Arcade Casino Games & Sites

Throughout our article, we’ll inform you about some of the best arcade casino sites available in the US, take a look at their pros and cons, go through the various arcade games that you will find online, and answer some of the more common questions that players have about arcade games.

Best Arcade Casino Sites

SiteBonusOur Comment
Stake.com10% instant rake backGenerous number of arcade games.
BC.GAMEDeposit bonus on your first 4 depositsCrypto-based site, offering enticing bonuses as a welcome offer.
Parimatch.comN/ANot much to write home about in terms of welcome bonuses.
Betinia.com100% first deposit bonusHealthy selection of arcade games with excellent bonus offers.
Betfury.ioN/ACryptocurrency-based site that offers bonuses for registered players as opposed to new players.
Table with the best dice gambling sites

Best Arcade Games to Play in Casinos

Arcade GameType of Arcade GameDeveloperMinimum BetBest Casino Site to Play it
Galaxy WingSkill, Plane and ShootingGreenJade 
Casino BlocksPuzzle and 
Street Fighter IISlot gameNetEntFightcade
Deal or No DealLive GameEvolutionlottostar
Lara CroftSlot GameMicrogamingSteam
Who Wants to be a MillionaireMultiple ChoiceBig Time GamingArcade Spot
5 Best Arcade Games to Play at an Online Casino

Fast Facts about Arcade Casino Games:

Famous Arcade Casino Games Developers:GreenJade.
RTP Rate:At least 96%
Other names given by Online Casinos: Mini-games, instant games.
Types of Arcade Games:Dice games, skill-based arcade games, bingo, mines, scratch card, line games, hi lo, fresh crash.
House Edge for Arcade Casino Games:Between 2% and 3%
Table with facts on Arcade Casino Games.


What is the difference between regular casino games like slots and arcade casino games?

Traditional casino slots depend highly on luck, while arcade games depend on skill. Even those that appear in casinos tend to give players a flashback to their past when these games were popular.

Can I play casino arcade games for free?

Yes, some online casinos offer players the opportunity to learn the game and hone their skills before trying for real money.

Which arcade casino games have the best RTP?

Games such as Plinko, Dice Games, and Mines have RTP rates ranging from 98 to 99%.

What skills do I need to play arcade casino games?

It depends on what game you’re playing. Sometimes, puzzle-like games require you to think strategically, while others require exceptional hand-eye coordination.

Pros & Cons of Arcade Casino Games

Understanding the positives and negatives of playing arcade casino games is essential. If you’re good at some arcade games, it may be better to play these than the traditional casino options.

Pros of Arcade Casino Games

  • Games have a sense of familiarity since they are from the past.
  • Even though they may require some skill, the games are easy to play.
  • Some of the best software developers in the world create these arcade casino games for maximum enjoyment. 

Cons of Arcade Casino Games

  • They can be challenging to find in some online casinos.
  • Playing on these may not contribute to your wagering requirements of bonuses.
  • There are titles with lower RTP rates that you must avoid, like Bingo and Free Crash Gambling. 

What are Arcade Casino Games?

As the name suggests, arcade games are a nod to those video games that some of us enjoyed in the past. Generally, these types of games require a level of skill instead of luck, which you’d primarily associate with casino games.

Arcade casino games are a general nod to the games you’d previously find in a gaming arcade - those we’d play for fun as children. It combines online slots with aspects that will jog your gaming memory. Some games will feature reels and pay lines with characters and symbols that resonate with the classics.

However, there are instant-win gambling games such as bingo and scratch cards, to mention a few.

Essentially, arcade casino games may require a specific skill for you to apply to win back money. Traditional casino games rely solely on luck for you to win. 

Online casinos have labeled them differently. You may find that some platforms label these types of games as either mini-games or instant games.

Types of Arcade Casino Games

Typical examples of arcade games include the likes of Pinball, Street Fighter, or Mortal Kombat. Some online casinos have used these games as inspiration to make gambling more entertaining and nostalgic.

Just like you can enjoy online slots and their different types, arcade casino games have different categories. Understanding them is crucial as you may have a specific preference, especially when spending real money on the game. 

Below, we’ll take you through each category and what you can expect of them.

Dice Games

As the name suggests, these games involve a dice or perhaps more than one, depending on the game. The player will need to place a wager based on the results of a rolled dice. 100BitDice is one example of a game where you’d have to select which color the die will land on and place bets based on your decision with every roll. 

The RTP for this game is 98.94%.

Skill-based arcade games

Skilled arcade games take a leaf out of the book of old-school skills games, including the likes of puzzles, chess, and word games, to mention a few. It means that during the game, you’d have to use your mental or physical skills at some point to dictate the game’s outcome.

Galaxy Wing is a title from Green Jade where you can wager as little at $0.01. You can play the game by moving your mouse around or controlling your ship to avoid the enemy while shooting them down. It requires a degree of skill to control and hand-eye coordination to enjoy success.


This game works precisely like real-world bingo but on your electronic device. Play N Go launched a game called Sweet Alchemy Bingo with an RTP of 97.57%, which is why it’s become one of the most-loved arcade casino games.

Players can use up to four cards simultaneously, each with 15 numbers between 1 and 90. Then, 30 balls between 1 and 90 will come up from the candy cauldron, and when they match, they will mark themselves off, creating patterns on your cards. 

Players can then win prizes based on the patterns they create.  


If you remember the iconic Minesweeper game, this one is quite similar. Players must try to click on the safe squares, available in several themes. Some casinos feature the game called Chicken which follows this type of arcade game.

Players must attempt to find the whole roast chickens instead of the bones under the food covers. The game has an RTP of 99%, which is pretty high.

Scratch card

When purchasing a scratch card, you’d need something to scratch off the foil cover to see what you’ve won. In the online version of this game, you won’t have to use a coin but your mouse or cursor.

Pragmatic Play has a game called 7 Piggies, where you must match 3 symbols to win. With an RTP of 85.4%, don’t expect to win much playing this game, but it’s still loads of fun. This software developer also produced Panda Gold Scratchcard, Hot Safari Scratchcard, and Diamond Strike Scratchcard, among others.

Line Games

Line games are self-explanatory. You need to ensure you have specified symbols in a line. We found that Blueprint Gaming has a decent selection of Line games, including King Kong Cash Prize Lines™, with an RTP of 96.03%.

Hi Lo

Hi Lo games are quick and easy. The player must choose whether the next card is higher or lower in value than the chosen card. Spribe is the developer responsible for this game which features in several Bitcoin casinos. The RTP on this game is 97% which isn’t too bad. (7)  

Other Arcade Games

Under the arcade banner, there are other types of games you’ll come across. These include

  • Slingo - combines the principles of bingo and slots with games like Slingo Rainbow Riches, delivering an RTP of 95.6%.
  • Play-to-earn NFT games - allows players to earn rewards that you can sell, such as skins, tokens, or cryptocurrencies.
  • Video Slots based on arcade games include the likes of Tetris, which is a serious trip to yesteryear. SG Digital and Tetris Extreme games can offer an RTP of between 94.09%-96.09%.
  • Free Crash - these games are instant and require no skill whatsoever. It’s easy to play as you place a bet and watch as the wager multiplies. It’s up to the player to cash out in time before the main element crashes out. The RTP of this game is at 95%. 

How to Play Arcade Casino Games

There aren’t any set rules to follow when you want to play arcade casino games, but it does help to familiarize yourself with the structure and purpose of the game. Follow these neat little tricks and tips on how to go about winning while playing these games.

Learn the Rules

Although arcade games are pretty easy to play, it’s always prudent to read and understand the rules of the game you’re about to play. As a result, you can be confident in your ability and know you’re doing the right thing.

Practice Makes Perfect 

While there’s no way of ensuring you walk away from an arcade casino game a winner, when you try out the games for free, you will get a better feel and understanding of what’s required. Online casinos offer demo modes for players to enjoy the game before placing real money wagers.

Find the Best Arcade Games

You would have noticed that we mentioned some of the best games you can try. Search for these games on your favorite online casino and use your money to try and make more.

Look and Payouts and Odds

Bear in mind that these may differ from casino to casino, so it’s advised to understand the pay table alongside the odds and what you can get for your bets.

RTP and House Edge

The RTP for arcade games refers to Return to Player. This percentage indicates how likely the game is going to pay money to the player. House edge is the likelihood of the money returning to the casino. The lower the house edge is, the better for you as a player.

Budget and Bonus

Don’t spend your allocated household budget on gambling, as it could lead to problems. Furthermore, you should try to capitalize on the bonuses that casinos offer. Not all platforms will allow you to use bonus funds for arcade casino games, so double-check the terms and conditions of the bonus. 

Odds & Payouts for Arcade Casino Games

Payout refers to how much you would receive if your wager was successful. As mentioned, it will differ with every platform, but you should remember that higher odds translate to lower payouts. Whatever game you’re playing, it’s essential to remember that the house always has an advantage over you.

What’s the House Edge for Arcade Casino Games?

House edge refers to the percentage that eventually returns to the venue while you’re gambling. While the casino always has an edge, it differs ever so slightly from arcade casino games. Usually, the house edge sits between 2 and 3%, but the lower that number is, the higher your chance of winning. 

Arcade Casino Games Bonuses

While most online casinos offer sign-up bonuses for players, it may not include arcade casino games. Check the terms and conditions of the bonus before activating them. However, if you do come across bonuses for arcade casino games, you may notice that the wagering requirements are higher than usual.

As a result, you’d have to gamble more until you’re entitled to withdraw your winnings. The most common bonus that online casinos offer players includes the deposit match bonus.  

Providers Developing Arcade Casino Games

A host of software providers are constantly working on creating new games that take us back to our childhood. Some of the more reputable companies that have created arcade casino games are listed below. One of the best in the business is undoubtedly Green Jade. The others include

  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Play N Go
  • Spribe
  • Blueprint Gaming 

Terminology for Arcade Casino Games

Arcade casino games tend to use different terminology. To ensure you understand what’s going on, we’ve highlighted some common terms you’d probably hear.

  • Coin Values - represents the in-game credits.
  • Stake - is another term for the wager amount. The cost of your bet is your stake in the game.
  • Paytable - is a list of payouts on slot or arcade casino games. The table displays each combination of symbols and the number of coins bet versus how many coins the player will win. It also displays all possible winning sequences for that specific game.
  • Multipliers - refers to the number of times your bet is multiplied for certain wins.
  • Auto Mode - means you’ve switched the game to automatic mode where it doesn’t require you to push or click a button as the game progresses.

Takeaway on Arcade Casino Games

Arcade games have always had a special place in people’s hearts. It reminds us of the days when we would be happy sitting in front of an arcade game that was difficult to beat and clear.

Gaming software providers have smartly used this association to create arcade casino games that bring back a sense of nostalgia. Players can play games with images and symbols familiar to them.

Also, some arcade casino games are similar to playing a game at the arcade, where it requires players to apply a fair amount of skill to determine the game’s outcome. Several online casinos offer players the unique chance to play some of the best arcade casino games on their platforms.

We’ve listed some of the best sites and games to look out for, including those with a higher RTP and more likely to pay out.

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