Spaceman Crash Game Review & Sites Where to Play

In this article we have played and reviewed the unique crash game by Pragmatic Play called Spaceman.

Fast Facts About the Game Spaceman:

Software Developer:Pragmatic Play
Type of Crash Game:Man (Astronaut) Crash Game
Duration of each round:Varies
Minimum bet:1 EURO
Maximum bet:100 EURO
Table with facts on Spaceman.

Best Spaceman Sites to Play on for Real Money

SiteBonusOur Comment
BC.GAMEUp to 270% first deposit bonusBest bonuses and promotions
bets.ioUp to 1 BTC first deposit bonusExcellent cryptocurrency support
Winz.ioUp to 300 free spinsBest for VIP Spaceman Players
ParimatchUp to 150% first deposit bonusBest for players who want to bet on sportsbooks as well
1xbet.comUp to 1500 Euro first deposit bonusBest overall variety in games and betting
Table with the best sites to play Spaceman. 

1. BC.GAME - Best for Spaceman Bonuses

Spaceman BC.Game
IMAGE: Spaceman by Pragmatic Play on

Pros on playing Spaceman at this site

  • Excellent variety in bonuses and promotions regularly updated.
  • Beautiful interface and easy-to-navigate website
  • Massive selection of games besides Spaceman

2. - Best for Cryptocurrency Payment

IMAGE: Spaceman by Pragmatic Play on

Pros on playing Spaceman at this site

  • Supports various cryptocurrencies
  • Good loyalty programs
  • Several options for casino games

3. - Best for VIP Spaceman Players

IMAGE: Spaceman by Pragmatic Play on

Pros on playing Spaceman at this site

  • Very attractive VIP program that you will be invited to when you play for a certain amount.
  • Excellent bonuses - specifically for slots
  • Up to 10% daily cashback

4. - Best for FIAT payments

Spaceman PariMatch
IMAGE: Spaceman by Pragmatic Play on

Pros on playing Spaceman at this site

  • Vast selection of fiat payment options for deposits and withdrawals.
  • A big library of crash games similar to Spaceman if you ever get tired of it. 
  • Large selection of payment options

5. 1xBet - Best for Overall Variety 

Spaceman 1xBet
IMAGE: Spaceman by Pragmatic Play on

Pros on playing Spaceman at this site

  • Easy to register on to quickly start to play space man.
  • Good variety of games to play apart from Spaceman fly by Pragmatic Play
  • Regularly updated promotions and events


❔Where can I play Spaceman?

There are many places to play the Spaceman crash game, including the websites we’ve listed above. You can also use the search bar on your favorite platform to see if they offer the game.

🆓 Can I play Spaceman for free?

Yes, you can play the demo version of Spaceman by Pragmatic Play for free. However, you do not wager any real money, and as a result, you cannot win any real money. If you want to play for cash, you should sign up on your preferred platform and bet using real money.

🎰Is Spaceman a slot game?

Spaceman by Pragmatic Play is not a slot game but a crash game.

Depending on your country’s legal stance on online gambling, Spaceman will or won’t be legal. There is no definitive answer that applies to every country. We suggest familiarizing yourself with your country’s laws regarding online gambling.

What is Spaceman about?

Spaceman by Pragmatic Play is a variation of the crash game online gambling format.

There are many different iterations, including versions that use planes, hot air balloons, or rockets. Spaceman uses an astronaut that launches into space to portray the climbing ‘crash game’ object.

What makes Spaceman a special game?

Spaceman by Pragmatic Play is the same as most crash games, except it offers a single differentiating factor.

Spaceman allows you to set an auto cash-out for 50% of your money, which is indeed a useful addition.

You can, for example, set a 50% cash-out on a small, easily attainable value and the rest of the cash-out on a less likely percentage.

Is Spaceman a multiplayer game?

Pragmatic Play Spaceman isn’t multiplayer in the traditional sense, where you physically play the game with other people and make decisions based on them.

Spaceman is a game you play alone.

However, there are chat rooms that all players have access to, so you can see what others bet, and you can talk to them while you play.

How Does the Spaceman Game Work?

Pragmatic Play Spaceman slot works the same as any other crash game, but we'll explain for those who aren’t familiar.

In crash gambling, you place a bet, which will have varying minimums or maximums depending on the platform you’re using.

Once you’ve placed your bet, there are a few things to keep your eyes on. As the round starts, you will see a multiplier displayed on your screen.

It usually starts at 1.00x. This multiplier indicates how much money you get back when you cash out.

For example, should you bet $10, and cash out when the multiplier reaches 1.50x before the game crashes, you will get a total of $15 back.

What makes this tricky is that the multiplier starts climbing as soon as the round begins, and the spaceman crashes (hence the name of the game) at a random value.

This arbitrary value can be 1.01x, 2.54x, or 50.00x. There is no way of knowing the value before placing your bet, so there aren’t many strategies.

As the multiplier climbs – and before the spaceman crashes – you must simply cash out to get your money. It’s that simple.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few ways to play the game. Methods include:

  • Autoplay: you set a betting amount and auto cash-out values and choose how many rounds you want to play. The game handles your round-to-round betting for you during those rounds. Don’t worry, though; you can always take back control at any moment if you prefer.
  • Auto Cash-out: This feature allows you to set precise multiplier values at which to cash out. The game will then cash out at said value – should the multiplier reach it –so that you don’t have to worry about lightning-fast manual clicking. We suggest NEVER playing without this feature. Otherwise, you might miss the cash-out by a millisecond.
  • 50% Auto Cash-out: From what we can tell, this feature is unique to the Pragmatic Play Spaceman slot and allows you to set an additional auto cash-out value for 50% of your bet. This is a great feature if you want to take out 50% of your cash at a low multiplier and risk the rest on a higher multiplier.

How to set your initial stake?

You set your initial stake with the click of a button – almost always in the center of the player buttons to make it easy to find. You cannot bet more than what you have in your wallet, and you cannot bet in decimals. You must bet in increments of 1.

How to take the winnings?

As mentioned above, you take your winnings through either manual cash-out or auto cash-out. We suggest using the auto cash-out as it is far more accurate and allows for fewer impulsive decisions that might cost you a round.

It’s sorely tempting to wait for the multiplier to hit 9.00x when it’s at 8.00x or wait for it to hit 10.00x when it’s at 9.50x. However, this feeling of ‘just a little further’ will often cause you to lose.

On What Devices Can I Play Spaceman Slot?

Depending on the platform, you can play Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman on either desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet, since it’s a browser game.

Note that the platforms ultimately dictate which devices will work on it, so there is no answer that fits every website.

Tips for winning in Pragmatic Play Spaceman Slot

Due to the nature of crash games, there is no real way to ‘win’ at the game. Every round’s crashing point is utterly random, and no past or future round will influence the current. Trying to find ‘trends’ in the game or ‘patterns’ for how you should bet is a fool’s errand as we have covered in our crash gambling strategy research guide.

In this crash game and all other crash games, the house has a rather massive advantage, so keep that in mind.

Instead, we suggest keeping your bets smaller to maximize winnings.

Pragmatic Play Spaceman is especially good for this since it allows for 50% auto cash-outs, which means you could – for example – place a 50% auto cash-out on 1.50x and your normal auto cash-out on 2.00x.

A bet of $1 would yield $0.75 at the 1.50x mark, and then another $1 at the 2.00x mark.

This ultimately leaves you with winnings of $1.75 as opposed to $2 if you had cashed out at the 2.00x mark.

However, there is also an increased chance of you at least making 75% of your money back instead of losing it all at the crashing point.

You can keep track of the biggest wins recorded on Spacemen and other similar games in our article: biggest crash gambling wins

Practice with Spaceman Slot Demo

You can practice your strategies with the Pragmatic Play Spaceman demo if you want to better familiarize yourself with the layout and the controls.

In demo mode, you do not play for real money, but you can place bets the same way. You can test different amounts with different cash-out methods to see which works best for you.

Pay attention to what the competitors play

Since the game is multiplayer in the sense that you can see what other people bet, you could always look to them for inspiration.

However, given that there is no way to know what numbers the next round will land on, you shouldn’t look for patterns in their bets and instead simply use the information about their bets as a fun extra.

Use the Auto-Cash out function

As mentioned above, the auto cash-out function is probably the most important part of the game, and you should rarely – if ever – play this intergalactic crash game without it.

Given how fast the multiplier climbs, trying to cash out manually can be the difference between getting your money back and clicking 0.01 seconds too late.

Use the demo mode to test how this function works.

Takeaway on the Intergalactic Crash Game Spaceman

Spaceman have become increasingly popular, and we can see why. The simple controls and large variety of themes mean there’s something for everyone. 

We recommend playing Spaceman for fun instead of trying to make it your next big winning game, as the returns tend to be small, while the time investment for any decent returns can be quite demanding.

Remember to always gamble responsibly and try out demo versions of games before committing any real money to them so that you don’t accidentally end up with big losses.

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