Officials announced last month on 12th August that a Delhi Police constable had been fired for his alleged involvement in an organised cricket betting activity. Following a departmental investigation, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) Jasmeet Singh discharged constable Amit Kumar, who was assigned to the Paharganj police station.

Amit Kumar (35), a constable, has been charged with engaging with criminals and rioters, as well as organising gambling and betting activities in the locality. Ct Kumar was terminated from service on Wednesday by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) Jasmeet Singh after he was accused of being engaged in a recent shooting incident in Paharganj.

On the 14th August, Saturday, around 3.30 pm, police received a PCR report concerning a brawl between two parties near the Relax Hotel in Paharganj. Two males were hurt, one by a knife wound and the other by a gunshot wound. They were allegedly involved in local betting. Gambling between two groups was the source of contention. Raghav was discovered to be active in ‘satta' operations in the Paharganj area by the police. There were 33 telephonic interactions between constable Amit Kumar and Raghav, according to call detail records (CDR).

A preliminary investigation by the police found that a criminal named Amit Raghav was involved in the area's betting ring. Constable Kumar was operating in "deep connivance" with Raghav in betting rackets and collecting money, according to locals questioned by the police.

Constable Kumar was posted at Paharganj police station, but he was sent to district lines a few months back for his misconduct in another case. We examined him and checked his call records, which revealed that there were 33 calls between him and Raghav. A total of 17 calls were also made from his phone to another criminal named Gajender

told police

While Raghav has been accused in five criminal instances, including rioting in Paharganj this year, Gajender Singh has been accused in 15 criminal cases, including Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) violations and rioting.

Kumar is also suspected of being engaged with "renowned bar owners and gangsters," according to the police. They were looking into a ‘sting operation' video from the Mumbai Dreams pub in Paharganj, which was broadcast on August 3 by a TV news channel. The footage shows bar patrons and employees breaking Covid rules by not wearing masks or keeping social distance. The accused were operating the establishment in violation of DDMA and licencing standards. In the video, police officers can also be seen standing outside the club.

We found that he (Kumar) was actively in touch with all the bar owners and managers in the area. During questioning, he admitted he called them regularly. More than 200 calls were made to the owner and manager of My Love bar and 100 calls were made to the owner of Mumbai Dreams from his phone

stated police

In an order, DCP Singh mentioned that a regular investigation will uncover new facts. A departmental inquiry (DE) would be unreasonable, however, because witnesses in the case may refuse to testify against him (Kumar).

“It is highly probable that during the entire process of departmental proceedings, witnesses would be put under constant fear of threat to their persons and property… Under these circumstances, I am personally satisfied that conducting a regular DE against Ct. Amit Kumar is not practicably possible in view of threat, inducement, intimidation, affiliation with criminals etc…,” read the order.

Kumar revealed during a preliminary investigation that he was assigned to Paharganj police station's beat number 9, which includes various restro bars such as Mumbai Dreams Bar, My Love Bar, Your Bar, and others.

CDR analysis revealed that he was actively linked with the owners and managers of the pubs in the locality during the investigation, they added.

Kumar was judged ineligible for the department after an investigation by the Vigilance department. The police stated that after he is dismissed and no longer has the ability to influence witnesses, a regular investigation would be undertaken.

In the meantime, the Paharganj police station's Station House Officer (SHO) has been shifted to district lines.