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9Stacks Poker Managed to Catch the Attention of the Global Online Poker Arena. Find Out More About the Why So Many Indian Poker Players Enjoy 9Stacks, Adding to Its Unprecedented Growth.

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What is good?

  • Pay-out speeds are considered by many to be the fastest in the industry.
  • The trust that the site instils in players is invaluable
  • Their bonus features are exciting
  • Their loyalty program truly shows appreciation to loyal players
  • Is the place to find comprehensive training to master the cards.

What is bad?

  • The site is not available in all of India over which they have no control

Is 9Stacks Trustworthy?

9Stacks poker is one of the most popular poker sites in India. It is evident from the moment you first enter the website that they deliver a trustworthy and user-friendly experience. Its numerous rewards testify of the booming success that it’s had in the short period from entering the market in 2017. This trustworthiness is one of the many great attributes that any 9Stacks review mentions.

Is 9Stacks Licensed and Certified in India?

9Stacks is entirely legal, according to Indian legislation. They hold certification from iTech Labs based in Australia, which confirms that their Random Number Generator (RNG) is legit. It doesn’t seem that they are otherwise licensed or certified, but this might not necessarily be of concern. They focus on the Indian market. Since their office is in New Delhi, they only require local authorization and that they have.

When Was 9Stacks Launched?

9Stacks launched in 2017.

Does 9Stacks Have a Good Reputation?

Yes, many Indian poker players enjoy the site, and it has built a brilliant reputation over a short time. It is also one of the fastest-growing poker sites in India. For many Indian players, 9Stacks poker is their preferred platform to win some rupees.

9Stacks poker is, without a doubt, one of the most popular poker sites in India. In a very short time frame, the site managed to rake in 3 prestigious awards in the online gaming industry, which undoubtedly testifies to the popularity that 9Stacks India enjoys.

Is 9Stacks a Listed Company?

No. 9Stacks belongs to SparSkills Technologies Pvt Ltd., which is a private company.

Brands Associated with 9Stacks

Their qualified and creative team of software development geniuses are the masterminds behind the success of 9Stacks poker. Since the company develops its games, there are no well-known brands that they associate with; thus, the brands linked to their name are from the banking side. These names include Mastercard, Visa, Cashfree, UPI, and more.

9Stack’s Responsible Gaming Policies

As a leading provider of online poker in India, 9Stacks complies with responsible gambling practices. The company is highly professional in its approach to the industry. They want to ensure a safe and trusted environment where Indian players will be responsible at all times. Thus, they placed specific measures in place to help their players control their gambling habits.

Firstly, the age restriction to enter the 9Stacks poker site is 18 years. They emphasize that they will bar any player younger than this legal age or players that don’t submit proof of their age. They recognize the risk of younger children entering an adult player’s account, which makes it challenging to control unlawful entry. Hence, they urge players to protect their accounts from underaged players with passwords or parental control settings.

In addition to this, they also offer their players the option to set daily and cash game limits enabling players to manage their spending habits on the site. They offer self-exclusion for players who experience dependent behaviour regarding their gambling habits. This option can be set for a limited time or indefinitely. Their website also provides various tips and tricks on how to manage your budget best to prevent financial strain on your life later on due to overspending.

Creating an Account with 9Stacks

9Stacks wants to deliver a relaxed and fun customer experience starting with a simple and easy registration process. The process begins with mobile verification to ensure that they have a secure contact number for players. Players then have to enter basic contact information to create their accounts. Once you submit verification documentation, 9Stacks will approve and activate your account.

Information You’ll Need to Sign Up

Players will have to complete some basic personal information and contact details. These include the following:

  • Name and surname
  • Player’s ID number
  • Date of birth
  • Contact details such as telephone number, a valid email address
  • A physical address

Do I Need to Provide Any Documents to Withdraw Earnings from 9Stacks?

Yes, withdrawals will only be possible when players have updated their personal information and documentation. 9Stacks clearly state that they will not allow withdrawals without proper KYC (Know Your Customer) information on file.

How Easy Is It to Create a 9Stacks Account?

It is straightforward to register on 9Stacks. New players can simply go to the site and enter their valid mobile number, which will serve as your request for an OTP. Once you receive this OTP, you can enter it into the allocated space and complete registration. The remainder of the process is explained in simple step-by-step guidelines and only requires your necessary information. You will also have to submit documentation to prove your identity. Once you have completed this step, you can start playing.

How 9Stacks Verifies Your Documents

They require that all new players submit proof of identification in the form of a legitimate ID document. They state that they have the right to do credit checks on players using third-party documentation. To cut down on any fraudulent activities, they run regular checks on the personal and financial information of players, which assist in assuring no illegal or fraudulent activities occur on their site.

How Quickly Can I Start Playing with Real Cash?

9Stacks developed its registration process to be in line with generally accepted practices to ensure a secure and safe platform for players. They also put much effort into making the process easy and quick. Thus, once players submit verification documentation, approval and activation happen rather quickly. 9Stacks India also offers instant play from its web platform.

Withdrawals and Deposits

9Stacks India was the first poker online platform that incorporated the now well-known Dual Chip system. This system gained popularity due to the smooth and effective way it manages player winnings. The system provides players with two choices between user chips and poker chips. The one goes to the players' poker balance and the other to the user balance. Upon registration, both balances start at zero.

  • User Balance
    When players deposit money through any of the linked transfer portals, their rupees go into the user balance. This balance remains available at all times, and players can withdraw rupees again from this balance when they need to. These funds are passive and not yet part of the game. When you withdraw funds from this balance, there are no TDS implications.
  • Poker balance
    This balance is your active funds in the form of poker chips. As players transfer funds to this balance, rupees are converted into chips. Any winnings or bonus money go to this poker balance, and you also play from this balance. When you want to withdraw funds from this balance, the chips are transferred to your user balance as rupees once again. From there, you can withdraw funds.

This system is helpful in the sense that it is much easier to keep track of actual winnings. As soon as your winnings exceed Rs10,000, 9Stacks automatically deduct TDS at 30%. Players will receive a valid TDS certificate for this payment from their accounts. 9Stacks must do this to comply with local taxation legislation.

9Stacks Deposit Methods

The following transfer solutions are available to players to transfer funds into their user balances.

Deposit method Processing time Minimum deposit Maximum deposit
Bank TransferInstant$100-

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

9Stacks are very clear on the fact that they prohibit any cash pay-outs. They only allow bank transfers to bank accounts that players link to their player’s accounts. In the case that a player has all the necessary KYC documentation in place, withdrawals take up to 2 hours to process.

Withdrawal method Processing time Minimum withdrawal Maximum withdrawal
Bank Transfer2 hours$100-

Do I Need to Prove my Source of Wealth?

Yes, 9Stacks do regular checks to ensure that no illegal activities take place on their site. They also hold the right to do personal checks on players via third party documentation.

9Stacks Bonuses and Campaigns

One of the reasons why 9Stacks took the world on online poker by storm, is their lucrative bonus and promotions opportunities.

Introducing 9Stack’s Bonuses

Indian players have various options and possibilities to increase their rupees in a few simple steps. Your first opportunity to win money is through sign-up. 9Stacks offer a new sign-up bonus up to the value of Rs100 by giving new players the chance to Spin the Wheel. Upon winning these additional rupees, the funds reflect instantly in your poker balance.

Once you register your account and submit your KYC, you can head off to the offers section on the 9Stacks site. Necessary filters can easily direct players to various favoured 9Stacks bonus options. These options allow you to make your preferred choice, deposit the needed rupees, and enter the bonus offer. Free rupees are then converted into poker chips and added to your poker balance. These free poker chips are available to join any table contest or tournament.

When players accumulated enough poker loyalty points as determined by the site rules, players can transfer these funds to their user balance. They can then withdraw the rupees into their linked bank account.

Current 9Stacks Campaigns

Indian players will find that 9Stacks is always running various lucrative campaigns. Take note that these offers are all only valid for a limited time. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Offer15K
    This code is the 9Stacks promo code that players need to use to benefit from this very enticing offer. Once Indian players deposit Rs1000 into their accounts, they need to use the 9stacks promo code OFFER15K to receive Rs15 000. Take note that this amount only becomes available when Indian players accumulate 300StackUp points after the initial deposit.
  • First200
    First200 is a welcome bonus to new players. Once first-time players in India deposit their first Rs200, their poker balance instantly increases with poker chips to the value of 400 rupees. Players need to accumulate only 8 StackUp points to withdraw these winnings into their user balance.
  • Mar600K
    This offer is very lucrative to win big when you play big. Users who deposit 6 Lakhs into their account receive an additional Rs30 000 and 90 000 bonus points. These will become available to them gradually as they accumulate points. This offer is truly one that any Indian player of online poker can utilize very effectively to increase their rupees.

These are only a few of the numerous current campaigns. 9Stacks consistently offer new campaigns. We recommend that active players stay up to date with these rewarding opportunities to increase the rupees in their budgets.

FAQs on 9Stacks’ Bonuses

💰 Does 9Stacks offer any welcome bonuses to new players?

Yes, this casino offers various 9Stacks bonus opportunities for both new and existing players.

🤔 Do Indian players have regular access to online campaigns?

Yes. It is one of the many reasons why Indian players enjoy the site. 9Stacks provides numerous bonuses and promotion options. They regularly update these to refresh opportunities for their users.

💸 Can players withdraw the funds that they have won from bonuses and campaigns?

Most of these free rupees become available once you accumulate a required number of StackUp points. You can then transfer these poker chips to your user balances to withdraw cash into your bank account.

➕ What are StackUp points?

Indian players earn StackUp points each time they play. Each time you are active on the 9Stacks poker site and play cash games, you receive StackUp points.

What Games Does 9Stacks Offer?

9Stacks specializes in bringing various exciting poker games to the Indian market. They deliver these games in different playing formats, and it enables Indian players to fine-tune their poker experience.

Which Games Can I Play at 9Stacks?

9Stacks is not only one of the best poker sites in India but also one of the best rummy sites. Players have an abundance of choices between various game challenges, such as No-Limit Texas Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha. When players are playing in the 9Stacks poker room, the following are the options available to them:

  • Game Lobby
    The 9Stacks game lobby offers poker players in India a safe and fair solution to engage in various formats of poker. Their game lobby is RNG certified by iTech Labs which gives players the peace of mind that they always have a fair chance to win rupees.
  • The 9Stacks Rake Structure
    9Stacks is offering one of the lowest rates available in the world of online poker. They have set a flat rate at 10% on all tournaments except for private tables, where 4% is the set rate. At cash tables, the rate is 5%.
  • Private Tables
    Indian players have the opportunity to create private, password-protected tables where you can choose the circle of people who joins your poker table.
  • Various contests
    9Stacks offers multiple options for Indian players to compete against each other. These contests bring loads of excitement and lucrative takings to the online poker table. It allows players to improve their rankings and get that much-deserved recognition for their skills.

From Where Does 9Stacks Source Its Games?

9Stacks has a team of professional developers who are responsible for the development of all their gaming software.

How Easy Is It to Use 9Stacks?

Easy play is fuel to customer satisfaction. 9Stacks wants to deliver a satisfactory experience to all its players and what the market requires as the core of its business. The founders state that the idea of 9Stacks came from studying numerous complaints on poker forums in India. This way, they could identify the current shortfalls and deliver what the market was asking. Easy and simple registration, step-by-step guidelines, an uncluttered and mobile-friendly interface are all points of concern that they identified on these forums. That is what they made the core of their business–a plan that turned out to be very successful.

9Stacks – Compatible Devices

The fun, excitement, lucrative bonuses, and fair play that contribute to the popularity of 9Stacks in India are available on numerous devices, whether powered by Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. Players can also enjoy these pleasures on their browsers or by downloading the 9Stacks app.

What We Think about the Feel of 9Stacks

The online poker market is very excited about 9Stacks. It is a market that invests much trust in this Indian platform. The casino further fuels this trust by the ease of play, the ability to challenge others with your skills, and the comprehensive approach to continually deliver customer satisfaction. Their online portal is easy to follow and free from unnecessary clutter. Their focus is clearly to let Indian poker lovers get down to business as best as they can. There is no reason not to like the feel that 9Stacks delivers to the Indian market.

9Stacks Customer Support Services

They address most minor concerns under their rather comprehensive FAQ section. This section covers every single aspect of online poker from changing an email address to what to do when your browser is slow to load. For any additional queries, they do advise players to make contact via email or phone.

How Can I Reach Out to 9Stacks?

The 9stacks online poker room has a help and support page where clients can directly drop them an email, or you can reach out via phone. Their support team is not available 24/7, but they can assist players daily.

What Features Make 9Stacks Unique?

9Stacks poker made huge strides towards recognized success in a very short time after they entered the online poker market due to several unique features they present.

  • One of the factors that Indian poker players enjoy is the site’s super-fast pay-out system. Their system is PCI-DSS compliant, and this enables them to deliver on fast and secure pay-outs.
  • The 9Stacks interface is very user friendly. It doesn’t hinder profitable play in any way and allows Indian poker players to spend their time in active play.
  • Their contests, offers, and bonuses are simple and straightforward. Every single opportunity to win extra rupees on the site, and there are numerous of them, is explained in the finest detail. Players know what the requirements are to claim their free rupees at all times.
  • The Dual Chip structure makes it easy to keep track of your winnings and is a reflection of the kind of out of the box thinking that makes 9Stacks poker so successful.

How Is 9Stacks Different from Other Online Poker sites?

Several other poker sites share the top rankings in the Indian poker industry. These include names such as PokerStars, Khelo365, Taj Rummy, and FTR poker. What sets 9Stacks apart from these leading sites is the fact that it is still a relatively new Indian poker site. Even though it is so young, 9Stacks is already one of the leaders in the online poker industry. It seems that all eyes are on them in anticipation to see the next groundbreaking development they’ll bring to online poker.

Is 9Stacks a Good Choice for Indian Players?

Yes, indeed. 9Stacks is an exciting platform for Indian poker players to have fun. They can improve their skills and add promising amounts of rupees to their budgets. They show commitment to fair play as they have certification from iTech Labs concerning their RNG. 9Stacks is 100% legal to play in India, except for in a few regions.

Their commitment to TDS and necessary pay-outs is further confirmation of their goal to remain in line with legislation. It also shows that they always strive to diminish any illegal activity on their site. 9Stacks poker offers several lucrative and exciting opportunities to win and several variants and formats to select. Players can also benefit from their affiliate program, Cuelinks.

9Stacks – Our Verdict

We share in the excitement about the numerous opportunities that this site brings. 9Stacks manages to grab the attention of the Indian online poker world with several exciting features. They deliver out-of-the-box thinking on a safe and secure platform that instills trust in players. Several bonus features enable players to win rupees without much effort. Their goal is to deliver a user-friendly platform that provides customer satisfaction and is a goal with which they are setting themselves apart in the industry.

Five Things We Love about 9Stacks

We have discovered many aspects that we love, here just a few:

  • First, we need to mention their fast pay-out system– pay-out speeds are considered by many to be the fastest in the industry.
  • The trust that the site instils in players is invaluable.
  • Their bonus features are exciting, lucrative, and clearly explained.
  • Their loyalty program truly shows appreciation to loyal players and rewards them for their loyalty and support.
  • 9Stacks is about more than winning. They genuinely take the effort to expand interest in the game. Do you want to know the difference between three card poker and 9 stack poker? If so, 9Stacks is the place to find comprehensive training to master the cards.

How 9Stacks Could Improve

There is indeed nothing serious that we can pinpoint on 9Stacks that needs significant improvement. The only negative surrounding the site is the fact that it is not available in all of India over which they have no control. It is illegal to play poker on 9Stacks in 9 Indian states due to legislation that prohibits card games such as poker.

Our 9Stacks Review Rating

9Stacks poker offers various exciting opportunities for new and experienced players. The site is the result of taking note of what the Indian poker market requested. Their success is in bringing solutions to answer these needs. It is truly developed in India for India. It is challenging to find any fault in their operations or in what they deliver to this market. Thus, we feel free to recommend it to any aspiring and experienced poker player based in India and are happy to give them a rating of 5 out of 5.

Operator details
Company Name: SparSkills Technologies Pvt Ltd
Address: Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Delhi 110070, IN
Licenses: N/A
Established: 2017
VAT Number: RO21343605
Registration Number: 2134306
Awards: SUTRA HR – Top 100 start-ups in 2018
eGaming Review – Best poker marketing campaign
Startup Asia – Top 30 start-ups in 2019
Languages Supported: English
Associated Brands: No
Affiliate program: Cuelinks
Customer support
Live chat: Yes
Live chat 24/7: No
E-Mail Address: social@9stacks.com
Devices & Apps
Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Apps: Android, iOS
Games & Providers
Amount of games: 100
Games: Poker
Amount of providers: 1
Providers: -
Banking & Payments
Currencies: INR
Payment (Deposit): Bank Transfer, Visa, MasterCard
Minimum deposit: $10
Payment (Withdrawal): Bank Transfer
Minimum withdrawal: $100
Pending withdrawal period: Within 2 hours
Bonuses & Requirements
Deposit: -
No deposit: -
Free spins: -
Wager requirements free spins: -
Wager requirements: -
Coming Soon
18+ | Please Play Responsibly | Terms & Conditions apply.
Accept players from India India Flag

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The most fishy app in the market for poker
Rated 1 out of 5
January 2, 2021

This is a complete trap guys, I have never lost anywhere this much specially on the turn.
There are many guys who play completely fishy here and somehow win on pure luck.


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