Share in the excitement of the list of players who won life-changing amounts of money with the Lottoland and other major jackpots in India and beyond.

list of lottoland jackpot winners

The Wonderful World of Lottoland Jackpots

Lottoland offers players the exciting opportunity to be part of the rich Lottoland reputation of regular massive jackpots. Over recent years, Lottoland has paid out more than 8 000 crores to more than 90 lakhs. Read on to learn more about these fortunate people, what games they played, where they live, and of course, how much they won.

Major Jackpot Winners

The following three winners all set records for being the biggest winners in the history of Lottoland.

  • EuroJackpot Valued At ₹ 727 Crores Paid Out on 1 June 2018

A lady called Christina broke the Lottoland record and the world record for the highest online gaming payout ever. She won with the second bet she placed with Lottoland’s EuroJackpot. Since winning big, Christina has enjoyed the freedom of leaving her job and is now planning to travel across the USA. She is also spoiling her mum, who was the mastermind suggesting the specific numbers that brought her the newfound freedom. Within an instant, Christina’s life was transformed from being a cleaner in Berlin to the Guinness Book of Records for her major windfall with Lottoland.

  • German Lotto Valued At ₹ 180 Crores Paid Out in April 2016

The 36-year old Matthias from Germany played the numbers that his wife suggested in the German Lotto. Thus, it was no surprise that he was adamant about spending his entire winnings on his family. Matthias went to fetch his cheque in Gibraltar, and one of the first things he bought was a Ferrari.

  • German Lotto Valued At ₹ 113 Crores Paid Out in February 2016

Not long before Matthias won financial freedom and the lifestyle one can only dream about, we had another winner in Germany, Michael. Michael is a very modest man who struck a fortune with the German lotto. Yet, he preferred to remain anonymous and even indicated that he wants to continue in his career while enjoying his millions in private.

Lottoland completely changed the lives of these three people unexpectedly. It seems as though all of them won not only a massive amount of money but also the freedom of living the life they could only dream about before. They are an inspiration, giving hope about what’s possible with Lottoland.

Other Lottoland Winners

These three winners all managed to change their lives entirely with the massive jackpots they won. Yet, Lottoland often has winners who take loads of money home even though not as much as these record-breaking numbers.

  • El Gordo

Every year on the 22nd of December, the Spanish Christmas Lottery takes place. It is one of the biggest lotteries globally due to the massive amounts of money that players regularly win. One year the jackpot total was set on ₹ 32.3 crores, and it went home with a group of players based outside Spain. The group decided to remain anonymous to protect their newly found riches.

  • Powerball

The winner of the Powerball valued at ₹ 8 crores, was a young man from Wolfsburg, called Michael. He is the youngest millionaire in Lottoland history. As a car salesman by trade, he wanted to buy himself a flashy sports car with his winning money. Yet, he felt a commitment to his employer and instead settled for a top-of-the-range VW to support the business.

Indian Millionaires

Although Lottoland’s jackpots are near impossible to match, several other Indian winners managed to change their lives completely with an unexpected windfall at the lottery.

  • From Being a Rickshaw Owner to Riches

This story is about Mr. Gau Das, a rickshaw owner of Guskara. Mr. Das was planning on going on a picnic with the union he belonged to, but poor weather canceled their plans, and he was heading back home when he bumped into a lotto vendor. Although he wasn’t interested initially in buying a ticket, he eventually did–a ticket that bought him the jackpot worth ₹35 lakh. It became money destined to build a larger house for his family and pay for his children’s education.

  • Persistence Paying Off

His persistence is what RP Manoharan believes is the key to his success to win the lottery three times from 2016 to 2017. Initially, he won ₹ 65 lakh. It was an exciting time yet; he kept on playing the odds at his local lottery. About one year later it was his turn again when he won ₹ 70 lakh. Almost too good to be true, but then he did it for a third time later on in 2017, again winning ₹ 70 lakh. Mr. Manoharan is a diligent player investing around ₹ 5 000 every month in the local lotteries.

  • A Story of Poverty Transformed into Riches Due to Compassion

This is the story of Mojiful Sheikh, a youngster from Bardham who moved to Kerala in search of work to assist his family financially, save money and buy a home. Soon he got a job at a construction company, paying him a mere ₹ 50. It was extraordinarily little, yet when he saw a man in the street selling lottery tickets as his only income, he decided to support him. It was a ticket that cost him his entire wage. It was also the ticket that won him ₹ 1 crore—enough money to buy his dream house and help his family.

Throughout the years the lottery has remained at the top of the list when it comes to massive jackpot excitement, making dreams come true.