JungleRaja anti money laundering policy

Over the years, JungleRaja has grown into one of the most trusted online casinos for players all over the world, particularly Indian gamblers. Unfortunately, administrators of the casino noticed a steady increase in registered users taking advantage of loopholes in the platform’s deposit and withdrawal policies. These policies were being exploited by bad actors and used to launder money all over the world.

Realistically, casinos have always been a prime target for criminals who are looking to launder money. In the past, money launderers have opted to use physical casinos for their schemes. However, as technology continues to develop, it becomes easier for criminals to manipulate the inner workings of online casinos to launder money.

JungleRaja has taken steps to reduce the possibility of money laundering so that its selection of games can remain safe and enjoyable for all gamblers. Money laundering can be difficult if not impossible for online casinos to detect. However, JungleRaja has taken significant strides to help prevent this practice. 

What’s Changed and How Does It Affect Players? 

JungleRaja does everything that it can to make the registration process straightforward so that players can quickly start playing their game of choice with real money. Although the signup process is still easy, there are a few notable changes:

  • Documentation verification

When a player is ready to open an account, they will still need to enter basic identification information such as their date of birth, full name, address, and email address. If a player decides that they are going to fund their account with more than 3,000 euros, or if there is any indication of possible red flags, a customer support member will request additional identification information. Although the casino reserves the right to request documentation, it typically requires a government ID or passport as well as proof of address.

  • In-depth checks

Over and above requiring clients to provide supporting documentation, JungleRaja now has procedures in place that allow its team to perform more comprehensive background checks as needed. For instance, if a player wants to fund their account with an unusually large amount of money, the casino may take the extra step of checking with the financial institution or independently verifying a player’s identity using a public database.

  • Continuous monitoring

Although an initial deposit of more than 3,000 euros may be automatically flagged by the JungleRaja team, any transaction over 1,000 euros is closely monitored by the casino as well. The team will review the initial registration information that the player provided when they opened their account to ensure compliance.

  • Improved training programs

To implement these new changes, it was critical for JungleRaja employees to receive a refresher regarding how to identify potential money laundering schemes. As a result, the JungleRaja team now receives annual training to help them catch questionable transactions, including instructions for what they should do if they do notice a questionable transaction.

  • Immediate account shutdown

JungleRaja has implemented a zero-tolerance policy for potential money laundering. If there is a suspicion of money laundering or other fraudulent transactions, the platform will immediately freeze the associated account, and the player won’t be allowed to add or withdraw funds until the casino’s team completes an intensive investigation. If the team finds any criminal activity, JungleRaja will close the account and report it to the local authorities.

Added trust according to our experts

Our experts believe that JungleRaja has gone above and beyond to make its gambling experience second to none for every player. These new updates to the platform’s terms and conditions will underscore the fact that JungleRaja is a platform that Indian gamblers can trust.

Don’t forget that you can read our comprehensive review of this casino before you make a decision regarding whether this platform is right for you. You can always contact one of our experts for more details.