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Magnus Boberg is the co-founder and Managing Director for JustGamblers and its parent company JustMedia Ltd. Here below you will find all details about his role in the company plus all necessary contact details.
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Magnus Boberg
Magnus Boberg Co-founder & Managing Director at

Summary Experience

Magnus Boberg’s expertise in the iGaming arena has been developed over a 10 year career in the industry. During that time, Magnus has held four high-level positions with top brands.

Working for online casinos, affiliates and software developers, has given him an extraordinary holistic view of the industry and an understanding of what actually matters for gamblers. Magnus brings this experience to JustGamblers and its readers making sure that the content always helps and guides the gambler in the best way possible.

Magnus’s extensive experience in the industry can be summarized as follows: 

  • SEO consultant - Boberg Ltd enabling the development of strategic and analytical skills. 
  • Head of SEO - NetEnt where experience of and insight into iGaming solutions was enhanced. 
  • Head of organic search - Mr Green gaining insights into the competitive iGaming software development market place and how it is impacted by customer experience. 
  • Head of SEO - Evoke Gaming gaining further insights into the iGaming market including customer experience insights. 
  • Head of SEO - Highlight Media Group developing a breadth of international knowledge in the areas of casinos, bingo, finance and webhosting.

Role at JustGamblers

Magnus co-founded JustGamblers together with Tobias Alriksson. The two have a long history of working together for iGaming companies in a variety of roles. This experience has helped Magnus develop a passion for working with clients to enhance their iGaming experience. 

In his current role of managing director at JustGamblers, Magnus is responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans, financial goals and legal aspects for the company. He also has responsibility for maintaining a dialogue with stakeholders and driving the ongoing success of the organization. 

Relevant iGaming Experience

Magnus brings an array of valuable experience to his role at JustGamblers. 

His credentials are listed below, together with insight into their value to the organization.

Marketing Consultant - Boberg Ltd

His role as an marketing consultant with his own company has led to Magnus developing relationships with an array of international clients. He has helped them to develop organic visibility and traffic to their websites by creating online marketing strategies based on the organization and industry market data. 

Magnus brings this strategic ability to his role at JustGamblers where he is responsible for determining the strategic direction of the company and for planning to maintain this direction. 

Knowledge of the international landscape is another vital attribute that Magnus brings to his current role. This enables him to ensure the company communicates in a way that best reaches its intended audience. 

His strategic skills and international experience are central to ensuring the success of JustGamblers in the iGaming arena.

Head of SEO - NetEnt  (Software provider, Game developer & iGaming Affiliate)

During the time he spent as Head of SEO at NetEnt, Magnus developed an awareness of the development of iGaming solutions and the importance of the customer experience. This awareness came as a result of the strategic analysis he conducted in order to optimize the online performance of the NetEnt brand and its slot games.

Magnus benefited greatly from his time spent with this company that has been a leader in the industry since its inception in 1996. It is a pioneer in producing thrilling, cutting-edge action for iGaming enthusiasts across the world. 

Some of the most well known slot game brands from NetEnt includes: 

  • Starburst 
  • Dead or alive
  • Aloha 
  • Divine Fortune
  • Cosmic Fortune
  • Gonzo’s Quest

Against this backdrop of iGaming excellence, Magnus developed an understanding of the experiences that expertly developed games provide for iGaming enthusiasts.  

He brings this understanding to his role at JustGamblers where he is dedicated to bringing the best games and experiences to the attention of players.

Head of Organic Search - MrGreen - (Stock listed online casino)

Founded in 2007, MrGreen was one of the first online casinos to provide players with the opportunity to experience games from several different suppliers.

His role with MrGreen exposed Magnus to a myriad of games from the top software developers in the world including Microgaming, Playtech, Yggdrasil, Electric Red Tiger, Evolution, Thunderkick, and Quickspin. Being responsible for organic search meant that he developed a knowledge of  search patterns and an understanding of what is really important for players when they are analyzing a casino to sign up to.

He relished the opportunity to work with such a respected iGaming brand that is part of the MRG Group together with other reputable brands including: 


The exposure to different sites and user experiences that Magnus gained while working at MrGreen makes him the perfect person to bring honest reviews of online casinos to the iGaming community, something that he is now doing with his role at JustGamblers. 

Head of SEO - Evoke Gaming - ( online casino)

Magnus spent time working as the Head of SEO at Evoke Gaming, a company that was acquired by MrGreen and became part of the MRG Group. 

In this role, he was responsible for optimizing the online performance of the brand through the use of SEO analysis and implementation techniques, brands such as: 


His experience at Evoke Gaming provided a foundation for the development of Magnus's insights into the iGaming industry. These insights are valuable in Magnus’s current role at JustGamblers where he puts his inside knowledge to use providing a comprehensive and honest resource for players at online casinos. 

Head of SEO - Highlight Media Group - (iGaming Affiliate, renamed to Acroud)

Magnus has his time at Highlight Media Group to thank for his breadth of international knowledge and experience in the worlds of casinos, bingo, finance and webhosting. 

The company, now known as Acroud, is a respected iGaming affiliate on the global stage. Its affiliate brands include: 


Magnus’s role for the company involved optimizing websites across 16 different markets globally. This work has provided him with the ability to analyze international iGaming operations, an ability which he finds invaluable as Managing Director of JustGamblers. 

The Faculty of Law at Lund University is renowned for its commitment to promoting strong research skills and blending these with a top quality legal education. 

Magnus gained a Bachelor's degree, International Law and Legal Studies in this environment. These studies helped him to develop the strong research skills and legal insights that he has used throughout his career. 

He continues to do so at JustGambers where the skills he developed while studying give him the ability to lead a company navigating through the legal landscape where the company is active with marketing activities.

Personal Profile Magnus Boberg

Closely examining the skills and expertise of Magnus Boberg highlights his value in the role of Managing Director at JustGamblers.

Key Skills & Core Competencies

  • Founding companies in multiple jurisdictions
  • Working for stock listed companies, setting up proper reporting
  • Managing marketing teams
  • Managing marketing budgets and financial reporting
  • Having experience from 4 big M&As within iGaming
  • Experienced in seed investment rounds for JustMedia
  • Developing business strategies
  • International legal expertise with a degree
  • Experience of many different parts of the iGaming industry 


  • Leadership Diploma.

This was in recognition of attainment in three modules: 

  1. How to lead yourself including time management, prioritization, and delegation. 
  2. How to lead the team including team development, situational leadership, and coaching. 
  3. How to lead the future including how leadership links to the values and culture of the organization. 


Magnus was on the shortlist to be named an iGaming idol 2017. The 150 shortlisted nominees were interviewed over three days with a view to finding idols in 16 categories. 

The judges scored each nominee with final decisions, and the overall process, being overseen by BDO Malta. Magnus was honored to be part of the process and learned a lot from the experience. 

Magnus was equally honored to be a judge for iGaming Idol 2019. He was one of three judges for the SEO category.

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