We Guide You To Playing Teen Patti Games on Facebook

The Teen Patti game you’ll find on Facebook is an umbrella app with many different play options and variations of the original game. It includes other games such as Rummy and Andar Bahar – all in one place. We have played them all, on this page you will find the ones that we recommend.
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Revamped by Facebook App Developers

The original Teen Patti game is a three-card poker game that originated on the Indian subcontinent and is a family favourite in many Indian households. 

Facebook has made this popular Indian game into a traditional online multiplayer poker game with more advanced social and gaming options than most FB-based games.

Here is how you can find the Teen Patti app with six different games on Facebook, and we will guide you on playing each to show you how easy it is to play on the social media platform once you have the game open.

Let’s get started! 

Where to Find Teen Patti Games on Facebook

Once you have logged in on Facebook, in the top-left search bar, search for Teen Patti games.

You can play on your browser via the FB Teen Patti games app, or you also have the option to install the Teen Patti app on your phone via your app store.

You will find a long list of options when you search “Teen Patti” on Facebook but note that only the one that says ‘Teen Patti game’ is the actual game. 

All other results that come up are either groups or pages you can join. This allows you to play variations of the game and features other Indian favourite games on the platform. 

If you find that you love the games so much you need them on your phone, search for Teen Patti on your respective app store.

Here are the games that you can expect on the mobile app Teen Patti Flush:

  • 3 Patti Poker
  • Teen Patti game on the Facebook platform

Teen Patti Gameplay Options

Once you open the app or it loads on your browser, you will be met by Teen Patti herself, ready to place her first bet. 

As the game loads, you can claim your Daily Bonus and then choose from the simple interface giving you options of different games from Classic Poker to Rummy: 

Classic Teen Patti

This is the standard Teen Patti game as you know it. As you enter the classic poker room, you will have a clear view of the table, dealer and other players. 

You will see gameplay information regarding the Boot Amount, Max Blinds, Chaal Limit and Pot Limit. 

You can access the Privacy policy and basic Sound settings, Hand Strength Meter, Rummy sort and Pre-operation in Poker.

Teen Patti Games on Facebook

For the Classic Poker option, you will see the ₹. 100, maximum blinds of 4, Chaal limit of ₹. 12,800, and a pot-limit of ₹.1.02 lakhs displayed on your screen before placing your bet. Once the game starts, you first choose if you want to see your cards, then you can choose to pack your cards or place a Chaal, and each player has their chance to do the same until a winner is declared. 

You also have the option to play a side show with another player. Your winnings will be added automatically. 


This room is similar to the Classic Teen Patti, with the difference being that it has a Blind of 500/1,000, a buy-in of 20,000/2 lakhs and a no-limit pot. 

You can Fold, Call, Go All In or Raise the Bet as your options. 

The game continues with the highest hand winning the round. 

Other Teen Patti Variants

Teen Patti Games on Facebook 4 Versions

If you are more familiar with the variants of the original Teen Patti, you can choose the Variants option, which gives you the options of Joker, Muflis, Hukam and AK47 – each with its own rules that differ from the original Teen Patti play, to study and remember.

You can also create a private table for any of the main games on the home screen if you wish to play with friends and family and not with randomly selected players online. 

Other games on the platform:

Andar Bahar

One of the most popular Indian games on the scene right now is Andar Bahar

On the Teen Patti platform, this option has a minimum bet of ₹. 1,000, a maximum of ₹.5.12 lakhs with a maximum unlimited pay out. 

The game’s rules are simple - with the Andar and Bahar to the sides and the Joker in the middle, you have to guess which side will receive the card that matches the Joker first. You will then win or lose accordingly.

Teen Patti Games on Facebook Card Dealt


If you are ready to up your ante and want to join a more complicated game, then TPF is your game. 

The Teen Patti TPF War consists of two options: Casino War and Patti War. If you choose Casino War, you place a bet based on your card beating the dealer’s (Blackjack). It is a blind bet as you will only see your card after placing your bet.

Teen Patti Games on Facebook Dealer

Patti War is yet another version of the original game, where you aim to win as many rounds as possible. 

The rankings of the cards follow standard value rankings, with three aces being the highest and three twos being the lowest. 

The highest value of three consecutive cards of the same value, colour or suit wins. 

A pair of the same suit or highest value card is also an excellent hand. 

As with most of her games, you can choose to be a blind or a seen player, your bet minimum changing accordingly. 


Rummy is still a family favourite game in many households, with the rules easy to understand and the gameplay straightforward. 

Match three or four card groupings or a minimum of three sequence of cards. Get rid of all the cards in your hand and discard your last card to be crowned the winner. 

This is an easy way to relax once you have made your daily target while the money still trickles in.

Should you play TP on Facebook?

Yes! Facebook allows you to play on some really high quality app where the experience is really high, very much like the other real casino sites offering the game. 
The games we discussed are all available under the Teen Patti umbrella. If you have studied each of the Teen Patti variations discussed or Andar Bahar and are ready to improve your skills, you can play Jackpot Deluxe or Andar Bahar PVP.

No matter which game you play or which variant on this Teen Patti platform, the interface is easy to navigate and understand, with easy access to the How to Play, Store and Switch Tables buttons on your screen.

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