Best Crash Gambling Games for 2024

We have played all crash games on multiple casino sites. In this article we list the best crash game to play for you and at what site you can play it.

The Best Crash Gambling Game Titles for 2024

Name of the GameType of CrashBest Site to Play it
Jet Lucky 2PlanePariMatch
Crash X Football EditionBallPariMatch
Magnify ManManPariMatch
Rocket bangRocketPariMatch
List of all crash gambling casino games and where to play them.

Fast Facts About the Best Crash Gambling Games

AviatorMost famous crash game
Jet XEasiest interface
Space XYX10000 Max win
ZeppelinMade by Betsolutions, fairly new to the scene, popular “balloon” crash game.
Jet LuckyOffers bonuses when the jet fights helicopters and wins.
CappadociaUses hot air balloons that go straight up as opposed to other games where the objects travel right and up.
F777 FighterOne of the lower RTPs at 95%
Table with facts on the best crash gambling games.

Crash Casino Site With Most Crash Games in The Lobby

If you are looking for the biggest library of crash games to choose from we recommend parimatch, they have in total 21 different games to choose from. See screenshot below:

Crash Casino Most Games Lobby
Image: Crash games lobby with all games on Parimatch.

What Are Crash Games?

This game comes in a variety of forms but has the same rules regardless of the presentation or place you choose to play. Crash has players placing a bet, after which a multiplier starts climbing from 1.00x. As the multiplier climbs, you have the option to cash out and take your initial bet times the current multiplier. However, should the multiplier ‘crash’ (stop climbing), before you cash out, you lose your bet.


What different types of crash games exist?

While the basis of all the crash games remains the same (you want to cash out before the ‘crash’ occurs), there are slight variations here and there. Some games are straightforward and simply have a cash-out feature. Others include picture matching where choosing the wrong picture can cause the game to crash, allow for multiple bets at once, or simply have different visuals for the same idea.

Is there any crash game where I have a higher chance to win?

Aviator, Jet X, and Space XY have the highest RTPs at 97%.

Is it possible to predict when the game will crash?

There is no way to predict when the ‘crash’ will occur as it is entirely random. If there were a way to predict it, the game would not be a casino game since winning could then be assured.

Does “auto-play” work for crash gambling games?

Auto-play is one of the features that you should certainly use with crash games, and most of them have this option. The multipliers during these games climb quickly, and manually cashing out on a precise number such as 1.27x can be very difficult.

Can I evaluate the strategy of successful crash gambling gamers?

There are a few strategies, but most of them simply involve cashing out sooner (below 1.20x or even lower) to make sure you win more often. That way, you build up your winnings slowly over time, instead of relying on massive wins, which are rare.

How We Selected These 5 Crash Games

We selected our crash games based on a variety of things that make these games worth playing. The main things include uniqueness for the overall game, art style and presentation, readability of the UI, the overall user experience, how simple the game is to understand, and how much variety there is in how you can play the game. 

Using these categories, we found these five games that meet our criteria, and decided to showcase them.

Our 5 Favorite Crash Gambling Games

Below you will find our current 5 favorite crash games that you should play.

Aviator - Red Plane Crash

Aviator red Plane Crash
Screenshot of the Aviator Crash Game

Crash game type: Plane Crash

Developed by: Spribe

Best site to play Aviator:

What is Aviator about?

Aviator is about a plane flying forward until it flies away (crashes). The game keeps things simple with clean graphics, double auto-betting, and a quick turnaround from game to game.

Jet X - Futuristic Plane

JetX Futuristic Plane
Screenshot of the JetX Crash Game

Crash game type: Plane Crash

Developed by: SmartSoft Gaming

Best site to play Jet X:

What is Jet X about?

Like other rocket crash games, Jet X has a jet taking off from a runway before eventually crashing. It has nice graphics and good music to go with it.

Space XY - Rocket Ship

Space XY Rocket Ship
Screenshot of the Space XY Crash Game

Crash game type: Rocket Crash

Developed by: BGaming

Best site to play Space XY:

What is Space XY about?

Space XY has beautiful visuals reminiscent of old space movies. It is easy to see what’s happening on screen, and you can make multiple automatic bets while listening to nice music.

Zeppelin - Rising Yellow Balloon Zeppeliner

Zeppelin Yellow Balloon
Screenshot of the Zeppelin Crash Game

Crash game type: Balloon Crash

Developed by: Betsolutions

Best site to play Zeppelin:

What is Zeppelin about?

Zeppelin offers a game very similar to Aviator, but it has a cleaner UI layout, allowing for visible chat while you play. Seeing the chat makes the game a bit more social which is nice. The game also allows for auto betting, and multiple bets.

Jet Lucky - Jet Fighter Plane

Jet Lucky Fighter Plane
Screenshot of the Jet Lucky Crash Game

Crash game type: Plane Crash

Developed by: Gaming Corps

Best site to play Jet Lucky:

What is Jet Lucky about?

Jet Lucky offers the same features as other Plane Crash games but has an additional feature we love. During the run of the jet, it might encounter a helicopter to fight. If it wins this fight, you get bonus winnings if you haven’t cashed out yet. It also includes other features such as auto betting, and concurrent bets.

Cappadocia - Classic Hot Air Balloon

Cappadocia Air Balloon
Screenshot of the Cappadocia Crash Game

Crash game type: Balloon Crash

Developed by: SmartSoft Gaming

Best site to play Cappadocia:

What is Cappadocia about?

Cappadonia offers something different as the only Ball Crash game on the list. It includes quick game times, pleasant visuals, and clear readability. However, it doesn’t allow for auto cash out to the fine degrees of other games. Instead, you must choose auto cash out from preset values.

F777 Fighter - Modern Jet Fighter

F777 Fighter Jet
Screenshot of the F777 Fighter Crash Game

Crash game type: Plane Crash

Developed by: OnlyPlay

Best site to play F777 Fighter:

What is F777 about?

F777 Fighter works similarly to other plane crash games, allowing automatic cash outs and custom bets. The theme and presentation are clean and easily readable. There are also occasions where the jet refuels, which can increase the multiplier slightly faster.

The Origins of Crash Gambling Games

Crash games seemed to have started around 2014 as a casino game primarily for the cryptocurrency community, and more specifically Bitcoin.

How to Choose the Best Crash Gambling Game?

Choosing the best crash game is not so simple, since there are a variety of options. The bottom line is that they all play similarly, so depending on your thematic preferences, you might prefer rockets over a jet or hot air balloons over a themeless line. Your choice of cryptocurrency for bets also matters, since not all these games accept all forms of crypto.

Let’s look at the different types of these games available to you.

Types of Crash Gambling Games

Here are the four main types of crash games you can expect from casinos.

Line Crash

Line crash games don’t have any graphics and simply act through a rising point on a graph.

Rocket Crash

Rocket crash games use rocket graphics that go up on an exponential curve.

Plane Crash

Plane crash games use planes or jets as graphics and have the traveling object go forward until it eventually crashes.

Balloon Crash

Ball crash games have objects that rise straight up until the point of crashing.

Takeaway on What Crash Game to Play in 2024

When it comes to crash games there are clearly a variety to choose from online. While some people have devised strategies for these games, none of them provide effective enough turnarounds that you should be spending large amounts on crash games.

We hope you’ve learned something about the different types of crash games available and which would better suit your personal playstyle. 

We recommend that you read our full guide to crash gambling here where we go through the concept a bit more in depth, and what sites we recommend for this type of gambling.

Remember to always gamble responsibly and seek assistance if you feel you are developing a gambling addiction.

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