Teen Patti Variations (List)

Here you will find a complete list of 20 different Teen Patti Variations explained in a way so you can try them out and find the most fun variation for your liking, if you are playing online or if you are playing offline with friends.
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Explore the list of the most coming variations of the game by clicking on the "Table of Content" button above, then click on the variation you want to read more about to gain a better understanding of each variation and try your hand at any of them with confidence. 

You will notice that some of these variations stick to the standard rules of the game, while others might have a completely different set of rules, including several jokers, and more. 

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1. Discard One

Let us start with Discard one as this is one of the variations where the game mostly relies on the standard Teen Patti rules. 

The most significant difference is that in this variation of the game, each player will receive four cards instead of the conventional 3 cards, from the dealer. 

Once players have received all their cards, they can choose the three best cards to play and must discard the fourth one.

To balance out the benefit of being able to select the best, players must play chaal. Except for these variations on the game, all other Teen Patti rules remain in place. 

Teen Patti Discard One
Image: Teen Patti variation "Discard One"

2. Sudden Death

A popular choice amongst the many variations, players shuffle the entire pack and distribute it equally amongst all players. 

For example, if four players are sitting in for the rounds, the pack of 52 cards is divided equally giving every player 13 cards to play. 

The next step in the game is to hold your cards between your thumb and ring finger and start dropping your cards one by one until someone shouts stop. 

When all the players have gone through this process, you can choose the card with the highest value in your pack.

Players compare these cards, and the one with the card with the highest value is the winner. 

Teen Patti Sudden Death
Image: Teen Patti variation "Sudden Death"

3. Plus Sign

While playing this exciting variation of the popular Teen Patti games, each player gets three cards, and then they place an additional five cards on the table in the shape of a plus.

These cards in the plus formation represent jokers and can carry any value. 

The trick to the plus sign is that even though players can choose to pick jokers from either the horizontal or vertical row of cards, the dealer will determine this before placing the cards.

Once the cards are dealt, the game continues as usual, but when you must show your hand, you can rely on the jokers in the plus formation and pick cards from either the horizontal or vertical row depending on which one the dealer confirmed.

Teen Patti Plus Sign
Image: Teen Patti variation "Plus Sign"

4. Auction

The fun variation of the Teen Patti games ensures much excitement. Every player receives three cards, and then the dealer places an additional two piles of three cards each in the middle of the table. 

One of the cards on the pile is open while the rest is face-down.

Players get the chance to bet on these piles before they start playing, while the player with the better hand can sit out from betting.

The player with the highest bid will get the stack of cards and discard the old handful of cards.

Once both piles are sold, the game proceeds, and all money used for the bid goes to the main pot. It is, however, essential to remember that open cards on these piles serve as jokers and can have any value. 

The players who have a new hand of cards can also choose to play with an open hand or blind.

Teen Patti Auction
Image: Teen Patti variation "Auction"

5. Banko Banko

Banko Banko is one of the best variations in Teen Patti. When it's a player’s turn to play they must place an agreed amount of money on the table, and then the dealer will place two open cards in front of them, and they must guess the value of the next card which will fall between those cards. 

If you guess correctly, you stay in the game, and when wrong, you are out. 

There are three hidden jokers, and once the bet money is more than 10, the first of the jokers can be shown, on 20, the second joker and 30 the third joker. 

Teen Patti Banko Banko
Image: Teen Patti variation "Banko-Banko"

6. Muflis

Many players are also familiar with Muflis under the name Lowball.

While the rules are the same as in typical Teen Patti, the main difference is that in Muflis the value of the cards in your hand are opposite to the norm, meaning the lowest card has the highest value and the other way around. 

When it happens while playing Muflis that two players remain in the game with the same hand, the player who has the card with the lowest value wins. 

Teen Patti Muflis
Image: Teen Patti variation "Muflis"

7. 2 Cards Open

In games of 2 Cards Open, every player gets two cards open and one card facing down.

When all the players have cards on the table, they can determine their bets based on what they believe the closed card's value would be. 

The winner of this Teen Patti game is the one with the closest guess. 

This variation is one of only a few in Teen Patti which does not allow for the choice of playing blind or chaal. 

Teen Patti Two Cards Open
Image: Teen Patti variation "Two Cards Open"

8. Community

Of all the variations Teen Patti offers, this is one of the most favoured and has two separate ways for players to participate either with three or 5 cards. 

While playing with three cards, the cards are all placed on the table with two cards facing down and one facing up in front of each player. In the game, the card facing up is the community card.

In five-card games, two cards face down and three up. 

From these cards, every player needs to select the two face-down cards and one of the facing up cards for a full hand. 

Next, the dealer places three cards facing up on the table, and the player can replace one of the cards in their hand with one of these. 

The variation closely resembles Texas hold 'em poker and players are prohibited from playing blind or chaal. 

Teen Patti Community
Image: Teen Patti variation "Community"

9. AK47

The variant allows the King, Ace, and cards numbered 4 and 7 to fulfill the jokers' role. Hence, these cards can have any value which the players want to attach to them. The game continues as usual. 

Teen Patti AK47
Image: Teen Patti variation "AK47"

10. Draw

Before starting to play, players place an amount of money that they all agreed upon on the table. 

To proceed, every player gets three cards and players can opt to change a card for another card at a price that players also decide before playing. 

The money you pay for the swop also goes into the pot. Once every player is happy with his hand, the game proceeds and can continue to the second round. 

Teen Patti Draw
Image: Teen Patti variation "Draw"

11. Wild Draw

All players are dealt three cards to play with, and then the dealer takes a random card from the deck and places it face-up on the table. 

During this variation, the cards that end up on the table are wild cards for players with the same value card in their hand. 

For example, if the card is a five and you have a five in your hand, you can rely on having the benefit of access to wild cards and attach any value you prefer to the specific card. 

Teen Patti Wild Draw
Image: Teen Patti variation "Wild Draw"

12. In-Out

The game starts with every player placing an ante bet of an agreed amount which goes into the main pot before play commences. 

Every player receives three cards, and three cards are left open on the table. For the game to proceed, the players must decide whether they are in or out of the game. 

To remain in, another bet is required from the player and the size of the bet depends on whether the player plays blind which requires one to two times the ante bet amount or chaal demanding 2 to 4 times the ante bet amount.

When a player decides to sit out, the cards of his hand become the new jokers on the table.

Teen Patti In Out
Image: Teen Patti variation "In-out"

When more than one player opts to stay in, their hands are compared, and the best hand wins the game.

All the money in the pot is the winning player’s reward and the losers each must pay the amount equal to the initial amount in the pool before they can continue to the second round.

The specific variation continues until no money is left in play, meaning only one player remains in the game. For the last player to win, the dealer must take 3 cards from the pack, and if the player has the better hand, he wins, but if the dealer has the better hand, the game continues. 

13. Temperature

Temperature is a variant of in and out.

The game happens in much the same manner but after every player has decided whether they are in or out, the dealer will pull the next card from the pack which is called the temperature card.

When the card number is between A and 6, it determines that the player with the lowest hand wins the round while a temperature card valued between 7 and K will indicate that the player with the highest hand wins the game.

Except for this variation, all the rules of in and out remain the same. 

Teen Patti Temperature
Image: Teen Patti variation "Temperature"

14. Closest to 555

Every player is dealt three cards but can replace one of their cards with a new card from the pack.

They can do so once during every round of the first two rounds.

Every card has a specific value, and when your hand contains three 5s, you win the game.

Because this does not happen often, the player with the hand of which the value is the closest to 555 wins the round, regardless of whether the value is lower or higher than 555.

Teen Patti Closest to 555
Image: Teen Patti variation "Closest to 555"

To completely understand the game, it is vital to know the value of various cards such as ranking cards.

Rankings cards have zero value. Nines have a value of 9 points and 8s of 8 points and so forth.

So, if you have one ranking card, a 9 and a 4, your hand will be 0-9-4 which will most probably not let you win the round. 

15. One-Eyed Jack

These games are very closely linked variations of the standard game and simply differ in the sense that the Jack of a Hearts and Spades become One-Eyed Jack and only these two cards are jokers and can have any value during the round. 

Teen Patti One Eyed Jack
Image: Teen Patti variation "One-Eyed Jack"

16. Kiss-Miss-Bliss

A fun name for a five-card game. Once every player has five cards, they can opt to put two cards together and use them as a joker card.

The game has three jokers, namely kiss, miss and bliss.

When you have a pair of cards making up your one joker card, you have a bliss joker.

When you have 2 consecutive numbers in the layers of your 2-card player pack, it is a kiss joker, and when you have a sequence with one number missing, it's a miss joker.

Once players have made up any of the three jokers, they must discard extra cards and play only with two cards and one joker to start the round.

If none of your cards lends itself to making a joker, you still must discard two cards. 

Teen Patti Kiss Miss Bliss
Image: Teen Patti variation "Kiss-Miss-Bliss"

17. Kissing Missing

This variant is not only a variation of Teen Patti but also of Kiss-Miss-Bliss, as the two variations work in much the same way.

The only difference is here players have only four cards to choose from to make their joker cards.

Kissing would refer to a pair of any number card and missing to an alternate series of numbers.

If you cannot create a joker, you must discard a card and only play with three regular cards to continue with the rounds. 

Teen Patti Kissing Missing
Image: Teen Patti variation "Kissing Missing"

18. Cobra

Some players know these games as Cobra, while others refer to them as Maatha.

These rounds start when every player has placed the agreed amount into the pot. Then the dealer gives each player only one card, facing down.

Then without looking, you must put your card on your forehead so that the other players can see the value of your card, but you cannot.

You can only see the value of the cards of the other players. The player with the highest valued card is the winner.

These games are very much different from most others, and they also do not allow players to fold. 

Teen Patti Cobra
Image: Teen Patti variation "Cobra"

19. Joker Hunt

During Joker Hunt, the dealer gives every player three cards before placing several cards facing upwards on the table.

The number of cards that will go onto the table equals the number of players times two, plus three extra cards. Thus, if you have three players, nine cards will be facing up in the center of the table.

Teen Patti Joker Hunt
Image: Teen Patti variation "Joker Hunt"

During the following two rounds, players can select a card from the open cards and discard a card from their hand.

If a player opts not to take a card from the selection of open cards, they must close one of the open cards.

After the two rounds, all the closed cards are removed and only three open cards will be left on the table to be jokers. 

20. 1942 Love Story

We cover only a few of the many variations of Teen Patti but opt to end the list on a romantic note.

When any number of players play 1942 Love Story, every card with the numbers 1,9,4, or 2 represents a joker card.

The trick in the game is that you must stick to Hindi while playing and switching to English equals immediate dismissal.

Teen Patti 1942 Love Story
Image: Teen Patti variation "1942 Love Story"

FAQ About Variations of Teen Patti

How many Teen Patti variations exist?

There are about 35 popular variations, but the total number of games is far more.

What is a Teen Patti variation?

Teen Patti is a versatile game, and experienced players can adjust the rules to make the game more fun. Teen Patti variations are these adapted versions of the game.

Why are there so many variations of the game?

The game is one of the oldest choices for Indian players, and over generations, players tweaked the rules to make it more exciting.

Which variation is most common to play online?

Auction is a popular online variation of Teen Patti online when you are keen to play against other players, while Banko is a preferred online choice when you want to play against a dealer.

Which variation is most common to play offline with friends?

When friends prefer to play offline the most common variation they opt for Sudden Death or Muflis.

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