This is How You Can play Teen Patti Online With Friends

Although Teen Patti games are often enjoyed via Facebook, online casinos and other platforms, you need to create private rooms to play with your friends and not randomly-assigned players when you want to engage in multiplayer games. We guide you how to do it.
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Guide to Create Private Teen Patti Rooms To Play Against Friends

Because Teen Patti is known for its simplicity and bringing the nostalgia of Indian household games online, you will find that the instructions to create private rooms and how to get there are equally simple and easy to set up.

Here are the three simplest ways to start a private room to play Teen Patti.

Install the App via Facebook

The first and the easiest way to play Teen Patti multiplayer online is by installing the Teen  Patti Multiplayer app from your respective app stores. 

You can log in via your Facebook account or play as a guest. 

When you open the app, you will have a choice of playing Poker, Muflis or Hukam, creating a private table or playing with the AI.

If you’re hosting the game, it’s best to create a private table as you can set your own boot amount that will suit all the players. 

You can view the games in 2D or 3D for the best interface quality on any phone. 

When you wish to add players to the game, create your room and click on the icons to invite your friends via Facebook, or you can also share the app with them via the Share button on the home screen. 

Play Teen Patti Install The App via Facebook

Once inside the private room, you can easily access a “How to Play” button to help new players with the rules and purchase more chips in the online store. 

You can also easily skip between different tables by clicking on the right menu. This is by far the best way to enjoy the games and conveniently on your mobile phone for easy access any time of day.


Cardzmania is an online gaming platform where you can create your private table for various games with your friends, including 3-card poker, canasta, FreeCell or Texas Hold 'Em.

Once you open, you can create an account by logging in with your Facebook account, which will then take you to the home screen, where you can choose from a list of games or search for 3-card poker. You then can click on “Multiplayer” and “Host a Table”. 

Do note that this platform is for fun gameplay only, and you can’t place bets when you play with friends and family on this platform. You can then invite your friends by sending them the URL provided at the bottom of your screen.

Play teen patti cardzmania
Play teen patti cardzmania invite

This platform also gives you the interactive option of hosting a tournament if you’re ready to take your circle to the next level and play against other players online, where you can bet with actual coins and play for money. Go back to the main screen after choosing your game and select “Host a Tournament”.


The third way you can access Teen Patti 3D games online and host a private table for only you and your friends to play at is by going to 

You can again choose to log in with your Facebook account, which is advised if you will be hosting, or you can join as a guest. 

Choose Teen Patti from the game icons and then select “Host”. 

You can now set the number of games at 1,5,10,20,50, or “other”. You will then enter a virtual room where you can copy the code on-screen to send to your friends to enter once they are on the website. 

You also have a convenient chat window, and top left corner, you can easily buy more coins with your credit card without interrupting gameplay.

Play teen patti gamentio

The interface of this option is by far the best looking and closest to the real thing, while it also provides you with the simplicity of your “buy coin” button and chat window, making it less cluttered and easier to enjoy the game. 

You can also register from the main lobby to join Teen Patti tournaments when you are ready to up your game.

Conclusion - It Can’t Be Easier

Playing Teen Patti in a private room can’t be easier if you follow our guide. Once you have done it the first time, it will be easy to create another private room. 

Just be sure to bookmark the websites if you prefer to play on your laptop or PC, and make sure everyone has the app if you prefer the mobile version. 

Creating online private tables also gives you and your friends or family a chance to learn the game without the pressure of playing against advanced players online.

If you want to make sure that you know how to play the game itself we recommend that you read our full guide to the game here.

Good luck and have fun!

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