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Any online gambler will tell you that it’s imperative to understand the background of a casino before you open an account. While it’s true that details regarding deposits, withdrawals, and bonuses factor into the decision to join a platform, it’s just as critical to know that the entities managing the casino are trustworthy.

JungleRaja is currently one of the most popular online casinos, particularly among Indian gamblers. This platform is owned and operated by Jalexus Limited. Since JungleRaja is known to be a trusted online casino for gamblers around India, we felt that it was important to learn more about the company that owns this platform. 

What We Found Out 

After a thorough investigation of public information associated with Jalexus Limited, here is what our experts learned:

  • Jalexus Limited is a fairly new company.

According to official filings, Jalexus Limited was first established on July 19, 2018. On that date, the company declared a director and secretary and formally filed an office address in Cyrus, Greece.

  • A single owner?

Although the registration paperwork for Jalexus Limited is filed in Greek, our experts were able to do some digging. We discovered that the director and secretary of this company is Christian George. While you could make the assumption that Mr. George is the sole owner of the company, there have been other filings associated with this company that lead us to think otherwise. For example, paperwork records a transfer of shares on November 2, 2018 to private companies. Unfortunately, the paperwork does not disclose the names of those private companies.

  • Who is Christian George?

The next question that we wanted to answer is, who exactly is Christian George? We weren’t able to find out the details of Chrstian George’s identity. However, according to filings from other entities, Mr. George is involved in other business ventures. In 2016, he was listed as the director of Nater Technion, LTD, and he is listed as the secretary of Terasys Limited in 2013. The filings that we reviewed didn’t specify the type of business that these companies conduct. However, they were all filed in Cyprus, so there is a possibility that Christian George lives in or near the city.

  • A quality setup

Although the details of the inner workings of JungleRaja are still ambiguous, it’s clear that the casino has a winning formula. It is known for providing excellent customer service, multiple ways to add money to and withdraw money from player accounts, and an excellent section of online games. While it would be nice to know more about the owner (or owners) of the site, we believe that the reputation of JungleRaja speaks for itself.

Do you have more information?

If you’re interested in learning more about JungleRaja and determining whether this online casino is a good fit for your gaming style, we encourage you to read our comprehensive review as well as the other articles that our experts have put together regarding updates and changes to the JungleRaja platform.

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