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4raBet India Review


4raBet is a decent site for Indian players. There is however a lack of localization towards India as it is primarily a UK sportsbook but you can change to their Hindi version quite easy. You are allowed to register and play as an Indian. We have awarded them with a 3 out of 5 rating in our review for that reason.

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What is good and what is bad?

Deposit and withdrawal tutorial

No transfer fees

Bet tracker

Easy deposit process

Translated website to Hindi

Lack of licensing or certifications

Atrocious customer service

Limited funding and withdrawal options

4raBet has a long history of less than trustworthy business practices. Find out if their approach to aboveboard gaming has changed and whether you can confidently take part in games through this entity.


Can I legally register and play at 4rabet as an Indian player?

Yes, you can register and play on this site as an Indian player.

Do they offer a welcome bonus?

Yes! 4rabet often gives its new players a welcome bonus. We have always the latest up to date welcome bonus listed on this page.

Who are 4rabet?

They are a small betting operator that is not that well known in the industry.

Can I trust 4raBet?

They have not scored that well in our test when it comes to trustworthiness, we have had problems to verify the owner of the company, which is always a bad sign.

4raBet India Review – Are They Worthy of Your Trust? Let Our Experts Fill You In

4raBet is a relatively new internet casino. Although there is typically a certain appeal to try the latest online casino option, the JustGamblers experts believe that Indian gamblers should stay as far away from 4raBet as possible. This entity does not offer any type of security or reassurance that important player information is kept in safe hands and is well-known for not paying gamblers their earnings.

Although 4raBet may appear appealing to internet gamblers because of their options for live dealer games and sports betting choices, our experts believe that other live casinos are better suited for Indian players.

Is 4raBet Licensed and Certified in India?

As experts in the gambling field, one of the details that we always look out for is whether an entity goes the extra mile to ensure that their players' personal and financial information is well protected. Casinos that go through the process of being certified and licensed demonstrate that they care about fair and safe gameplay. It is a huge red flag to us if a casino is neither licensed nor certified. In the case of 4raBet, this entity is not licensed or certified.

The representatives of 4raBet would not disclose their operating address. Typically, this is something that you can find easily either on the home page of the site or in the terms and conditions. However, this vital piece of information is mysteriously absent, which has led past players to believe that 4raBet is based in India. If this is the case, the site may be in hot water at some point because operating an internet casino that offers both games of skill and games of chance is still outlawed in the country.

When Was 4raBet Launched?

This online casino formally launched in 2018. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the site has gone through any upgrades or changes since its inception. The site still has limited options for account funding and has done nothing to improve the options that a player has to communicate with 4raBet customer service.

Does 4raBet Have a Good Reputation?

Multiple complaints have been lodged against 4raBet through the Indian Consumer Complaint forum. One of the leading complaints among gamblers that have risked their money at 4raBet is that they never see any of the money they “win” from the site. Countless players have lodged complaints against the entity, but as soon as the player starts to complain, their account is shut down immediately.

Another leading issue that 4raBet players have experienced with the entity is the lack of response from customer service. Although the site does offer live chat, numerous players have complained about the site’s lack of response using this format.

4raBet is ranked 65,850 in global engagement, according to Alexa Data. In India, the entity is ranked 17,269 in internet engagement. In comparison to some of its competitors, this is a terrible ranking indicative of a subpar internet casino. Gamers tend to spend less than 10 minutes on the site.

Is 4raBet a Listed Company?

We could not find any reference of 4raBet having any stock options for their players. Our assumption, therefore, is that 4raBet is a privately owned company, although we could not confirm that through the entity.

Brands Associated with 4raBet

Currently, 4raBet is not associated with any other brands. The casino does have an affiliate program, which they refer to as 4raBet Partner. However, they do not provide you with any benefits or perks associated with the program until after you sign up. Affiliates have reported that the program is much ado about nothing.

4raBet’s Responsible Gaming Policies

4raBet does not do anything special when it comes to responsible gaming policies for their players. If a gambler feels as though their betting habits are out of control, the casino provides you with a list of ten questions that you can ask yourself to try to figure out the severity of your addiction. The only other option for responsible gaming that 4raBet offers is to close your account completely. Although the casino refers to this as a “self -exclusion,” the terms of this option indicate that a player will need to start a new account if they decide to use this option.

Creating an Account with 4raBet

It’s important to note that we do not believe any of our readers should create a 4raBet account. If you do, you do so at tremendous risk. However, if you decide to gamble with this entity, the registration process is straightforward.

Information You’ll Need to Sign Up

If you opt to register for a 4raBet account, you will need to provide the casino with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • A valid e-mail address and phone number
  • Complete address

Once you enter these details, players will be redirected to a screen where they can fund their accounts using one of three possible e-wallet methods.

Do I Need to Provide Any Documents to Withdraw Earnings from 4raBet?

You should not need anything to withdraw any earning from 4raBet. To initiate a withdrawal, players would need to navigate to their player profile and click “Withdrawal.” Each withdrawal option has the same maximum limit with no minimum withdrawal limit.

How Easy Is It to Create a 4raBet Account?

It is extremely easy to register for a 4raBet account. While other casinos mandate that you provide them with photocopies of specific documentation, 4raBet does not go through that step. The information that the entity asks for are details that any person would know immediately, which cuts the entire registration process down to between 5 and 10 minutes.

How 4raBet Verifies Your Documents

4raBet does not require any documentation to register an account or to withdraw funds. Considering that the site does not maintain an official e-mail address and does not have a separate link on their page to upload documents, it’s unlikely that the entity would request copies of any documentation. The standard operating process with this casino seems to be that if any type of cheating or fraudulent activity is suspected, they shut down your account immediately.

How Quickly Can I Start Playing with Real Cash?

Since 4raBet only accepts e-wallet forms of payments, as soon as you add money to your player account, you can start placing bets immediately. Your initial deposit bonus should also be automatically added to your account, so you have more money for betting.

4raBet Withdrawals and Deposits

The withdrawal and deposit options for 4raBet are limited to choices among various e-wallets. While it is easy to set up an account for all the e-wallet options, it is still an extra step that players have to take to establish this account before you can start placing bets.

4raBet Deposit Methods

Players can add money to their 4raBet account using the following deposit methods:

Deposit Method
Processing Time
Minimum Deposit
Maximum Deposit

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

When you would like to withdraw money from your account, you can do so in these ways:

Withdrawal Method
Processing Time
Minimum Withdrawal
Maximum Withdrawal
2 to 21 days
2 to 21 days

Do I Need to Prove my Source of Wealth?

4raBet does not mandate that you provide them with any information associated with your source of wealth. Considering that the casino does not allow you to add money to your player account through any other source other than an e-wallet, as long as you can deposit the money, they will take it no matter from where it came.

4raBet Casino Bonuses and Campaigns

Gamblers are always on the lookout to see if their casino of choice can provide them with any added incentives for playing games through their platform. Similar to other aspects of their site, 4raBet does not offer much in terms of bonuses or campaigns. In fact, the casino only offers one initial deposit bonus.

Introducing 4raBet’s Bonuses

The only 4raBet bonus is their initial deposit bonus. The leading draw to this bonus is that gamblers have the potential of cashing in on a 200% deposit bonus. Players can choose their bonus based on the following deposit amounts:

Deposit amountBonus amount
300 rupees350 rupees
500 rupees650 rupees
1000 rupees1500 rupees
2500 rupees5000 rupees
4000 rupees10,000 rupees
5500 rupees16,500 rupees
8,000 rupees24,000 rupees
10,000 rupees30,000 rupees

The deposit bonus amount is added immediately to your account; however, you will not be allowed to make any withdrawals until you deposit and win a certain amount.

Current 4raBet Campaigns

At present, 4raBet does not have any ongoing campaigns. It’s unclear as to whether the casino will change this premise any time soon. We cannot find any information that 4raBet ever offered any other type of bonus or long-standing campaign.

FAQs on 4raBet’s Bonuses

Q: Do I have to enter a promotional code to take advantage of the initial deposit bonus?
A: No. As soon as you register for an account and make your first deposit, the bonus amount is added to your player account automatically. Our experts have not found any bonus that requires a 4raBet promo code.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of money that I would need to deposit into my account to take advantage of the initial bonus?
A: Yes. You need to deposit a minimum of 300 rupees to receive a 50-rupee bonus.

Q: Will 4raBet offer more bonuses in the future?
A: It’s unclear as to whether 4raBet will offer more bonus choices in the future. As of the date of this review, 4raBet has never offered any other type of bonus other than their initial deposit bonus.

Q: Is there a section of the 4raBet site that explains the initial deposit bonus?
A: Yes. In the top right-hand corner of the homepage, there is a green button that says, “Get a Bonus.” This table is similar to the one that our experts supplied you with further up in this review.

What Games Does 4raBet Offer?

4raBet offers all the traditional games that you would find at any other online casino. The site also features virtual sports games around the clock. The virtual sports gives players a wide variety of game options such as basketball, dog racing, soccer, tennis, and horse racing.

Which Games Can I Play at 4raBet?

Gamblers can take part in the following 4raBet games:

  • Sports betting including football, and horse racing
  • Live dealer games including baccarat and poker
  • Slots
  • Video baccarat and poker
  • Virtual sports

The site does not provide its users with hours of availability regarding the live dealer games; however, the other games are accessible to users at any time. There are popular games that are also missing from the selection found on 4raBet, including online roulette. Other gambling sites may be better suited to support your interest in traditional casino games.

This casino is not known to be a leading contender among cricket betting sites. However, if you are looking for a decent selection of options for horse race betting, 4raBet does adhere to the search criteria.

From Where Does 4raBet Source Its Games?

There is no reference to the source of 4raBet games anywhere on their website. When our experts attempted to reach out to a customer service representative regarding this important detail, we were promptly told this is not information that the casino will distribute, and the representative ended the chat.

How Easy Is It to Use 4raBet?

Considering the multitude of issues when it comes to the inner workings of 4raBet, the site itself is relatively easy to use. You can access all their “live” events by clicking on the three bars on the top left-hand corner on the home page. If you want to take part in casino games, you can click on one of the multiple links along the bottom half of any page.

4raBet – Compatible Devices

This casino tries to keep up with the times by creating a mobile app that you can download from their website. To access the 4raBet app, you would need to log into your account through your phone’s mobile web browser and follow the instructions to complete the download. You can also access the site by the traditional method of logging in through your desktop computer.

The site also indicates that you can “keep up” with the latest components of 4raBet through their various social media accounts. There is a big push to follow the casino on Instagram; however, there is no bonus to do so.

What We Think about the Feel of 4raBet

If there is a word that we had to use to describe the 4raBet, that word would be simple. There isn’t anything flashy or pointedly eye-catching about the site. Whereas most internet casinos have their game choices along the top of their home page, the 4raBet site has these options along the bottom of the page. The home page also features the results of different sporting events.

4raBet Customer Support Services

If we could describe the customer support services of 4raBet in one word, that word would be awful. The site has only one way to contact a member of their customer service department, which is via live chat. However, these associates are anything but helpful.

How Can I Reach Out to 4raBet?

The main way that you can reach the 4raBet customer service team is through their live chat feature. While this is usually a fantastic resource for casinos, our experience with their customer service team is that anyone who responds to live chat is utterly rude. Their support team does not want to be bothered by answering simple questions if they do not have to.

In the limited responses that we received from a representative, the person refused to provide us with a phone number, address or e-mail address to contact anyone else in 4raBet.

What Features Make 4raBet Unique?

Sadly, there is nothing good about 4raBet that makes it unique. Although options are abundant for games on the site, there is nothing spectacular about any of them.

How Is 4raBet Different to Other Online gambling sites?

The site does feature a mix of live casino games as well as sports betting. If the site were able to fix its bad reputation, it would have the opportunity to become a possible contender among Indian players. Considering that the site has not changed at all since it initially launched, this appears unlikely right now.

Is 4raBet a Good Choice for Indian Players?

We believe that 4raBet is not an advisable choice for Indian players. If you decide to add money to a 4raBet account, there is a good chance that you will never see it again. Additionally, if you have any problems during gameplay, you cannot count on the 4raBet customer service team to help you.

4raBet – Our Verdict

Our experts believe that there are plenty of other reputable betting sites that you can try when you want to make online bets. The fact that 4raBet is not forthcoming with vital information, including the source of its games and the lack of essential security features, leads us to encourage you not to trust this site with your money.

Five Things We Love about 4raBet

There is nothing that we love about 4raBet. It is more realistic to try compiling a list of five things that are passable about the site.

  1. Deposit and withdrawal tutorial

4raBet put together a video tutorial to show players how to add and remove funds from their accounts. This lecture makes the transaction process easier, and lets players spend more time gambling instead of getting caught up in the logistics of adding or removing money from their player account.

  1. No transfer fees

While many other casinos charge a transfer fee for adding money to your account, 4raBet waives all fees on both deposits and withdrawals. This waiver means that players do not have to add any extra money to their account to compensate for transfer fees.

  1. Bet tracker

Did you place more than one bet, and you can’t remember the game on which you bet? You can click on an icon at the bottom of any screen labelled “Bet Slip” for an up-to-date breakdown of all the bets you have placed. This section of the site also gives you the chance to see betting odds for future games. If you decide to take part in one of these games, you can place bets through the tracker.

  1. Easy deposit process

Whenever you need to add more money to your account, you can simply click on the “Deposit” on the lower half of any screen. Players are immediately redirected to a different screen so that they can complete the transaction. It’s important to note that you cannot add money to your account if you are in the middle of a game. You need to exit the game, add money, then you can go back into the game and start placing bets.

How 4raBet Could Improve

There are endless ways that 4raBet can improve their platform. If we had to narrow down our list of issues with this entity, we would have to limit it to the following:

  1. Lack of licensing or certifications

We strongly recommend that you stay far away from any unlicensed or uncertified online casino. When a casino goes through the process of obtaining the proper licensing, it provides players with some form of peace of mind that if they win money, they will indeed see their earnings.

  1. Atrocious customer service

Excellent customer service is the cornerstone of any internet casino. When gamblers are in the middle of a game, and something goes wrong, the entity should employ representatives that are responsive, professional, and work quickly to address any issues. The customer service associates at 4raBet openly show that they simply do not care when it comes to helping their clients. If a representative doesn’t feel like answering your question, they turn off the chat.

  1. Limited funding and withdrawal options

While it’s excellent that 4raBet does not subject their players to transfer fees, it’s disappointing that there are not more options to add or withdraw money from your player account.

Our 4raBet Review Rating

4raBet comes across as a “fly by night” internet casino in countless ways. From their lack of licensing and certifications to their subpar customer service practices, Unless 4raBet makes some serious changes in the overall way that they run the casino, it is unlikely that it will ever become a trusted name in the industry.

If you are looking for a more reputable online casino, we suggest that you read through our JeetWin review or take a look at Jungleraja casino in India. Our experts have reviewed numerous casinos and sports betting sites where you can safely place your bets. Do not waste your time and money on this one.

For these reasons, we are awarding 4raBet a 3 out of 5 rating.

About iconAbout
Company name: 4raBet
Address: Unavailable
Licenses: None
Established: 2018
VAT number: N/A
Registration number: N/A
Awards: None
Languages supported: English, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Malaysian, Vietnamese
Associated brands: None
Affiliate program: https://4rabetpartner.com/
Devices and apps iconDevices & Apps
Devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Apps: No
Support iconSupport
Live chat: Yes
Live chat 24/7: No
Phone: -
E-Mail Address: -
Games and products iconGames & Products
Amount of games: 100
Games: Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Live Casino, Sportsbook, Baccarat
Gaming providers iconGaming Providers
Amount of providers: 12
Providers: Playson
Payment methods iconPayment Methods
Payment (Deposit): Skrill, Neteller
Payment (Withdrawal): Skrill, Neteller
Currencies: INR, MYR, THB, IDR, VND, PKR, PHP, BDT
Deposit and withdrawal iconDeposits & Withdrawal
Minimum deposit: ₹300
Minimum withdrawal: ₹1,000
Pending withdrawal period: 2 to 21 days
Bonuses iconBonuses & Requirements
Deposit: ₹10,000
No deposit: -
Free spins: -
Wager requirements free spins: -
Wager requirements: -
+18 | Play Responsibly | Terms & Conditions apply.
Accept players from India India Flag

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