F777 Fighter Game Review & Sites Where to Play

Today we dive deep into the mechanics and presentation of F777 Fighter so you can find out whether is it for you. We’ll also investigate the top f777 sites to choose from when you want to play this game.

Fast Facts about the Game F777 Fighter:

Software Developer:Onlyplay
Type of Crash Game:Plane Crash
Volatility:Dependent on player betting strategy
Minimum bet:$1
Table with facts on F777 Fighter.

Best F777 Fighter Sites to Play On For Real Money

Site Bonus Our Comment
PariMatch.comWelcome Bonus 150%Best Site Overall for F777 Fighter
1xbet.comWelcome package up to 1500€ + 150 FS, Prize Pool & VIP benefitsBest Site for Bonus and Promos
Winz.io300 Free Spins + € 15k individual prizesBest Rewards for VIP Players
Bets.ioReload Bonus up to 280 mBTC + 120 FSBest for Cryptocurrency Bets
Crashino.com300 Free Spins + 100 Free Spins for the first 3 depositsBest Loyalty Program
5 Best Sites for F777 Fighter including bonus information and our comment.

1. PariMatch.com - Best Site Overall for F777 Fighter

F777 Fighter Parimatch
IMAGE: F777 Fighter by Onlyplay on PariMatch.com

Pros on playing at this site

  • User-friendly
  • Easy navigation to the games you want to play
  • Best overall website for all-round variety 

2. 1xBet.com - Best Site for Bonus and Promos

F777 Fighter 1xBet
IMAGE: F777 Fighter by Onlyplay on 1xbet.com

Pros on playing at this site

  • Simple, readable UI
  • Massive range of slots games
  • Best bonuses and promotions

3. Winz.io - Best Rewards for VIP Players

F777 Fighter Winz.io
IMAGE: F777 Fighter by Onlyplay on winz.io

Pros on playing at this site

  • Large number of other titles
  • Beautiful UI that’s easy to read and use
  • VIP options available to F777 Fighter players

4. Bets.io - Best Site Cryptocurrency Bets

F777 Fighter Bets.io
IMAGE: F777 Fighter by Onlyplay on bets.io

Pros on playing at this site

  • Excellent cryptocurrency support
  • Significant number of available games
  • Intuitive interface and beautiful website

5. Crashino - Best Loyalty Program

F777 Fighter Crashino
IMAGE: F777 Fighter by Onlyplay on Crashino.com

Pros on playing at this site

  • Excellent loyalty program
  • Great cryptocurrency support
  • Variety of games that range, from live casino to sportsbooks.


How do you win playing F777 Fighter?

The F777 Fighter game plays the same as most other crash titles on the market. Those only interested in F777 Fighter can win as follows: before a round starts, you set an initial stake. You must then decide whether to use manual or automatic cash out. Once the round begins, you will see a multiplier start climbing. At any point, this multiplier can ‘crash’, hence the genre’s name. However, if you manage to cash out before the crash occurs, you regain your initial stake times the current multiplier. For example, let’s say you bet $1 and cash out – before the crash – at a multiplier of 1.50x. You will then get $1.50 back. It’s that simple.

What RTP & volatility does F777 Fighter have?

F777 Fighter has an RTP of 96%, which is about the same as you can expect from most crash titles. The volatility is slightly trickier to calculate since it depends entirely on the player’s betting strategy. For example, if you plan to cash out at 10.00x, the volatility is significantly higher than it would be if you plan to cash out at 1.50x. This is one of the distinctions between crash games and other games, such as roulette, that have fixed volatility every round.

What is the best strategy to win in F777 Fighter?

Given the random nature of crash games and that every round can end at any time, there is no specific effective strategy. Unlike games such as roulette, which has a fixed 2x return at a fixed percentage chance, crash titles do not have a fixed percentage chance of said return. This makes typical gambling strategies such as the Martingale Strategy or similar strategies ineffective in the crash title.

Which is the best site to play F777 Fighter for real money?

Any sites we’ve listed above are good options if you want to play this game for real money. These platforms are all respected online casinos with licenses. There is no particular best site, but depending on your preferences, you might prefer one to the other.

What is the Crash Game F777 Fighter about?

F777 Fighter is like the other crash games, albeit with its unique aesthetic. The game revolves around a fighter jet taking off while enemies try to shoot it down. At any random interval, the jet might succumb to enemy fire, which is this game’s version of the ‘crash’. 

The game was created by Onlyplay and has seen popularity on multiple platforms since its launch. There is also one fun addition to this game that others don’t have: the refueling mechanic.

What makes F777 Fighter a particular game?

While F777 Fighter is the same as every other game of its category, the unique aesthetic and one differentiating feature – the refueling mechanic – lends it a personal touch.

The refueling mechanism is simple but adds a little more depth to the game. While the fighter jet flies, it can occasionally meet up with a refueling plane. While this plane refuels the jet, the multiplier climbs faster. You might get more than one refueling in your round of play if you're lucky.

Is F777 Fighter a multiplayer game?

F777 Fighter is not a multiplayer game in the traditional sense. Multiplayer games have features that allow players to interact with one another during play so that their actions can affect each other. Alternatively, it could also allow players to compete. Crash games do not have such features. 

Nothing you do will impact the strategies or results of other players and vice versa. The only ‘multiplayer’ feature the game has, is a chat room where you can talk to other betting players during your rounds of play.

How Does the F777 Fighter Game Work?

F777 Fighter works like other crash titles. Every time you play, you will experience the same formula. You place an initial stake first. You can place this stake in-between rounds or while a round is already underway. When you’ve placed your bet, the game will put you in the next available round.

Once a round begins, you will see the fighter jet take off and attempt to climb higher and higher into the sky. At any random moment, the jet crashes. Once this crash occurs, the round is over, and a timer will start that indicates how much time you have before the next round starts.

However, while the jet climbs higher into the sky, you can click the cash-out button to take your initial stake times the current multiplier. For example, placing a bet of $1 and cashing out at a multiplier of 3.00x will give you $3 back.

You can also use the auto cash-out feature, which we will explore more later. Simply put, the auto cash-out feature allows you to cash out at precise points in the game, which makes playing much more accessible.

How to set your initial stake?

You set your initial stake for a round between each round. Once a round stops, you usually have around ten seconds to place your next bet. Alternatively, you can use the auto-betting feature, which allows you to set an amount to bet for X number of upcoming rounds. 

Don’t worry about overcommitting, though, because you can cancel the auto-bet anytime, stopping any further bets.

How to take the winnings?

Taking winnings from F777 Fighter depends entirely on your playing platform. Since countless casinos have the game available, there is no single withdrawal guide. Instead, we can provide a rough outline.

Most of these platforms allow you to withdraw money using the same method you used to deposit money. Once you have played enough, head to your account, find your wallet, and select withdrawal and the method you want to use. 

These withdrawals can take a few hours up to a few days, depending on the method used, so keep that in mind.

On What Devices Can I Play F777 Fighter?

F777 Fighter works on any device. These devices typically include desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. If your device supports modern browsers, you can play F777 Fighter on it.

Tips for winning in F777 Fighter

F777 Fighter doesn’t have any noteworthy strategy. Most betting strategies in casino games rely on a few things - the most important of these include a predetermined chance that you can get a 2x return on your bet.

Crash Gambling DO NOT have a predetermined chance for a 2x return, as every round is entirely random and unaffected by past or future rounds. Because of this, implementing any typical gambling strategy, such as the Martingale system, is not entirely plausible.

For example, roulette has a fixed chance for a 2x return when you bet red or black. You can therefore plan for future rounds since you know the likelihood of winning and losing each round, and you also know that IF you win, you will get a 2x return. 

While you can bet on a 2x multiplier in crash titles, you can only do so if you know what the percentage chance of winning is before the round starts, which causes a problem.

However, if you wish to familiarize yourself with modern gambling strategies, you can read our comprehensive guide to crash strategies. You could use them on crash titles, but keep in mind that they were designed for games like roulette.

Also, just because there aren’t surefire strategies doesn’t mean people can’t win big. We’ve even written about the biggest win in crash games to date.

Practice with F777 Fighter Game Demo

One thing you should do before committing money to the game on any platform is to try out the demo mode first. The demo will help you familiarize yourself with how the game works, the interface, and the more advanced features like auto-betting and cash-out.

Pay attention to what the competitors play

If you aren’t sure which bets are realistic, you can always review the bets other players place during a round. You will see all bets placed in a small window on the screen. While this information does not influence your round, you can use it to see how often people bet big or small and how often those bets win. 

However, remember that the game is entirely random, so trying to analyze the statistics and find patterns is not a road to success.

Use the Auto-Cash-out function

One of the most essential features of crash games is the auto-cash-out feature. We highly recommend that everyone use it to make their playing time simpler and to help them avoid accidentally losing money because they couldn’t click the cash-out button fast enough.

To use the auto cash-out feature, you need to click on it before a new round starts. You must then indicate at which point you wish to cash out automatically. 

When the climbing multiplier gets to that point – and the round hasn’t had a crash yet – you will cash out automatically and take your winnings. You can also set two auto cash-out points to help you place a low-risk bet and a higher-risk bet every round. 

For example, instead of only betting on 2.00x, you can set one auto cash out to 1.50x and another to 2.00x. If you now bet $1, you will get 75c when the multiplier hits 1.50x, and you will get an additional $1 when the multiplier hits 2.00x. 

While you would get more betting everything on 2.00x, using two auto cash outs is lower risk and will see somewhat similar returns if used right.

Takeaway on the Crash Game F777 Fighter

The F777 Fighter game is one of many crash games out there but manages to bring its unique spin to the table, making the game feel more exciting than some competitors. With typical features like auto cash out and auto betting, you can experience a familiar game, while features like refueling keep things uniquely exciting.

Always gamble responsibly and seek assistance if you feel an addiction forming. Gambling should be a fun pastime and should never come at the cost of personal well-being.

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