Cricket Arena India
Cricket arena in India - Image Source: Theweek

Cricket has overtaken football as the world's second most popular sport. It is primarily popular in European countries, the United Kingdom, and, most notably, India. These are countries with a lot of fans of this sport, but does it mean betting on it is as popular?

Some people believe that the national game of India is hockey, and on the other hand, some people believe that it is kabaddi. But do you know that what is the truth, the truth is that there is no national game of India so far, but yes if there would have any, then according to us, it could probably be cricket?

In India, where some people like to watch the news, movies, or other content, but more than half of the population likes to watch only cricket.

According to a BARC India survey, According to BARC, cricket attracts 93 percent of sports viewers in India. Cricket is the gem in the crown of expanding sports viewership in the country, with 93 percent of all sports viewers tuned in to cricket content in 2018, and women make up a significant portion of the audience.

Be it a person of any class in India, whether it is a handcart, servant, security guard, or a person living in a village. The news of the cricket world reaches everyone. Everyone tries to keep themselves updated in some way or the other, be it radio, television, newspaper or mobile phone which are today's trends.

Cricket is so famous in India that people living in the outskirts of small villages also remember well-known faces of the cricket fraternity-like Kapil Dev, Virat Kohli, or Sachin Tendulkar. Even if they do not recognize Bollywood film stars for once, but recognise cricket stars very well.

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I am sure you must be aware that cricket is India's one of the most prominent sports. But why is cricket betting so popular in India, as well as sports betting in general? Let us read further if you are really interested to know some of the most convincing explanations.

India is becoming more interested in cricket, and this increased interest has resulted in a significant betting demand. Cricket betting provides a unique chance for online bookmakers to gain new consumers in India because of the large number of internet users. In India, there are several different bookies to choose from. Cricket betting, on the other hand, may attract both football and cricket enthusiasts.

There are also those who take gambling quite seriously. These are persons who would bet large sums of money. Some of them have actually chosen sports betting as a profession or a means of subsistence. While this isn't something that everyone can accomplish, once you've mastered the skill of betting, you can win a significant sum of money. 

Cricket is particularly very much popular in India, according to IndiaToday, where a huge number of celebrities attend matches and make frequent payments. Celebrities enjoy betting on cricket in their spare time through several of the betting sites that can be found on India's most prominent cricket worship sites.

Cricket is the favourite sport of many Bollywood superstars in India. Let us also have a look at some of the most well-known celebrities that bet on cricket matches online on a daily basis:

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan, who is also a co-owner of the IPL franchise Kolkata Knight Riders, began watching the sport as a favourite in the years that followed, and he now enjoys it and bets on it through one of the prominent bookmakers. He continues to gamble in his spare time and buys a ticket. This well-known Indian actor is a cricket fanatic. He inherited his passion for the sport from his grandparents (after whom he was named), who used to enjoy watching matches in the past. He first became interested in this sport while watching a sporting event and learning the rules over a festive family supper. In the years that followed, he made this sport his favourite, and he now enjoys it and bets on it through one of the prominent bookies or popular bookmaker services. He frequently wants to try his luck in his spare time, especially now that the pandemic has spread, and he pays for a ticket to do so.

Aamir Khan

Who hasn't heard of Aamir Khan, one of Bollywood's most well-known Khans? 3 Idiots, Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par, and Rang de Basanti are just a few of his Hindi and Bollywood flicks. He has received numerous awards and is simply one of the most well-known performers in India and abroad.

Aamir Khan, one of Bollywood's most well-known KhansWhen it comes to gaming, he is well known for his passion of online poker. He'd also throw lavish card parties at which the top Bollywood celebs would come. His gatherings were usually held at the Union Park Bungalow, which had numerous gambling tables.

Minisha Lamba

Minisha Lamba is another Bollywood actor who, in addition to acting, is also recognised for being a skilled poker player. She eventually became a brand ambassador for one of India's most well-known poker sites. She continues to compete in poker events in Goa to this day.

Her poker abilities are also a fact about the incredibly skilled actor. In India, Minisha has taken poker by blitz. She joined alongside her film career after being exposed to poker by some friends at a Diwali celebration three years ago. In this incredibly talented woman's life, poker became the next great thing.

Ankita Lokhande

a well-known Indian actress and Television personality who has a large following on media. She and her partner went to their first cricket match, and she began asking him questions about the rules, the players' conduct, and a variety of other topics, just like young kids do, she claimed. She eventually came up with the notion for her partner to pay one of the renowned betting firms, which proved out to be a good and a successful idea. They were given a symbolic benefit, so they decided to spend one weekend at a tourist destination and donate the rest.

Aditya Roy Kapur

This well-known actor and former television personality is also one among the huge cricket fanatics. He denies that he frequently wishes to go to a bookmaker and make a payment, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, this is no longer possible, so he does it online. He first became acquainted with this sport when visiting a well-known bookmaker, where he and his buddies decided to purchase a ticket that included a prediction for multiple matches. They were able to see the matches live and understand how much they enjoy the sport. They still know how to get together and watch some of the world's most important matches.

Varun Dhawan

He is a much prominent face among bollywood industry. For many years, he has been a cricket fan who has made it a family habit to watch matches together. The betting habit, if it is a tradition, is not very old. He began betting with his family members on the outcome of the matches while watching them with his family. They eventually decided that it would be a fantastic idea if they started betting jointly in one of the betting shops and produced a profit that they could share among each other when they got it, so that they can spend accordingly. This has since become a tradition, and various symbolic gains have been recorded.

Deepika Padukone

This well-known Indian actress was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and started taking keen interest in this sports there. When she returns to Denmark, she knows how to get together with her Copenhagen friends and participate in different activities or watch TV or surf the Internet. One of the follow-ups was a match that served as a gateway to the love of sports in general, as well as the passion of cricket in particular. She still enjoys the sport after a few years, but she also knows how to test her luck by paying for a match prediction through one of the internet sessions. She stated, "I enjoy it, and that is the most important thing to me."

Akshay Kumar

Last but not least, we have such a well-known television and film actor. For instance, he is a major admirer of international sports, i.e. sports that aren't as common in these areas, and he began watching matches out of curiosity. He is now the coordinator of all match-watching gatherings, and he knows how to urge his pals to make tickets and then gather them in one spot. If a lottery is won, he receives a present, which is a clever technique by Akshay that will keep everyone entertained.

With a net worth of over 65 million dollars, Akshay Kumar is one of the wealthiest Bollywood stars today. It's understandable why he might engage in gambling activities. It's only one of the ways he might spend his money to enjoy and relax with that amount of money.

His passion for gambling is well-known, and he enjoys playing card games with his buddies. He almost never loses, and he has a lot of luck in the games that he plays. It was also reported last year that he accompanied his mother to Singapore to visit casinos for her 80th birthday.

Harman Bhaweja

35-year-old, Harman Baweja is best known actor for the film Love Story 2050. He has appeared in films alongside prominent names like Pammi Baweja, Priyanka Chopra, and others. Baweja has also worked as a producer and director.

He is also a professional poker player, in addition to his Bollywood career. He enjoys playing with his buddies and also participates in poker tournaments. In 2010, he was also allowed to compete in the IPC 10K Freezeout. He came in second place in the IPC 10K Freezeout, earning Rs. 1,70,000 in December 2010. He also placed third in the IPC 12K Headhunters in April 2011, winning Rs1.2 lakh. The next year, he finished second in the IPC 30K main event and was given Rs 90,000.


Jeetendra, a veteran actor and producer, has appeared in a number of Hindi films. He's appeared in almost 200 films and collaborated with famous names like Jaya Prada. He is also well-known for his dancing and is one of the most successful Hindi actors.

He's also known for his gambling abilities, and he' is even named the "King of Card Parties." He used to throw big card parties in Mumbai, especially around Diwali. His Mumbai home is transformed into a casino with a bar, rummy counters, and note dispensing devices whenever he does this. Dimple Kapadia, Rakesh Roshan, and many others from Bollywood are expected to attend his gatherings.

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty is a Bollywood actress, film producer, dancer, author, model, and businesswoman who has starred in films such as Baazigar, Main Khiladi Tu Anari, and Dhadkan. Raj Kundra, her husband, is a businessman who enjoys gambling as well.

The duo is well-known for frequenting Las Vegas casinos to play card games such as poker. They're also known for hosting gambling parties at their residence. Shetty is also known for betting on sporting events such as the Indian Premier League.

As we have already seen, celebrities love to have fun and watch sports. It is especially interesting that each of these bollywood superstars are interested in cricket, and just imagine how many there are that we are not sure about or do not know. Some of these celebrities have already made great profits.

Cricket betting is becoming increasingly popular, thanks in part to technology improvements. Many residents can now readily place bets on the internet. They don't even require a computer to accomplish this.

Cricket is, without a doubt, India's one of the most played sport. This is despite the fact that field hockey is listed as the country's national sport on the books, despite the fact that there are now no national sports in the country. India is unquestionably a cricket-obsessed country. This sport is widespread among people of all ages in the country.

Betting and wagering have been practised in India since the beginning of civilization. Indians have long enjoyed various sorts of betting and gaming, so it's no surprise that betting and gambling applications, particularly online sports betting apps, are quite popular in the country.

The betting industry's growth is also drawing more people into the scene. Nowadays, betting on any sport is really simple. You don't even have to travel to bet on your favourite teams anymore.You may now place bets online using your computer, laptop, or even mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

India continues to rank second in terms of internet adoption. Despite the fact that there are so many internet users, many individuals are still uninformed of online cricket betting and the different online bookies available. As a result, many folks in India have never even tried to place a wager online but would like to do so in the future.

Cricket is a sport that brings the entire nation of India together. If it isn't being broadcast on television, it is being broadcast all throughout India. Other sports have acquired popularity in India - basketball, football, and wrestling, to name a few – but cricket remains the religion that holds India's heart.

The fact that India operates cricket clinics all throughout the country demonstrates this. 

Cricketers are also considered as celebrities in this country, and also in India, you will find children playing everywhere, the place to place in the streets and in the neighbourhoods playing it frequently. In childhood, we were first given plastic bats and balls, and because they were not expensive, then all parents could afford.

Betting, like cricket, has grown immensely popular in India and is rapidly expanding, particularly when it comes to betting on the outcomes of cricket matches. When it comes to cricket betting, “around 80-90 percent of all sports betting in India is at present directed towards Cricket,” according to casino experts BestCasinoIndia. This demonstrates how beloved cricket truly is in India.

It is a widely known fact that India is a cricket-loving nation, which has resulted in a surge in the number of people interested in online betting. With so many people using the internet, cricket betting provides an exceptional potential for online bookmakers to build a large customer base.

Given the popularity of the sport in the country, it's only natural to believe that cricket betting is popular as well. This is accurate, as evidenced by the fact that bookies like Online-Adda UK receive 5000 new registrations and 500,000 page views from India each month.

It's not difficult to learn why many people are having similar interest in betting on this sport. It's a fantastic method for children to show their support for their favourite cricket teams or players. As a result, their experience as a spectator will be enhanced. It heightens the thrill and intensity of the games they are viewing.

India has one of the world's largest populations, and the country's mobile phone users have already surpassed 760 million. Around 691 million of these people utilise the internet. As a result, internet casinos and bookmakers who offer cricket odds will be able to appeal to a larger number of local punters.

Mobile betting also allows viewers to put bets no matter where they are. This means customers may simply place bets while watching a match at home or even while watching it live. Those who are stuck at work before the matches can also place their wagers without difficulty. The basic fact is that cricket betting is now easier and more convenient than ever before.

The expansion of online bookies is a result of the increase in online and mobile betting. There are hundreds, if not thousands,  of online bookmakers to pick from these days. All you have to do now is select the best bookie with the best odds. To be sure, read reviews and listen to what other punters have to say about an online bookie.

There are now betting applications that you can download and install on your phone. You can already put your bets with just a few touches. You can basically place a bet from anywhere on the globe.

There are a variety of such reasons why individuals enjoy betting on cricket games,  or other sports for that matter. Betting on a favourite athlete or team is a fun way to express your support. Many people place wagers simply because they are huge fans of the athlete or team.

The IPL was one of the year's best attractions

The IPL was one of the year's best attractions. It sparked a lot of interest, and a lot of money poured into the market as a result. The Royal Challengers Bangalore were captained by Virat Kohli. Nevertheless, It's not just cricket; you can beat the bookies by swiftly getting the best and easiest money into the betting market. It'll be a compelling proposition.

Cricket is a sport which doesn't need much maintenance, so all you have to do is learn the rules and start to play. Of course, if you want to be a batter, you'll need to put in some practice runs to determine how productive you'll be, but anyone can swing a willow and have a reasonable go.

Whether you believe it or not, money is one of the most compelling motivations for Indians and others to gamble and engage in sports betting. Many people are drawn to online sports betting and gambling in general because it offers the opportunity to make a significant amount of money with low work effort.

People are nonetheless drawn to and enticed by the promise of betting and gambling, despite the fact that there is never a guarantee of earning money—only a small chance of getting it.

Individuals often spend their money and wager on games, hoping to hit a huge win and walk away with a large sum of money, even if the risk is considerable and the chances of winning are uncertain.

Indian Premier League (IPL) is a significant aspect of Cricket betting

Many of India's most popular cricket players began their careers by playing street cricket and gradually gaining recognition for their exceptional talent. The ball used in street cricket differs significantly from that used in international and professional cricket. Professional cricket utilises a leather ball particularly created for it, but street cricket uses a tennis ball or a taped ball.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a significant aspect of the cricketing calendar every year since it serves to increase the flow of money in the market. There is no need for a bettor to fly to another country with the growing online betting market. The only effort required is to go to the betting site, place the bet, and wait for the result to be sent to you via SMS. The service is prompt and courteous.

The speed with which a sports bettor in India can place a wager. There is no need to fly to another country to use internet bookmakers. What one has to do is go to the betting site, choose the sport and bet amount, click the "bet now" button, and wait for the outcome to arrive via SMS. It is a rapid and convenient service.

Various sporting events throughout the year

Another significant benefit is the large number of various sports available on the Web. Furthermore, there is no need to reserve a hotel or purchase airline tickets in order to bet on a game taking place in a remote Indian state. No need to spend extra money, but you can gamble with your savings.

All the bettor has to do is go to the website and place the wager. As soon as the game is over, he or she will be notified of the outcome.

Cricket betting is more accessible in India

Cricket betting via the internet is also considerably more accessible to individuals with a small budget. Indian gamblers have no qualms about placing a 10,000-rupee bet on a cricket match as long as the service is at least on par with that of India's well-known online bookies.

Means now people with limited disposable cash can also benefit from online cricket betting. Indian wagers could place a 10,000-rupee bet on a cricket match if the service is at least similar to those of India's well-known online bookies.

How may Indians fulfill their desires for a game if betting and gambling are outlawed in the vast majority of the country? Well there is a pretty simple solution regarding this. Just go online, download an app from Playstore or relevant sources, and use these online bookmakers to play and bet. Rest you can also take a look at JustGambler’s recommended sites for the best experience of cricket betting in India.

These apps and websites allow you to play and gamble regardless of where you are in the world or what time you wish to do so. As long as you have a working and reliable computer, you're good to go.

It's also quite handy to gamble on a cricket match online. Imagine being able to place a bet on your favourite team and perhaps win real cash. What's more, you can do all of this without ever leaving your house or visiting a casino or betting facility. All this is possible, even just while lying down on your bed, you will be able to place bets and who knows if luck supports you, then you may win as well.

Betting on your beloved cricket team is also considered as a way of showing support for them because not everyone can attend a game or watch it live. Technically, these betting applications do not generate any money for the teams. Nonetheless, it serves as a means of letting others know who your favourite cricket team is.

Cricket betting in India has been a pleasant experience for gamblers

Users who bet on IPL cricket feel safe since they know they are wagering solely on IPL games, which are backed by significant investments from top-tier professional sports organisations and management agencies. They are also aware that the prize money will be huge. The top prize for the IPL this year is expected to be between $4,00,000,000 and $5,00,000,000.

Players who have gambled during the IPL feel comfortable since they know they are betting on an event that is backed by significant investments from some of the most well-known sports organisations and management companies. 

The majority of users are often satisfied with their cricket betting encounter because they can get their fix not having to visit the betting centre. This isn't to suggest that some individuals aren't dissatisfied with their service. They nowadays can make a complaint to us, and we will respond quickly and offer a solution.

As previously stated, the majority of India considers all forms of betting and gambling to be unlawful. In fact, anyone caught engaging in gambling activities could risk a heavy penalty, as well as time in prison or worse.

There is, nonetheless, no explicit rule prohibiting Indians from betting and engaging in gambling activities online via betting sites and applications. This is why most online bookies are capitalising on the chance by luring an increasing number of Indians to their applications or websites.

Glory of ICC international events

The success of the Indian cricket team in ICC worldwide competitions seems to be the last cause for cricket's popularity. Winning the Cricket World Cup in 1983 and 2011 are two of the community's most cherished memories. The Indian people want to witness the same level of achievement, with even more unforgettable events.

In 2007, India also succeeded in making the T20 World Cup their own. With each victory, India appears to improve in terms of form and passion. Isn't it true that sports are always about having a great time and getting yourself entertained? Every time you watch the Indian cricket team, you get just that.

Quality cricket betting sites are available. When it comes to cricket gambling websites, selecting the right bookmaker is critical. Always choose the one with the best odds and most competitive markets. It also need to provide a wide range of deposit and withdrawal choices, complete protection of personal information and stored cash, and excellent customer service.

On the peak of the surge. The rapidly growing number of internet users in India is a key component in the country's growth in cricket online gambling. Over the last decade, the number of registered households has steadily increased. By the end of 2018, there were over 560 million internet users, and by the end of 2019, that number had climbed to over 620 million. By the end of 2020, estimates indicate that there will be 730 million users! All of this supports online betting, and as cricket is the sport of choice for many, online cricket betting has a promising future.

IPL, the another big reason for Cricket betting popularity

IPL is another one of the big and most vital reason for having impact on making Cricket betting the most famous in India.

The Indian Premier League is well-known around the world, and every young cricketer has dreamed of competing on this stage.

For the numerous cricket enthusiasts in India, the Indian Premier League (IPL) and cricket betting go hand in hand. Anyways, whatever be the national sport of India in the times to come, cricket remains the most popular sport among Indians, and the IPL season is undoubtedly their favourite time of year.

Cricket and India have a long history of cooperation. The first cricket match in the country was played in 1721. Nevertheless, it was not until the 1980s that this became trendy. Local cricketers were invited to play outside of the country during this time.

Every cricket fan is aware of the IPL, and they should be enamoured with it. It has all of the elements necessary to become the best cricket league in the world. This competition features players from many ethnicities and international teams, and it is never short on entertainment.

The BCCI established the IPL after India won the inaugural T20 World Cup. The T20 league is presently India's most prominent domestic competition, with fans from all around the country tuning in to watch. Since its inception with the highest of standards, the sport has swept the world by storm.

Many of Bollywood's most renowned stars attend to cheer on their favourite team, as well as make a day of it. Bollywood is reported to structure their release schedule around cricket since they know that if two dates coincide, the national sport's enthusiasm will drown them out.

Many Indian celebrities, like Shilpa Shetty, Aamir Khan, Jeetendra, Minisha Lamba, and others, are known to enjoy wagering. As a result, it's unsurprising that India's passion for cricket will lead to gambling. When a major cricket match is scheduled, people flock to websites like to put informed bets before the game begins.

During the Indian Premier League, or IPL, online betting platforms are inundated by Indians. Each year,  one of the most eagerly anticipated activities for adult fans is IPL betting. Particularly if India is playing against Pakistan or Australia, as these are their main rivals.

The IPL is one of the most popular sporting events in the world, not only in India. It is one of the top ten most watched tournaments in the globe, and many people all over the world wager on the matches in this tournament. Once a year, in the fifth or sixth month, this occurs.

People may also see that India is developing talented cricketers who can compete with players from other countries by watching the IPL. Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul David, MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag, and Sourav Ganguly, the current president of the BCCI, are among the most well-known Indian cricket icons. All Indians used to feel proud to see these cricketers compete.

In addition to being a social event, watching the IPL is a great way to meet new people. Friends and family can watch the matches together as a result of this. When a major match is occurring, such as a match between the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings or else the Delhi Capitals and the Royal Challengers Bangalore, then the situation would have gone something like this, almost everyone is together and glued to their televisions. For a few days or maybe even weeks, IPL is not only a source of entertainment for the people, but also the topic of their hot and trendiest discussion.

The IPL has been willing to enlarge its playing centres all around India, allowing the league to grow year after year.

Another reason why people might put bets is because they are easy to comprehend. Wagering isn't exactly rocket science. Although there are those that push it to the nth degree and devise truly unique ways. If you only want to place a wager on the side, you'll find that it's simple and that the odds are simple to read.

One of the other reasons why cricket betting is more popular in India can also be that some of the best players in the world are from our nation. India's international cricket squad features some of the top players in the world, including Sunil Gavaskar, Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, and, Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar, who are among the all-time greats. If you're a cricket fan, you'll recognise these names immediately. Their names will always come up in talks in India.

In India, children's imaginations revolve around the best batsmen. For several years, children will gather around televisions to admire the incredible ability displayed by their compatriots. After a game, there will be extensive discussions analysing each and every remarkable incident, reliving each moment, and turning international events into a family gathering and day.

Legality of online cricket betting in India 

The Public Gambling Act of 1867 and the Technology Act of 2000 apply to the majority of India. Sports betting is prohibited under such statutes, but individual states have the authority to enact their own legislation. All forms of gambling are outlawed in India, according to the Public Gambling Act (1867). 

However, unlike in the United States, where the American Internet Gambling Prohibition Act prohibits internet gambling, there is no such regulation in India. Betting companies are allegedly taking use of these loopholes to entice Indians to wager on anything.

With the emergence of several internet sites in recent years, the Indian Betting Industry, which is one of the fastest-growing countries, is now seeing a major rise. Surprisingly, the government is coming around to the idea of online betting.

Betting is still technically prohibited in India, but many get around it by placing bets online. This is due to the fact that there are no particular laws in the country that explicitly prohibit the use of offshore-based bookies.

Final thoughts

Finally, many people regard betting as a fun sport or pastime. It's simply a fantastic method to improve your sports viewing experience. It's exciting enough to watch a cricket match, but it's even more so when money is involved. Betting adds to the fun and excitement of watching sports.

Strangely, despite the tremendous rise in the online betting sector, many Indian men still prefer their favourite game to be played on screens. The chief reason for this is the legitimacy of online sports betting in India.

All of these considerations have conspired to produce online cricket betting India's most popular form of gambling.

Cricket is already a hugely popular sport in India. Indians like playing and watching cricket in the same way that the British follow football and the Americans enjoy basketball and baseball. And, with technological advancements making cricket betting available, there's no excuse not to place that stake right now.

As you came to learn that, cricket betting is quite famous in India for a range of factors. People are always looking for new methods to have a good time and brighten up their days. Many people have recognised that one way to achieve it is to bet on a particular sport. Indians have long loved sports, and this enthusiasm does not appear to be diminishing anytime soon. It's only going to get more fun and enjoyable, especially now that there are so many online betting services that make it available to everyone.

The market will undoubtedly expand as the demand for legalising cricket gambling grows in India. This would give gamblers more opportunity to make more money online by playing the game they know best. All of the aforementioned factors, as well as a slew of others, have contributed to the rise of online cricket betting in India.