Vishal Sharma - Fact Reviewer and Journalist

Vishal Sharma is an Indian freelance sports journalist based out of Delhi. He is a news and features writer on several online publications and media domains, some of them are,,, Times of India blog, and now also for us here on JustGamblers.
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Vishal's role at JustGamblers India

At JustGamblers India, he will be looking after the published content as a Fact reviewer and also do Indian sports content as a journalist, where he will cover tons of topics in the igaming industry, online casinos, sports betting, the latest sports news, and much more.

Vishal Sharma
Vishal Sharma - Fact reviewer and Journalist on JustGamblers India.

Earlier experiences

Indian Journalist at Transcontinental Times
A few months earlier he also joined an international media house based out of Spain, Transcontinental Times, an unbiased media voice as an Indian journalist, where he covers Indian contingent sports updates includes news and exclusives, and he also did a digital live chat show called 360° live, where he interviewed some of the top-notch Indian and international sportsperson, who belongs to various sports disciplines, such as Cricket, Table Tennis including a current Tokyo Olympian, Hockey Olympic legend, etc, the show had reached to thousands of viewers from the social media world. 

He also did tons of interviews of Indian sports stars for the online media house and sports individual domains through which he also explored his writing style and his confidence got boosted to do much more in the future.

Best achievement - Exclusive interview with Timo Boll

Since his childhood he was a passionate Table tennis lover, he followed sports in the Indian and international arena very keenly, which triggered his dedication and passion for the game. 

While growing up he became a huge fan of European legend six-time world champion and Olympic medalist, Timo Boll, and he dreamt of doing an interview with him one day, and through his extremely hard work and admiration he made it possible very soon and his unimaginable dream come true when he interviewed his idol, Timo live from Germany for which went viral as it is the only piece even till now, you can read it here.

Below follows a list of articles where you can read more from Vishal on some of the biggest sites in India:

Video Interviews

Here below are some of the video interviews done by Vishal:

Profile and personality

Vishal is an extremely hard-working professional, he analyses sports and observes in-depth manner. Being a die-hard sports lover, he has played and experienced almost all the outdoor and indoor sports, especially the racquet indoor games as he is an ardent fan of Table Tennis, Badminton. 

His passion and enthusiasm towards sports have no limit and that's why Vishal had been a part of many big tournaments and caught terrific sporting actions live in various leagues like Pro Kabaddi League, IPL, Boxing league, UTT, etc. 

An enthusiast who loves to travel and explore things around. His life is all around sports. Some of his hobbies are blogging, singing, research, traveling, and meeting geeks. He is a Wikipedian editor known for creating pages of legendaries like Raju Bhavsar, Ramji Srinivasan, Ayushi Podder, etc. 

He is a geek who loves to travel and explore informatively and knowledge gainful things around. Worked as a sports event manager as well for a short period of time and have also worked with several sports event organizations at a young age which gained him a lot of experience. Writing articles used to be his hobby which soon became his passion and since then the meaning of the art of writing has completely changed for him.

One of Vishal's biggest aims is to be a broadcast media personality, that is a television show host, and also to meet his favourite sports star like Timo Boll.

His life is all around sports, in fact, he breathes and lives sport.

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