of our teams’ self-improvement and daily iterations on the JustGamblers platform. Ultimately, we want to reach all gamblers in every corner of the United States.

Responsible Gambling

Our readers and their well-being are at the center of everything we do. We take considerations and implement adequate measures to inform and actively work to prohibit gambling problems where possible. We’ve included extensive resources and information in our safe and sustainable gambling habits policy, which is available on the responsible gambling page. We provide points of contact for support services, legal platforms, and tools available to minimize risks and help gamblers control their online habits.

Gambling Legislation and Compliance

It’s crucial to JustGamblers’ mission that our content and organization comply with local laws and regulations throughout the United States. We only engage in partnerships with trusted and reliable brands that are legally allowed to operate and provide online gambling services to US residents in various states. For every state we enter, we create an exhaustive overview page containing relevant resources about gambling legislation, including:

Furthermore, we adhere to advertising policies and standards according to the state legislature and have required vendor licenses where necessary. For example, in 2022, we became an approved vendor in the State of New Jersey after acquiring a license, which allows us to actively produce content for and engage with gamblers in the Garden State. As we expand our footprint, we’ll obtain more licenses when required.

Offshore gambling exists, foreign companies can offer iGaming services with remote gambling licenses, and JustGamblers do not promote or engage with offshore entities in relation to the United States. When possible, we mention offshore operations to highlight the benefits and legal aspects of US brands, along with a warning about risks when engaging with offshore and illegal gambling sites.

JustGamblers US Journey

  • 2018: JustGamblers enters the US market as the American online gambling legislation changes.
  • 2019: Regulated online gambling has become a reality in the United States, and JustGamblers launched the first version of our platform in April of that year.
  • 2020: Besides providing authoritative insights on US gambling, we spent most of the year overhauling our technology stack and platform to position us for a geographic expansion, following the footsteps of local regulations across various states.
  • 2021: As JustGamblers grew and matured, we created a separate business entity that saw the foundation of our corporate identity—JustMedia Ltd.
  • 2022: To bolster our efforts to provide qualified insights, we welcomed several professionals from the iGaming industry: Jesper Kärrbrink, Jonas Wåhlander, and Johan Moazed. Besides providing experience in the capacity of board members, they also serve on our gambling expert review board to provide accurate and authoritative insights.
  • 2022: We acquired a New Jersey vendor license and became part of the Active Vendors List (AVL), allowing us to legally engage with gamblers in NJ.
  • 2023: We entered the state of Pennsylvania and recruited top talent to help achieve our goals of expanding to more states.

Company Information

JustGamblers© is owned and operated by JustMedia Ltd, located in Sofia, Bulgaria. JustMedia is controlled by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Our team benefits from a flexible remote work environment and is scattered across the world with representatives on nearly all continents.

  • Company Name: JustMedia Ltd
  • Active US Vendor Licenses: New Jersey (Vendor Number 0093903, page 181)
  • Company Number: 206647085
  • Registered address: Lavski Rid 10, Apartment 38, 1680 Manastirski Livadi, Sofia, Bulgaria

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