Find the best badminton betting sites as an Indian gambler.

Read our expert guide about where you can bet on badminton, helpful strategies, and the best sites for badminton betting in India.
Vishal Sharma
Expert: Fact Reviewer & Journalist
Experience: Sports content writer, Editor & Live show host

Bet On Badminton Matches On These Sites

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Our In-Depth Guide to Badminton Betting

Every year, thousands of fans gather for the World Badminton Championship and support their favourite players. Beyond the physical event, Indian fans took their engagement to another level. Badminton betting in India is an exciting way to become even more involved in the sport that you love. 

Our experts have reviewed popular sportsbooks that let you bet on badminton games from around the world. Whether you follow Indian champions or have favourites from another country, you can find fresh enjoyment by betting on the outcome of games. As you bet on matches, explore safe ways to use online sports betting software, the most effective betting strategies, and the bonus opportunities that exist at different sportsbooks. 

Take advantage of the work that our experts have already done for you by browsing the best legal betting sites in India. We can help you find the safest and most enjoyable ways to bet on badminton in India. First, let’s learn the ins and outs of online badminton betting.

Answers to Common Questions about Badminton Betting

Which trustworthy online casinos offer badminton betting in India?

While not every sportsbook is connected to an online casino, many are. If you have experience gambling at online casinos, it can ease your transition into betting on sports online. Two of our favourite options are Betrally India and Betway India. Each of these casinos is a highly trustworthy option with well-developed and easy-to-use sportsbooks. If you already have an account with either of these platforms, you will simplify the signup process for yourself and get to the betting table even faster.

Which notable tournaments can I bet on?

You can bet on virtually any badminton game. As notable tournaments are often organised by the Badminton World Federation, most sportsbooks pay attention to the international circuit and provide opportunities for their players to bet on global games. For example, at the 2019 India Open, badminton stars Viktor Axelsen (Denmark) and Ratchanok Intanon (Thailand) took home the first-place trophies for the men’s and women’s singles divisions, and many Indian fans bet not only on the outcome of the final games but also on every match leading up to the finals.

Can I bet using INR?

Yes, though you may have to search for a sportsbook that accepts INR. The most common currencies that gamers use to bet on badminton are GBP and EUR, but many reputable sportsbooks such as Dafabet, Unibet, and Betway accept INR. The ability to use a local currency is often a significant selling point for Indian gamblers. Browse our expert casino reviews to find sportsbooks that accept INR deposits.

Technically, most gambling is against the law in India. In practice, the Indian government does not prosecute international gambling houses or the many thousands of Indian players who use them. While the activity is technically banned, it is practically permitted—but always check the regulations in your area before you begin betting on badminton.

Can I win real money from badminton betting?

Yes. Once you’ve bet on the outcome of a game, you can wait for the results to come in or watch the game live. If you bet on the person or team that wins, you can return to the sportsbook to collect your winnings. If you based the bet on money that you deposited, there are generally no restrictions on withdrawing it and depositing it in your bank account or crediting it towards your credit card balance.

Where can I learn the results of badminton games?

Often, the same sportsbooks that you use to bet on badminton provide the results of past games. However, many news outlets and sports websites also provide this information with additional commentary and highlights. For example, you can visit the Times of India Sports edition for updates regarding badminton games around the world with professional commentary. Many reputable sports sources can also provide you with a badminton live score for the most popular matches.

Which kinds of bets can I place?

There are more ways to bet on badminton than just picking the winner and hoping for the best. Several common examples of bets are ‘first game winner’ (within a match series), ‘total match points,’ and ‘handicap betting’. The variety of options makes it easier for Indian gamblers to bet confidently on intriguing or unusual situations such as rookies scoring several points more than expected against a reigning champion despite losing the match.

Can I place a bet after a match has begun?

The answer depends on the sportsbook. In many cases, you can freely bet until a certain point in the match, but in others, all bets must be placed before the match begins. Consult each sportsbook’s rules for complete clarity regarding bet timing restrictions.

All the Details You Need to Know for Badminton Betting

In this section, our experts review the fundamentals of badminton betting, including how to bet on matches, how to stay secure when you do it, where to bet, and some of the history of badminton betting in India. Once you’ve read through this section, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to get started, but we recommend that you keep reading to the end to find helpful tips on how to bet strategically and have fun while you do so.

How to Bet on Badminton

Regardless of the sportsbook that you use, the betting process is similar. First, you must sign up and create an account. Next, deposit funds into your digital wallet. Make sure to collect any available welcome or deposit bonuses the sportsbook offers so that you don’t leave money on the table. Once you’ve completed the signup process and deposited funds, you can look for upcoming matches. 

The best way to have fun while betting on badminton is to find matches that you already care about so that the matches will entertain you regardless of their outcome. Every year, the Premier Badminton League launches one of India’s most exciting badminton series for fans. Your sportsbook will list the matches that you can bet on as soon as the information becomes available. This series represents one of the upcoming industry events that truly excite our experts.

How to Bet on Badminton Safely

One of the most important considerations when betting on badminton is how to bet safely. The easiest way to do so is to use only reputable sportsbooks that are properly licensed by official governmental bodies. The platforms that are safest for you to use will often seek out additional certifications, too—for example, sportsbooks may proudly display their certification logos from companies such as iTech Labs and eCOGRA. 

The next step is to ensure that you use trustworthy payment processors and avoid any viruses on your machine. We recommend that you maintain effective antivirus software on your computer to prevent keyboard trackers from learning your credit card information or account passwords. Two common payment processors that you can rely on are Neteller and PayPal. 

Digital Money Management

After you’ve signed up for a sportsbook, you need to deposit money. Generally, the sportsbook will make it easy to do so. The most common process is to click your account information and find the option for “funds” or “wallet”. From there, you can deposit funds using the sportsbook’s approved deposit methods. 

The most common deposit methods are credit cards, bank transfers, and international digital wallets (such as Neteller or Skrill). Even if the sportsbook does not accept INR, your payment method may be able to handle the exchange for you. Be aware that your processor may charge a fee to exchange INR for another type of currency at a sub-optimal rate. For Indian players, we recommend simply using sportsbooks that accept INR. 

When it comes time to withdraw your winnings, most sportsbooks require that you withdraw funds from the same source that you used to deposit funds. You can often get a credit on your credit card statement or funds returned to your Neteller or Skrill account. If you still have winnings left after withdrawing the amount of money that you deposited, then sportsbooks tend to be flexible about how you can withdraw.

Where You Can Bet on Badminton Online

Many sites offer various online betting pathways. Not every online casino provides its players with the opportunity to engage in sports betting, but those that do tend to provide a full suite of options. Our experts have reviewed many of these casino and sportsbook combinations, so we encourage you to look at our reviews and select from our curated list of trustworthy casinos. 

While badminton is less popular than sports such as football and tennis, it is still loved and appreciated in many parts of the world, especially India. You can often find the opportunity to bet on badminton using the same services that you use to engage in cricket betting. 

Here are several of our favourite sportsbooks:

  • Dafabet
  • 888 India
  • Jeetwin
  • Betway
  • Betrally
  • Unibet
  • 777 India

Exploring the History of Badminton Betting

Badminton was invented in the 19th century, and it spread throughout the British colonies in the following hundred years. In 1934, players around the world founded the World Badminton Federation, and India joined the group in 1936. Since then, India has maintained a lively presence in the international circuit. Despite gambling being illegal during this entire period, many underground betting houses allowed players to bet on badminton in secret. 

For many years, those houses offered the only way for Indian badminton fans to bet on games. That changed with the arrival of the internet. Since the government did not specifically outlaw online gambling, Indian players could bet on badminton games if a particular sportsbook was based internationally. As a result, Indian gamblers have been betting on badminton more openly over the past fifteen years. 

We expect that the number of gamblers in India to increase. Players will have more options for betting online if the government removes restrictions on physical gambling locations. 

Strategies for Badminton Betting

The most successful gamblers who bet on badminton in India do their research. Unlike games of chance, betting on sports depends on the successful efforts of many players putting in their best effort. Each player exhibits a certain degree of competence at different parts of the game. For example, some players may have an excellent serve and the ability to easily control where the shuttlecock flies to in a volley but struggle to keep up with agile players who keep shifting back and forth on the court. Other players excel at singles badminton but can’t transition those skills to a team setting for doubles matches. Much like pro kabaddi, successful gamblers research players in detail before ever placing a bet. 

Beyond understanding the game, the best Indian gamblers do their research on where to bet. We’ve done the hard work for you and have reviewed many betting sites in India. You can browse our reviews to learn about safe places to bet and review associated bonuses and promotional opportunities. Sites may offer distinct terms for handling your digital wallet, and some charge fees for depositing or withdrawing money.

Badminton Betting Strategy

Beyond grasping players’ skills, to succeed with badminton betting, you must pay attention to the game beyond the game. How tired is a player likely to be? When fatigue sets in, players simply can’t perform as well, and their abilities on the court will suffer for it—but some players have exceptional stamina and can continue producing impressive results in back-to-back competitions. An example from the late 1990s and early 2000s is Pullela Gopichand, who overcame early knee issues through diligence and yogic training to provide several years of consistently strong performances. More recently, Saina Nehwal held an impressive run in the mid-2010s to top the charts as the #1 women’s singles player in 2015. 

If you don’t follow badminton avidly, it is harder to make informed bets on players, so we strongly recommend keeping your bets small for the first several weeks while you familiarise yourself with the players. Start by choosing a player in the top 10 and watch several of his or her games each week. Pay attention to which matches tend to be more exciting, and see if you can detect when the players don’t seem to be playing at their full capacity. As you continue this practice, you’ll find that you can more effectively anticipate their performances—and bet accordingly. 

No matter how much research you conduct, however, there will always be surprises. You can’t know everything about a player’s mental and physical state before a game. If you feel as though you need to know it all, you’ll never actually make a bet. Have some fun with it and test out some of the hunches or feelings that you may have regarding badminton betting. Over time, you’ll develop a subtle sense about when to bet big and when to keep your wallet closed. 

Money Management for Badminton Betting

One of the best strategies for managing your money involves taking advantage of available bonuses and promotional campaigns. We explore these features in detail in a later section, but for now, make a note that it’s important to increase your betting capacity through worthwhile bonuses. 

Another important consideration for money management is relying on trustworthy sportsbooks. If your money is not safe in a digital wallet, then you should think twice before depositing any funds. Seek out signs of security such as multiple licenses, security certifications, and a positive review from our experts. 

Finally, always remain in control of your finances when betting online. It’s important to budget exactly the amount of money that you are willing to bet—and potentially lose. The most successful gamblers in the world establish hard lines that they won’t cross regarding their bets. If you don’t bet more than you’ve already thought of as money spent, then you’ll never be in a situation where you feel you need to win.

Common Money-Losing Mistakes to Avoid

There are several ways to lose more money than you have to while betting. 

  • Arbitrary Betting
    Indian gamblers who bet randomly may only rarely win, but if you commit to only betting for a favored player or the underdog, then you are also certain to lose money in the long run. When you bet, take the time to do your research so that you can bet intelligently and increase your chances of betting on a less-favored player for the right game and winning big.
  • Fees
    Some sportsbooks charge transaction fees for deposits or withdrawals. If you consistently incur these fees, then you may see your winnings rapidly dwindle. Pay attention to any fees that your sportsbook charges so that you can maneuver around them to limit their impact. Otherwise, bet with a sportsbook that doesn’t charge any transaction fees.
  • Financial Pressure
    With rare exceptions, gamblers cannot count on making a reasonable income through gambling in India. Because you must always start with seed money, ensure that you’re not ever gambling more than you’re comfortable losing. Recognise that gambling is a hobby and a game. If you’re counting on gambling to pay for your rent or food bills, you should reconsider your approach.

Badminton Betting: Best Bonuses and Campaigns

Many online sportsbooks offer bonuses and promotional campaigns to entice new players. Welcome bonuses tend to be among the most generous bonus opportunities available. To illustrate that point, we’re highlighting two casinos that offer substantial welcome bonuses to new Indian players for badminton betting and more. 

  • Bodog
    Bodog boasts an extensive sportsbook and the capacity to both deposit and withdraws funds in INR. In addition to badminton betting, Indian gamblers can use Bodog to bet on cricket, football, rugby, and more. The platform periodically runs a substantial welcome bonus, including a recent summer offer giving new gamblers up to INR15,000 with their first deposit.
  • Betway
    Like Bodog, Betway provides a welcoming experience for Indian gamblers. This sportsbook permits players to manage their digital wallets using INR. Betway offers a consistent welcome bonus and periodic incentives for specific sports, including badminton. New Indian players can earn a bonus of up to INR2,500 depending on the amount that they initially deposit. 

While welcome bonuses are certainly the most common and, often, the largest bonuses available in single installments, there are other bonuses that may cumulatively offer more of an incentive to you. For example, if you sign up with a sportsbook that offers a percent-back loyalty program, then you can generate multiple incremental rewards based on your bets. In time, these small bonuses add up to a significant amount of money, especially if you consistently bet at the same sportsbook.

Trustworthy Software Providers for Badminton Betting

As you consider where to gamble, look at the software that each sportsbook uses. You’ll generally find two approaches from sportsbooks to fulfill their software needs. 

First, a sportsbook may use an established company that provides the software and interface. Here are two companies that you may see behind some of the most secure betting sites:

  • Microgaming
    This company has been developing and providing sportsbook software since 2006. For 13 years, it has remained a reputable source that meets or exceeds all security standards in India and around the world. It’s no surprise that you will often see online casinos and sportsbooks boasting that they use Microgaming software for their games.
  • SG Digital
    Recently, SG Interactive and NYX Digital Gaming, two established names in casino and betting software, combined SG Digital. Its OpenBet platform is a trustworthy and user-friendly betting tool. Sportsbooks that employ SG Digital’s technology are safe bets for managing your money.

The other approach that sportsbooks may take is to create their own software. While many casinos use apps to integrate games into a mobile experience, only a few generate their own software from scratch. One example of a trustworthy firm doing exactly that for its sportsbook is Dafabet. This casino has a positive reputation among Indian gamblers, and Dafa Sports easily makes our list of trustworthy sportsbook software options. 

Putting Theory to Practice with Badminton Betting

With everything that we’ve said about badminton betting, it’s natural for you to be excited about the opportunity to get involved. Our experts are happy to help players who want to sign up with a sportsbook and find safe ways to gamble. We encourage you to read through our reviews of sportsbooks, including the ones that we mentioned in this article, to choose a trustworthy platform with which to get started.

In our experience, betting on the outcome adds another level of involvement to the experience of being a badminton fan. As soon as you’re ready, click on the menu at the top left of this page, choose a casino, and start having fun.

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