Arrested for Gambling in India
423 nabbed for gambling in India during 2 days

During the two days of Janmashtavi celebrations, which began on Sunday, 423 people were arrested for gambling.

Several raids resulted in the seizure of cash and valuables totaling Rs 36.46 lakh.

Approximately 150 people are arrested at Janmashtami and Bhim Agiyaras every year, but this year's figures were the maximum.

Overall 11 cases were reported in Amroli police station, resulting in the arrest of 98 people, whereas nine cases were registered in Varachha, resulting in the arrest of 61 people.

From January to May 2021, 390 gambling cases were reported, compared to 355 in the same period of 2019. In 2021, a total of 2,018 arrests were made, compared to 2,110 in 2019.

Gandhinagar cops raid hotel, arrested 26 gamblers

A group of Gandhinagar police officers from the local crime branch (LCB) raided a hotel near Randheja Crossroads and detained 26 people for gambling, as well as seizing items worth Rs 1.21 crore from detainees.

Dharmesh Patel, a resident of Unjha in Mehsana, and his associate Kamal Patel, a local of Visnagar in Mehsana, as well as Rahim Nagani, a resident of Juhapura in Ahmedabad city, had been operating a gambling den in Hotel Swagat in Randheja, according to LCB cops.

The cops arrived at the hotel and proceeded to the first floor, where the gaming was taking place. A police officer remarked, "They had set up curtains beside a marriage hall and were running the gambling den." Nagani, he claimed, was the manager of the hotel.

The cops recovered Rs 2.18 lakh in cash, Rs 4.22 lakh in 39 smartphones, and Rs 1.21 crore in nine vehicles, and filed a case under the Gambling Prevention Act against 26 people.

In Surat, a BJP worker and eight others arrested for gambling

According to police, a BJP worker and a member of the Surat Municipal School Board and eight more were arrested late on Sunday in the Mota Varachha region of Surat for alleged gambling activities.

Rajesh Bhikhadia, a resident of Mangaldeep Society in the Kapodara neighbourhood, was the party's ward no. 4's former general secretary. A total of Rs 67,000 in cash was also seized on the location.

On the basis of a tip, officers from the Amroli police station raided a residence in the Mota Varachha area's Vrindavan Society, where multiple bikes and cars were parked outside. 

Police discovered wagering activity inside the premises and arrested nine people, who were charged under sections 4 and 5 of the Indian Penal Code.

Amroli police inspector RP Solanki stated, “We arrested nine persons involved in gambling, including Rajesh Bhikadia, and seized Rs 67,000. Further probe is on.”

On June 25, the Surat Municipal School Board held elections for 12 members. The government appointed three of the members. Ten of the 11 members chosen were from the BJP, while one was from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Bhikhadia stood as an independent candidate and was elected with the help of the BJP.

Surat city BJP president Niranjan Janjmera declined to comment on the arrest, while Surat AAP president Mahendra Navadiya commented:

We will demand his resignation as a municipal school board member. Earlier, a video of him being part of a liquor party had gone viral on social media and now he is arrested for gambling activities.

Task force police arrested 10 persons for gambling 

On Monday, the Hyderabad Commissioner's Task Force (West) squad nabbed ten people who were discovered gambling at a residence in Hakeempet, Tolichowki.

The cops seized Rs 72,380 in cash and cards from them. The squad searched Mohd Saleem's home located at Hakeempet, Tolichowki, after receiving a tip.

Saleem was organising gambling at his house and inviting participants to play three card games after collecting a commission from them. On information, the raid was conducted and ten persons caught.

said DCP Task Force, P Radha Kishan Rao. They were handed up to Golconda police for further proceedings, along with the property.