FTR Poker Review

Read our detailed review to determine for yourself if FTR Poker is one of the best poker and rummy sites available for Indian gamblers.

Is FTR Poker Trustworthy? Find out in Our Honest FTR Poker Review

Operator data

Company name

Quadrific Media Pvt Ltd


74 Block-P, New Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal, India 700053


Not licensed by a third-party entity

Founded year


VAT number


Registration number


Payment (Deposit)

Credit card, debit card, Net banking, UPI, mobile wallets including freecharge, Ola money, Oxigen, Airtel

Payment (Withdrawal)

Bank transfer

Deposit bonus

210% deposit bonus match

Minimum deposit

No minimum deposit

Minimum withdrawal

100 INR

Payout speed

Usually within one business day






32 Card Draw. 7 Card Stud, Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Americana. OFC Pineapple, Texas 6+, Rummy

Amount of games

Over 50


Desktop, mobile web browser, app available for Android users

Languages supported


Restricted states

Available throughout India except Telangana, Assam and Odisha

Associated brands




Affiliate program


Customer Support

Phone, email, live chat

Phone number


Email address


Seven days per week between 12 PM and 9 PM

Is FTR Poker Trustworthy?

Although the act of gambling is still illegal in India, certain entities have found legal loopholes around restrictions regarding placing wagers on games of skill. FTR Poker aims to target Indian gamblers who are interested in the fun and excitement of popular poker games. While FTR Poker does not offer options for cricket betting or sports betting, our experts believe that it is one of the better online poker sites available to Indian gamblers—with some significant caveats. 

Is FTR Poker Licensed and Certified in India?

Under the Public Gambling Act of 1867, gambling or operating a casino is illegal in India. However, FTR Poker contends that because it only offers options for poker, and because poker is a game of skill, its platform entity functions outside the legal restrictions of the Act. FTR Poker is not officially licensed in any other country, and poker games are available exclusively to Indian gamblers. 

There are certain states within India that restrict games of skill, including Telangana, Assam, and Odisha. FTR Poker respects these restrictions and prevents players from these areas from registering for an account. 

FTR Poker does go to great lengths to prove that it is a trustworthy option for Indian players. The platform has received a random number generator certification through iTech Labs, which is a highly-respected company in the casino industry that is known for spotting issues in poker games.

When Did FTR Poker Casino Launch?

FTR Poker was launched in 2014 by Amin Rozani. Since then, FTR Poker has grown into a top choice among Indian gamers. FTR Poker is managed through its parent company, Quadrific Media Pvt Ltd.

Does FTR Poker Have a Good Reputation?

FTR Poker has a lukewarm reputation among Indian gamblers. There is not an abundance of complaints against the entity, but the complaints that do exist are cause for concern. 

For example, multiple players have posted about issues with FTR Poker not processing cashout requests in the timeframe that the website indicates. Even more troubling, however, is the contention among players that FTR Poker may not abide by its claim of offering games that fall under RNG certification.

FTR Poker is currently ranked 521,123rd in global internet engagement. Considering that access to its games is restricted to users in certain sections in India, this ranking is very impressive. What is even more impressive is that players regularly spend an average of over seven minutes on the site. This length of time indicates that users enjoy FTR poker games.

Is FTR Poker a Listed Company?

FTR Poker is privately held, so it does not offer stock options to players. Considering that the entity is testing the boundaries of gambling laws in India, it is unlikely that the company could become a listed company until gambling in regulated in the country.

Brands Associated with FTR Poker

FTR Poker is a standalone company that does not currently have any other associated brands. This could easily change if gambling becomes legal in India.

FTR Poker’s Responsible Gaming Policies

FTR Poker provides its players with multiple ways to place poker bets responsibly. Outside of opting to play a game of poker just for fun and without a cash bet, users can limit how much money they can deposit into their player accounts daily. If a user believes that playing habits are getting out of control, he or she can request a period of self-exclusion. During this time, players will be blocked from accessing their accounts. A user can decide how long the self-exclusion should last. 

FTR Poker allows players to close their accounts for any reason, and at any time, by contacting the platform’s support team.

Creating an Account with FTR Poker

To its credit, FTR Poker tries to make its registration process straightforward for all new users. FTR Poker asks for the bare minimum regarding information that it needs to establish an account and then asks for further financial information once the account is active.

Information You’ll Need to Register

To set up an FTR Poker account, users will need to provide the following information: 

  • Username and password. If you cannot think of a secure password, you can allow FTR Poker to generate one for you.
  • Valid e-mail address.
  • Nickname.
  • First and last name.
  • Mobile phone number.
  • Promotional code. 

To complete your registration, FTR Poker will text you a unique code to enter into a designated box on the login screen. Once you’ve completed this step and clicked the box to confirm that you understand the terms and conditions of the site, you will be able to hit the red “Register” button on the bottom lefthand corner of the screen.

Do I Need to Provide Any Documents to Withdraw Earnings from FTR Poker?

FTR Poker mandates that each player must provide the entity with a copy of his or her PAN card. The company reserves the right to request additional information if there are any issues with a withdrawal, including a copy of a canceled cheque, an image of a valid passport, or a statement indicating that you own the account into which funds will transfer. A customer service representative will reach out to you with such a request.

How Easy Is It to Create an FTR Poker Account?

It is simple to register for an FTR Poker account. Filling in the required information on the registration page shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. The process is slightly misleading, however, because players will still need to enter financial information, which will take several more minutes.

How FTR Poker Verifies Your Documents

The platform requires document verification to process a withdrawal request. Unfortunately, FTR Poker has not created a secure online portal for players to upload sensitive information such as a PAN card or copies of bank documents. Players will need to submit this documentation via email to the FTR Poker support team.

How Quickly Can I Start Playing with Real Cash?

FTR Poker claims that you have immediate access to its games and can begin playing with real cash once you complete your deposit. The amount of time that it takes for the deposit to reflect in your player account is a questionable detail: FTR Poker indicates that once you authorise the transaction, the deposit reflects instantly in your player account. However, some players have reported that it takes a few days before the deposit clears. 

FTR Poker Withdrawals and Deposits

Compared to the typical internet casino, FTR Poker is limited in its deposit and withdrawal options. Its minimum deposit and withdrawal limits are fairly high. 

When you are calculating your withdrawal amount, keep in mind that FTR Poker is required to hold a set amount of tax. The current rate is 30% with an additional surcharge of 0.9%.

FTR Poker Deposit Methods

Players can add funds to their FTR Poker account in the following ways:

Deposit method

Minimum Deposit

Maximum Deposit

Processing time

Credit Card

200 INR

500,000 INR

Instant but can take a few days

Debit Card

200 INR

500,000 INR

Instant but can take a few days

Net Banking

200 INR

500,000 INR

Instant but can take a few days


200 INR

500,000 INR

Instant but can take a few days

Mobile Wallets including freecharge, Ola money, Oxigen, and Airtel

200 INR

500,000 INR

Instant but can take a few days

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

It’s important to note that FTR Poker has a specific schedule when it comes to processing cashout requests. If a player makes a payout request Monday through Friday before 4 PM, players can expect to see the platform honour the request on the same day. If players request a withdrawal after 4 PM during the week, it will process the following business day. Requests that players make on Saturday before 3 PM will process on the same day. Unfortunately, FTR Poker does not complete withdrawal transactions on Sundays.

Withdrawal method

Minimum withdrawal

Maximum Withdrawal

Processing time

Bank transfer

100 INR

No maximum

Depends on the day and time the withdrawal time is placed.

There are other important factors regarding FTR Poker’s withdrawal process that users should know. The platform will only honour withdrawal requests from players who have reached a certain deposit threshold. Users who have not met this standard can still ask for a cashout, however, the platform will charge a 4% fee on the first transaction and 10% on the second with the option for FTR Poker to raise these percentages at will.

Do I Need to Prove my Source of Wealth?

FTR Poker does not require that players prove their source of wealth to begin placing bets. If the platform denies a deposit, FTR Poker reserves the right to freeze your account until you can produce certain information about how you fund your account.

FTR Poker Bonuses and Campaigns

Overall, FTR Poker bonuses offer players a decent amount of bonuses and campaigns. The problem is that these campaigns are overshadowed by confusing terms and conditions.

Introducing FTR Poker Bonuses

In premise, the FTR Poker Welcome Bonus is one of the best promotions that we have ever seen for a new user. FTR Poker provides new players with a 210% total bonus on an initial deposit. The first 10% of the bonus unlocks instantly, but the other 200% pays out over time depending on how many VIP Points a player amasses over the subsequent 60 days. The terms and conditions of this bonus are very confusing, so make sure that you have a clear understanding of how to unlock the remainder of your bonus.

Current FTR Poker Campaigns

One of the biggest campaigns that FTR Poker offers is its VIP program. Players are instantly enrolled in the VIP Program, which provides them with several ways to earn FTR Poker cash for feature bets or rewards for tournament events. 

FAQs on FTR Poker’s Bonuses

Q: Does every promotion require an FTR Poker promo code?
A: Yes. Each promotion or bonus offer demands a unique promo code. Players can enter a promo code through the main menu of the site at any time. 

Q: Does FTR Poker offer a weekly cashback promotion?
A: Yes. The Royalty Cash program provides players with a weekly way to capitalise on every poker game. 

Q: What are deposit codes?
A: Deposit codes allow players to earn a set amount of FTR cash based on their deposits. Unlike the Welcome Bonus, there are different monetary increments that a player can earn. 

Q: How fast does bonus cash reflect in my account?
A: Your player account usually updates immediately to reflect both your deposit and the additional bonus cash. If this update does not happen, FTR Poker suggests that you reach out to the customer service team immediately.

Which Games Does FTR Poker Offer?

FTR Poker is limited in the types of games that it can legally sustain, so the only games that FTR Poker offers are poker varieties. Indian players who are interested in placing bets on sporting events or playing slot games will need to look at other gambling sites. the same applies to teen patti online players, as they currently do not have that game.

Which Poker Games Can I Play at FTR Poker?

FTR Poker players can place bets on the following versions of poker: 

  • 32 Card Draw
  • 7 Card Stud
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • Americana Poker
  • OFC Pineapple
  • Texas 6+
  • Rummy 

FTR Poker hosts a fair amount of daily and monthly tournaments. Examples of fun and enticing titles current tournament options include OFC Championship and The Millionaire Legends Satty. Each tournament comes with its own set of rules, so always read through the terms and conditions before you begin to play. 

Where Does FTR Poker Source Its Games?

The FTR Poker website does not expressly state which software provider it uses to create its games. Both the site and its customer service representatives circle back to the fact that its software is RNG certified by iTech Labs—however, this response does not answer the question of who produces it. 

The only information that FTR Poker would provide is that it uses a Russian company to create its software. The platform would not provide the name of the company.

How Easy Is It to Use FTR Poker?

The FTR Poker website is designed to be easy to use, especially for players who have not taken part in online poker games before. FTR Poker even provides you with tips and hints for making lucrative bets through its FAQ section and a detailed “How to Play” page.

FTR Poker Compatible Devices

Players have a variety of ways to play their favourite poker games with FTR Poker. The easiest way to play is through its standard desktop website. This site provides you with unlimited access to every game. If you prefer to play using your phone, you can access the site through any mobile web browser. Users with an Android phone can download the FTR Poker app.

What We Think about the Feel of FTR Poker

The FTR Poker site design is attractive. The entity uses a combination of black, gold, and white on each page and utilises appropriate feature sizes and clear font. The site is simple to navigate. The options for tournaments are separate from other poker games, promotions and other profitable bonuses are in their own section. 

FTR Poker Customer Support Services

Unfortunately, FTR Poker customer service is less than stellar. Although FTR Poker claims to be dedicated to customer service, it is difficult to get an immediate response from an agent. Regardless of which method you choose to reach out to FTR Poker, players are likely to experience long wait times and may not receive an answer to their questions.

How Can I Reach out to FTR Poker?

Players can contact a customer service agent in the following ways: 

  • Email: A user can send a message to at any time. The response turnaround time for this option is one business day.
  • Live Chat: FTR Poker claims that a live representative is available seven days per week between 12 PM and 9 PM. However, the wait time for an agent to join the chat tends to belong.
  • Phone: An agent is available over the phone between 12 PM and 9 PM. We did not find success in contacting FTR Poker using this method, however.

Which Features Make FTR Poker Unique?

FTR Poker is unique primarily because it has found a way to offer poker to Indian players without incurring recourse from the government—for now. It remains to be seen whether this stance will change, but at the moment, FTR Poker can offer poker games to Indian gamblers, which sets the platform apart.

How Is FTR Poker Different from Other Online Casinos?

FTR Poker cannot truly be classified as a “casino.” The Indian government maintains that it is illegal for any casino to operate or to play casino games within India, whether in a physical location or online. What makes FTR Poker different from other platforms is the fact that it only offers poker games.

Is FTR Poker a Good Choice for Indian Players?

We cannot say conclusively that FTR Poker is a good option for Indian players. There are many things that we like about this entity, including its variation in poker games and the information that the site provides to its users. However, our experts would be remiss if they looked the other way regarding the complaints waged against FTR Poker. 

While we do believe that FTR Poker is trying to build a decent foundation concerning its legal standing with gambling, we still believe that Indian players would be better off if they place bets through our other recommended poker sites that are fully licensed and operate under stricter regulations.

FTR Poker – Our Verdict

Our opinion regarding FTR Poker is mixed. The entity has undeniably found a way to skirt strict Indian regulations regarding gambling, but there are certain aspects of the site that still made us question, “Is FTR Poker legit?”

Five Things We Love about FTR Poker

There are a few things that we love about FTR Poker. 

  • Commitment to Responsible Gaming
    FTR Poker demonstrates a strong dedication to the well-being of its players by offering several ways to address gambling addiction. Whether you decide to limit your deposit amounts or take time off from playing poker games, representatives of FTR Poker are willing to work with you to adjust the settings of your account to your liking.
  • Site Map and Frequently Asked Questions Page
    Since the customer service team is less than helpful and only available during certain hours of the day, FTR Poker has done an excellent job of putting together a site map and frequently asked questions page that players can use to navigate the site more efficiently. The FAQ also features a search bar, so you can search for answers to your questions with ease.
  • Easy registration
    There is nothing complicated about signing up for an FTR Poker account. The ease of the signup process makes it straightforward for new users to gain access to the main FTR Poker site to determine whether the platform is something that he or she will enjoy.
  • Poker variations
    Although FTR Poker is restricted in the types of games that it can offer, which is a disappointment for players, the entity does offer a wide variety of poker games and tournaments.
  • FTR Poker app
    We should preface this section by saying that while the FTR Poker app is a welcome addition to the platform, it is a feature that, for now, we only like–not love. The FTR Poker download is only for Android users. The app is not available through the Google Play Store, so you will need to access the website to download it. With a few adjustments, we don’t see any reason why FTR Poker can’t develop the app to make it accessible to all players.

How FTR Poker Could Improve

There are multiple features of FTR Poker that could be improved. Some of the glaring deficiencies in the platform are as follows. 

  • Poor customer service
    If we used one word to describe the FTR Poker customer service experience, it would be disappointing. While the site indicates that it is “committed” to excellent customer service, our interaction with their team left a lot to be desired. Instead of providing helpful and insightful information, the “live” representatives appeared to be simply copying and pasting sections of the website into the chatbox. We were unable to speak to a live representative via phone—the line just rang. As of the date of this review, our request for support via email remains unanswered.
  • Limited game options
    FTR Poker is not permitted to offer Indian gamblers any other games besides poker. Unless an Indian player loves to play poker around the clock, he or she may become bored.
  • High minimum deposit and withdrawal limits
    There are other entities that are similar to FTR Poker throughout India that offer similarly limited varieties of games but allow players to make much smaller deposits or request smaller withdrawals.

Our FTR Poker Review Rating

We struggled with our final rating for FTR Poker. The fact that the entity operates within India without any standards for regulation in the country gives us pause. Players who register for an FTR Poker account will be very restricted in the type of games that they can play. While FTR Poker cannot be counted among the nation’s leading poker sites, there are noteworthy qualities that we think the entity can improve on to make it a major contender. 

For these reasons, we award FTR Poker a 3 out of 5 star rating. 

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