The best playing cards for teen patti when playing at home

We have picked our favourite playing card for playing teen patti at home. See our recommended cards on this page and pick the ones that suits your situation the best.
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Nothing beats having your friends and some family members over to play a few rounds of Teen Patti. The game can get competitive, and rightly so since you’ve played the game all your life.

If you take your Teen Patti more seriously than a social game, you should invest in some quality playing cards and read our full guide to the game there. 

Using high-quality cards for playing Teen Patti means you and your friends will enjoy the game more.

Thankfully, we’ve done the research for you to find five packs of playing cards that are worth purchasing. 

1. Baccarat Plastic Poker Playing Cards From Poker Stuff India

Teen Patti plastic poker playing cards from poker stuff india back
teen patti plastic poker playing cards from poker stuff india front
Price: INR 250
Available here:


These cards are made from paper but feature a super glossy coating that gives them a plastic finish. As a result, it feels better in the hands and promotes smoother gameplay. They’re available in blue or red packs and are highly durable and flexible. You can wipe the cards with a damp cloth to restore their sleek finish if the cards get dirty.

You can use this deck of cards for all games, including Teen Patti, as you can identify the face of the cards without straining your eyes.

2. Gold Plated Playing Cards

Gold plated playing cards
5 Gold plated playing cards
Price: INR 240
Available here:


Who wouldn’t want to own a pack of cards that they can brag about to their friends whenever they come over. It’s like something out of a movie.

This pack of playing cards is 24-carat, gold-plated and isn’t like any other ordinary deck of cards. They contain a gold-plated sheet and have a more luxurious appearance. It is a fantastic idea to give to someone who loves playing Teen Patti as a gift, and you can depend on the pack to last a long while.

The cards feature three-dimensional patterns with various patterns and designs. Playing Teen Patti with these cards will impress your guests and have them returning for more games in the future. 

3. Classy Unbendable Card Set

classy unbendable card set black
classy unbendable card set
classy unbendable card set stacked
Price: INR 339
Available here:


We thought that this deck of cards was just as unique as the gold-plated ones. The physical appearance of this set catches our eye, and we know you’ll enjoy using it to play Teen Patti at home.

This deck of cards is made from 100% PVC material, making it super strong. These cards won’t quickly fade, but the highlight is that they’re completely waterproof. You can take these down to the beach if you want to and even wash the cards when you feel they’re getting dirty or sticky.

The back of the cards offers a smooth finish and an attractive overall appearance. The downside is that Amazon currently doesn’t have stock of the cards, nor do they have an estimate of when they may have them available. These cards should definitely be yours when they’re in stock again. 

4. The Ace Card Company Premium Plastic Bridge Playing Cards With Case (2 Decks)

the ace card company premium plastic bridge playing cards with case 2 decks
Washable card with water drops
Price: INR 349 
Available here:


The Ace Card Company produces these high-quality playing cards with soft edges for easier handling. They are 100% plastic which means they’re more durable and will take longer to wear out. Looking at the price point of these cards, they most certainly are an affordable purchase.

With this particular set, you get two decks of cards which presents itself as a value-for-money option. Also, the decks come with a neat storage case, so you never misplace any cards. This deck is completely washable, so when you feel they don’t slide off each other during a deal, you can either wipe them down with a damp cloth or immerse them in some water to restore them to their initial condition. 

5. Styleys Poker Set Casino Game

Styleys poker set casino game
Styleys poker set casino game with chips
Price: INR 899
Available here:


If you need the entire poker table setup with two decks of poker cards, this set is the ideal purchase. Sometimes, playing on an uneven surface is difficult without a proper setup. This product features a poker mat that allows easier handling with the felt material underneath.

It’s currently 50% off its marked price, and the set gives you 200 professional poker chips and a chip rack. You’ll get the poker mat, dealer button, and both blind buttons to play poker.

The cards are plastic-covered, which means they’re highly durable. Since they’re poker cards, you’ll find they’re smooth enough for easy dealing.

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