Dilipsinh Hadiyol

In Banaskantha's Palanpur, a prominent Ranji cricketer was nabbed for reportedly running a gambling den at a sports centre just a few hundred metres from the police headquarters. 

Dilipsinh Hadiyol, a Palanpur citizen and former cricketer who played for Gujarat in the Ranji Cricket competitions, was detained at King George Fifth Club alongside 39 others. One of the sports club's trustees is Hadiyol.

The raid was carried out on December 2 by the State Monitoring Cell (SMC) under the Director General of Authorities (DGP), as per police.

The SMC, which was established to help the head of police in combating prohibition and gambling rackets, has authority throughout Gujarat. The SMC does not trust the local police station with its operations, and following a raid, disciplinary action is taken against the PS in-charge officers as per procedure.

After obtaining information that Dilipsinh Hadiyol was organising gambling sessions at the King George Fifth Club on Palanpur's police headquarters road, two groups were created to raid the club. "A total of 40 people were detained, and Rs 1.7 lakh in cash, various phones, and vehicles were seized.

according to a statement from by DGP's office.

The accused Hadiyol used to organise gambling sessions among his friends and individuals from the surrounding region. Six other people are wanted, and they've all been charged with careless conduct likely to transmit disease under the Public Gambling Act, Disaster Management Act, and IPC section 269 in a FIR filed at Palanpur East police station.

as per statement.

Hadiyol, recently few days back posted a video on social media offering his sports club fields to police sub-inspector and Lok Rakshak Dal jawan entrance exam candidates.

Last year also there were such similar cases, that a former first-class ranji cricketer Robin Morris, who has played for Mumbai and Odisha in the Ranji Trophy, had also been detained for cricket betting by Versova police. Morris and two other people were caught betting on IPL matches.

According to the Central Crime Branch (CCB so far this year around 20 cases of betting have been reported during the Indian Premier League (IPL), one of the most prominent sporting leagues in the world.