JungleRaja affiliate program
The landing page for the JungleRaja affiliate program.

You now have the opportunity to join the JungleRaja Affiliates program to benefit from your partnership with the platform. The online casino created this program from a culture of integrity, fairness and fortune. With marketing resources available and commission up to 50 percent, it’s easy to see why more people are opting to become a JungleRaja Affiliate.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a JungleRaja Affiliate?

Perhaps the most significant advantage of joining the program is the rewards you can receive in the form of commission. The more traffic you generate towards the Jungle Raja casino, the higher your return when those players use the site to play casino games. 

The rate of commission is between 30 and 50 percent of the revenue generated from your referrals.

JungleRaja believes in rewarding affiliates who help the site to grow through referring friends and family members. Other benefits of joining the program include:

  • Quick payments
  • Lifetime revenues
  • No negative carryover

What is This Affiliates Program, and How Do I Sign Up?

Go to https://jungleraja.marketing/ and sign up through the form there.

Before you rush into it, you should know that this program allows third parties like yourself or an external website to channel new players to JungleRaja for a reward. To become part of the program, you must click the ‘Sign Up’ button and fill in the relevant details. You’ll receive a confirmation link in your email, which you must click on to verify your account. After this verification, you can log on to start earning rewards.

The Interface & Dashboard

Here is a screenshot on the interface on the affiliate platform how it looks like when you are signed in.

JungleRaja marketing dashboard
This is how the dashboard looks from within the affiliate program.


JungleRaja Affiliates supply their partners with suitable tools, resources and marketing materials to assist you in recruiting as many people to register and play with their JungleRaja account.

Bear in mind that the more referrals you have, the more money you can make. The program equips affiliates with professional graphics, gifs, banners, HTML5 and other material to attract new players to the site.

Banners and posters of the casino’s latest promotions for new players are valuable tools to use for capturing the attention of your friends or followers.

The information on the banner is continually updated to ensure you’re delivering current news. The images will be under copyright, but you can use the material in any way you see fit as long as you meet the platform’s terms and conditions.


After working diligently to recruit new players to JungleRaja, you want to see the reward at the end of the process as an affiliate. The minimum amount you can request from the online casino is 100 Euros or 8920 Indian Rupees. If you qualify, they will pay you via bank transfer.

The downside is you have to work with Euros instead of the Indian Rupee.

JungleRaja Affiliates claims to offer faster payments than its competitors aiming for process completion within ten days. As a result, you don’t have to wait long for your commission.

Tracking and Reporting

You may be wondering how a large organisation such as JungleRaja is keeping track of your referrals. They use cookies to track your players, which means that when an individual clicks on your banner with your code embedded in the link, it notifies the system when they log onto jungleraja.com. Only when they sign up will they be regarded as a successful referral.

Your commission relies on these players depositing money and playing in the online casino.

The information is available to you as you simply click on “Reports” when logging into the affiliates system. JungleRaja tries to provide you with up-to-date reports for you to understand how your program is working. Information about the views and clicks you receive from your referral campaigns is updated in real-time, while statistics such as net revenue share and new depositing players are updated daily.


As a JungleRaja Affiliate, you don’t have to worry about negative carryover. If you end up with a negative balance at the end of a month, it automatically resets to zero for the next month instead of making you claw those losses back. Including this in their program allows your relationship with the provider to continue being successful even after a setback.

Why Become a JungleRaja Affiliate

The brand is one of the more exciting online casinos available in India today that provides an entertaining experience for its players. More than 150,000 people have joined the JungleRaja Affiliates program to date, and they offer 24-hour support.

With these features in mind, joining the program isn’t a bad idea, especially if you regularly interact with friends and family members. If you believe in the power of social media, you could make this program work for you.