Learn more about the various tiers, how you can increase your loyalty point score, and the steps to earn real cash and VIP rewards for merely playing with Jeetwin and their VIP Privilege Club.

Jeet Privilege VIP Club

Jeetwin VIP Club – A Place for the Privileged

JeetWin wants to reward Indian players for their loyalty through their JeetWin VIP Club. It is a place where you can earn rupees in return for Loyalty Points. The more time you spend on their site, the more points you add to your total. More points directly translate to more rupees in your pocket. In addition to this lucrative offer, you also stand in line for various VIP benefits. It can hardly be any more rewarding to play than with the Jeet Privilege VIP Club by your side.

How You Can Become Part of the Privileged Ones

Joining the Jeet Privilege VIP Club is easy. JeetWin has two different ways of how Indian players can become part of their lucrative offer.

Existing Members

Because JeetWin only launched their Jeet Privilege VIP Club recently, they had to find a way to include their many existing members. They couldn’t make it any easier. All current members automatically become part of the VIP club and can immediately start to reap the benefits. The VIP club has different tiers, and the number of loyalty points already to your name will determine in which tier you fall.

New members

When new Indian players register with JeetWin, they get access to the journey paved with privilege. Access is granted simply by making their first deposit into their newly registered account. Once you have made your first deposit, your Jeet Privilege VIP Club status instantly increases by 2 500 loyalty points.

The Benefits of Being JeetWin VIP

JeetWin delivers various tiers based on levels of loyalty points. The tiers represent various reward structures. Hence, the number of loyalty points to your name determines which tier you fall into and what kind of rewards you’ll receive.

Jeet privilege tier table
Overview of the benefits for the different VIP levels.

The Bronze Tier

The Bronze Tier is the baseline and your entry point. From here onwards, you only need 2 500 more loyalty points to move on to the next level and to start earning your benefits.

The Silver Tier

The tier is the first one where you truly start to earn something in return for your loyalty. The payment structure in this tier states that for every 100 Loyalty Points (LP), you will receive 2 INR. They will also add 15% of your LPs to your count every month as an LP bonus.

The Gold Tier

To stay in the tier and to reap the numerous benefits it offers, you need to have a minimum monthly balance of 13 000 LPs. In return, you will receive Rs2.5 for every 100 LPs and get a 25% monthly bonus increase in your LPs.

The Pearl Tier

Does a 35% bonus LPs sound like a deal? Besides, for every 100 LPs, you will receive 3.33 INR in real money. The tier will also open up faster withdrawals, access to an exclusive support number, and VIP Lucky Draws. You need to maintain a monthly LP balance of 18 000 LPs to remain at this level.

The Ruby Tier

100 LPs equal Rs 5, your monthly bonus LPs are set at 45%, and you have all the benefits of the Pearl Tier, plus more. Members of this level also have access to a personal support manager and early cash backs, which occur once per month.

The Kohinoor Tier

This level is where 100 LPs bring you a total of 10 INR, your bonus LPs are 4 times that of the Silver tier at 60%. You have access to a full house of benefits, VIP draws, early cash backs twice per month, and a tailormade holiday. A monthly balance of 35 000 LPs will keep your status at the top level.

It does sound very rewarding, considering it truly doesn’t require any expenses or effort from the player’s side. The Jeet Privilege VIP Club simply rewards players for what they would have been doing anyway – playing.

How Can You Increase Your Loyalty Points Quickly?

The numerous benefits on offer might make you keen to move up a tier or two to reap the full-house of benefits on offer. It is best to have a clear understanding of how JeetWin allocates LPs to increase your tally much faster. Simply put, it works as follows:

  • You have to play with real rupees. You won’t earn points when you play for free.
  • Players earn 1 LP for each 50 INR bet placed on slots or E-games.
  • 100 INR bets on table games equal 1 LP
  • You can earn 1 LP for every Rs 200 bet on any of their casino games in the live dealer section.

You can decide whether you want to change your approach to online gaming or simply spend more time playing any of the JeetWin options. Having clarity on how LP increases do help to determine the best way forward for you.

Do You Want to Be Part of the Club?

You have to consider this question when belonging to the club means something out of pocket for you, but it’s not the case with the Jeet Privilege VIP club. You don’t have to spend anything to get any rewards in return. JeetWin is simply rewarding Indian players for playing and providing some motivation for them to play even more.

The rewards on offer might not make a huge difference in your budget, and you do have to play quite a bit to earn enough loyalty points to access the tiers, which are truly worthwhile. However, if you would have been playing anyway and would have been earning the LPs during this time, then you have nothing to lose, and the more relevant question would simply be why not?