Dice Gambling Sites in 2024

On this page we’re looking at which dice gambling websites, in our opinion, are the best for dice gambling enthusiasts and what dice gambling games that you can play online. Let’s get right into it.

Best Dice Gambling Sites

SiteBonusOur Comment
TrustDice.winWelcome Bonus, Deposit Bonus, Staking Bonuses, Custom Bonuses, and Loyalty Bonuses.With various bonuses for those who love to gamble with crypto, TrustDice.win is the place to play Crypto Dice.
Stake.comNo Bonuses, but many promotions.Stake offers a massive variety of games, beautiful UI, and excellent promotions. Enough to keep any player busy. They are – alongside BC.GAME – the best option for dice players.
Windice.ioDaily Bonuses, Wide Range of Promotions.Windice offers players a variety of cryptocurrencies to gamble with if they love Crypto Dice.
Bitcoin.comNo Bonuses, but Promotions and Tournaments.Bitcoin.com offers a bitcoin trading platform and a reputable casino with a wide variety of games, including Little Panda Dice, Scratch Dice, and Rocket Dice.
BC.GAMECustom Bonuses and a Wide Range of Promotions.BC.GAME brings a wide variety of your favorite games to your fingertips, including all the dice games you could want to play. Coupled with their incredible promotions, they are – alongside Stake.com – the best option for dice players.
Table with the best dice gambling sites

Best Dice Games to Play in Casinos

Dice GameDeveloperTypes of Bets to PlaceBest Casino Site to Play it
Banca FrancescaOriginates from PortugalAces or AsesSmall or PequenoBig or GrandeDice-play.com
Chuck-a-LuckMedieval OriginSingle Number (10 to 1)Field Bet (1 to 1)Over 10 (High) (1 to 1)Under 11 (Low) (1 to 1)Triple (30 to 1)Wizardofodds.com
Hazard Originates from EnglandNicksOutsChancesWizardofodds.com
Sic Bo Originates from ChinaBig, Small, Odd, Even, Specific ‘Triples’ or ‘Alls’, Specific Doubles, Any ‘Triple’ or ‘All’, Three Dice Total, Dice Combinations, Single Dice Bet, Four-Number Combination, Three Single Number Combination, Specific Double and Single Number CombinationStake.com
CrapsBernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de MandevillePass, Come, Don’t Pass, Don’t Come, Pass Odds, Come Odds, Don’t Pass Odds, Don’t Come Odds, Yo, 3, 2, 12, Hi-Lo, Craps, C & E, Any 7, Field, Horn, Whirl, World, Hard 4, Hard 10, Hard 6, Hard 8, Big 6, Big 8, Place 4, Place 10, Place 5, Place 9, Place 6, Place 8, Buy 4, Buy 10, Buy 5, Buy 9, Buy 6, Buy 8, Lay 4, Lay 10, Lay 5, Lay 9, Lay 6, Lay 8Stake.com
Crypto DiceSatoshiDICEOver Roll, Under RollTrustDice.win
Table with popular dice games

5 Important Things You Should Know About Dice Gambling Games

Compared to many modern casino games, dice games often date back many years. Their adoption into the digital space has seen some innovation – such as Crypto Dice – but the best games – such as Craps or Sic Bo – remain largely untouched. 

You might be on the fence about playing dice games because it seems like a daunting new world. 

However, to make it easier for you, we’ve put together a quick list of the five most important things you should know about dice games:

  • Famous Dice Game Providers: The first thing you should know is where to look to find the dice games you love. Our favorite options are Stake.com and BC.GAME since they have the widest variety without losing the quality of service.
  • RTP Rate: RTP rate is something you’ll see from time to time when using online gambling platforms or researching casino games. RTP refers to the game’s expected ‘return to player’ rate. In other words, what your percentage return is every round from the money you put in. Thus, if you have an RTP of 90%, you can expect a return of $9 on every round you wager $10.
  • The Rules: Always understand all the rules of the dice games you aim to play. While some games such as Crypto Dice are super simple, there are much more complicated games like Sic Bo, Craps, and Hazard. When you want to play complex games, understand the rules first to avoid accidentally making bad bets.
  • Simple or Complicated: Rules aside, you should decide whether you want to relax with a simple game or crunch some numbers with a complicated one. We recommend Crypto Dice for something simple and Sic Bo, Craps, or Hazard for those seeking something more complex.
  • Casual or Real Money: You should decide whether you want to play for real money or casually. Casual play is a great way to learn the ropes of the game so that when you play for real money, you know what to expect and how to make wiser bets.


What casino gambling games use dice?

Many casino games use dice, but the most famous games would be Craps, Hazard, Sic Bo, and Crypto Dice.

Can I play dice games for free?

There are many platforms online you can find with any search engine that allow you to play these games for free. Keep in mind that no real money is involved when you play for free, meaning you won’t be able to win anything with value.

Which of the dice gambling games has the best RTP?

While most would say Slot Dice Games, this is somewhat misleading since these games are slot games, not dice games. The highest expected RTP among dice games would probably be Crypto Dice due to how simple it is to play.

What skills do I need to play dice gambling casino games?

Dice games don’t require skill as they are based on luck and guessing. The only thing you need to ensure before playing is that you have a comprehensive understanding of the game's rules.

Pros and Cons of Dice Gambling Games

Before you commit to playing any dice game for money, you should aim to understand the pros and cons. These pros and cons are important because they can help you avoid accidentally betting on games before considering all their aspects. 

Here is our list of pros and cons you should know about:

Pros of Dice Games

  • Large variety of options ranging from simple to complex.
  • Games don’t take long, so you can play quickly.
  • You can find casual and real money versions of most dice games.

Cons of Dice Games

  • No skill involved
  • Your favorite dice games might not be at your favorite casino
  • Extensive betting options for some games can prove overwhelming

What are Dice Gambling Games?

Simply put, dice gambling games are any types of gambling games that use only dice. 

These games come in different forms ranging from games that only use dice to those with dice and boards to reference possible outcomes. 

They differ from traditional casino games such as cards or slots in their rules, tools of play, and complexity.

Types of Dice Games

As explained, there are many different types of dice games. These games range from simpler to more complex options, so depending on the playstyle you prefer, you might love some of them and dislike others. Let’s look at some of the most famous games.


In Craps, players wager money against one another or against the ‘bank’. The game itself doesn’t require anything aside from dice, but casinos will always have tables for it so players can visibly place bets and reference the table itself for possible outcomes.

Craps is a simplified version of Hazard created by Frenchman Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville. The game aims to place bets on dice roll outcomes such as Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Pass Odds, Don’t Pass Odds, and many more, with some having a much higher return rate than others.

Expected RTP on Craps: If betting on pass line with no odds for a house edge, 98.59%.

Sic Bo

In Sic Bo, players place bets on areas of a table divided into scoring boxes. These boxes have different options such as Small, Big, totals, dice combinations, and more.

The dealer then shakes the dice in a box and reveals the outcome. If the outcome matches what you chose, you win. The amount you win is influenced by the possibility of your chosen results.

 Expected RTP on Sic Bo: Single bet around 92.13%

Banca Francesca

In Banca Francesca, players never actually touch the dice themselves. The ‘Croupier’ handles the dice. Players place bets on one – or two with a line bet – of three possible things:

  • Grande: the sum of all dice is 14, 15, or 16.
  • Pequeno: the sum of all three dice is 5, 6, or 7.
  • Ases: Three Aces.

Any other result is null and does nothing. The Croupier will keep rolling dice until one of the results mentioned above occur, at which point bets will be handled.

Expected RTP on Banca Francesca: 98.41%


Believed to have originated as far back as the 14th Century, Hazard is a more complicated version of Craps, where they decide on the main (a number between 5 and 9) instead of the main always being 7 as with Craps.

Players then roll dice and win or lose, depending on the outcome. For example, if the player chooses the number 6, it’s considered the main for that round. They would then win on a roll of a 6 or a 12, lose on a 2, 3, and 11, and can roll again on a 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10.

Expected RTP on Hazard: when always choosing 7 (the number with the lowest disadvantage), 98.59%


In Chuck-a-luck, players use three standard dice in a device similarly shaped to an hourglass. The dealer rotates the cage-like device, which causes dice to fall to the bottom, which reveals their numbers.

Wagers are placed on the possible combinations that can appear on the dice. Options include betting that a single die number will appear among the three dice. Betting on any triple, on a big (number will be 11/12 or higher), a small (number will be 10/9 or lower), or on a field (the total will be outside the range of 8 to 12).

Expected RTP on Chuck-a-Luck: 95.37%

Other Dice Games

Aside from the most common dice games, others have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Let’s look at some of these games.

Live Dealer Dice Games

Live Dealer Dice games are the same as any other dice games, except that you can play online, from anywhere, with a live dealer. The option to play live creates a sense of immersion that a typical 2D screen won’t give you and provides some players with the much-needed comfort that nothing is rigged.

Crypto and Bitcoin Dice Games

Crypto or Bitcoin dice games often have the same rules: you simply bet on whether the result of a dice roll will be lower or higher than a specific number. Since the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, simple games like these have carved out a massive space for themselves in the online gambling scene.

How to Play Dice Gambling Casino Games

Unlike many other casino games, dice games don’t have strategies since they are based on luck. The best ‘strategy’ would be to go for the bets with the highest RTP, as this could theoretically minimize your losses. 

If you want to try out some dice games, we recommend checking out Stake.com or BC.GAME as both platforms offer a range of good dice games.

Odds & Payouts for Dice Gambling Games

The odds of winning at dice games depend entirely on the games in question. Each game – and bet – has a different expected RTP plus different odds for winning. Usually, the lower the odds of winning, the higher the payout. You should note that no casino games have a 50% chance or higher of the player winning. The odds will always be in favor of the house.

What’s the House Edge for Dice Gambling Games?

As mentioned above, the odds of the casino winning are always higher, often referred to as the ‘house edge’. Every casino game – regardless of the type of game – has a house edge, which means statistically, the house should win more than the players. 

Dice Gambling Games Bonuses - Can I use them?

Since dice games are often included in casinos’ repertoire of games, you can expect similar non-specific bonuses, such as sign-up bonuses, to apply to dice games. 

However, dice games do not have an equivalent of ‘free spins’ bonuses that slots often have or ‘free bets’ bonuses that sportsbooks have available.

The average bonuses you can expect for dice games are deposit bonuses, where you get a percentage of your initial deposits added to your account on top of your initial deposit. 

These bonuses are often only for testing games or – in some circumstances – only available for withdrawal after you’ve made X number of bets.

Providers Developing Dice Gambling Games

There are many companies developing arcade betting games for online casinos. Some of the most notable developers include:

  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • NetEnt
  • Betsoft
  • EveryMatrix

Takeaway on Dice Gambling Games

It might not surprise you that casino dice games are often the lesser-known options for games at casinos. 

However, just because they aren’t always talked about doesn’t mean they don’t have large audiences – and this is clear by how long some of these games have remained around. 

We hope you learned something about dice gambling games and that you now have a few tips to start your journey with some of the best dice casinos available.

Remember to always gamble responsibly and to seek help should you feel you’re becoming addicted.

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