deccan rummy india review
deccan rummy india review

Deccan Rummy Review


Do you find yourself wondering, “Is legit?”. The experts at JustGamblers are here to help you find the answer with our honest review that covers the game selection and account funding options.

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Vishal Sharma
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What is good?

  • Rummy rules section
  • Free game options
  • Promotions
  • Easy site navigation
  • Deccan Rummy app

What is bad?

  • Responsible gambling policies
  • Sporadic customer service
  • Lack of transparency regarding software
Table of Content

Is Deccan Rummy Trustworthy?

One of the most popular card games among Indian gamblers is rummy. The game is certainly one that requires a player to think and calculate to ensure that they emerge with the winning hand. Multiple internet casinos in India have options to bet on rummy. It’s essential that you choose from one of the legal online casinos in India. We believe that Deccan Rummy falls into this category.

Deccan Rummy, also known as DeccanRummy, has become widely popular among Indian gamblers that prefer rummy games. Unlike other poker sites, Deccan Rummy strives to earn your trust by committing itself to a series of security features to protect your financial information and identity.

Is Deccan Rummy Licensed and Certified in India?

When we perform our reviews, one of the things that we always look for is whether each casino is licensed through a formal government agency. This certification provides players with the peace of mind of knowing that the entity has taken specific steps to ensure that their casino is safe, secure, and trustworthy.

Like many other internet casinos in India, Deccan Rummy has taken advantage of a loophole in the Indian law that prohibits gambling in the country. The law restricts casinos from offering their players options for games of chance, but there is no restriction on games of skill. Rummy is considered a game of skill, and because no mandate requires the casino to obtain any further licensing or certification, it is allowed to operate within India.

Deccan Rummy, also known as DeccanRummy, has become widely popular among Indian gamblers that prefer rummy games. Unlike other poker sites, Deccan Rummy strives to earn your trust by committing itself to a series of security features to protect your financial information and identity. This, along with many other reasons that we will highlight, is what makes this entity one of the best rummy sites in India.

When Was Deccan Rummy Casino Launched?

Deccan Games Private Limited owns Deccan Rummy, which launched in September of 2013. Deccan Rummy formally launched a few years later, however, in January of 2017.

Does Deccan Rummy Have a Good Reputation?

Usually, review sites are flooded with negative complaints about internet casinos based in India. The negative comments often revolve around rigged games such as the set up of Jhandi Munda or Points Rummy and the entity being slow to process withdrawals.

When it came to Deccan Rummy, our experts were hard-pressed to find issues with the casino. Of course, the complaints lodged against the casino revolved around concerns regarding payments or issues with games. However, the problems appear to have been personally dealt with by the casino and marked as resolved. Overall, it seems that Deccan Rummy does what it takes to ensure that their players are happy.

Deccan Rummy is not as popular as some of its competitors. It comes in with a ranking of 238,703 in global internet traffic with an average time of just over two minutes being spent on the site. While rummy games can be quick, they usually take longer than two minutes.

Is Deccan Rummy a Listed Company?

The owner of Deccan Rummy is a private company; therefore, there are no stock options associated with the business. Due to the small size of the business, it is unlikely right now that this will change.

Brands Associated with Deccan Rummy

Currently, there are no other brands associated with Deccan Rummy. Their parent company has not indicated any new releases or mergers at this time.

Deccan Rummy’s Responsible Gaming Policies

The responsible gaming policies of Deccan Rummy fall short of what any internet gambler should expect. While the casino does have a page that is dedicated to responsible gaming, it provides ample steps that the player can take to curb their gambling habits instead of options that the casino offers to safeguard against addictive behaviour.

This section of the site also goes into detail about what safety features that the casino has in place to protect a user’s financial information. While these are important details, they seem out of place.

Creating an Account with Deccan Rummy Casino

Like any good internet casino, Deccan Rummy strives to make the registration process simple for new users. New players should be aware, however, that the signup process comes in three steps. The first is inputting information regarding personal details, the second is having your account validated, and the third is adding money to your account.

Information You’ll Need to Sign Up

The initial signup for Deccan Rummy is straightforward. There are three ways that you can register for an account:

  1. Manually enter your identifying information
  2. Link your Deccan Rummy account to your Facebook account
  3. Link your Deccan Rummy account to your Google account

If you opt to input your information manually, you will need to provide the casino with the following details:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Valid e-mail address
  • Address

Users that link their account to Facebook and Google will need to fill in any details that they don’t have associated with their Facebook or Google account. For example, if you do not have your birthday on your Facebook account, you will need to enter it on your Deccan Rummy account before you are allowed to proceed.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will need to select a username and password to log into your account.

Do I Need to Provide Any Documents to Withdraw Earnings from Deccan Rummy?

By the time you are ready to withdraw any earnings, your account should already be fully verified. To complete the registration process, a new user is required to submit copies of a photo ID along with proof of address. Validating the account during registration makes the withdrawal process much easier, which is a benefit for gamblers who are looking to cash out quickly.

How Easy Is It to Create a Deccan Rummy Account?

It’s generally easy to create the beginnings of a Deccan Rummy account. It would help if you kept in mind, however, that you will need to supply the casino with more information once you have captured the basics. A player must fully validate their account by providing the casino with certain identifying information, and you will need to enter your payment information upon validation of the account.

How Deccan Rummy Verifies Your Documents

Deccan Rummy reserves the right to re-verify an already verified account. If your account comes into question, a representative will reach out to you via phone or e-mail with requests for updated documentation.

How Quickly Can I Start Playing with Real Cash?

Once your account is reviewed and validated, you can begin playing with real cash. Players have reported that this process usually takes a few hours as the casino has representatives available to authenticate new accounts around the clock.

Deccan Rummy Withdrawals and Deposits

Deposit and withdrawal options are an area that the developers of the Deccan Rummy casino need to improve. While players will undoubtedly be drawn to the fact that there is no minimum or maximum deposit limitations, the fact that the casino only offers one way of withdrawing money is disappointing.

Deccan Rummy Casino Deposit Methods

Unfortunately, Deccan Rummy does not provide many deposit processes and options. The only positive about their process is that you can add any amount of money to your account in the following ways:

Deposit method Processing time Minimum deposit Maximum deposit
VisaInstant once account is validated--
MasterCardInstant once account is validated--
Bank TransferInstant once account is validated--

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

Withdrawal options are minimal, with only the following options:

Withdrawal method Processing time Minimum withdrawal Maximum withdrawal
Bank TransferInstant$500$50,000

If you win big at Deccan Rummy, keep in mind that you will need to pay 30% TDS (tax deduction at source) on any winnings above 10,000 rupees. If you submit a withdrawal request for more than 10,000 rupees as a result of a win, the casino will automatically withhold 30% to satisfy the TDS requirement.

Do I Need to Prove my Source of Wealth?

Deccan Rummy does not expressly state that they require players to provide documentation regarding their source of wealth. Keep in mind, however, that the casino reserves the right to request this information at any time if they suspect any cheating or fraudulent activity.

Deccan Rummy Casino Bonuses and Campaigns

The Deccan Rummy campaign and bonus options are lukewarm. The choices could be lucrative if a gambler has money to spend; however, the casual player may struggle to cash in on the full bonus benefits.

Introducing Deccan Rummy’s Bonuses

Deccan Rummy has set up a mediocre welcome bonus. The casino will make 100% of your initial deposit up to 5,000 rupees. Once you log into your account, you need to navigate to the “Add Cash” screen. You will then need to enter a Deccan Rummy promo code, which is “WELCOME.” At this point, you can deposit any amount up to 5,000 rupees to cash in on the bonus. For each rupee that you deposit, you receive ten bonus points. During gameplay, you can convert these points to rupees that you can only use to make bets.

It’s critical that you read through the terms and conditions of this bonus, however. One of the standards is that the minimum request you can make for conversion is 1,000 points. This limit would mean that you have to deposit at least 1,000 rupees to get anything out of this bonus. The casino does feature a daily deposit bonus, which results in earning points as well.

Current Deccan Rummy Campaigns

One of the ways that Deccan Rummy tries to keep players intrigued is through their Surprise Cash Whoppers. This campaign is a random bonus campaign to reward you for the number of games that you regularly play. To cash in on this bonus, you need to navigate to the Deccan Rewards section of your account. If you have won this bonus, you will see an amount in the “Cash Bonus” section of the page.

FAQs on Deccan Rummy’s Bonuses

🔢 Do I need a Deccan Rummy promo code for each bonus?

The majority of the Deccan Rummy bonuses require that the player enter a promo code to utilise them. Each promo code is unique, so we suggest that you double-check the code before you try to enter it to make sure that you are taking advantage of the correct promotion.

❓ Does Deccan Rummy have a referral program?

Yes. The Refer a Friend program is popular among Deccan Rummy players. The casino supplies you with a Deccan Rummy referral code that you can share on any one of your social media pages. If a friend or family member begins and funds their account through the link, you instantly earn 25 rupees. Also, any time your referral adds money to their account, Deccan Rummy will send you 10% of the fee. This program is an easy way to ensure that your player account always remains funded.

🔞 Is there an age restriction for bonuses?

Yes, players must be over the age of 18 to register for an account and to access any of the Deccan Rummy promotions.

🍂 Are there seasonal promotions at Deccan Rummy?

Yes. In the past, Deccan Rummy has offered weekly promotions that revolve around different times of the year, including Christmas, New Year, and other global holidays. We strongly recommend that you continue to check in on the promotional offers at Deccan Rummy every week to keep up with the latest offers.

What Games Does Deccan Rummy Casino Offer?

We would be remiss if we did not reiterate that gameplay at Deccan Rummy is restricted to specific rummy style games. If you are looking for options for 3 patti cash games or Andar Bahar for real money, you will need to consider one of the other poker sites.

Which Casino Games Can I Play at Deccan Rummy?

Deccan Rummy offers various versions of rummy for their players. Some examples of the different styles include:

  • Indian rummy
  • 13 card rummy
  • Cash rummy

The casino also offers a multitude of free-play casino games. All you need to do is register for an account and indicate that you want to play free games. The casino will provide you with “electronic chips” so that you get the feel of how to play. If and when you feel comfortable, you can opt to fund your account with real money and start making bets.

From Where Does Deccan Rummy Source Its Games?

Deccan Rummy is not forthcoming regarding how they source their games. Considering that they developed their own app, the odds are that they likely created their own software for their games, or they use a lesser-known third party as their source. A player must download the Deccan Rummy software onto their computer to take part in any games. However, the casino does state that it is “state-of-the-art” software.

We could not find any player complaints regarding issues with downloading or using the software.

How Easy Is It to Use Deccan Rummy?

Once you download the software for the games, it’s easy to navigate Deccan Rummy. The platform is user-friendly, so it is easy to distinguish which games are free versus which are open for betting.

Deccan Rummy – Compatible Devices

Users can pick from one of the following ways to access Deccan Rummy games:

  • Deccan Rummy app
  • Mobile web browser
  • Desktop computer

Players have reported minimal issues with the app. It is downloadable through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

What We Think about the Feel of Deccan Rummy

The layout of Deccan Rummy is extremely user-friendly in comparison to some of its competitors. The desktop site loads in a deep red colour as a header and the main pages are white. However, if you want to change the colour scheme of the pages, just click on the side tab of the site, and you can adjust the colour to green, blue, or yellow.

Deccan Rummy Casino Customer Support Services

Deccan Rummy's customer service leaves something to be desired. Although the site indicates that there is a customer service representative that monitors e-mails at all times, players have reported waiting days to receive a response.

How Can I Reach Out to Deccan Rummy?

Players can reach out to customer support in one of two ways:

  • E-mail
  • Live chat (when available)

Unfortunately, times, when live chat is available, are not listed on the site, and our e-mails for more information about this feature and others have gone unanswered.

What Features Make Deccan Rummy Unique?

What makes Deccan Rummy unique is a feature that is somewhat of a double-edged sword. Deccan Rummy is restricted in the types of games that it can offer; therefore, the platform only provides rummy. However, the fact that the site gives variations of rummy allows gamblers to refine their rummy skills, which could lead to a reasonable payday.

How Is Deccan Rummy Different to Other Online Casinos?

Deccan Rummy is different from other internet casinos in India in the sense that they seem to hold themselves to a higher standard. The casino wants to show registered and prospective players alike that they can be trusted. There are some areas where the casino falls short; however, it appears that they keep trying to develop their brand to be one that Indian gamblers look to first for rummy options.

Is Deccan Rummy a Good Choice for Indian Players?

Our experts liked many of the features of Deccan Rummy; however, we cannot overlook the fact that it is not licensed. That being said, Deccan Rummy has gone to great lengths to ensure that their players feel comfortable and confident, making bets through the site.

Deccan Rummy – Our Verdict

We have mixed feelings about playing through Deccan Rummy. While our experts don’t think that Deccan Rummy should be your first choice among online casinos, we don’t believe that you should ignore it entirely.

Five Things We Love about Deccan Rummy Casino

There are multiple features that we liked about Deccan Rummy, such as:

  • Rummy rules section

If you are starting to play rummy for the first time or if you need a refresher on some specific details of a particular rummy style, you should scan through the rummy rules section of Deccan Rummy. This guide provides you with all the information you need to know to make smart bets that will increase the odds of walking away with the winning hand.

  • Free game options

Hands down, the free game section of the site is one of the reasons why we consider this to be one of the best sites for rummy in India. Deccan Rummy does an excellent job of understanding that not every player may want to start off playing rummy with a real casino. Users have access to free tournaments so that they can fine-tune their skills until they are ready to make bets. If you decide that you would rather stay at the free level, you can play games indefinitely.

  • Promotions

We aren’t entirely sold on the promotion options at Deccan Rummy, but in comparison to other Indian-based online casinos, there are some options that Indian gamblers should consider. The welcome bonus is a little misleading, but the daily deposit bonus or the surprise cash whoppers bonus provides players with an excellent opportunity to get extra gambling cash.

  • Easy site navigation

Once you register and download the software, it is easy to find your game of choice. A simple platform increases the amount of time you spend playing, which is a terrific benefit to gamers.

  • Deccan Rummy app

The Deccan Rummy app is a tremendous asset to the casino. It works well and provides players with all the benefits of the casino without being glued to a computer.

How Deccan Rummy Could Improve

While there are many things that we like about Deccan Rummy, there are a few areas where they could improve. A few examples include:

  • Responsible gambling policies

Deccan Rummy is not forthcoming with the internal options that they have if a player wants to restrict their gameplay. Instead, the onus is placed on the user to take specific steps to control their gambling habits without the choice to set restrictions through the casino. While the information about personal control that the casino provides is helpful, Deccan Rummy would undoubtedly receive more appreciation from players who need more assistance.

  • Sporadic customer service

Customer service is an essential feature of an internet casino. The casino offers the option of using e-mail or live chat support when it is available. Unfortunately, it appears that the live chat option is rarely available. Additionally, our experts never received a response to our e-mail inquiry to Deccan Rummy. Other players have attested to the fact that when you do get in touch with a representative, the person is accommodating, but contacting them initially is difficult.

  • Lack of transparency regarding software

The fact that Deccan Rummy is not more forthcoming regarding their software is concerning. Players are required to download the software to access their game library; therefore, users need to have peace of mind knowing the source of the software they’re downloading on their computer and whether it is safe.

Our Deccan Rummy Review Rating

We are always skeptical about non-government licensed internet casinos. The creators of Deccan Rummy appear to have picked up on this skepticism from other Indian players and seem to go the extra mile to ensure that their players feel comfortable using the platform. While there are a few ways Deccan Rummy could better their brand, our experts were overall pleased with the presentation and operation of this casino.

We have award Deccan Rummy a three out of five-star rating.

Operator details
Company Name: Deccan Games Private Limited
Address: Unit No. 210, Level II, Prestige Centre Point, 7, Edward Road, Bangalor, Bangalore KA 560056 IN
Licenses: None
Established: 2017
VAT Number: N/A
Registration Number: 115949
Awards: None
Languages Supported: English
Associated Brands: None
Affiliate program: None
Customer support
Live chat: Yes
Live chat 24/7: No
Phone: None
E-Mail Address:
Devices & Apps
Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Apps: Android, iOS
Games & Providers
Amount of games: 13
Games: Rummy
Amount of providers: -
Providers: -
Banking & Payments
Currencies: INR
Payment (Deposit): Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer
Minimum deposit: -
Payment (Withdrawal): Bank Transfer
Minimum withdrawal: $500
Pending withdrawal period: Between instant and a few days
Bonuses & Requirements
Deposit: -
No deposit: -
Free spins: -
Wager requirements free spins: -
Wager requirements: -
Coming Soon
18+ | Please Play Responsibly | Terms & Conditions apply.
Accept players from India India Flag

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