jackpot.com review
jackpot.com review

Jackpot.com India Review


We have reviewed Jackpot.com online casino for Indian players and we have rated them a 4 out of 5 stars. This is a trustworthy site that has all the games that you would want to play. You can feel safe signing up here. Good luck, have fun!

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Vishal Sharma
Expert: Vishal Sharma Fact Reviewer & Journalist
Experience: Sports content writer, Editor & Live show host
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What is good?

  • Navigation
  • Lottery Games
  • Deposit Speed
  • Interesting Campaign
  • Live Casino

What is bad?

  • Privacy Concerns
  • Taxes
  • Lack of Localization
Table of Content


Will Jackpot.com ever provide a welcome bonus?

It’s unclear if the casino will move in that direction. Presently, its guiding philosophy suggests that it will not begin a welcoming bonus, but that could change in several years.

Can I earn entries into the vacation promotion by betting on lotteries?

No. Only by playing the casino games can you earn entry into the vacation lottery. Thus, the campaign is definitely promoting Jackpot.com’s online casino functions, which are newer and less developed than its lottery system.

Do I benefit at all from Jackpot.com not providing bonuses?

Yes, indirectly. Jackpot.com can afford to offer the full lottery-sized pay-out for any winning bet because of the money saved on bonus campaigns. Additionally, the subscription service can be an excellent way to keep your costs in line while still getting the benefit of having bet on a lottery.

Is Jackpot.com Trustworthy?

Jackpot.com is a fairly unique site compared to many of the other betting sites in India that we have reviewed. Most of those sites focus on casino games or a well-developed sportsbook to permit gambling on sporting events around the world or e-sports. Jackpot.com, on the other hand, is a platform that focuses on betting on lotteries from around the world. As this is an unusual approach, you may ask: is Jackpot.com genuine? Keep reading below to learn about the casino, how it works, and its reputation.

Is Jackpot.com Licensed and Certified in India?

Yes, Jackpot.com is fully licensed and certified for play in India. Jackpot.com’s license is administered by the Malta Gaming Authority and has been in force since 2017. As a result, you can safely answer the question, “Is Jackpot.com legit?” in the affirmative and add it to the list of legit online casinos in India.

When Was Jackpot.com Casino Launched?

Jackpot.com was first established in 2016. This recent start date ranks it among the more recent casinos, but like several others created around the same time or since then, it has had to work hard to stand out from the crowd. Jackpot.com India has been offering its services for a few years, but still has a long way to grow before it’s one of the most popular gambling sites in India.

Does Jackpot.com Have a Good Reputation?

Depending on where you look, you may find reviewers with extremely positive things to say or those who complain about the subscription costs and slow pay-out time. While it’s clear that several people are unhappy with Jackpot.com’s service, the consensus seems to be that the online casino provides a good and trustworthy platform.

Jackpot.com does not have meaningful rankings according to Alexa among Indian internet users. As such, we feel that the platform has not yet taken off. It could be that there’s not much of a market for their approach to an online casino in India. Alternatively, because the casino has not spent much effort localizing its site for Indian players, it may be unappealing in that way, as well. Perhaps with added support for INR as a currency and the inclusion of a sportsbook, Indian players may more readily appreciate the site.

Is Jackpot.com a Listed Company?

No, Jackpot.com is not publicly traded. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lottomatrix Limited, which is a privately owned company.

Brands Associated with Jackpot.com

There are presently no other brands connected to Jackpot.com.

Jackpot.com’s Responsible Gaming Policies

Jackpot.com’s structure is somewhat different from other online casinos. Its primary focus is on lotteries from around the world. While Jackpot.com provides access to casino games, it nevertheless prioritizes its collection of lotteries, including two of the most popular: Megamillions and Powerball, both based in the United States. As a result, Jackpot.com pushes a subscription model that makes it easier to control the amount of money you spend every month.

In addition to this distinctive structure, you can still find the self-exclusion and other limiting options that modern online casinos provide. Further, Jackpot.com directly links to BeGambleAware.com, a site that has many resources for those who are struggling with gambling addictions.

Creating an Account with Jackpot.com Casino

This online casino showcases the importance of offering a simple, straightforward signup process for its users. Many people would become annoyed at a convoluted or confusing signup process, so in many cases, it’s better to separate the times that players provide personal information into separate batches. For example, during signup, it may be important to focus on contact information, while financial information is more relevant only during deposits and withdrawals.

Information You’ll Need to Sign Up

Before you enter your credit card information and start playing, you’ll need to create an account. The process is extremely simple, and initially, you won’t need to provide much information. Specifically, the signup form requires:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Country of residence

Once you submit this information, you can sign in and go to your digital wallet. Then, you can deposit funds and start gambling.

Do I Need to Provide Any Documents to Withdraw Earnings from Jackpot.com?

As a casino that is registered in Malta, the Malta Gaming Authority requires Jackpot.com to collect documents to verify your identification (such as a passport or government-issued photo ID) once you cumulatively deposit or withdraw EUR2,000. As a result, however, your lottery purchases are not anonymous, which means friends or family could discover you won the lottery. This exposure is especially likely given that the casino reserves the right to use its winners’ names and likeness for marketing purposes. The potential hazards associated with this are not a concern for most other online casinos.

How Easy Is It to Create a Jackpot.com Account?

It’s very easy to create an account. You can access the signup button in the top navigation ribbon on any page. Further, if you click on any games or attempt to start gambling without being signed in, the site will prompt you to log in or sign up.

Once you begin the signup process, the site only asks for the information mentioned above. You won’t need to verify your identity yet, as that comes later when you deposit funds into your account.

How Jackpot.com Verifies Your Documents

Like other online casinos, Jackpot.com makes use of PDF scans of your necessary documents. With these scans, the casino can prove to its regulatory body in Malta that it is following all the mandated security measures. As a bonus, because the casino keeps your identifying documents on file, you do not need to present them again later after the initial prompt. From that point on, they will be associated with your account.

How Quickly Can I Start Playing with Real Cash?

You can begin playing nearly immediately. The casino processes your deposits rapidly and credits your account as soon as the transaction is approved. Thus, you can go from a visitor without an account to a full member betting on lotteries in less than five minutes.

Jackpot.com Withdrawals and Deposits

Jackpot.com is another one of those casinos that provides an impressive list of local payment processors, yet it is relatively thin on international processors. While reputable payment processors such as PayPal have strict standards for international casinos that can make it challenging to use them (for example - a casino must have a distinct webpage for each jurisdiction to use PayPal), their absence does not necessarily mean that a casino is untrustworthy.

Below, we review the various payment methods that you can use to deposit and withdraw funds.

Jackpot.com Casino Deposit Methods

Depositing at Jackpot.com is relatively easy. As the casino only accepts GBP and EUR currencies, however, you must ensure that your payment processor will convert INR to either of those currencies. Take note of the exchange rates that your processor uses, however, as it is easy to lose unnecessary money through an inefficient exchange rate.

Jackpot.com intends to permit bank transfers as a deposit method soon but has not yet finalised that capacity. In the meantime, you can use any of the following deposit methods:

Deposit method Processing time Minimum deposit Maximum deposit
AstroPay CardInstant₹5₹1,000

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

You can withdraw your funds from your Jackpot.com account at any time using the same methods that you can to deposit. Note that the time is supposedly instantaneous on Jackpot.com’s end, so it is still possible that you may encounter delays if your payment processor does not immediately process the transaction. As with deposits, you should take the time to ensure that your processor will economically handle your currency exchange. Otherwise, you may want to find another provider for that service and use an account that has EUR or GBP to withdraw your funds.

Withdrawal method Processing time Minimum withdrawal Maximum withdrawal
AstroPay CardInstant₹5₹1,000

Do I Need to Prove my Source of Wealth?

According to the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), players must provide a source of wealth when they exceed a cumulative total of EUR2,000 between deposits and withdrawals. As the MGA requires the casino to retain this information, you will need to submit a scanned copy of your passport or government-issued photo ID. Additionally, you will need to prove your residency through a utility bill or other official document that confirms your address and name are associated.

Jackpot.com Casino Bonuses and Campaigns

Unlike many other casinos, you won’t find a Jackpot.com bonus program. While many casinos use bonus programs and campaigns to encourage players to return continually, Jackpot.com doesn’t engage in that. In fact, there isn’t even a welcome bonus despite that being nearly universal throughout the industry. Nevertheless, the casino does run different, limited campaigns on occasion.

Understanding Jackpot.com’s Approach to Bonuses

As mentioned above, you will not find bonuses available at Jackpot.com casino. Instead, the casino favours keeping its costs as low as possible to match the lottery pay-outs. Therefore, the casino keeps administrative fees to a minimum and will pay out according to what the player would have received with a physical ticket. In most cases, this is a significant benefit. Only in US lotteries, where Jackpot.com takes the almost-40% amount of taxes from the player, is this a serious problem.

Current Jackpot.com Campaigns

Currently, Jackpot.com is running a promotional campaign based around a two-night stay at a 5-star hotel in Malta. The campaign concluded on August 18, 2019, but they are doing similar ones all the time. In essence, the casino offers its players a chance to win everything from the flights to the hotel and the activities, all covered by the casino. The casino only requires that you bet EUR10 in casino games. For each EUR10 that you spend, you will receive an additional entry.

Based on this kind of promotion, there’s a possibility that you may win a significant prize for merely playing the casino games you wanted to anyway. It is fitting, of course, that Jackpot.com even provides a bonus campaign to its casino players in the form of a lottery.

What Games Does Jackpot.com Offer?

Jackpot.com does not offer the full suite of casino options that are common today. Many casinos are incorporating sportsbooks into their games line-up, but Jackpot.com is not there yet. Thus, if you’re interested in betting on cricket or horse racing, you should look at some of the other casinos that we recommend.

There are quite a few casino games at Jackpot.com to choose from, and you can find many of your classic favourites, but the selection is slim compared to some of the more prolific online casinos in the market.

Which Casino Games Can I Play at Jackpot.com?

If you’re looking for free casino games to play, then you’ll be pleased about the options at Jackpot.com. This casino uses software providers that permit you to try a demo version of the game before playing the for-cash version. These games include:

  • Slots, such as Big Kahuna, Candy Dreams, and Luxor.
  • Blackjack (the only available card game at present)
  • Roulette (the only available table game at present)

The casino still offers other games, but you will not be able to demo these games in a no-cash version. These additional games are:

  • Live casino, including blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat
  • Lottery, including betting on lotteries from around the world
  • Progressive jackpot games
  • Bingo

From Where Does Jackpot.com Source Its Games?

Jackpot.com relies on proprietary software to manage its lottery betting interface. As a result, you won’t find anywhere else that does it the same way. This software is similar to how some sportsbooks such as Dafabet will let you bet on cricket in India using software that the sportsbook itself has developed.

Jackpot.com also uses other providers for its table games, slots, and more. While the casino is not forthcoming regarding who provides the technology behind these games, our experts noticed that many of the games appeared to be similar to Microgaming’s games, so it is likely that Jackpot.com works with that company for its casino games.

How Easy Is It to Use Jackpot.com?

Jackpot.com is an easy site to use. Any time you click on something that you need to be logged in to play, the site will prompt you both with a login and a signup option. Thus, when you’re ready to play, the website keeps it quite simple to find what you need.

The website’s utility does not translate to the app store. However, it is still easy to use the site online using a web browser. The primary reason that you will not find a Jackpot.com app in the Google Play Store for Android devices is that the casino uses a lot of proprietary technology designed for use in web browsers.

Jackpot.com – Compatible Devices

You can use any device that has internet access to gamble at Jackpot.com. Just as with other sites where you may bet on badminton or bet on pro kabaddi, you can instead bet on lotteries from around the world to try your hand at gambling. If you’re lucky, you can win big on a desktop computer, an Android device, or iPhone.

What We Think about the Feel of Jackpot.com

Jackpot.com provides its users with a clean interface wherein it places the most exciting lotteries front and center. It has a helpful navigation bar at the top of the page to get where you need to go, but it is not anchored to the top of your screen, making it harder to access if you are anywhere except fully scrolled up.

Ultimately, the feel of the site is a little sterile and not nearly vibrant enough. It’s not easy to find precisely the right option if you’re looking for support or want to learn more about the casino. Nevertheless, if you're going to gamble at Jackpot.com’s casino, you’ll eventually find what you’re seeking.

Jackpot.com Customer Support Services

Jackpot.com offers real humans for its customer support options, but that comes at a cost. Ultimately, you may not be able to get answers in a timely fashion unless you call the casino during its customer service operating hours. Read below to discover when and how you can contact Jackpot.com.

How Can I Reach Out to Jackpot.com?

Jackpot.com provides several avenues of contact for customer support:

  • Phone - +441515414507
  • Email - support@jackpot.com
  • Livechat / WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger

Whichever method you choose, the casino will only respond between 6:00 and 23:00.

What Features Make Jackpot.com Unique?

Jackpot.com stands out as one of the relatively few lottery sites out there, if Jackpot.com is not your favorite, we recommend you try out any of the other JustGambler reviewed lottery sites, Lottoland. Asia, Multilotto.com, or LottoSmile India. While it offers some concessions in the form of casino games to other players, it is still unusual for its focus and capacity to handle lottery bets and winnings.

How Is Jackpot.com Different to Other Online Casinos?

As mentioned, Jackpot.com’s focus on lotteries immediately sets it apart from most online casinos. Then, distinguishing itself from other lottery sites, Jackpot.com also maintains a modest selection of casino games such as table and card games.

Additionally, Jackpot.com uses a subscription service to handle most of its lottery betting. You can sign up for a recurring subscription to your favourite lotteries and doing so can be an excellent supplement to the more traditional games on which you would like to gamble.

Is Jackpot.com a Good Choice for Indian Players?

The answer to this largely depends on if you’re interested in betting on lotteries. There are several good perks relating to its lotteries, but not nearly as much reason to play any other kind of games at the site. Further, you must be aware that the casino will withhold the number of your winnings equal to the amount of taxes that a player with an actual lottery ticket would pay. This policy seems arbitrary, but it’s possible that the MGA articulated that betting on lotteries can’t be more lucrative than merely playing the lottery.

Jackpot.com – Our Verdict

After our Jackpot.com review, our experts organise their thoughts and present the best and worst things about the Jackpot.com casino. Keep reading, as after those highlights and lowlights, we reveal our final verdict and why we chose it.

Five Things We Love about Jackpot.com Casino

Given that several qualities set Jackpot.com apart from other gambling sites in India, it’s no surprise that some of them wind up on our list of the five best things about Jackpot.com:

  • Navigation
    The website is, overall, easy to maneuver around. While there are some logistical issues such as the menu not being stuck to the top of the page, the design and layout are straightforward.
  • Lottery Games
    It’s quite entertaining to gamble on lotteries from all over the world. You can search out and find a particular lottery you’re looking to bet on, or you could try something new that the casino suggests.
  • Deposit Speed
    It’s easy to add funds to your account, and Jackpot.com is swift to process those funds for you so that you can start playing immediately.
  • Interesting Campaign
    Our experts enjoyed the opportunity to gamble and potentially win an excellent weekend vacation. This kind of campaign is always exciting, so we’ll be sure to check back in a few weeks to see what campaign will replace it.
  • Live Casino
    Jackpot.com is hardly the only casino to offer live table games. That said, we appreciate that Jackpot.com specifically offers a full selection of actual table games.

How Jackpot.com Could Improve

There are still some critical ways that we’d like to see the site grow and develop in the coming years:

  • Privacy Concerns
    The casino forces its players to consent to have their name and likeness used in marketing promotions. While this is not always used, it’s still something that you should be aware of in case you win a small lottery.
  • Taxes
    When you play Powerball and Megamillions, Jackpot.com will withhold approximately 40% of your winnings, the amount that would be due to the US government for taxes.
  • Lack of Localization
    Jackpot.com does not attempt to be an India-friendly site. In the future, it would be good for Jackpot.com to make itself more welcoming.

Our Jackpot.com Review Rating

Given that Jackpot.com is a niche website, it doesn’t have the flexibility of some of its competitors to offer a full suite of casino games and sports betting. Instead, it focuses on lottery games and generally does them well. Altogether, we award the site a 4 out of 5 because it does its niche well.

Operator details
Company Name: Lottomatrix Operations Limited
Address: Vincenti Buildings, 28/19, Suite no. 1969, Strait Street, Valetta VLT 1432, Malta
Licenses: Malta Gaming Authority
Established: 2016
VAT Number: N/A
Registration Number: MGA/B2C/362/2016
Awards: None
Languages Supported: English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
Associated Brands: None
Affiliate program: https://www.mylotto.com/
Customer support
Live chat: Yes
Live chat 24/7: No
E-Mail Address: support@jackpot.com
Devices & Apps
Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Apps: No
Games & Providers
Amount of games: 100
Games: Slots, Lottery, Live Casino, Bingo
Amount of providers: -
Providers: -
Banking & Payments
Currencies: GBP, EUR
Payment (Deposit): Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay Card, DineroMail, EPS, Epay, Neosurf, Sofort, WebMoney
Minimum deposit: ₹5
Payment (Withdrawal): Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay Card, DineroMail, EPS, Epay, Neosurf, Sofort, WebMoney
Minimum withdrawal: ₹5
Pending withdrawal period: Up to 72 hours, depending on processor time.
Bonuses & Requirements
Deposit: -
No deposit: -
Free spins: -
Wager requirements free spins: -
Wager requirements: -
18+ | Please Play Responsibly | Terms & Conditions apply.
Accept players from India India Flag

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