How to Set Up Your Table for a Teen Patti Game

Teen Patti is a game beloved by many, whether they want to play for real money or simply enjoy the relaxing game at home with friends and family. To help you express your love for the game, we’ll guide you step-by-step through setting up your table at home for a few Teen Patti games of your own.
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Chips for Teen Patti

Before we jump into the specifics, here’s a quick list of things you will need to start playing the game:

  • A table for everyone to sit at. Ideally, you want a table that can accommodate everyone who wants to play comfortably. The ideal table has space for cards and bets in front of every player. You can find two great options here and here.
  • At least one deck of cards. Having more decks allows you to combat card counting, but if it’s just a friendly game at home, one deck is all you need, read our card guide here if you need suggestions.
  • Something to represent money. Placing bets makes Teen Patti a fun game, so make sure you have something to represent ‘money’. This can be anything from coins to buttons or anything easy to count and won’t break apart.
  • Something to represent the ‘Dealer’. This object can be anything as long as you can see it quickly. Only one player will use the object at a time, and it’s only meant to keep track of the current round’s dealer. Every new round, the next person (in clockwise order) plays the dealer.
  • A quick note to keep track of the ranks of hands in the game. Having a small sheet close at hand as a quick reference for which hands are better than others can help clear up arguments regarding who wins.

You can find cards, chips, and a dealer button here. Now that you know what you need to play, we’ll take you through a brief setup and a quick how-to-play guide for your games of Teen Patti at home.

Table setup for Teen Patti Game

Setting Up Your Table Comfortably For The Players

When it comes to the ideal table, there are a few things we suggest:

  • Get a table that can comfortably accommodate the number of people who want to play. If you want to make sure you always have enough space, get a table that can seat eight people.
  • The shape of the table doesn’t matter, as long as everyone has enough space. Some people prefer round or oval tables because it makes it a little easier to deal the cards, but as long as everyone can see the board, deal cards, and easily reach the centre of the table, the shape isn’t all that important.
  • Make sure you have enough space between players. You don’t want them to be so close that you keep accidentally catching glimpses of each other’s cards.
  • Make sure there’s enough space in-front of each player. You want to have space for your chips – or money if you prefer the real deal – and possibly even some space for drinks or snacks.

Once everyone has taken a seat at the table, divide the ‘chips’ or whatever else you choose to denote your money for the game among the players. 

It’s always better to have everyone start with the same amount. 

You should also decide what your minimum and maximum bets will be for the game now and whether you will have maximum pot limits to prevent never-ending betting stalemates.

Now, all players draw a card from the deck, with the highest-scoring card noting which player will be the first round’s dealer. 

Place the ‘Dealer’ chip – or object representing the dealer chip – in front of that player. You must also place the deck of cards in front of that player.

That’s all you need to do to set up your table. As long as everyone has an unobstructed view across the table to all the other players, you are ready to start playing.

Table setup for Teen Patti Game Front

A Brief Guide on How to Play Your First Games of Teen Patti at Home

Now that everything is set up and everyone is ready to play, the game begins. Before the dealer deals any cards to the players, they must all pay what is referred to as an ‘Ante’. 

The ante creates the initial pot of money so that even if no one wants to put more money in during the game, there is still something to win.

You can also read our full guide to Teen Patti online here where we cover all aspects of the game.

The next step is for the dealer to deal themselves three face-down cards and then to deal three face-down cards to every player, starting with the first player in clockwise order from the dealer.


Now – starting with the first player clockwise from the dealer – players can ‘Stake’. Every player individually decides to play Blind (without looking at their own cards) or Seen (looking at their own cards) and take one of three actions: Fold, Call, or Raise.

Players that play Blind can Fold, Call the Ante, or Raise to double the ante. Players who play Seen can Fold, Call DOUBLE the Ante, or Raise to quadruple the ante.

Pay close attention, though, because the Stake set by the previous player and whether you’re playing Blind or Seen determines how much you can bet. 

If you play Blind, you either Call 1x the Stake of the previous player or Raise 2x the Stake of the previous player. 

Similarly, if you play Seen, your Calls must be 2x the Stake of the previous player, and your Raises must be 4x the Stake of the last player.


Also, note that whenever the previous player plays Seen, the Stake is considered HALF of their actual stake amount to determine the next player’s minimum Staking amounts. 

For example, if the previous player is Seen and bets 10, your 1x Stake playing Blind would be 5, not the full 10.

If at any point a Seen player acts after another Seen player AND at least three players remain in the game, the acting player can request a ‘Side-Show’. 

If the previous player accepts, both players secretly show their hands to one another. The weaker hand of the two is eliminated from the game, and the game continues.


When there are only TWO players left in the game, any of those players – when acting – can demand a ‘Showdown’. 

The player who did not demand the Showdown must either Fold their hand or Call. 

If the decision is to Call, both players show their cards with the stronger hand of the two winning the total pot.

Alternatively, if you play with a pot limit, a Showdown between ALL remaining players is forced once the pot limit has been reached. In this Showdown, all players simply show their hands.

Now go on and play some Teen Patti!

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