Just The Best Crash Gambling Sites 2022

Crash gambling sites are becoming more popular, we’ll take you through our list of the best crash gambling sites we’ve experienced and highlight what each excels at.

Top 10 List with the best crash gambling websites

Website Best for
Stake.comBest Overall Crash Gambling Site
BC.gameBiggest Welcome Bonus
Cbet.ggBest For Playing JetX
Bustabit.comThe Original Crash Game
PariMatch.comBest for FIAT Payment
Bets.ioBest For Playing Aviator
Winz.ioBest For VIPs and Highrollers
Trustdice.winNo Withdrawal Fee
Crashino.comMost Crash Games Available (21 in total)
Betfury.ioBest for Cashback Deals
Table with our favourite crash gambling websites.

1. Stake.com - Best Overall Crash Gambling Site

Stake.com screenshot on crash game
Stake.com Crash Games are called "Stake Originals".

Amount of crash games: 2

Developed by: In-house “Stake Originals” and B Gaming

Type of games: Line Crash, Plane Crash and Rocket Crash

Famous games titles: Space XY

Payment methods: Crypto and FIAT.

Verified at Crypto Gambling Foundation: Yes

Provably Fair Technology: Yes

Welcome bonus: 200% Welcome Bonus up to $1000

Review of Stake.com - Rating: 5/5 Stars

Stake.com is a crash betting sites that possesses the relevant licenses and verifications.

It’s one of the few online platforms dealing specifically with cryptocurrency, making betting on crash games fun and entertaining.

The site offers an in-house crash game and crash rocket gambling. If you’re looking for traditional casino games and sports betting, they are still available at Stake.com. 

2. BC.game - Biggest Welcome Bonus

BC.game screenshot on crash game
Screenshot on BC.GAME line based crash game.

Amount of crash games: 4

Developed by: BC.GAME

Type of games: Line Crash, Rocket Crash

Famous games titles: Space XY, Jet X, Cappadocia

Payment methods: Cryptocurrency

Verified at Crypto Gambling Foundation: Yes

Provably Fair Technology: Yes

Welcome Bonus: 4 deposit bonuses, in total 780% deposit match bonus.

Review of BC.GAME - Rating: 5/5 Stars

BC.GAME is another reputable online casino that offers crash betting.

The in-house game is easy to play as you place a wager and watch the crash multiplier rise before it crashes. The art of this game is knowing when to cash out. It’s risky to wait longer, but you may end up on the lucky end of a crash gambling game.

This crash gambling site has the necessary verifications and licenses so that you know it’s worth trusting for crash betting. BC.GAME produces its own crash games while including a few others from reputable software providers.

Their welcome bonus is also quite attractive and difficult for any crypto player to resist.

With a total of 780% deposit match, it’s a difficult bonus to beat. 

3. cbet.gg - Best For Playing JetX

cbet.gg screenshot on jetx
cbet.gg has a dedicated section completely for the game jetX.

Amount of crash games: 1

Developed by: SmartSoft Gaming

Type of games: Rocket Crash

Famous games titles: Jet X

Payment methods: Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, e-Wallets, Bitcoin

Verified at Crypto Gambling Foundation: Yes.

Provably Fair Technology: Yes.

Welcome bonus: 100% bonus of up to USD 200

Review of cbet.gg - Rating: 5/5 Stars

Cbet is one of the best crash gambling websites as it focuses on Jet X and does it well. The site invited new players to take advantage of a specific Jet X welcome bonus alongside obtaining 10 free flights on the rocket when depositing a minimum of USD 10.

Additionally, the site has over 1,600 traditional casino games you can enjoy if you want to take a break from crash and mines games. 

4. Bustabit - The Original Crash Game

bustabit screenshot on crash game
One of the first crash based games ever created.

Amount of crash games: 1

Developed by: In-House

Type of games: Line Crash

Famous games titles: No.

Payment methods: Exclusively Bitcoin.

Verified at Crypto Gambling Foundation: Yes.

Provably Fair Technology: Yes.

Welcome bonus: None offered.

Review of Bustabit - Rating: 5/5 Stars

Even though this crash gambling site doesn’t offer an incentive in terms of a bonus to sign up, this was the original place to play crash gambling. The site is stable and easy to understand. You won’t find any frills like you would at other crash gambling websites.

This site is ideal for you if you’re serious about spending your Bitcoin on crash betting. 

5. PariMatch - Best for FIAT Payment

Parimatch screenshot on crash game
PariMatch have all the famous crash titles to play.

Amount of crash games: 33

Developed by: Games Inc, SmartSoft, including in-house.

Type of games: Line Crash, Rocket Crash, Plane Crash, Cricket Ball Crash

Famous game titles: Jet X, Aviator, Space XY, Cappadocia, Spaceman, Shoot! and more.

Payment methods: Credit Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Cryptocurrency, Cash Terminal

Verified at Crypto Gambling Foundation: No

Provably Fair Technology: Yes.

Welcome bonus: 100% to the first deposit

Review of PariMatch - Rating: 5/5 Stars

PariMatch sneaks into the top 5 of our list of crash casinos. They offer several payment methods, including real cash deposits at a physical terminal which is excellent for someone who doesn’t use any form of online banking.

They also feature a massive selection of crash games that players can enjoy. The variety on offer makes PariMatch one of the top crash gambling pages. 

Position 6 - 10

6. Bets.io - Best For Playing Aviator

7. Winz.io - Best For VIPs and High rollers

8. TrustDice.win - No Withdrawal Fee

9. Crashino.com - Most Crash Games Available

10. Betfury.io - Best for Cashback Deals

How We Selected These 10 Top Crash Gambling Sites

When we review crash gambling websites, we look at the platform holistically in terms of what it offers players. Some of the primary points of concern are listed below, and we rate these crash casinos based on how they perform in each section.

Usability of the site

It’s pointless having one of the top crash gambling websites around while people struggle with usability. We need to know that players can access the platform easily using their mobile internet browser, default desktop browser, or a smartphone app.

Furthermore, navigation to access the various crash games must be easy and hassle-free.

Number of games available

We understand that not every platform is a crash casino, so it may only feature one or two crash games. However, the wider the selection is, the better it is for players. When you can play crash using different types of games, it makes gambling more interesting.

Payment methods available

Convenient payment methods are always necessary for crash gambling to survive. The easier it is for players to deposit and withdraw funds, the more attractive the idea of playing crash gambling.

More players are looking for sites that support crypto crash gambling where transactions cater to all types of cryptocurrencies.

Safety - Verified at Crypto Gambling Foundation (CGF)

As always, you should be able to trust the gambling site you’re visiting. There are ways that you can tell if a platform is trustworthy. One way is to check if they have a proper operating license.

The other is to check if they’re a verified crypto operator. If so, you can play games with multiplier crashes with absolute confidence that the platform is legit. When we review crash gambling websites, we pay attention to this verification and always give a lower rating to sites that don’t meet these criteria. 

Provably Fair Technology

The site’s technology to deliver the gaming experience must be proven fair. Consequently, the odds must be as advertised, and the games are predetermined and won’t be affected by how players bet. If the site is proven fair, you shouldn’t have a problem playing crash games on it.

Welcome bonus offered

A welcome bonus is always required to attract new players to a site. When you consider the highly competitive online gambling world, welcome bonuses are essential for these sites to survive.

We suggest you sign up for an account at crash gambling websites offering an attractive bonus. 

Guide to Crash Gambling

You may be asking yourself, “what are gambling crash sites?” If you have no idea, it simply refers to a game in which you can place a wager where you need to stop or withdraw your bet before the game crashes.

We’ll go into detail about this new gambling craze, but for now, you should know that you’ll find these games in online casinos sometimes under the heading of ‘instant games’ or ‘rocket gambling games’

Main characteristics of crash gambling

Crash games usually have a visual object that makes the principle exciting. Sometimes, these could be represented by a simple line that travels upward until it crashes. Other software providers have taken crash games to another level, including a plane or rocket taking off.

As the player placing a bet on the game, your job is to ‘jump out’ of the plane or rocket before it crashes. Bear in mind that as these visuals take off, so does the multiplier. The longer the object travels, the more money you’ll make.

House Edge

Casinos usually determine what they will earn after you place a bet. That amount is referred to as the house edge. The best crash betting sites have a low house edge, giving players a decent chance of winning money.

A house edge of 1% is ideally what you should be looking for in a crash game. 

Auto bet & Auto cash out

If you’re hesitant to play the game manually, you can play it with automatic settings. You can predetermine your bet amount and set the game’s mark to cash you out.

It can prove to be a successful method, but you must remember to try and cash out early to win a little that can take you a long way. Waiting for a larger multiplier may never see you secure the return you desire. 

Bonus & Rewards on Crash Casino Sites

Bonuses are a common occurrence at online casinos. Primarily, they exist to attract new players to a platform, but some sites offer promotions to their existing players.

Some of the bonuses we’ve come across for crash casinos include the deposit match for first-time players. However, we’ve seen sites such as PariMatch give an extra 10 spins for players who deposit USD 10.

Elsewhere, BC. GAME invites people to sign up on their site for their massive 4 deposit bonus, which comes to a total of 780% deposit match bonus.

Payment methods offered on crash casino sites

When you want to visit crash betting sites, you can use real money to wager in the hope of multiplying your bets. You must fund your playing account using one of several convenient payment methods that are usually on offer.

Coin payments (Crash Gambling Sites Real Money)

When using cash, you can deposit money into the physical terminal as you would with PariMatch. Alternatively, popular methods exist, including credit cards, e-Wallets, and bank transfers. Depending on your location, you can simply deposit the amount you wish in USD or EUR.

Crypto payments

Most crash gambling sites promote payment through cryptocurrency alone. The popular methods are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, to mention a few. However, some sites have up to 20 different cryptocurrencies that you can use to play crash games and hopefully win more crypto.  

Pros, Cons and differences: Crash games vs. Classic casino games

Naturally, different players will prefer different types of games. Classic casino games have a dedicated audience but so do crash games. These pros and cons may help you decide which is best for you. 


  • Crash games offer players the chance to win quickly.
  • Multipliers can become huge in a short space of time.
  • Cryptocurrencies are supported payment methods.
  • Various games exist that include the same crash principles.
  • Crash games offer lower house edges. 


  • Crash games can become monotonous.
  • Players can lose large amounts of money quickly.
  • Fiat payment methods are not always supported.
  • Players must pay transaction fees. 

How to start Playing Crash Gambling

Apart from crash offering plenty of entertainment, it can be financially rewarding with the correct crash strategies. Follow these steps to start your journey into crash betting:

  1. You must first select a reputable casino to register an account with before you start playing crash games. The sites we’ve reviewed are reliable and have passed the tests of our expert gamblers.
  2. While some sites offer you the chance to play crash for free, you must deposit if you want to use real money to place wagers. Either use Fiat or cryptocurrency to fund your account.
  3. You can search for Crash Games in the search box of the casino, and a list of available games will pop up. Select the one that looks most appealing to you and get ready to play.
  4. You’ll need to select the minimum amount you’re willing to bet and wait for the game to begin. Remember to be wise about cashing out of the game before the crash. 

Structure of the games

The game features a graphic along with a multiplier that increases with time. Players must place a wager and cash out at the right moment. As the graphic goes up, the multiplier also does, which means you’ll win a more substantial amount.

However, the reason these are called crash games is that you can never know for sure when the game will crash. It could be a second or perhaps more; either way, players must be careful and try to cash out before the game crashes or ends.

How do I win?

You will win your wager plus whatever the multiplier is, as long as you cash out before the game crashes. It’s as simple as that; you need to be quick to cash out before the game ends, or else you will lose your bet.

How much can I win?

The amount you can win depends on what you’ve wagered and what appears on the multiplier when you cash out. 

For example, if you bet USD 10 and decided to cash out with the multiplier at 2x, you’d win USD 20. As such, the amount of money you can win in any one game depends on those two factors.

Are there maximum bets?

Yes, some crash websites do have a maximum amount you’re allowed to bet, but they vary with each platform. 

Crash Gambling Strategies - Do they work?

Ideally, every player wants to walk away from a crash sites gambling slightly richer than when they logged in. 

To give yourself every chance of doing that, it may be best to employ some strategy.

Depending on your financial state, you may need to adopt a specific approach. 

Low-Risk Auto Bet

This strategy is popular among crash game players as you can select an auto-cash number on the lower end of the scale.

An example of this would be perhaps 1.5 times your bet. You can collect small bits of profit with every game that reaches beyond the 1.5 mark.

With this strategy, you won’t have to push any buttons as the game does it for you. You can simply sit back and enjoy the game. 

Martingale System

This strategy is an old one and can be used with any casino game. While the numbers will differ from person to person, it’s an easy strategy to understand and works with various currencies.

It involves starting with a base wager, and if you lose a round, it’s suggested that you increase the bet by a specific percentage, usually 100%.

The idea behind this strategy is that you’d recoup your money when you eventually hit a winning round. In this scenario, you must have a large bankroll to withstand several losses.

We don’t suggest using this strategy, especially if you’re strapped for cash, as you will soon find yourself out of money.

Furthermore, there aren’t any guarantees that you will encounter a large winning round that covers your losses.

Reverse Martingale System

This strategy is relatively the same as the one above, except it works in reverse. Instead of doubling your bet when you lose, you should increase the wager when you win.

It’s a simple method, but you’d need a hefty bankroll to support this strategy.

Robots and bots that predict the “crash”, do they work?

Bots can sometimes work to your benefit but aren’t always correct. You will find that you can still lose money using robots.

Crash Gambling Game Types

Various types of crash games exist. They usually are

  • Line crash
  • Rocket crash
  • Plane crash
  • Ball crash

These are some of the more popular crash games you’d probably have on a reputable online casino.

  • Aviator - By Spribe
  • Jet X - By SmartSoft Gaming
  • Space XY - By BGaming
  • Zeppelin - By BETSOLUTIONS
  • Jet Lucky - By Gaming Corps
  • Cappadocia - By SmartSoft Gaming
  • F777 Fighter - By Onlyplay

FAQ About Online Crash Gambling

What are crash gambling websites?

These are sites where players can enjoy instant games or crash games that are quick and fun to play.

Is crash game gambling randomized?

Yes, the results of the game can’t be predetermined based on the number of bets placed or the amounts that players have wagered.

Yes. It’s just a casino game and operates like other games you’d find in an online casino.

Are crash gambling sites always "crypto sites"?

No. Online casinos deal with other forms of payment and have crash games available.

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