Fake vs real dafabet sites
Advice from dafabet how to identify false and fake dafabet sites.

For some reason Dafabet has been the target for criminals that use their brand to fraud players. Unfortunately, as with the physical world, criminals are always evolving to find new ways to defraud innocent victims. 

Dafabet cares about its users and wants you to be able to immediately identify whether you’re logged into a fake site to avoid being scammed. We’ve laid out all the elements that you must search for to determine whether a Dafabet site is valid.

Cybercrime Statistics

Users are naturally gravitating towards conducting several daily tasks online—just think about the rise in shopping online and how far it’s come. Now that the number of users online has rapidly increased, online platforms represent an easy target for cybercriminals: they have the freedom to decide who they’re going to scam and how.

In 2020, hackers targeted Twitter and breached 130 accounts, including past United States presidents and other prominent figures. They conducted nearly 300 transactions and swindled $121,000 in Bitcoin. According to Proofpoint, 88 percent of organisations around the world experienced spear phishing in 2019, and 36 billion user records were released in the first half of 2020. These statistics highlight the seriousness of online security risks, which extend to all industries. 

Identifying a Fake Dafabet Website

The Dafabet team has its users’ best interests in mind, which is why they’ve established multiple security measures that make it easy for you to identify a fake website. When you’ve landed on the Dafabet page, scroll up to the address bar and look for the green padlock alongside the web address. This icon indicates that your information is secure through an SSL-enabled site. Fake sites have no SSL encryption, which places you at risk. One of the fake sites to look out for is dafabet1888.com.

  • Multiple Locations

Dafabet is available in various locations, and it has multiple email addresses and contact numbers on its site. Since the casino has a large target market, it caters to different languages—something that you won’t find on a fake website. Additionally, the platform offers several toll-free phone numbers and email addresses with a Dafabet domain. Beware of sites that have just one phone number, usually a Philippines-based number that starts with +63 or 0063. The fake site’s email addresses will likely contain external servers such as Gmail or Hotmail.

  • Quality Images

A reputable online casino such as Dafabet takes pride in its layout and product offerings. As a leading global brand, the casino’s layout includes superior-quality images to enhance the player experience. If you come across a site that claims to be Dafabet and is using pixelated (hazy) images, it’s likely a setup by cybercriminals.

  • Redirection

Also referred to as phishing, redirection uses an image that you’re familiar with to lure you into clicking. In some cases, it’s the Dafabet logo that you click on, which then redirects you to a harmful site. This process can allow hackers to obtain personal information and cause harm. If you’re clicking on a Dafabet image, it should always take you to the original site, which should include all the features that we’ve mentioned above.

  • Authorisation of Competitors

Some countries have banned online casinos, which means that players can’t access these sites at all. Cybercriminals use this information to target innocent users by claiming that a competitor of Dafabet is standing in to fill the gap since Dafabet isn’t allowed to operate in their region. Don’t be fooled if a site claims that it has authorisation from Dafabet to operate on the casino’s behalf. The moment that you come across this claim, it’s wise to exit your browser and never visit that site again. 

Fake Emails

Along with fake websites, cybercriminals use fake emails to foster a sense of trust between users and themselves. They provide incorrect information and redirection links solely to defraud you or obtain your data. Dafabet always addresses players using their usernames or first names and never with the generic word “player”.

Cybercriminals usually tempt you by issuing outrageous and tempting bonuses. They may also request that you update your account to continue playing on the site, which is a clear attempt to secure your personal information.

If such a request comes through and includes an external link, don’t click on it: hover over it to determine whether it is fake.

Dafabet never sends players attachments unless they have requested one, so if you find a link or attachment popping up in your mailbox, delete the email immediately. If you do encounter a suspicious email, you can contact the casino and inform the Dafabet team via ensupport@dafabet.com.

Take these tips with you

Nobody wants to become the victim of a crime, but casino users may willingly offer up their data without pertinent information on how to protect themselves. You can apply these measures to multiple websites that you frequent, especially if you’re entering your personal details on a particular platform. Dafabet and a few other online casinos offer advice to their users to help protect them and guard their data against the scourge of cybercrime.