Biggest Crash Gambling Wins

Crash gambling can deliver massive wins for players, and we have the evidence to show you. Throughout this article, we’ll take you through some of the most significant wins ever accomplished with crash gambling. You’ll see screenshots and videos showcasing that people have made big wins while playing crash games.

What amount has been the biggest crash gambling win?

According to our research, the most considerable amount ever won in a crash gambling game was $10,000

Top 5 Biggest Crash Wins

Although there are no official statistics for the biggest wins at crash gambling of all time, it is possible to find some notable successes people have enjoyed. 

Due to the nature of the algorithm, most crash games end before the winnings reach astronomically high amounts of money, meaning most winnings in crash gambling are relatively low, albeit frequent. 

Big wins are rare, so let’s review some of the highest crash gambling wins that have been made public. 

1. German Heaven

From the Exillion YouTube channel, two German players played a crash game where they pocketed one of the biggest wins. They had initially wagered $1,000 and set the automatic cash out to exit the game at the 10x multiplier. As the game continues, you can hear the excitement from the two as the game cashes them out at a whopping $10,000. It’s crucial to note that the game crashed out at the 18x multiplier, so they were incredibly lucky. 

2. A Win is a Win 

The same German pair decided to try their luck again after pocketing a big win with their $10,000. This time, they bet $500 and set the auto cash out at 1000 times. However, the player switched the game to manual, and they cashed out $2,130 with the multiplier sitting at around four times. The game crashed at 7.96. 

3. The American Dream 

One US player featuring on the Exillion YouTube channel is shown betting $50 while setting his auto cash out at 100 times. However, he decides to wait out the multiplier and manually presses the cash-out button when the payout reaches over $3,000. The game only ends at the 235 times multiplier, but the player is naturally overjoyed with one of the biggest wins we’ve seen in crash gambling. 

4. More Than He Expected 

Another American player on a crash game won big when he was betting $151. The player set the auto cash out button on 20 times his bet, but he was more than surprised to see the multiplier growing and heading beyond 10 times. His excitement at the amount was palpable, and he decided to hit the cash-out button around 15 times, which resulted in one of the biggest wins for a crash game. He took home $2,300 but could have won more since the game crashed 21 times.

5. CS:GO Roll Winner 

Another player seems frustrated with the game after betting $500 and losing almost instantly. He decides to lower his bet to $300 but keeps the auto cash-out on 1000 times, aiming for $3,000. This time he decides to leave the multiplier and hits the cash-out button when the multiplier hits 6.15 times. For this wager, he won $1,827, and he was lucky to do so since the game crashed at x11.64.

Video of 5 Crash Gamblers Winning

What is the highest multiplier ever recorded?

The multiplier for Bitcoin crash games doesn’t usually go high, but there are exceptional circumstances where players have witnessed it reach astronomical numbers.

Some users have explained the highest multiplier they’ve ever seen in a crash game:

Crash Gambling Win Comments
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Which crash game has the biggest crash gambling win recorded?

According to our research, the crash gambling game with the biggest win ever recorded is CS:GO Roll. 

Aviator, JetX or standard Line crash… In which game am I more likely to win?

These three popular crash gambling games are used by players worldwide. Although players are keen to learn which game has the highest odds of paying out, punters must realize that all these games use a similar algorithm, so the odds are identical regardless of which one you play.

Players should enjoy the experience by playing the game they feel most comfortable with.

Crash Big or Win!

It’s clear from this article that big wins are possible with crash gambling. Whether you’re using cryptocurrency or fiat currency, we’ve seen players cash out large amounts before the game crashes. 

The top 5 wins prove that if you’re patient and adopt the strategies, you may walk away with a massive payout from a crash game.

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