Jet Lucky 2 Game Review & Sites Where to Play

Jet Lucky 2 is the second installment of this popular crash game. This new edition has enhanced graphics and features that will make the betting experience better. We’ll take you through everything you must know about Jet Lucky, including the best sites to play at.

Fast Facts about the Game Jet Lucky 2:

Software Developer:Gaming Corps
Type of Crash Game:Jet
Minimum bet:$1
Table with facts on Jet Lucky 2.

Best Jet Lucky 2 Sites to Play On For Real Money

Site Bonus Our Comment
PariMatch.comWelcome Bonus 150%Best Site Overall for Jet Lucky 2
Bons.comCash Bonus up to USD 2000 + 200 Free SpinsBest Welcome Bonus
21casino.com21 Bonus Spins + 121% up to USD 300Best Withdrawal Options
Slotplanet.com100% Bonus + 22 Starburst Spins & 22 Dead or Alive SpinsBest App for Playing Jet Lucky 2
Playgrand.comWelcome Package up to 1000 USD + 100 Bonus SpinsBest Site for Customer Service
5 Best Sites for Jet Lucky 2 including bonus information and our comment.

1. - Best Site Overall for Jet Lucky 2

Jet Lucky 2 Parimatch
IMAGE: Jet Lucky 2 by Gaming Corps on

Pros on playing at this site

  • Players can test Jet Lucky 2 out with the demo version.
  • PariMatch is a fully-fledged online casino with sports betting.
  • Close to 50 crash games like Jet Lucky 2 are available. 

2. - Best Welcome Bonus

Jet Lucky 2 Bons
IMAGE: Jet Lucky 2 by Gaming Corps on

Pros on playing at this site

  • One of the best welcome bonuses around, including 200 free spins.
  • Easy to search for Jet Lucky 2 on the main page.
  • The casino accepts payments through popular methods. 

3. - Best Withdrawal Options

Jet Lucky 2 21 Casino
IMAGE: Jet Lucky 2 by Gaming Corps on

Pros on playing at this site

  • Welcome bonus matches the first deposit up to 121%.
  • Jet Lucky 2 is easy to find and play on the site.
  • Convenient payment methods. 

4. - Best App for Playing Jet Lucky 2

Jet Lucky 2 SlotPlanet
IMAGE: Jet Lucky 2 by Gaming Corps on

Pros on playing at this site

  • There’s a 100% match on your first deposit.
  • Games are categorized for ease of reference.
  • Smooth interface. 

5. - Best Site for Customer Service

Jet Lucky 2 Playgrand
IMAGE: Jet Lucky 2 by Gaming Corps on

Pros on playing at this site

  • They offer an incredible welcome package for new players.
  • The casino has some of the best customer support around.
  • Ongoing promotions are difficult to resist. 


How do you win playing Jet Lucky 2?

After placing your wager, you simply wait for the multiplier to rise, and you can cash out at any time before the jet explodes.

What RTP & volatility does Jet Lucky 2 have?

In terms of the RTP, Jet Lucky 2 averages around 96%, but the game is highly volatile as the jet can be brought down by enemy forces at any time.

What is the best strategy to win in Jet Lucky 2?

While there isn’t a strategy to guarantee a win, players tend to use the automatic cash-out button to secure some winnings instead of leaving it up to themselves.

Which is the best site to play Jet Lucky 2 on for real money?

We’ve reviewed playing the game on most casino sites, but overall, we think that PariMatch is the best for its enticing welcome bonus and the demo version of Jet Lucky 2.

What is the Crash Game Jet Lucky 2 about?

Jet Lucky 2 is a follow-up from Jet Lucky that was created by Gaming Corps. Since there’s more competition on the market regarding crash games, they’ve decided to revamp the original game and came up with Jet Lucky 2.

The company released the game on March 10, 2022, based on the first game's success. Gamblers around the world embraced this type of crash game because it involved more than watching a line on a graph.

The animation and graphics they’ve included make the game more entertaining and fun. The scenario entails having a jet that you’re betting on to fly as far as it can into enemy territory, from your military ship.

The problem is there’s enemy fire everywhere, and other jets in the sky are being bombed. 

Your job is to cash out your money when you think you’ve earned enough before the jet is shot down. It adds an interesting dynamic to crash games as opposed to watching the graph line.

As the jet progresses, so does the multiplier, which can go up to 10,000 times your wager. However, it will rarely reach that number without crashing, so you must hit the collect button in time. 

What makes Jet Lucky 2 a special game?

Ultimately, crash games are quick and easy to play. Jet Lucky 2 doesn’t require special skills or knowledge about the game. Coupling that with its eye-catching graphics and fun notion makes it easy to see why gamblers around the world enjoy playing the game.

Additionally, it can be highly rewarding if you can master a strategy and add to your bankroll by cashing out in time, every time.

Is Jet Lucky 2 a multiplayer game?

Yes, it’s a multiplayer game in that you can view what other players are doing in the game. For example, if you’ve collected your winnings with a low multiplier, but the jet is still flying, you can view the progress of other players who still have a stake in the game. 

How Does the Jet Lucky 2 Game Work?

Playing Jet Lucky 2 is straightforward and doesn’t require special skills. We’ll take you through the steps of giving this game a try.

How to set your initial stake?

On the game screen, you will notice two identical sections at the bottom. You’ll see they both have Bet buttons and on either side is an addition and subtraction sign. Use these to increase or decrease your wager.

Alternatively, you can click on Max if you’d like to throw the kitchen sink at the game. Once you’re happy with your wager, you lock in the bet by clicking on the pink Place Bet button. Doing this secures your bet for the coming round.

You can either operate the cash-out button manually or select the Auto button to pre-determine at what multiplier the game should collect your winnings. While the jet is in flight, the pink Place Bet buttons turn to blue Collect buttons. You can hit these when you’re satisfied with your winnings.

However, bear in mind that if you wait too long, the jet can explode, and you win nothing. Jet Lucky 2 offers you two chances at betting in the same game. You can capitalize on the second betting panel to adopt a different strategy.

Some players may want to play conservatively on one panel while going all-out on the other. Those strategies can be adjusted according to personal preference.

How to take the winnings?

After clicking on the collect button, the money you’ve won automatically adds up to your online casino account. When you refresh your balance, you will notice the increase.

If you want to withdraw these funds, you follow the same procedure that you would every other time. Select the payment method for the withdrawal and the amount you want to complete the process.  

On What Devices Can I Play Jet Lucky 2?

Thankfully you can access Jet Lucky 2 through various online casinos. Currently, most platforms offer gaming on desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. You can play the game wherever you are with a steady internet connection and one of these devices.  

Tips for winning in Jet Lucky 2

As we’ve mentioned, there isn’t a definite winning strategy for crash games, as it all depends on timing and a degree of luck. However, we’ve noticed players using the automatic cash-out function to ensure they bank some winnings from Jet Lucky 2.

With the two available betting frames in the game, you can use one of them manually while setting the other on automatic. In this case, take a risk by leaving the manual frame to run a little longer, taking a gamble on how far the multiplier may go.

People have previously won massive bets while playing crash games like Jet Lucky 2. 

Practice with Jet Lucky 2 Demo

Even though the game doesn’t need extensive player knowledge, nor do you need a specific set of skills, it doesn’t hurt to practice and get a better feel for the game. You’ll find that certain online casinos offer players the opportunity to fully test the game before wagering real money.

You can find demo versions of the game at specific sites such as PariMatch where you can play around with the buttons and get familiar with the concept of the game. As a result, when you’re ready to wager real money, you already have an idea of what to do and when is the best time to collect your money.

Pay attention to how the competitors play

Jet Lucky 2 allows you to view how other players are faring with the crash game. If you take time to watch how a player is navigating the game, it may provide you with lessons on how to create your strategy for Jet Lucky 2.

Use the Auto-Cash out function

The auto-cash function is one of the best features of games like Jet Lucky 2. It gives you a chance to breathe and enjoy the game instead of being tensed and stressed about when to cash out.

You can set the automation feature before every game and pre-determine the multiplier at which the game should cash you out. It’s advisable to use this feature to its fullest, as it can save you in the long run.

New players to crash games often get the timing of cashing out wrong, leaving them to regret betting real money on these types of games. The auto-cash-out function is there to assist you with your strategy, so we advise that you make use of it while playing Jet Lucky 2.

Additionally, Jet Lucky 2 offers players the chance to place two bets at once. You can either set both on auto cash out or leave one to remain your safe bet. 

Takeaway on the Crash Game Jet Lucky 2

Jet Lucky 2 is an incredible upgrade to the original game, for which Gaming Corps fully deserves praise. There aren’t many crash games that offer unique and attractive visuals, and we have to compliment them on a job well done.

The game is proving to be highly popular among gamblers, especially with minimum bets of $1 that can go up with a multiplier of 10,000 times. There’s the potential to win large sums of money, and people have previously been successful in winning thousands of dollars, so you know it is possible.

While there are no definitive strategies, you can use the various functions in the game to secure your winnings, even if it is little by little. The auto-cash feature should be your go-to strategy for Jet Lucky 2, while using the second betting frame is something else you should look into.

With an RTP of 96% and several online casinos offering the chance to play the demo, it’s worth giving Jet Lucky 2 a shot. 

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