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JustGamblers© is owned and operated by JustMedia Ltd, located in Sofia, Bulgaria. JustMedia is controlled by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

JustMedia Ltd
Company Number: 206647085
VAT: BG206647085
Registered address: Lavski Rid 10, Apartment 38, Manastirski Livadi, Sofia, Bulgaria
Postal code: 1680

Meet the Founders of JustGamblers was founded by Magnus Boberg and Tobias Alriksson, two Swedish entrepreneurs with many years of experience working in the iGaming industry:

Magnus Boberg - Co-founder / Managing Director

Tobias Alriksson - Co-founder / CTO

JustGamblers also has a very strong board of members and a team of investors consisting of some of the most well-known names from the online gambling industry. Check them out below and click on the links to read more about each person:

Jesper Kärrbrink - Board of Directors / Shareholder / Investor

Jonas Wåhlander - Board of Directors / Shareholder / Investor

Johan Moazed - Board of Directors / Shareholder / Investor

Location of JustGamblers

Lavski Rid 10, Apartment 38
City: Sofia, Manastirski Livadi
Postal code: 1680
Country: Bulgaria
Telephone: +359 876398841

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Introducing JustGamblers

With the growth in popularity of internet casinos, there has been an increase in internet gambling options that are anything less than reputable. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the mass selection of internet casinos, it is always helpful to have background information on the entity before you go through the registration process.

The goal of the JustGamblers team is to provide you with the vital information you need to know about popular online casinos that are available to Canadian gamblers. Whether you are a seasoned gambler or new to the world of video poker or sports betting, our site covers everything you need to know about a casino you’re considering. Our guides bring you the good, the bad and the ugly of these casinos including details about player complaints, payment options, and whether the entity is one of the legal and licensed casinos for Canadian gamblers.

In this section, you will learn more about why we developed our company and why you can trust us, including more about our mission to keep internet gamblers safe.

How and Why We Started

Canadian online gambling first became available to gamblers in the country in 2004. While Canada mandates that casinos be licensed through a formal government entity, that does not prevent the entity from offering options that do not necessarily benefit you. For example, is it worth it to take part in a specific casino’s Welcome Bonus? Can you trust the casino to provide you with a timely withdrawal process when you are ready to cash out your winnings? These are things that are critically important to any gambler. Instead of signing up for every casino and finding out for yourself, we provide you with a full overview of the casino so you can decide as to whether it is worth your time.

Our team of gambling experts are passionate about supplying other gamblers with the ins and outs of various casinos. We recognized that the bells and whistles of certain casinos are not always what they’re chalked up to be and we wanted to help prevent other gamblers from making mistakes when it comes to registering, depositing and potentially losing money unnecessarily.

What We Do for Canadian Online Gamblers

Our experience has taught us that no two gamblers are the same. Some players love the thrill associated with slots while others enjoy the excitement of betting through a sportsbook. With the abundance of internet casinos, how do you know which one is the best choice?

We understand that when a gamer signs up for a casino, the first thing that he or she wants to do is to explore the different gaming choices and not spend hours reading through the tedious terms and conditions of the site to find out if there is any fine print that they need to understand.

Our comprehensive reviews cover a wide range of information. We base our reviews on our own personal experience on the casino’s site and combine it with our knowledge of the industry to give you a rating that ranges from one- to five stars. Our guides answer the following questions:

  • Is the casino licensed and certified?
  • How cumbersome is the sign-up process?
  • What bonuses does the casino offer?
  • Are there any free casino games?
  • What type of software does the casino use?
  • Is it easy to navigate the site?
  • What are the pros and cons of the casino?

We also recognize that the casino’s customer service options are a significant factor in how comfortable you feel using the site. Our review covers the different ways you can contact customer service and whether the casino is helpful when you need assistance.

Our Mission – To Be Your Go-To Source of Honest Information

Our mission is simple. We want to provide every Canadian gambler with the peace of mind of knowing that their money is in safe hands. We focus intensely on the licensing and legality of each casino to ensure that the entity is worthy of your trust and so that you will never be duped by a casino that looks too good to be true.

Our Values

The JustGamblers team is committed to providing you with the tools you need to have a safe and fun experience any time you log into your player account at a given casino which is why we dedicate ourselves to the following values:

  • Confidence
    Our goal is to help you avoid ever registering with an unlicensed or unregulated casino. The JustGamblers team works hard to create thorough and unbiased reviews of internet casinos so that you always know which ones are worth your time and money.
  • Responsible Gambling
    We make it a point to look for responsible gambling features in each of our casino reviews. We understand the impact of a gambling addiction, not only on the person who is struggling with the addiction but also on their entire family. If a casino is lacking in responsible gaming options, we make sure that you are aware of it.
  • Quality Content
    We consistently generate content that is easy for both the seasoned gamer and novice gambler to understand. While our reviews are comprehensive, they are also written in a clear, accessible style so that you never feel overwhelmed while reading them.
  • Impartiality
    Honesty and impartiality are the benchmarks of our every review. We leave no stone unturned and provide you with a full overview of each casino before you waste your time and money on a less-than-trustworthy platform.
  • Accessibility
    We believe that you should never have to pay hard-earned money just to figure out which internet casinos are trustworthy. Our reviews are a source of free information for professional and casual online gamblers alike.

Why You Can Trust Our Panel of Experts

One of the numerous reasons that you can trust our team of experts is the fact that we are gamblers looking to help fellow gamblers. Our casino reviews are always fair and provide you with balanced insight into the casino. Throughout our site, you will find five-star casinos that we can’t say enough good things about, but you will also find one-star casinos that are not worth a moment of your time.

Independent and Impartial – JustGamblers Is on Your Side

When you are just starting in your online gambling career, it’s hard to find one person, let alone a team of people that are there to guide you around some of the pitfalls of the market. None of the leading internet casinos influences the JustGamblers team. We work to find you the lucrative deals and the best games whether they come from a well-known casino or one that is just starting up.

Providing In-Depth, High-Quality, and Useful Content

Do you have the hours in your day to sign up and test out every online casino that is available in Canada? Between work, family, and other responsibilities, the answer is probably no. Our experts provide you with a direct way of gaining fast and trustworthy access to the games and betting features that you love without the concern of whether the casino is reputable.

We provide you with a step-by-step process of what you can expect during the registration process and quality insight on the best bonuses and campaigns so that you can get more bang for your buck.

To enhance your ability to make a well-informed decision about which casinos to try and trust and which to avoid, we offer a five-star rating system that we apply to each casino that we review. If you need to know quickly whether a casino is worth pursuing, our rating will reflect key factors at a glance, including security measures, game variety, signup speed, and user experience.

Our Commitment to Responsible Gambling

Our experience has taught us that a reputable online casino will provide their users with the opportunity to curb their gambling habits. Whether you feel as though you need a break from gambling or you believe that there is the potential for addictive habits, a casino’s responsible gambling policy is an excellent tool to utilize.

Responsible gambling options usually come in different forms. For example, players may have the opportunity to limit the amount that they can put on their player account daily or they may have the choice to restrict their betting practices for some time. Each of our reviews highlights the responsible gambling policies of a casino. Unfortunately, legal and licensed casinos are abundant out there that have fantastic bonuses and campaigns but are lacking when it comes to helping their players maintain responsible gaming habits.

Complete Transparency – Your Window to the World of iGaming

When you trust the JustGamblers team for guidance on the best internet casinos, you can rest assured that you are receiving quality and unbiased information. The “next best casino” never sways our opinions. Instead, we hold every casino to the same high standard to ensure that each one has a fair chance to prove their trustworthiness.

We not only provide you with our opinion of the casino, but we supply you with facts to justify our rating score based on our interaction with the platform and what other gamers have reported about the site.

Meet the Experts at JustGamblers

In today’s day and age, almost everything is available online, even casino games. Our experts have been on the pulse of internet gambling since its inception. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with not only the latest internet casinos but popular gambling trends. Our experts work to formulate casino reviews that are straightforward so that you can place your bet with the peace of mind of knowing that your hard-earned money is in trusted hands.

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