khelplay india review
khelplay india review

KhelPlay Review


Read our experts’ thoughts on KhelPlay Rummy’s gaming options, customer service, website design, and security measures so that you can make an informed decision before signing up. We currently recommend that you play poker games on Jeetwin instead, you can sign up here or read or full review of JeetWin here.

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Vishal Sharma
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What is good?

  • Transaction Security
  • Gaming Interface
  • Site Design
  • Extensive Promotion Campaign
  • Rummy Variations

What is bad?

  • Customer Support
  • Withdrawal Methods
  • Loyalty Rewards
Table of Content

Is KhelPlay Trustworthy?

Experienced players of rummy have had a unique opportunity to play the game online without any legal issues. As a result, online casinos such as KhelPlay opened essentially as boutiques where Indian gamblers could play a single game on the site. While this model is generally too niche for many international casinos, the model has worked for several Indian companies.

That being the case, there’s always a question of legitimacy. So, is KhelPlay legit? Our KhelPlay review explores that question as well as the various features that the online casino offers and what you can expect if you sign up.

Read our experts’ thoughts on KhelPlay Rummy’s security, gaming options, and usability features. We explore KhelPlay’s customer service, website design, and security measures so that you can make an informed decision before signing up.

Is KhelPlay Rummy Licensed and Certified in India?

Fortunately for Indian players, the Supreme Court of India defined rummy as a game of mere skill in 1967, and the court has repeatedly affirmed that ruling any time it has come into question. While some states do not permit gambling even on games of skill (Assam, Odhisa, Sikkim, and Telangana), playing rummy online for real cash is perfectly legal.

KhelPlay has gone the extra step and sought a certification from iTech Labs that its RNG software is fair. Our experts always appreciate when an Indian online casino of any kind takes the time to acquire these certifications because they are not legally required to do so.

When Was KhelPlay Rummy Launched?

The Khel Group began with KhelPlay Rummy in 2012. The company designed its own software to enter the market based on the fact that it is legal to play rummy for money in India. The company has slowly expanded by offering poker on its sister site, PokerStars, in 2018 and opened a sportsbook, KhelChamps, to let Indian gamblers bet on cricket in 2019.

Does KhelPlay Have a Good Reputation?

As a niche site, KhelPlay doesn’t get a lot of attention from users that aren’t interested in rummy. Nevertheless, those active in the community have quite positive things to say about KhelPlay Rummy, and they have worked hard to cultivate a positive reputation among Indian gamblers to the degree that those gamblers are interested in playing rummy.

KhelPlay Rummy is one of the most popular rummy sites in India. It is the 21,620th most popular site in the nation, which means that it outranks several established online casinos that offer many more games and betting options.

Is KhelPlay a Listed Company?

The Khel Group, which owns KhelPlay Rummy, is a privately-owned company based in India. Its slow growth reflects that it has used its success as a growth vector rather than soliciting new investors to expand. This strategy is safe, but it also indicates that the company is unlikely to become publicly traded on any stock market soon.

Brands Associated with KhelPlay

KhelPlay Rummy is the original property of the Khel Group. There are two other ventures that the company established afterward: and KhelChamps. Aside from these brands, KhelPlay Rummy stands alone as a betting platform.

The Khel Group runs association with The Star Group, which is a firmly established international casino group. This association certainly adds a large amount of clout to the otherwise small Khel Group.

KhelPlay Rummy’s Responsible Gaming Policies

KhelPlay takes its commitment to responsible gaming seriously and has two primary focuses: prevent the exploitation of minors and prevent any illegal activities from occurring on the site. While KhelPlay offers some attention to personal overspending and other potential hazards for players, it is mostly focused on the legal and underage issues. It takes several measures to act on this commitment:

  • No one can register on the site if they’re under 18 years old.
  • The KhelPlay Rummy team observes its games to watch for fraudulent activity.
  • The casino uses an anti-collusion procedure for each of its games.
  • The casino limits the amount of money players may invest on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Creating an Account with KhelPlay Rummy

When we reviewed KhelPlay’s account management system, we noticed two qualities that were unique to this casino and represented a significant convenience for new players. The first aspect is the casino’s Facebook integration, which made signup an entirely painless process. The second is how accessible the casino makes adding funds. Unlike most casinos that require you first to visit your account page, KhelPlay simply has the “Add Cash” button available on every screen as part of the permanent menu. These innovations are reflective of KhelPlay’s commitment to making a user-friendly, convenient gaming experience.

Information You’ll Need to Sign Up

If you’re signing up using the site’s basic form, you must provide the following information:

  • Email address (this will also serve as your account username)
  • Password
  • Name
  • Mobile number
  • Address
  • Birthdate
  • Signup bonus code

When you sign up using the Facebook feature, the site will pull as much of the information as possible from your Facebook account. However, you will need to manually enter additional information before you withdraw if the site cannot get that from Facebook.

In either case, you must also affirm that you will abide by the casino’s terms and conditions.

Do I Need to Provide Any Documents to Withdraw Earnings from KhelPlay Rummy?

Yes, you must first provide proof of your identity and current address before withdrawing funds from KhelPlay Rummy.

KhelPlay requires any of the following documents to prove identity:

  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID
  • PAN Card

You may submit any of the following to confirm your address:

  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID
  • Electricity Bill
  • Telephone Bill

How Easy Is It to Create a KhelPlay Rummy Account?

While KhelPlay Rummy offers a standard signup method, using your email address as your username and providing basic information, it also provides an even easier method of account creation. You can sign up using your Facebook account, which can save a significant amount of time. Because your Facebook account likely does not contain enough information to complete the account, however, you will need to manually fill in some information after you sign up before you can withdraw funds. In either case, the process takes less than five minutes.

How KhelPlay Rummy Verifies Your Documents

The KhelPlay team review documents manually for verification. As a result, they will compare this information to what you have entered and what public records may indicate. It’s not necessary to provide documentation immediately, but you must prove both your identity and address before completing a withdrawal.

How Quickly Can I Start Playing with Real Cash?

KhelPlay Rummy offers one of the swiftest transitions to cash play out of any casino that we’ve reviewed. Once you’ve completed your account, you will receive an automated email confirmation. After you click on the link, your account is active, and you can add funds to your digital wallet from any page on the site. There’s an “Add Cash” button always present on the left side of the screen. Once you click on that, simply indicate the amount you would like to deposit, your payment method, and any bonus codes, if applicable. Please note that if you’ve omitted any information during signup, the site will prompt you to complete the account before proceeding.

KhelPlay Rummy Withdrawals and Deposits

KhelPlay India continues its narrow focus by offering a limited selection of deposit and withdrawal options. As you add money to your account, it shows up in the form of chips, with which you may then play. Similarly, your winnings will remain in your account in the form of chips. When you want to withdraw money to your bank account, these chips are converted into INR, and if you have met the playthrough minimum, then you can withdraw those funds. The casino strives to process transactions swiftly, but it warns new players that there may be some delays, especially on initial transactions when the player has yet to submit their identifying information.

KhelPlay Casino Deposit Methods

You won’t encounter anything unusual regarding KhelPlay’s deposit methods. Although the options are limited to bank and credit or debit cards, there are no transfer fees and the processing time is instantaneous.

Deposit method Processing time Minimum deposit Maximum deposit
Bank TransferInstant₹25₹20,000
Wire TransferInstant₹25₹20,000

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

There is only one option for withdrawals at KhelPlay Rummy: bank transfers. As mentioned above, you will need to verify your identity and address before the site processes your withdrawal. Once initiated, it may take up to 24 hours for the casino to process your request, and then up to two more days before your bank completes it. Additionally, you must have used the funds that you wish to withdraw for bets at least once before you can withdraw them. In some cases, the casino may make exceptions (for example, if you win a big pot, it may entertain the withdrawal), but will generally add a 5% processing fee to the transaction in that case.

Withdrawal method Processing time Minimum withdrawal Maximum withdrawal
Bank Transfer1-3 business days₹200₹10,000

Do I Need to Prove my Source of Wealth?

You may or may not be asked to provide a source of wealth depending on how frequently you conduct your deposits. Most players who provide limited deposits may go for months without such a request, but if you consistently meet the daily, weekly, or monthly maximums, you may be asked to provide some evidence. Alternately, if you request to increase your maximum, then the casino may ask for additional verification. Generally, the casino will need to see bank statements or proof of income to confirm your wealth source.

KhelPlay Rummy Bonuses and Campaigns

KhelPlay fully engages with the promotional concept as a way to engage current players and entice new players to join. These bonuses start with the initial deposit bonus, which functions as a welcome bonus, and continue year-round with periodic promotions, loyalty programs, and tournaments.

Introducing KhelPlay Rummy’s Bonuses

KhelPlay Rummy’s deposit bonus starts all new players off on the right foot. You don’t even need a KhelPlay promo code to unlock this bonus, which is 100% on your first deposit between INR25 and INR99, or 150% on deposits of INR100 to INR20000. However, the bonus is not immediately entirely available, as you must actively bet and play games to unlock these bonus funds.

Current KhelPlay Rummy Campaigns

Beyond the introductory KhelPlay bonus, Indian players have access to numerous other bonuses. Most frequently, these are in the form of limited tournaments centered around events or smaller groups of people who compete for big prizes. Otherwise, there are various deposit bonuses, such as the weekend bonus, which rewards players with 10% bonus funds and 5% cash in your account each weekend on a deposit up to INR10000.

FAQs on KhelPlay Rummy’s Bonuses

🔓 How do I unlock the full deposit bonus?

Once you make your first deposit, the system reserves the correct amount for you, but it’s only disbursed as you make bets. The bonus is split into 50 portions which each require a 10x playthrough rate to unlock, then a 1x playthrough rate to make eligible for withdrawal. For example, if you have INR1500 in bonus funds reserved for your account, it is broken into 50 INR30 sections. For each INR300 that you bet, you unlock one section of the bonus. Then, when you bet that INR30, you are eligible to withdraw the funds that you win up to that amount to your account.

🤔 What are some examples of periodic bonuses throughout the year?

Every year, KhelPlay Rummy offers bonuses for Diwali in the form of cash deposit bonuses, cashback offers, and tournaments. The casino also engages its players to participate in a special month-long tournament each month for those whose birthdays fall within the month.

❓ Is there a loyalty program at KhelPlay Rummy?

Yes, KhelPlay Rummy runs a cashback loyalty program that earns you points based on the amount that you spend. As you rise through the ranks to Platinum status, you earn more loyalty points for each bet. However, you must continuously earn this status, as you must hit specific maintenance minimums to qualify for your advanced levels. If you drop below after a month, though, you can regain your previous status by earning enough points.

💵 How do I turn loyalty points into cash?

You can redeem loyalty points at a rate of 25,000 points for INR500 up to four times in 30 days. Note that redeeming these points doesn’t eliminate them to determine your loyalty club tier.

What Games Does KhelPlay Rummy Offer?

True to its name, KhelPlay Rummy offers one game: rummy. While every game on the site is a variant of this one, KhelPlay successfully provides a substantial variety of rummy games.

As part of the Khel Group, KhelPlay Rummy is not the only site where you can enjoy their games. As the company has expanded, it has established KhelChamps (sports betting) and as sister sites, which are cricket betting and poker sites, respectively.

What Rummy Variations are Available at KhelPlay Rummy?

Unlike other Indian online casinos, KhelPlay Rummy has an exceptional variety of rummy games. You can find any of the following variations:

  • Classic rummy
  • Points rummy
  • # Cards rummy (10, 13, 21, and 27 cards)
  • Indian rummy
  • Pool rummy (also known as Syndicate)
  • Deal rummy (best of 2, 3, or 6)

Considering how many options there are, KhelPlay Rummy took the initiative to create helpful videos that introduce new players to these rummy variants. Not only do these videos explain the basic rules, but they also help players learn the necessary strategies to ensure that new players stand a fighting chance at the tables. Unfortunately, you cannot play teen patti at this site at the moment.

From Where Does KhelPlay Source Its Games?

One of the Khel Group’s strong suits is its ability to design its own software. The company took the time to create and gradually improve both the site and its rummy clients since 2012. While the Khel Group has never focused on creating a client that is style over substance, it has kept a crispness to its user interface that feels both comfortable and attractive. If you want to get to know what type of games exist you can play our casino games for free on the site, though the selection is limited to rummy and you won’t be able to play for real money without signing up.

How Easy Is It to Use KhelPlay Rummy?

In our experience, few sites are easier to get into and navigate than KhelPlay Rummy. We consider the site a testament to the benefits of remaining focused on design philosophy. At no point does the site feel overwhelming or confusing, and you can easily find any feature that you need.

Truly, KhelPlay Rummy is one of the best rummy sites online for Indian players. We have nothing critical to say about its layout, design, and how the features interact with each other. If you already play rummy or are interested in getting into it, then there is no easier site to use than

KhelPlay Rummy – Compatible Devices

When it first opened, the site was only available through browsers, resulting in limited compatibility with mobile devices. In the past few years, however, the Khel Group designed and released apps for both iOS and Android, allowing players to experience the full rummy experience on their phones and tablets. You can access the website using the most common browsers, though we tested it on Google Chrome and experienced no difficulties. You can find the KhelPlay app by clicking on the “KhelPlay download” buttons that appear on several locations around the main landing screen.

What We Think about the Feel of KhelPlay Rummy

Truly, this casino does an excellent job of putting together an attractive site that is easy to use. Its attractive design includes a three-tone colour palette along with colourful images to break up the monotony. The buttons you’ll need to navigate through the site are always available and situated where you need them without getting in the way or clogging up your screen. The casino’s decision to stick with a 2-D layout for its game rooms is undoubtedly correct. Despite the modern push to make everything 3-D, that would only add confusion and distraction to a game that is entirely about managing your cards and being aware of what cards are on the table and in others’ hands.

KhelPlay Rummy Customer Support Services

Despite everything else positive already said about KhelPlay Rummy, we can’t extend those positive claims to its customer service. The staff on the site are friendly enough, but it has limited options regarding how you can contact the support team. While you can access the site and play rummy games or tournaments any time, 24/7, the customer support team has more limited access.

How Can I Reach Out to KhelPlay Rummy?

There are several methods that you can use to reach KhelPlay:

  • FAQ:
  • Live Chat: Available on the bottom right of any page when you visit the site.
  • Email:

Please note that the support team is only available from 9 AM to 11 PM daily, so if you use the live chat or email them beyond these hours, you will have to wait for a response or find the information you need in the FAQ section.

What Features Make KhelPlay Rummy Unique?

KhelPlay Rummy is undoubtedly a site that stands out from the other online casinos. It has many positive qualities, few negative, and indeed represents the pinnacle of what we would expect a rummy-exclusive site to be.

How Is KhelPlay Rummy Different to Other Online Casinos?

The most apparent distinction is that KhelPlay Rummy, unlike many online casinos, is exclusively a Rummy platform. The Khel Group designed its software to simplify how players access rummy and aimed to enhance the overall experience, which is evident in how clear the user interface is. Whether you’re navigating through the site or carefully playing at the table, you’ll feel comfortable and familiar with what you’re doing on the site.

Aside from the focus on Rummy, we noted that both the Facebook signup and the easy-access “Add Cash” button are rare among online casinos. Our experts appreciated these innovations and feel that these kinds of minor features are the perfect indicators that an online casino’s designers understand the player experience and genuinely want to improve it.

Is KhelPlay Rummy a Good Choice for Indian Players?

Absolutely, without reservation. KhelPlay Rummy has an excellent variety of bonuses to keep you engaged, an active player base to give you the competition you need to enjoy the game, and is an excellent casino to make money if you can consistently play the game well. Best of all, it’s an option to play games for cash without running into any legal questions or troubles.

KhelPlay Rummy – Our Verdict

Astute readers will already know the positive opinion we have on KhelPlay Rummy, and we’ve covered many of the positive facets of this online casino. Whether you’ve skipped down here to get the “short and sweet” summary for our KhelPlay review or have read the whole article, we’ll bring our main points together here so that you can see in brief why we believe KhelPlay Rummy gets it right when it comes to playing rummy online.

Five Things We Love about KhelPlay Rummy

Out of the long list of positive qualities, we wanted to highlight five of our favourite features that KhelPlay Rummy possesses:

  • Transaction Security
    In addition to its efforts to ensure all transactions are legitimate through player screening and ID requirements, KhelPlay also reviews active transactions to look for fraudulent activity. Each transaction uses 128-bit SSL security procedures, meaning your data is safe with this casino.
  • Gaming Interface
    The fact that the casino didn’t get sucked into making its games 3-D despite the common gaming trends is a huge positive. This decision alone highlights the casino’s commitment to a positive gaming experience.
  • Site Design
    We greatly appreciate the site’s combination of a simple colour palette with active pictures. It doesn’t strain the eye, but it also gives users something to pay attention to as they’re scrolling through the site looking for the latest promotions.
  • Extensive Promotion Campaign
    The first time you open the promotion menu, you’ll be surprised at how many promotions are running at any given time. Keep checking back every week, and you’ll be surprised once more at how frequently these bonuses are updated and expanded.
  • Rummy Variations
    Even veteran players are sure to find a new take on rummy that they haven’t tried before. Explore the different ways that you can play the game with your fellow players.

How KhelPlay Rummy Could Improve

No site is perfect, and KhelPlay Rummy is no exception. Here are several ways that we believe the casino could improve itself further:

  • Customer Support
    Either extend the hours to 24/7 to match the play experience or add in a customer service telephone line for those who prefer to speak to a live person. Or both.
  • Withdrawal Methods
    The bank transfer works, but it is occasionally delayed and inflexible for some players. It would be good to add the ability to withdraw funds to your credit card.
  • Loyalty Rewards
    The loyalty program itself is a nice touch, but the redemption limitations are small. You get 100 points per INR150 that you deposit, then when you redeem the points, you only get INR500 for every 25,000 points. This works out to a less-than-2% redemption rate at the default level. The percentage does increase depending on your tier, but we believe that the casino could improve its program by adding exclusive perks at different tiers.

Our KhelPlay Review Rating

This casino is an excellent site that we can strongly recommend to any Indian rummy player. Due to its combination of highly functional software, encouraging bonuses, and pleasing design, we give KhelPlay Rummy our highest 5/5 rating. Visit the site, sign up, and start playing today!

Operator details
Company Name: Khel Group
Address: 903-904 Krushal Commercial Complex, Above Shoppers Stop, Ghatkopar Mahul Rd, Chembur West, Mumbai - 400089
Licenses: None
Established: 2012
VAT Number: N/A
Registration Number: N/A
Awards: None
Languages Supported: English, Hindi
Associated Brands: The Khel Group, Khel Champs,
Affiliate program:
Customer support
Live chat: Yes
Live chat 24/7: No
Phone: None
Devices & Apps
Devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Apps: Android, iOS
Games & Providers
Amount of games: 1
Games: Rummy
Amount of providers: 1
Providers: -
Banking & Payments
Currencies: INR
Payment (Deposit): Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer
Minimum deposit: ₹25
Payment (Withdrawal): Bank Transfer
Minimum withdrawal: ₹200
Pending withdrawal period: 1-3 business days
Bonuses & Requirements
Deposit: -
No deposit: -
Free spins: -
Wager requirements free spins: -
Wager requirements: -
Coming Soon
18+ | Please Play Responsibly | Terms & Conditions apply.
Accept players from India India Flag

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