JustGamblers wants to provide its audience the latest, updated and exclusive information about India's one of the most prominent Brick and Mortar Offshore ship casino, that is Big Daddy Casino of Goa, so JustGamblers caught in an exclusive telephonic conversation with the Marketing Head of Big Daddy Casino in which he revealed a lot about gaming and insights about the ship packages. 

Big Daddy Casino Interview
Image: The Entrance to Big Daddy Casino

Excerpts from the free-wheeling interview chat:

JustGamblers: First of all would like to ask you that Big Daddy Casino touted as Asia's largest offshore casino gaming and most modern destination. So, what makes it the biggest name not just in Goa but in the whole Asia?

Big Daddy (Marketing Head): This has not happened overnight of course I ahh!  When we were in the initial stage of designing we had kept a lot of the good and the bad points that our competitors have enjoyed over a period of ten years, I mean over a decade. So, we added all that up and we created our own list of requirements that the ship must have when it comes to entertainment and gaming experience, and that has been our plus point which is reflected today in terms of even if you entered the ship the kind of carpet that you get to see, the kind of lightning that we have used to create ambiences at different levels, the kind of restaurant area and again the ambience, and the lighting that we have done to ensure that it is a good balance between a nightlife and a fine dining place so its combination of both, the stage that we have ahh! You know Designed is the biggest than any of the casinos that we have in the Mandovi river today which is again backed by a 4K resolution screen that is as big as the stage, approximately at least 60 feet in length. 

So, these are things that we have done to find a tune ahh! and to make sure that our entertainment is ten notches higher than anything about here in the Mandovi river. We anyways default to about 50 plus live entertainment acts in the form of dance or music, which is again supported by you know ahh! international graphic designers that create beautiful illusory, and slides, and animations that supports all our live acts that gives it more reality show kind of a feel. 

We have also redesigned the gaming areas where for the first time we are the pioneers to bring in professional pole dancing to this industry, and we continue to leap that ahh! When it comes to the entertainment experience for gamers. Never before has any casino had entertainment that happens on the gaming floors, we are the ones who have started this and continue to do so even today, so with all that in mind and keeping that the fact that the F n B and the ahh!

Head of Marketing during the interview

The hospitality has also been top notch ahh! Whether we have 800 packs or above 100 packs a day we try to ensure that everyone leaves Big Daddy happy with a smile that they have witnessed something out of this world, so this has been the mantra and ahh! The understanding towards the success, and we hope to also take the success overseas, we have entered Nepal and we are doing well in a place called Jhapa, but we look forward to also venturing out to other spaces overseas and taking our brand Big Daddy to more higher levels.

JG: I would like you to take us through the detailed information about the Big Daddy Casino, which includes everything, be it gaming or entertainment zone or be it most updated details about the package deals n all?

BD: I would like to say that Big Daddy casino has two types of guests that come on board, one guest is a member/ a gamer, and only comes on my ship for gaming related you know services. Ahh! If there is a membership then of course they avail many other inclusions depending on the kind of membership that they own. So, we have three types of cards, we have the silver card, we’ve the gold card, and we’ve the black card. 

Black card being the top of the cards and as per that we have the membership of club Big Daddy ahh! You know, shared with the guests. Now there are many perks to this but all these are way too much detail into the kind of rolling packages that happens so this is just an overview that this is the gamers side of it where we have gaming purely for either members or our regular…. temporary gamers. The other guest is a guest that is like an FIT, like a walk-in guest, a guest that is purely come for the first time on the ship and of course looking forward to mainly the entertainment that we provide mainly the F n B services that are there and of course the lounge area and the ahh! You know dance areas that they wish to avail apart from that yes there is conversion of gamers from these pitfalls too because nobody adds some points as comes for purely for entertainment. 

After the entertainment they do linger on the casino floors and try their luck whether it’s for the first time or whether they come for the second or third time but they do come for gaming, but they would prefer the entertainment first and then may be gaming. So, this is the other type of guest that comes on our ship. We have three different types of packages for these people.

 We have regular, premium and VIP. So, we have the regular, premium and VIP package, the regular and VIP has one big difference that is the alcohol that is served, so all the packages have unlimited alcohol, unlimited access to non-alcohol, mocktails, cocktails and of course ahh! You know the other things that are provided at the bar are unlimited as per the packages that you take.

Head of Marketing during the interview

Ahh! Apart from that what is unlimited is the dinner buffet which is lavishly spread with veg and non veg and it caters to Indian, Continental and Italian kinds of dishes. 

We also have separate corners for desserts, we have a separate salad bar, and all this is unlimited along with the highlight of the ship which is of course the biggest USB of the ship is the live entertainment which is a complete ahh! You know combination of international artists, ahh!! National artist ahh! Musicians, Illusionists and more. Now, the big difference between regular, premium and VIP like I mention is the alcohol, so regular is Indian house brands, premium is IMFL liquor and of course VIP package is imported alcohol. 

What premium and VIP gives you additional is access on board which is limited for regular so, VIP and premium packages have all access on board, these are the packages of Big Daddy for guests who come as visitors or FIT, or walk ins and not a regular gamers, but of course there is a potential gamer in them that happens after they have availed all the services.

JG: Does Golden Globe Hotels pvt ltd, who owns and operates Big Daddy Casino, have plans to operate casinos in states other than Goa?

BD: Golden Globe hotels are owned Gopal Kanda a family from Haryana and of course on director level and MD level we have Mr. Lakh Ram Goyal is then supported by his brothers Shubham and Dhawal. So, these are the three entities that run Big Daddy casino as a family. They have plans to expand like I have mentioned before. We would like to take this brand overseas to other countries! But we are looking forward to a good offer. We have had our eyes set on the UK and Singapore, and also Macao, but it also depends on the feasibility and the commercials at the same time for us to find a place.

JG: As per you, what is the future of the casino industry in Goa?

BD: The future is very bright because gaming industry is definitely not going anywhere if you can understand the kind of growth then Delta Cop Ltd. has had over the last decade is fact that we say that gaming is not going anywhere and it's just growing in fact the future of the gaming industry is bright like I said, we will go on to be the capital of gaming in this country, and also the online gaming that has picked up so much, and which has grown so big, I mean so huge, but there are still certain legalities that have to fall in place so that everything streamlined between the government and the online operators. 

But, understanding that the Indian online casino industry is growing, it is simple mathematics that an amateur on the phone will one day want to live the live gaming experience, and that's when our vessels, and our land casinos come into the picture where an amateur is then moving to a journey of being a pro-poker player or a pro-teen patti player, or else a pro-baccarat player, so this is all moving towards the casino industry in Goa that will grow because of online gaming, which will have a lot of amateurs that were may be reluctant to play, and hone their skills before they can come towards the bigger vessel and land casino's, where they can practise and finally may can turn into pros, so the future of gaming all over India is bright and is not going to stop growing in fact it will be a trillion dollar industry in a very short period of time very very soon. Thanks!