JetX Game Review & Sites Where to Play

The JetX Crash Gambling Games is an instant casino game, it does not require any particular skill or knowledge to win. We have tested JetX and listed our favourite sites where to play it, what bonus you can get and which site that will suit you the best.

Fast Facts about the Game JetX:

Software Developer:SmartSoft Gaming
Type of Crash Game:Plane, Rocket Ship
Duration of each round:Unpredictable, but a new round begins every 15 seconds after the crash.
Minimum bet:USD 0.10
Maximum bet:USD 300
Table with facts on JetX.

Best JetX Sites to Play On For Real Money

SiteBonusOur Comment Get 100% on the first deposit One of the best sites to play JetX
Cbet.ggDeposit 10 and get 10 Free Flights One of the best bonuses available for crash games
Parimatch.comNo promotions available.A wide range of crash games is available, with JetX being one of them
BC.GAMENo promotions available.Difficult to find JetX, you'd have to search for the game
1xbet.com100% bonus on the first depositUse the search bar to find JetX
Table with the best sites to play JetX

1. - One of the best sites to play JetX

JetX Pin Up Casino
IMAGE: JetX by SmartSoft Gaming on

Pros on playing at this site

  • The site features a wealth of crash games including JetX. 
  • Dedicated bonus for the game itself.
  • Its high withdrawal limit is a major attraction.

2. - Best Site Overall for JetX

IMAGE: JetX by SmartSoft Gaming on

Pros on playing at this site

  • Reserved section for JetX and other crash games,
  • Dedicated bonus for the game itself.
  • Easy to spot and access since it has its own tab on the home page. 

3. - Best Site for Payment Options

IMAGE: JetX by SmartSoft Gaming on

Pros on playing at this site

  • Parimatch offers a decent catalogue of crash games with JetX being one of the main ones. 
  • Clearly marked tab for crash games with JetX being first on the list.
  • Demo version available for players to get a feel for the game.

4. - Best Site for Blockchain Betting

IMAGE: JetX by SmartSoft Gaming on

Pros on playing at this site

  • Excellent alternative to traditional casino sites that offers crash games for cryptocurrencies.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Cryptocurrency owners can enjoy gambling on here.

5. - Best Site for Welcome Bonus

IMAGE: JetX by SmartSoft Gaming on

Pros on playing at this site

  • Crash games fans can easily locate JetX and a host of other crash games.
  • 1XBet offers an attractive welcome bonus that you can use for JetX.
  • JetX is one of the easiest games to find.


How do you win by playing JetX?

Since it's a game of luck, you must use instinct to decide when to cash out your winnings. Simply click the button before the jet crashes and you've banked the cash.

What RTP does JetX have?

Roughly about 97%, which isn't bad for a crash game.

What is the best strategy to win in JetX?

There isn't an exact science, but we recommend using a high-bet, low multiplier strategy.

Which is the best site to play JetX for real money?

At the moment, is the best online platform to play JetX.

What is JetX about?

JetX is a product of software developer SmartSoft Gaming and isn't a typical online slot that features reels. There's no spinning of reels and symbols with this game. JetX was introduced to the gambling world in January 2019 and since then, SmartSoft Gaming has constantly updated the look and feel of the game to make it more appealing and popular.

The game is simple to play for anyone who wants to place a wager or two online. The game itself is reliable and safe. It has been audited several times by a third party to determine if the results are indeed random.

It is what we call a crash gambling game where the outcome is completely random and can occur at any time. After placing a wager of a minimum of USD 0.01, you watch the jet take off while the multiplier increases.

The multiplier doesn't have any limits and can go up to infinity, but that's not the way a gambling game works. The game can 'crash' at any moment while the multiplier is increasing. Players must ensure they click the cash-out button before the jet crashes to secure their winnings.

Comparative images: the multiplayer active and the multiplayer stop after the plane crashes.

This type of gaming experience is new to players but promises to be fun and with the potential to win big. For this reason, it's become more popular across the country as more people are seeing the value in playing these instant games.

What makes JetX a special game?

JetX is a game purely based on luck and doesn't require the user to possess any skills to be successful after playing. The game features a jet that starts taking off from the ground and into the air.

The premise of the game is that the jet will crash at some point, sometimes faster than others. As a result, players are left with the important decision of when they cash out their winnings.

The longer the jet remains intact and in flight means the higher the multiplier goes. Simply take your wager and multiply it by the number on the screen to have an idea about how much you're winning. There are some strategies you can use to help you win more than you lose.

JetX works well, and the graphics are smooth, providing an entertaining experience. The fact that there's a new game after 15 seconds means you have more opportunities to win money. Apart from JetX, there's a host of crash games that you can explore.

Is JetX a multiplayer game?

Technically, JetX is a multiplayer game as it allows a host of players to enter and place wagers on the game. Usually, you can see a list of the existing players on the site alongside how much they've won per round.

Also, you can chat to the 'room' of players if you prefer being friendly or asking for advice from fellow gamblers. 

Image: chat room

How Does the JetX Game Work?

Crash games are also referred to as instant games because the results are almost immediate. Players can enjoy more rounds this way in the hope of eventually walking away with a profit.

Once the jet crashes, it takes 15 seconds for the next game to begin. During this time, you can select your wager, decide if you want to increase or decrease it and formally log in your bet. Jet X allows players to have two wagers as separate bets running concurrently.

Image: The moment after placing a bet while the game was running.

After that, you simply have to trust your instincts about when you cash out of the game before the jet crashes. Bear in mind that you lose your money if you haven't cashed out by the time the jet has crashed. 

How to set your initial stake?

When you're ready to play the game, you must first place a wager at the start. You'll notice the box with a runway and a jet in the takeoff position and a host of buttons to customize your bet.

  • When you start the game, your first task is to select what amount you'd like to wager between USD 0.01 and USD 300.
  • Next to the big, yellow Place Your Bet button is a bet amount with an additional and subtraction sign for you to press to either increase or decrease the wager.
  • Once you're happy with the bet amount, you can click on the Place Your Bet button, and the game will begin. 
Image: section of the game where the player can place bets.

How to take the winnings?

After selecting your wager and starting the game, it's up to you to decide when to cash out.

  • The yellow Place Your Bet button turns to green, Collect button when the jet is in flight.
  • As the multiplier increases, you will notice the value of your bet rising.
  • It's crucial to click on the button to save your winnings before the jet crashes.  
Image: The value of your bet increase, having the option to collect before the game crashes.
Image: Once you collect your bet, you will notice this figure indicating that your bet is safe.

On What Devices Can I Play JetX?

JetX is a game that is suitable to play on screens of all sizes. Whether you're sitting in front of a desktop or laptop, or you're heading out and using a tablet or smartphone, your experience of the game won't change. 

Tips for winning in JetX

While there's no definite strategy that works with Jet X, there are some tips and tricks that you can follow to maximize your chance of winning money. It's crucial that you don't let yourself get lost in the routine of placing wagers and waiting for a big multiplier.

On the right panel of the game, you will notice the statistics of other players, including their wins and losses. If you interpret this data correctly, you can use it to guide your decisions in your game. Bear in mind that it's not a certainty, but you can try and figure out if there's a pattern to the jet's flight time.

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. That may not be entirely true in this case, as the game is totally up to chance, but understanding how the game operates may give you some insight into having a gut feeling when the jet may crash. Take time to practice and play for free. When you find that you've been winning, it's time to invest some real money.

Since this game offers you more control than your usual online slots, you shouldn't allow greed to enter and let your guard down. Manage your bankroll carefully and don't take unnecessary risks.

Some players prefer using the high-value bet at a low multiplier system where they allow the game to automatically cash out at maybe two or three times the bet. When you're betting a maximum of USD 300 and automatically set the cash out to two times, you can make heaps of money in a quick time.

The Martingale is another famous strategy that requires players to start with the lowest possible bet and gradually increase the wager amount, regardless of whether they win or lose. At some point, players hope the game pays out on a bigger bet, helping them to recoup their losses and hopefully gain some profits. 

Practice with JetX Demo

It's always a good idea to have a go at a game without investing any money. Consequently, you can familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game and learn how you can give yourself an edge over the casino.

The casinos that provide the game usually offer the chance to place for free using the demo version of the game. This game works exactly as the real money option, but instead of placing wagers with dollars, you can use fake demo money.

If you're keen to learn more about Jet X, why not try our free version below?

Image: JetX demo version

Pay attention to what the competitors play

When you join the game, you will see a list of other players who are also trying their luck on JetX. If you're patient, you can follow some players to see how much they're betting and making with each round. Identifying a winning strategy through this route is possible.  

Use the Auto-Cash out function

If you feel that you can't trust your instincts, especially when the heat is on and you need to be quick, you're better off trusting the auto-function of the game. Switching to automation means the game will cash out automatically once it hits an amount that you've already set.

For example, if you're instructing the game to collect at two times the bet, it will automatically add any winnings to your account after two times, provided the jet is still active and hasn't yet crashed. 

Takeaway on the Crash Game JetX

JetX is a revolutionary game that is available on several crash gambling sites. We've listed some of the best platforms to house the game and the promotions they offer in comparison to traditional slots. Additionally we have tested and reviewed all other crash games currently on the market on that page, check it out if you want to find more similar games.

The rules of the game are pretty straightforward and don't require any degree of skill for you to be successful. There are certain strategies you can employ to assist you in winning more money, but there's no guarantee that you will walk away as a winner.

Even though the game is easy and quick, you must remember that it is still a form of gambling and you're more likely to lose than win.

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