Aviator Game Review & Sites Where to Play

Today we’re looking into where you can find and play the Aviator crash gambling game, what each of these platforms offers and how they are unique from other platforms that offer it, which bonuses you can expect, and more.

Best Aviator Sites to Play On For Real Money

SiteBonusOur Comment
Bets.ioUp to 1 Bitcoin on First DepositBest Site Overall for Aviator
Parimatch.com+ 150% on Deposited AmountBest Site for Payment Options
Pin-up.casinoUp to €500 Welcome BonusBest Site for High Withdrawal Limit
YoYocasino.comUp to €500 Welcome Bonus and 200 Bonus SpinsBest Site for Welcome Bonus
Bitcasino.ioDiffering Daily BonusesBest Site for Mobile Playing
5 Best Sites for Aviator including bonus information and our comment.

Fast Facts about the Game Aviator:

Software Developer:Spribe
Type of Crash Game:Plane
Volatility:low to medium
Duration of each round:8 to 30 seconds
Table with facts on Aviator.

1. Bets.io - Best Site Overall for Aviator

IMAGE: Aviator by Spribe on Bets.io

Pros on playing at this site

  • Free demo play available
  • Many different bonuses from the casino
  • Massive number of other games

2. Parimatch.com - Best Site for Payment Options

Parimatch Aviator
IMAGE: Aviator by Spribe on Parimatch.com

Pros on playing at this site

  • Many different depositing methods, including Netbanking, Debit Cards, Jeton Wallet, PayTM, and more.
  • Supports cryptocurrencies
  • Free demo play available

3. Pin-up.casino - Best Site for High Withdrawal Limit

IMAGE: Aviator by Spribe on Pin-up.casino

Pros on playing at this site

  • High withdrawal limit
  • Wide range of bonuses and promotions
  • Wide range of available games

4. YoYocasino.com - Best Site for Welcome Bonus

IMAGE: Aviator by Spribe on YoYocasino.com

Pros on playing at this site

  • Excellent welcome bonus
  • Wide range of other games
  • Website easy to navigate

5. Bitcasino.io - Best Site for Mobile Playing

Bitcasino Aviator
IMAGE: Aviator by Spribe on bitcasino.io

Pros on playing at this site

  • Optimized for mobile devices with apps
  • Supports cryptocurrency
  • Wide range of promotions


How do you win playing aviator?

You win at Aviator if you cash out before the plane ‘flies away’. You do this simply by clicking the cash out button at any point in time. But since you don’t know when the plane will ‘fly away’, you must guess when it’s a good time to cash out.

What RTP & volatility does Aviator have?

Aviator has a 97% RTP and a low to medium volatility.

What is the best strategy to win in Aviator?

The best strategy to win at Aviator is to cash out at a low number, e.g. 1.25. This low number allows for smaller, more consistent returns. While you might be tempted to wait for those massive 20x multipliers, the odds are low that it will get to that, making your returns much less consistent.

Which is the best site to play Aviator for real money?

The best site, in our opinion, is bets.io since it allows for a variety of deposit options, offers bonuses and promotions, has a clean and easy-to-understand interface, and provides a demo version of the game for testing.

What is the Crash Game Aviator about?

Considered a simple slot game by many, Aviator is, in fact, much more than a traditional click-and-wait game. The gist of the game is that a plane starts with a 1.00 multiplier. If you don’t cash out before the plane flies away, you lose your initial bet. It’s that simple.

Created by the team at Spribe.co, Aviator launched in April 2019. The game's theme is simple: a plane lifting off and eventually flying off-screen. It became popular because of its simplicity, and its auto-play features which allowed players to set their limits from betting to stop limits. Its popularity awarded Aviator as the crash game of the year 2022 at the iGaming Sigma conference.

Its simplicity made understanding it super simple, and the returns are consistent enough that players keep coming back. The excitement of a possible 50x return on your money is also always tantalizing.

Aviator is also a type of game called a ‘crash gambling game’, which refers to a game where a multiplier slowly increases from the moment the game starts before it eventually crashes – or in Aviator’s case, flies away. 

Your aim is always to cash out before the crash occurs, otherwise, you lose your money. If you happen to cash out before the crash, congratulations, you’ve just won money equal to your initial bet times the number shown by the multiplier when you cashed out.

You can find our full in-depth guide on crash gambling here if you want some more information.

What makes Aviator a special game?

Aviator offers quite a few features to keep it a well-rounded game. These features evidently also result in a range of benefits for those who want to spend some time playing a crash gambling game. Who doesn’t like a win-win?

First up is the overall aesthetic of Aviator. The game is super simple to read off the bat, with little room for confusion. Even if you have no idea what to expect from the game or how it works, it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to figure out purely from the simple UI.

Second is your options for basic betting. The betting comes with a few presets such as $1, $2, $5, or $10, but you can set a custom amount if you want to bet on amounts in-between – or higher amounts. 

You simply select – or enter – the amount you want to bet and click on the bet button. You will automatically enter the next available round.

Third we have the options for automated betting, which we think is always an outstanding feature for a casino game. Aviator allows you to place automated bets with parameters. These parameters include:

  • Cash Out: The multiplier you set where the game will automatically cash out for you.
  • Number of Rounds: How many rounds do you want to auto-play? This includes 1, 2, 5, or 10.
  • Stop Limits for Cash Increase: Regardless of the number of rounds remaining, the auto play will stop if your cash increases by this set amount.
  • Stop Limits for Cash Decreases: Regardless of the number of rounds remaining, the auto play will stop if your cash decreases by this set amount.
  • Stop Limit for Single Win: The autoplay will stop if a single win exceeds the number you set.

Lastly, we want to discuss the coherency in design and presentation across all platforms. Aviator manages to capture the same aesthetic easily, regardless of where you play it. 

You can always expect to be able to jump right in since the game feels familiar everywhere. It is the same type of game as JetX, which is another popular crash game that you might have seen.

Is Aviator a multiplayer game?

Aviator is not a multiplayer game in the same way something such as Blackjack or Poker is a multiplayer game. Aviator doesn’t pit you against other players, and their bets don’t influence your game in any way. 

However, Aviator usually provides access to the stats of other currently betting players, and some platforms even allow for live chat with other players.

So, it’s fair to say that while Aviator does offer some features from multiplayer games, the game itself is not a multiplayer experience. 

It’s important to know this so that you understand betting and winnings are entirely in your own hands. No other players influence your game. 

How Does the Aviator Game Work?

Aviator is a very straightforward game and works much the same as most other crash games. In-between rounds, you have around six seconds to place your next bet. 

Don’t worry if you miss the timer because all that means is that you will instead start on the next available round.

You place a bet and keep your trigger finger ready to click the cash-out button as soon as you feel you’ve made a good return. Clicking cash out before the game reaches its ‘crash’ point, means that you get your initial bet times the multiplier. 

Should the game ‘crash’ before you cash out, you lose your money and again have six seconds to place your next bet.

The game is super simple to get into, even simpler to understand, and can provide steady gains.

How to set your initial stake?

You set your initial stake playing Aviator with the click of a button. You simply select one of the preset stakes - $1, $2, $5, or $10. You can also enter a custom amount. If you have enough money in your wallet to make said bet, it will load up your stake without any issues.

How to take the winnings?

Aviator winnings are easy to take. You don’t even have to wait for the end of a round. As soon as you click the cash out button, you receive your initial stake multiplied by the number shown when you cash out. As long as you cash out before the Aviator plane ‘flies away’, you get your money straight into your account.

On What Devices Can I Play Aviator?

Aviator comes to a range of platforms since it runs through browsers. Its interface is also extremely simple and demands little in terms of computational power.

These low-cost running requirements mean that Aviator works on desktops, laptops, mobile, and tablets alike, with zero difference in how smoothly it runs.

Tips for winning in Aviator

Before we get into a suggested strategy for Aviator, you should note that as with any online casino game, the odds are – in the long run – always in favor of the house. This means that while there are more ideal ways to play Aviator, there is no surefire way to walk away winning every time.

Our advice for winning at Aviator is to keep your cash-out limits small. By small, we mean under 1.30. The main reason for this is that you will get more consistent returns. 

While these returns are small, you can capitalize on consistent small gains instead of losing large amounts regularly in the hopes of occasional massive gains.

Another strategy we would recommend is using two bets and paying for the second with the much easier obtained winnings of the first. Let’s give an example.

Let’s say you place the first bet using auto cash out at a 1.25 multiplier. You bet $10 every time, which means whenever your bet succeeds, you get $12.50 back. 

You’ve made $2.50. Now, if you then place a second bet at the same time, that also uses auto cash out but at a much higher multiplier – let’s say 10 – that only costs $2.50 you can come close to getting a free high-risk bet.

The odds of you winning on a 1.25 multiplier is high enough that it should happen consistently. However, the odds of winning a 10 multiplier are much lower.  You bet your $10 and win $2.50. This winning goes into paying for the second, high-risk bet , which costs $2.50.

You can even make the bet slightly less – such as $20 – so that you stash away small winnings and – when the 10x hits – gain a substantial amount off that as well.

Practice with Aviator Demo

If you want to try out Aviator, we have a demo below that you can give a shot. How it works is no different to how it would work if you were playing for real money. You can place bets, see the Aviator plane take off, and try your luck at cashing out before the plane flies away. 

If you want to play Aviator somewhere else, you can find demos on the websites we listed above, namely:

  • Bets.io
  • Parimatch.com
  • Pin-up.casino
  • YoYocasino.com
  • Bitcasino.io

Pay attention to what the competitors play

One of the features of Aviator is that it provides access to online information regarding the bets and cash-outs of other players. 

As mentioned before, their bets and cash-outs have no influence on your game, but that doesn’t mean you cannot use the information on their bets and cash-outs to your advantage.

While Aviator remains a game of chance, you can certainly look at the bets of other players to get an idea of how consistently certain cash-outs succeed. 

For example, you can sift through the history of bets and look up how often bets under 1.5x or 2.5x or 3.78x succeeded. This information should provide you with a good visual idea of odds.

Use the Auto-Cash out function

We encourage players to use the auto cash-out function provided by Aviator. To explain briefly, the purpose of this function is to essentially click the cash-out button for you when the multiplier reaches the specified number.

This feature is handy since it allows you to cash out without risking clicking too early or too late. As an example, try to click the cash out button when the multiplier is on 1.23 and see how long it takes you to get it right.

The auto cash-out feature allows precise controls over when you cash out, which can benefit you tremendously in the long run. Don’t risk miss-clicks and walk away with losses because you were a millisecond too early or too late.

You can also use the auto cash out feature on both of your bets – if you’re betting more than once at a time – which means you don’t have to try and keep your fingers fresh and stare at the screen without blinking in case you miss the right moments to click.

Takeaway on the Crash Game Aviator

To conclude, Aviator is a brilliant crash gambling game for players who love simplicity. You get complete control over your bets with intuitive controls and can also expect a steady return if you learn the ropes of the game.

The game offers a relaxing playstyle for those who don’t want to spend too much time thinking about complicated strategies or worrying about the moves of other players. 

The ability to place one or two bets is also a great feature since you can use the winnings of one bet to pay for a riskier option.

Overall, we think Aviator is a fantastic game that offers any online gambling enthusiast the ability to play a simple game while consistently being able to earn something.

If Aviator is not for you, we recommend that you check out our full catalogue of reviewed crash games here.

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