Lottery winners in India are a common occurrence. However, India's municipal lotteries are not the only ones that have produced millionaires since many Indians have tried their luck in U.S. Poweball and Mega Millions with success, winning incredible sums that have changed their lives radically. This phenomenon is due to how easy it is to access this type of lottery, no matter where you are.

Here you will find short stories of ordinary people that once woke up feeling lucky… and they were. We are sure you will feel inspired after reading these cases, and perhaps you will also feel like trying your luck in the lottery. After all, who does not want to be a Crorepati, and who does not wish to fulfill their big dreams and aspirations, that too by just buying a pretty affordable ticket?

Name Winning amount Lottery
Ushakiran Patel$1 MillionUS Powerball
Sandeep ‘Sunny’ Singh$30.5 MillionMega Millions
Nandlall Mangal$245.6 MillionUS Powerball
Nirmal Dhamodarasamy$1 MillionUS Powerball
C.J, an Indian man who wishes to stay anonymous€32,161Austria Lottery
Balraj Awasthi$12 MillionLotto 6/49 lottery
Pragnesh Peter Saija$7 MillionDaily Grand Lottery
Tahir Ali$2 MillionOntario 49 Lottery
Lingaraju D$520,000Lotto247 - Mega Millions
Partho Mondal53 LakhLottoland - Malamaal Daily
Prasanth Parasuraman$286,000Lotto 6/49
List of the 11 most known big winners from India on the lottery

I wonder if Lady Luck is at odds with a country with a population of 135.26 crores. But, if luck is on your side, every breeze delivers rain, bringing brightness daily.

As one of the world's largest and most populous countries, India has a sizable market for all gambling-related products. When it comes to the lottery, however, the country has a lot to offer die-hard lottery players because it is readily accessible.

Modern technology plays a considerable role in actively engaging in prize draws in the twenty-first century. Therefore there's no doubt that Indians are big lovers of this classic game. But don't we always look at the most stunning facts regarding jackpots and rewards? One of the most popular kinds of gambling is the lottery. Almost every country in the world has a lottery, and millions of people play it because the prizes range from thousands to millions of dollars.

Every lotto outlet will have a huge line of people purchasing tickets, hoping to be the lucky ones to win the jackpot. People choose a set of numbers in the lottery to gamble on. People can now play lotto games from the comfort of their homes, thanks to the introduction of the online lottery. 

Have you ever wished you could participate in a major worldwide lottery such as Powerball, Mega Millions, or EuroMillions? You may now play these fantastic games from the comfort of your own home in India. Foreign lotteries are not subject to Indian gambling rules so you can play on your computer or phone anywhere in the country. You'll have a chance to win jackpots that are far larger than the highest awards in Indian lotteries.

Don't worry if you've never bought a lottery ticket online or used a lottery concierge service before; it's straightforward. You can simply check out our guide for information on online lotteries, how to play, and how to get started. At JustGamblers, this lottery guide was created to assist you in finding an online lottery, the pros and cons, where to play an Indian online lottery and its legalities in India.

For most people worldwide, winning millions in a significant international lottery is a dream come true. Only a few lucky victors have experienced this moment and achieved this feat. Few Indians have won big in international lotteries like Mega Millions and U.S. Powerball, which may be easily accessible online.

Stay with us to the finish because we've listed some of India's most significant lottery winners below!

1. Ushakiran Patel – Won $1 Million In US Powerball

Ushakiran Patel is a 62-year-old woman who won in March 2018 by matching the following numbers: 06 –13 –19 –36 –51.

Some believe that only a prepared mind attracts luck. On the other hand, because of her choice of lucky numbers to play, Ushakiran Patel, smashed all expectations when she won a stunning $1 million in the U.S. Powerball jackpot.

She wasn't the kind to stress over buying lotto tickets regularly. She didn't even have a choice of "lucky numbers," relying solely on the lottery's Quick Pick option.

Mrs. Patel received the money in one lump amount, and after deducting all taxes, she brought home $633040. That was an enjoyable retirement, in my opinion!

2. Sandeep ‘Sunny’ Singh – Won $30.5 Million In Mega Millions

"Sunny", the way is usually called by his friends, is perhaps one of the youngest Indian overseas lottery winners, as well as the wealthiest international lottery champion. This 22-year-old Best Buy former employee has one of the most incredible success stories imaginable.

Sandeep Singh, an Indian American lotto player and a young bachelorette, became the youngest winner to win such a big lottery at such a young age because he had faith, passion for gambling lottery and belief in himself.

Sunny went inside his sister's room to check the computer for the winning numbers. He dropped the ticket and didn't know what to do when he discovered he had won. It took a bit for reality to set in, he remarked.

The young man revealed that he kept telling his family that he would win one day, but they never believed him. He had played Mega Millions and Powerball for over a year when it finally paid off.

It may sound like the perfect Bollywood potboiler to instantly have a dumped boyfriend become a millionaire. Mr. Singh, on the other hand, considers this to be his personal story.

He won the Mega Millions lotto in October 2012 and shared $61 million with another winner. Even though his lifelong love had abandoned him, Lady Luck was still on his side.

Because you see, when this good person's heart was broken only days before winning the Mega Millions lotto in 2012, he was doing two jobs to support his family.

When his girlfriend ditched him, a heartbroken guy was upset. However, as we already know, fortune favoured the Indian Sandeep, residing in California at the time.

Surprisingly, the $4 he used to purchase his lottery ticket was a prize from a scratch-off play he had purchased just for the sheer pleasure of it.

If you didn't believe the thoughtful Sandeep deserved to win before, his money plans would certainly persuade you otherwise. He intended a portion of the money to go to charity, while another amount would be used to settle off his mother's house since he is kind. Sandeep will earn a bachelor's degree to pursue a career in business.

Sandeep received a lump sum payment of $23 million after deducting the taxes. Some folks are pretty interested to know about his ex-current girlfriend's activities.

Sandeep paid his bills with his newfound wealth, and the rest of the group chose to contribute to charity.

3. Nandlall Mangal – Won $245.6 Million In US Powerball

Nandlall Mangal, a habitual lottery ticket purchaser, probably never imagined that in August 2018, his quick picks would land him a $245.6 million jackpot in a U.S. Powerball lottery (approximately 1800 crores in Indian Rupees). This 42-year-old construction worker purchased a $6 lotto ticket and matched the winning numbers 5, 43, 56, 62, and 68.

Mr. Mangal, a veteran Guyana construction worker, had the habit of purchasing lottery tickets whenever the jackpot exceeded $100 million.

In this case, it is an Indian American from Staten Island, NY. At the time of winning, Mr. Mangal did not know what to do with the money, so his first reaction was to decide to continue his regular job since it was something he enjoyed doing.

However, he did not hesitate to vacation in Hawaii, which he had always wanted.

As a result of taxes deductions, Mr. Mangal received $99,321,975, which he has transferred to the 'Sea & Sand' trust. Mr. Mangal, on the other hand, has no plans to spend his money.

4. Nirmal Dhamodarasamy – Won $1 Million In US Powerball

Nirmal Dhamodarasamy, a 23-year-old Indian bachelor, was studying to build a stable career at a university in Chicago, U.S. However, luck had other plans for him.

One day, he joined a subscription to the U.S. Powerball at the beginning of 2016 as a service offered by several online lottery sites. As a result, he could purchase lottery tickets for every draw automatically.

Soon enough, Dhamodarasamy struck gold when he matched five numbers and won $1 million. The winning numbers were 04, 13, 31, 36, and 52, which gave him a cash windfall he had not expected.

He intended to use the money to purchase plane tickets and a hotel stay for his entire family in India so that they could celebrate his graduation as an industrial engineer with him.

When questioned why he played the lottery and chose to play it online, Nirmal stated that the $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot piqued his interest and that playing online was convenient.

5. C.J – Won €32,161 In Austria Lottery

Like others, even we at JustGamblers could not find a photo of C.J. because he is one of the many Indian online lottery winners who choose to remain unknown or keep a low profile.

Irrespective of his objectives, he is a motivator for Indian lotto fans who desire to take their chances on a global scale.

This player won an incredible amount of €32,161 in the Austria Lottery in November 2018 via TheLotter, an online ticket vendor I highly recommend. By that time, C.J. won the second prize after correctly matching the six winning numbers 20 –25 – 29 – 32 – 37 – 43 – 44, which were chosen randomly. The only number he didn't match was 43. Otherwise, he would have won the draw's grand prize.

Though he didn't have the same success as our other Indian international lottery winners, his second-prize win still earned him $38,000. After being asked what he would do with the money, C.J. said he wanted to enhance his living status. Other than that, he planned to continue playing the lottery, especially after this touch of luck.

Despite not having much information on C.J. online, he has been a consistent lottery ticket buyer since 2017.

6. Balraj Awasthi - Won $12 million In a Lotto 6/49 lottery

Image credits: Gamblingbaba

In February 2017, Balraj Awasthi received an unexpected phone call that would change his life forever: he was becoming a millionaire by winning the prize in Lotto 6/49.

Mr. Awasthi was an Indian roots chef working in Toronto, Canada. After winning this prize, he could start his own business and travel the world.

Awasthi has been able to take overseas excursions that he had dreamed of and planned since boyhood, thanks to the award money. He is just one of those few people of South Asian ancestry to win a large sum of money in an international lottery.

7. Pragnesh Peter Saija – $7 Million Win in the Daily Grand Lottery

Another lucky Indian resident in Canada is Pragnesh Peter Saija. It may be that when Mr. Saija won, luck was in favor of the Indians since Lady Luck knocked at this door with $7 million, exactly four days after Balraj Awasthi won his prize.

In this case, Mr. Saija won the Daily Grand lottery, which is not available online, but by purchasing a paper ticket. Of course, when learning the big news, his mind blew off. Nevertheless, the first thing that crossed his mind was buying a house for his family. Pragnesh Peter appears to be a great Indian father who is concerned about his loved ones.

8. Tahir Ali – $2 Million Win in the Ontario 49 Lottery

In 2014, Tahir Ale received one of the best news ever: he became the fortunate owner of $2 million after winning the Ontario 49 Lottery. And this is something that happened almost by coincidence.

After living and working for around seven years in Mississauga, Canada, one day, he heard about the lottery's jackpot on the radio. So, he decided to try his luck. "At the end of the day, what is the worst that could happen?" - he thought.

After receiving the prize, he was asked the typical question: "What would he do with so much money?" He did not hesitate to reply that he would use the money to support his children's education.

9. Lingaraju D – Indian Lotto247 Winner $520,000 Richer From Mega Millions

Winning a massive lottery jackpot can elicit various intense feelings in multiple people. Some winners may find it difficult to conceal their emotions, while others may find themselves dumbfounded. This was the case for a former Karnataka local government health inspector who was overcome with emotion after realizing he had become a multi-millionaire.

In June 2020, 68-year-old Lingaraju D of Bengaluru, India, earned 3.8 crores (about $520,000) at the famous site Lotto247. When the retired health inspector verified the results hours after the draw and realised he had become an overnight Crorepati, he was overcome with emotion.

This veteran health inspector stated that he participates in all the platform's lotteries. On the other hand, Mega Millions Max worked like a charm for him in November 2020, giving him the most significant prize when he matched four out of five numbers.

How did you receive the news? Unusually, since he received an email - Once again, fortune was with him at that moment since such an email could have passed as spam!

As any other Lotto24/7 winner, Lingaraju had huge plans for his money: buying a new home with his wife, paying his children's loans, as well as helping some family members.

Several lottery players use the Quick Pick method, horoscopes, random number generators, and traditional or personal beliefs when selecting lucky numbers. On the other hand, our former health inspector Lingaraju did not follow any precise procedure when selecting his random winning numbers. He was extremely picky about his figures. As a result, he picked 23 - 5 - 9 - 10 - 1, each of which had a personal meaning for him.

10. Partho Mondal – ₹53 Lakh Win From Lottoland Exclusive Malamaal Daily

Lottoland, the world's top online lotto betting operator, was overjoyed to announce the launch of its first Lakhpati in India. Many people would want to forget the year 2020, but for one man, it was the year that transformed his life completely.

Partho Mondal, a customer care agent for a huge international company, lives with his family in Malda, West Bengal, in a bustling residence. Nevertheless, Partho's life was never the same after he returned from an international work trip!

As a current player of the Malamaal Daily lottery, one of the things he remembers liked the most is that signing up for Lottoland is an effortless procedure. So, one day he decided to try his luck with the following numbers: 03 – 05 – 14 – 30 – 31. To his surprise, he matched all of them!

After winning ₹53, he paid his debts and helped those friends and family members who were in need. 

Lottoland was founded in 2013 and has quickly risen to become the world's top online lottery betting service, allowing users to wager on the results of lotteries all over the globe.

When asked if Partho had any words of advice for individuals considering joining Lottoland, he said yes. "Sign up and start playing; 2020 might be the year that changes your life."

11. Prasanth Parasuraman – $286,000.00 Win on Lotto 6/49

Sometimes your mind can play tricks on you. That was the case of Prasanth the moment he realized he had won the Lotto 649.

Every week, this 26-year-old Indian guy used to play the Lottery, and one day in January 2017, he matched some numbers and felt happy because he thought he had won $286. When he went to the lottery store to claim his prize, the salesperson informed him that the ticket was a large winner and that the Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation would contact him. In that moment, he realized that he thought wrong; the correct number of the prize was $286,000.

By that time, Prasanth was living in Canada, and he took a holiday trip to celebrate in Jamaica and Mexico. After a well-deserved vacation, he started his own business and saved the rest of the money.

Do You think fortune exists?

The lottery is a game based on chance. These eleven tales demonstrate that there are no rules regarding fortune. It selects those who share its beliefs. It's them today; it may be you tomorrow.

Overseas lotteries, including the U.S. Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Mega Sena, and SuperEnaLotto, have made millions of people wealthy in India and elsewhere.

Check out our list of lottery sites if you wish to buy your golden tickets for these events.

We are glad you liked the article, and if you have a chance to win the next giant international lottery, please do reach out to us, so we at JustGamblers can share your inspirational story with the world!