Crash Gambling Strategies Explained & Tested

With crash gambling becoming increasingly popular, many players have tried their hand at creating strategies for it. You might have wondered yourself which strategies are out there and, more importantly, if any of these crash strategies are worth trying, we will tell you!

The Most Famous Crash Gambling Strategies - All you need to know

As mentioned, many players have tried their hand at creating a crash gambling strategy. With so many people wanting to develop the ideal crash gambling strategy, you would think that something would stand out as the best choice. 

Today we’re looking into which crash strategies have been unearthed over the years and which of these – if any – are worth your time to try.

Let’s get right into it.

List of Crash Gambling Strategy
List of 5 crash gambling strategies to try

The Martingale Strategy

What is the strategy about?

The Martingale approach is a common strategy in crash gambling and many other games of chance. The main idea is that you increase your bet size whenever you experience a loss so that the next time you win, you make up the losses before it. 

However, after a win, you revert to the initial betting amount because you will be in the positive.

How do you apply it?

To apply this strategy, you set a ‘starting betting amount’ for yourself before starting your crash gambling session. Let’s say that this initial betting amount is $1, and you have a budget of $10. 

This amount is the lowest amount you will bet during your session in any given round and the ONLY amount you will bet following a win. Let’s say you start playing and lose your first round. You have now lost $1, leaving your budget at $9.

This loss means that your next bet needs to – if it results in a win – make up for the loss of $1 in the first bet and net you $1 profit.

So, your next bet must now be $2. Should you win, you will go from $9 to $11 (your starting budget plus $1 profit). However, if you lose again, your budget will be $7, and your next bet would have to make up for the losses so far accordingly. 

Your next bet must now be $4 so a win resets your starting budget and provides you with $1 profit.

This strategy has proved popular due to how simple it is to follow. With many games, it is a viable strategy – keeping in mind that the house of any game of chance always has the advantage. There is also the drawback of having to bet increasing amounts of money every time you lose for a tiny return.

What makes it unique?

The Martingale strategy is unique because it is incredibly easy to implement and can prove a good strategy for beginners who don’t want overly complicated moves.

The Anti-Martingale Strategy

What is the strategy about?

As in the name, the Anti-Martingale is the opposite of the Martingale, focusing instead on doubling down after a win and cutting back after a loss. This strategy proves exciting for many players as it keeps the hot streaks lively and increasingly rewarding.

How do you apply it?

Applying the anti-martingale system is as simple as using the standard martingale crash gambling strategy. However, it does come with its clear differences. Let’s say you start with a budget of $10 and the first wager of $1. 

Should your first wager result in a win, you now have a budget of $11. Where it differs in comparison to the Martingale is that instead of now betting $1 again – your Martingale’s starting amount – you double-down on your bet and bet $2 instead.

Should you win again, you will now have $13, but instead of reverting to your initial bet, you double-down again and now bet $4. However, you will be $1 below budget if you lose now. You now halve your bet to $2, which means that a win puts you $1 in profit from your starting amount. 

Should you lose this bet, you halve your betting amount again to $1. You now have a bank of $7, and a win of $1 puts you at $8. But you now double-down on the win, betting $2, which – after a win – puts you back at $10, and so on.

The anti-martingale strategy thrives on the excitement of the game. The idea of winning bigger and bigger while reverting to your starting amount should you lose is more exciting to many people than winning small while having to risk increasing amounts of money to make up for losses. It is also an easily understandable strategy for most games of chance, which is why many like it.

What makes it unique?

The strategy offers a unique take on your playstyle, making you double-down on your wins instead of your losses, which can lead to explosively large gains in a short amount of time.

The D’Alembert Strategy

What is the strategy about?

The D’Alembert Method is like the Martingale crash gambling approach but with an important distinction. You also create a baseline bet amount to start with, such as $1 on a $10 budget. 

However, it differs in that instead of doubling down on bets to make up losses, you instead increase or decrease your stake by a single ‘unit’ after a loss or win.

How do you apply it?

So, before you can start, you need a budget, and you must decide what the value of a base staking ‘unit’ is for the sake of this strategy. Let’s say you have a $10 bank, and a base ‘unit’ is 20% of your bank ($2). You now place your first bet on the value of a unit ($2).

Should you lose your wager, you increase your bet by a single staking unit rather than doubling down. So, a first loss sees your next bet go up to $4, whereas a second loss will see it go up to $6, not $8, as with the Martingale. 

Similarly, you do not reset after a win but rather lower your wager by a single unit’s value. So, let’s say you bet $6 and win; your next bet will be $4, not the base bet of $2. 

This strategy proves popular because you will come out ahead if you win roughly the same number of bets as you lose. The reason for this is that the stakes on your winning bets will be higher than the stakes on your losing bets. It is also an incredibly simple strategy to use.

What makes it unique?

Compared to other strategies, there is a strict adherence to increasing and decreasing a bet value by a single ‘unit’ rather than double or half the previous amount. Since the unit value always remains the same, it’s much easier to calculate increasing and decreasing your bets.

The Fibonacci Strategy

What is the strategy about?

The Fibonacci strategy focuses on using the famous Fibonacci number sequence to adjust your betting values. This system also requires that you decide on the value of a betting unit from the start since you will build onto this unit value as you continue betting. 

Unlike the D’Alembert, you do not go one unit up and down after a loss or win, but rather one unit up after a loss and TWO units down after a win.

For those unfamiliar with the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, it is simple. Given a starting value, the value of the next number in the sequence is always the previous two numbers added. The default sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13... and so on. If your starting value was 2, the sequence would be 2, 2, 4, 6, 10, 16... and so on. 

The reason the first number always repeats is that there is nothing to add to it aside from the starting value.

How do you apply it?

Using this crash gambling strategy is simple. You set your ‘unit’ value at $1 for your bets. Your sequence will thus be 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21... and so on.

Your first bet will thus be $1. Should you win, you must – according to the strategy – go back TWO numbers in the sequence. Since you are at the starting number in the sequence, there is nowhere else to go, so you bet $1 again.

However, let’s say you lose your bet of $1. Now you must move forward on the sequence to the next number, which is also – as indicated above - $1. If you lose again, your next number is now $2. If you lose again, it becomes $3. If you now win your bet, you go back TWO spaces, and your next bet will be $1.

You can use any starting value to create this sequence. It doesn’t have to start at $1. 

This strategy proves popular since it incorporates a slightly more complex mathematical sequence. However, its popularity does not mean it is a surefire way to make up losses or accumulate bets. You should also note that the strategy is designed for games with even – or close to even – odds, such as flipping a coin or betting on red/black.

What makes it unique?

The Fibonacci sequence is a unique system but even more so when applied to crash gambling. Since it scales the same regardless of the unit price you set at the start, it is an interesting way to play your games.

The Labouchere Strategy

What is the strategy about?

Also called the Cancellation System or the Split Martingale, the Labouchere Strategy stretches as far back as the 1800s. While it was specifically designed for use at roulette tables – as with most of these strategies – you can implement it for crash gambling.

This system works with a series of numbers that you choose, growing or shrinking as you play. It’s quite an interesting approach as far as gambling strategies go.

How do you apply it?

To start, you need to decide on a sequence of numbers. Let’s say your chosen sequence is the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Now, your bet should ALWAYS be the combined value of the FIRST and LAST numbers in your sequence. 

Thus, according to the sequence we have, your first bet will be $6 (1 + 5).

If you win your bet, you cross out the numbers you just used. So, your list would then shrink to the numbers 2, 3, and 4. However, if you lose your bet, you instead ADD the total amount of the bet lost to the END of the sequence. 

So, in case of a loss, your list would now be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Losing streaks would obviously increase this list’s size quickly.

Now you might wonder what happens if you keep winning and the list only contains a single number. An example of this would be that you start with the sequence 1, 2, 3, and you win your first bet. Now, your sequence only has the number 2 left in it. 

Should this happen, you simply bet that number on its own. If you then win your wager, you have ‘completed’ the sequence and can restart with the same or a different sequence.

The idea is that regardless of how long the sequence of numbers is, you will be in profit if you manage to clear it out and that your losing streaks will grow the set you must complete.

This strategy proves popular among people who like something a little more intricate. It’s not as simple as the Martingale system, but it allows for increased flexibility. You can always adjust your sequence to accommodate your winning goals and budget.

What makes it unique?

Compared to the other options on the list, the Labouchere is by far the most unique. It offers an interesting flexibility in that you have a list that grows or shrinks based on performance. 

This growing or shrinking always compensates for losses and leaves you with profit if you manage to clear the list entirely.


Should I be using a strategy at all?

It’s hard to say whether you should use a strategy for crash gambling since a crash gambling game is not 50/50 types of game – which is the intended use for these strategies. However, these strategies are an effective way to calculate winnings and losses and how to compensate for losses or wins with your next bet.

Which strategy has brought the best results to players?

No strategy has proved more effective than others for a crash gambling game. Due to the nature of the game and its random result every round, there is no way to predict a result or work with a previous result for a future bet.

Why are there so many strategies for crash gambling?

Most strategies used in crash gambling games are not, in fact, for crash gambling games, but rather for other games of chance such as roulette, given the ability to bet red/black in roulette which has a close to 50/50 play that gives a 2x payout. While crash gambling does have the option for a 2x cashout multiplier, the chances of hitting it is never 50/50. There is no coherent ‘chance’ for anything since it’s predetermined at the start of the round and entirely random.

Is there a strategy that works better on one site than the other?

No strategy works better on one platform. None of these strategies will increase your odds of winning a crash gambling game. The only way you could really use these strategies for your crash gambling games is to figure out how much to bet on your next round to make up for losses in the previous. We do recommend using the auto cashout strategy or auto cashout option whenever you play.

Why are there some famous strategies regarding Crash Gambling?

With the increasing popularity of crash gambling games, it’s no surprise that players have tried to find unique strategies or even apply existing ones to their gameplay. Strategies are popular because they are always better than going in blind and NOT having a plan. 

They also help players understand how to bet in a way that optimizes the budget during play with increasing and decreasing bet sizes.

If you want to learn more about crash games, why not read our guide to crash games?

What is the most effective strategy?

While there is no ‘best’ strategy to use that would optimize your chances of winning at crash gambling games, you could certainly use these strategies to optimize your bank. 

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the Labouchere System, as it provides an intricate way to play that evolves based on your results.

Another strategy is to use so-called “bots” that will help you to identify patterns and recommend when to exit your bet, you can read our full guide to crash gambling bots here.

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