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Learn the Data We Collect and How We Put it to Use. Gain Confidence Regarding Our Data Collection Procedures
Isabella Johnson
Expert: Fact Reviewer & Journalist
Experience: Casino safety and gambling research. Her work has been featured on the BBC, CNet, Wired and The Financial Times.

Privacy Policy Purpose

We’ve designed our privacy policy to meet several goals:

  • Respect our users’ data and privacy
  • Enhance our users’ experience
  • Observe all legal rights and obligations for both parties
  • Inform our users of the type of data we collect and why

We strive to provide a comfortable experience for each of our users. As we pursue creating high-quality gambling site reviews, our users’ privacy and comfort are paramount to our operations. Our policies directly address these concerns, but if you have further questions, we encourage you to contact us directly.

Who We Are: Data Responsibility

Our mission is to connect our users with the best, safest online gambling platforms. As these sites are based in various countries throughout the world, we consider international restrictions on data collection and usage. We respect each user’s privacy and strive to prevent digital fraud wherever possible.

About Us

We work with a team of expert gamblers (see our about us page here) who consider the benefits of each online casino, focusing on several qualities:

  • Is the casino trustworthy, and what information can we collect about the managing company?
  • Which companies do these legal and licenced casinos work with for software and security certification?
  • What governmental authorities license these casinos?
  • Is the website easy to use and simple for new players to signup?
  • What options are available to gamblers to choose?
  • Are there bonus opportunities and promotions available to the players?
  • Do the casinos appropriately address responsible gambling habits?

In addition to casino reviews, we also produce guides focusing on how to play various games online such as poker, roulette, and blackjack. We assemble common variations, regular strategies, and the usual pitfalls to avoid.

Data We Collect and Process

We limit data collection to those areas that are covered by law, including both areas collected to improve our services and those that are mandated by the government. As relevant, we collect data within several categories:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • IP Address
  • Location Data
  • Website Usage
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Personal Preferences and Opinions

Processing Methods: Manual and Automatic

Manual processing involves a live person reviewing the data, whereas automatic processing is done without human interaction. We limit manual processing to better protect your privacy while improving our services through two methods:

  • We rely on automated systems to store, encrypt, and retrieve our users’ data. Your username, password, contact information, and other personal data is all processed using this method to protect your privacy.
  • Additionally, we use cookies as outlined in section 8, our cookie policy. These cookies store information on your computer or mobile device, thus limiting exposure and keeping your data local. These cookies improve your website experience while protecting your privacy against possible data breaches.

Transferring Data Internationally

Each legal jurisdiction has a different legal policy regarding data about website visitors that must be stored. In some circumstances, the Canadian government or other entities such as the European Union may require data related to casinos based within their borders. If those entities submit legal requests following law enforcement and standing laws, then we will provide that information as mandated by law.

Regardless of the circumstances, we take every effort possible to protect your information and privacy. In that spirit, we request official confirmation for each ostensibly legal request.

Your Rights as a User

Each visitor has rights as an end-user and consumer of our services. There are several methods we use to protect your data while using it to enhance your website experience.

Your Rights and Options

We separate our users’ rights into several categories, including both a description of those rights and how to contact us regarding them.

Access - You have a right to access the information we collect in specific circumstances:

  • You can confirm whether we’re collecting your information.
  • You can request a copy of that information.
  • You can request meta-information, including how we store and use your information, as well as how you can exercise your rights.

Rectification - You have the right to ensure that the information we collect is accurate:

  • If there are any errors, you may request that we correct them.
  • Depending on the information, we may require evidence or confirmation of the corrections.

Erasure - There are some options to request we delete your information:

There are several kinds of information that you can request we delete:

  • Irrelevant information.
  • Information you no longer consent to.
  • Information you’ve successfully objected to.
  • Any information that was illegally obtained.
  • Information that the law gives you the right to delete.

On the other hand, some information is protected, and you cannot request that we delete:

  • Any information that we have a legal obligation to collect and retain.
  • Any information needed to exercise legal claims and investigations.

Restriction - You can request that we limit the use of some information we retain:

  • During a dispute, you can request we restrict relevant information.
  • If you want us to retain information but not use it.
  • If we need the information for legal reasons but not for site performance.
  • If you have filed an objection that has not yet finished processing.

However, you cannot request a restriction for:

  • Information you’ve consented that we collect.
  • Information we need to collect for legal claims
  • Information we need to protect other individuals.

Portability - You can request to receive information from us in different formats:

  • If you provide consent, we can process the information for you in several ways.
  • In all cases, that processing must be completed with automated processes rather than a personal review.

Objection - You may object to information that we collect if you think there is no legal obligation regarding that information:

  • Any time we believe it is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation, we will defend our right to use the information.

Supervisory Authority - You may file complaints with supervisory authorities regarding our information collection:

  • It’s always best to contact us directly so that we can resolve the issue first.

Direct Marketing

Sometimes, we will use your data for direct marketing communications. We generally use this information to alert you to specials, features, promotions, and other changes that may be relevant to you or a class of which you are a member.

This marketing is related to our legitimate interests, and we will seek consent as necessary to conduct this marketing. You may opt out from undesired marketing using a restriction or objection request regarding the information we possess.

We always strive to keep our marketing efforts minimal and relevant, so you will only receive email communication from us as it pertains to your experience.

Data Retention Timeframe

We rely on several categories to determine how long we retain your data:

  • Necessary technical data for website functions.
  • Legally-mandated data retention.
  • General reporting data.
  • Tax, economic, or regulatory-mandated data retention.

For information that is not legally mandated, we only retain it for the duration of your consent. We will remove the data after completing your objection in any case where we are not required to retain the information. For data that we are legally required to retain, we must keep that indefinitely. We only keep technically-necessary data as long as it is relevant to your device or our website uses those functions.

We establish a legal framework to retain your data with several methods:

  • Voluntarily using our website is an expression of consent for us to collect data related to website functionality.
  • You may withdraw your consent after using the site, though we will contact you if we believe the information is necessary to use the site fully.
  • We do our best to comply with any legal request made of our website from entities with appropriate jurisdiction.
  • Our data collection policy is freely available to all users.

Cookies are software that stores information regarding your use of our website on your device. These cookies allow our site to communicate with your computer to produce a more user-friendly experience by remembering your login information, history, and preferences.

Using our website is a form of consent to use our cookies. Visiting our website without cookies enabled limits your ability to get the full value from the resources available on the site. Cookies may be deleted manually or turned off through your browser’s settings. You can visit’s FAQ page for more information.

Categories of Cookies

We almost exclusively use technically necessary cookies, those that are stored and used for some time, and those that we store on our website. The technically necessary cookies ensure that you can access all parts of the website. The other two categories are related to settings, website performance, and stored information for accessing your account more easily. Generally, these cookies are designed to improve your experience throughout the site.

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