Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

We have listed the best cricket betting sites in India. Learn where you can safely bet on cricket matches and explore the best sites according to our experts and learn practical ways to gamble responsibly.
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Cricket Betting Sites That We Recommend

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Our In-Depth Guide to Cricket Betting

Cricket is a national fixture for India. It runs deeply in our blood, and between our various local teams, regional teams, and the national team, there’s no shortage of cricket to follow and enjoy. Many people, are content to be spectators and casually play from time to time. However, for others, they need an additional thrill. Specifically, they want a way to vicariously be a part of the match, to invest themselves into it. 

Fortunately, there’s a way to do that: cricket betting. In the past, this has mostly been restricted to physical establishments where people bet amongst themselves. Perhaps at work, between friends, or a local pub. Today, however, there are more expansive options. It’s even possible to bet on cricket with people from around the world and not just local to India. 

Our experts have compiled all of the information you’ll need to make an informed decision about online cricket betting. Is it safe for you? How do you do it, responsibly? What are the best sportsbooks to use for this? Are there effective strategies to win more consistently? Below, we address these questions and more in our in-depth guide to cricket betting.

Answers to Common Questions about Cricket Betting in India

Does betting on cricket make it more enjoyable?

While the answer to this ultimately depends on your individual preference, our unanimous feeling is yes! While we’ve always enjoyed following our favourite cricket teams, we felt another level of involvement when we started betting on the outcomes. When you have a personal stake in the game, you’ll feel even more passionate about it, win or lose. It’s always better to be on the winning side, but as long as you bet responsibly, you’ll simply have a good time.

What are the risks associated with cricket betting?

As with any form of gambling, it’s possible to gamble too much and become overly attached to it. Every online casino alerts players to the risks of this, so you should take it seriously. Unfortunately, too many people know someone who has gotten sucked in and gambled their life away. However, if you play responsibly and only wager a reasonable amount, you can safely enjoy cricket betting online without issue. Technically, it is also possible that you may encounter problems with betting on cricket in India, but despite its on-the-books illegality, it is generally accepted across all states in India.

Should I trust online cricket betting?

As long as you are using a trustworthy sportsbook that has a license from one of the leading licensing agencies, you can undoubtedly trust online cricket betting. Specifically, you should look for companies that have been licensed in Malta, Gibraltar, the UK, or other such reputable locations. Another sign of a trustworthy sportsbook is that it will allow you to bet on more than cricket. For example, you’ll often find football betting or kabaddi betting at sportsbooks you can trust.

Are there bonuses and incentives for betting on cricket online?

Yes, though they vary depending on the sportsbook. For example, Jeetwin offers a 5% cash back bonus on all sports events bets up to INR3,500. That casino is not alone in this, either, as many will provide either a signup bonus or a betting cashback program. One notable exception is Unibet, which instead of offering a bonus program offers better payout odds on all its games and sports.

What kind of odds are there on cricket betting?

The odds vary tremendously based on the teams engaged in the match. For example, a heavily favoured team may only have an x1.10 payout vs the underdog's x49.00 payout, with x9.00 payout odds on a draw. In contrast, more evenly matched teams may have much closer odds such as x1.91 vs x2.01. Clearly, then, the more evenly matched the teams are, the closer you are to doubling your money if you bet on the winner. However, if you bet on an upset victory and it happens, you can make a lot of money!

Any online cricket betting requires using one of the major casino or sportsbook options. Fortunately, there are several to choose from: Betway This is a trustworthy casino that offers a 100% signup bonus of up to INR2,500. Betrally India -  As an Indian-localised option of an international casino, Betrally provides a welcome place for Indian gamblers. It also offers an attractive 100% signup bonus of up to INR7,500. Dafabet This casino offers the most impressive signup bonus, 150% of your deposit up to INR10,000. This amount is sure to get you started, and the casino is undoubtedly one of the most trustworthy options available to Indian players. There are, of course, more options. However, the best way to track down popular options for cricket betting is to look at our expert reviews of individual casinos and sportsbooks.

Can I win real money from betting on cricket online?

Absolutely! When you bet real money on games and your team wins, you receive a payout according to the odds. While individual sportsbooks may have stipulations as to how you withdraw your funds, they will generally permit you to withdraw your funds as cash to the same source you deposited them.

What sites can I visit to watch live streams of cricket online?

There are several sites through which you can watch live cricket online, but two of our favourites are and Either will let you watch cricket matches streaming for free. However, if you prefer different commentary, then you can always explore your local sports channel providers and paid outlets for premium content.

All the Details You Need to Know for Cricket Betting in India

Next, we review the various details about betting on cricket in India. These include questions about the legality and mechanisms behind betting on cricket, as well as how to safely handle your money online. We conclude with a brief history of cricket betting. Ultimately, having a comprehensive understanding of how to bet on cricket will prepare you to bet safely and effectively.

The Legality of Betting on Cricket in India

Today, most people can safely bet on cricket as long as they use a foreign service provider. While this restriction makes it harder for those who enjoy gambling in India, it is not impossible to find reputable sportsbooks. We have compiled a listing of safe, legal sportsbooks that help Indian players bet on cricket, see out the list on this page.

How to Bet on Cricket

Regardless of the sportsbook you choose to bet with; the process is mostly the same between them. Browse through our selection of the best betting sites to find one that appeals to you. Once you’ve found the right site, you can generally signup using the website or download helpful cricket betting apps to begin. Once you’ve chosen the site and device to use, you must create an account at the casino or sportsbook. Then, set up a deposit method. Once you deposit, make sure that you also claim any bonuses for which you are eligible. 

From that point, you can browse the selection of sports that are open to players’ bets. Select “Cricket” from the list and find the upcoming games on which you’d like to bet. From there, simply read the odds and bet accordingly to begin betting on cricket online.

How to Bet on Cricket Safely

It’s one thing to know how to bet, but another entirely to do so safely. There are two significant components to safe betting: the venue and your method. We examine each of them to give you safe cricket betting tips: 

  • The Venue
    As you choose your sportsbook, we encourage you to look only at those who are certified and licensed to be safe. The easiest way to do this is to read through our comprehensive reviews of different casinos to find one that has a sportsbook and valid licensing. However, if you are interested in a casino that you don’t see listed in our reviews, you should look for several things:
    • Certification by a trusted third party, such as eCOGRA, iTech Labs, Gaming Laboratories International, or Technical Services Bureau
    • Licensing by a trustworthy body, such as from a Commonwealth agency
    • Honest reviews and customer feedback
    • A clean record without governments fining or suing the casino.
  • Your Method
    Responsible approaches to gambling is incredibly important for successful and safe betting. You should follow these tips to ensure that you never cross a line into unsafe gambling:
    • The only bet amounts that you’re comfortable losing and can afford to lose
    • Take a moment after a losing hand to get up and stretch
    • Don’t gamble when you’re emotionally compromised, such as after a loss or a personal hardship
    • Never let your gambling come at the expense of working or a bill 

If you keep those aspects in mind, you’ll be able to gamble safely. There are also some further tips on how to use strategy or knowledge to your advantage. Those tips will help you more effectively bet, but in all situations, you should be safe.

Also read our reviews before signing up for a cricket site, one site that we currently cannot recommend is

How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds from a Sportsbook 

Money management is another area that is relatively similar throughout the various online cricket betting sites that you can find. Each site has you create an account and associate a deposit method with that account. For the most part, you can make these deposits without additional fees. Most casinos will absorb deposit fees, and in exchange, they require a minimum deposit size (usually ranging from INR500 to INR1,500, depending on the payment method). Further, most of the time, your deposits will be active almost instantaneously, sometimes taking a few minutes to process. 

Withdrawals, on the other hand, vary a little more between casinos. You may encounter an equivalent minimum withdrawal as you make a minimum deposit. However, casinos and sportsbooks are more likely to pass along the cost of transaction fees to players using this method. You can generally avoid such expenses by using a form of ACH or bank deposit. Alternatively, you could use services like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

Where You Can Find Safe Cricket Betting Online

Most players care about finding a safe, secure place to conduct online cricket betting. Due to the possibility of identity theft, monetary fraud, and general safety concerns, players are right to be concerned as a general concept. However, when it comes to finding safe sportsbooks, you should rely on the key indicators:

  • Is the company licensed to operate internationally?
  • Does the company have a certificate from an online security auditing firm, or do they at least use reliable, popular software services?
  • Is customer service responsive to your inquiries?
  • Does the community have unresolved complaints about the company? 

You can find easy answers to most of these questions by remaining with our series of reviews of reliable sportsbooks. When you rely on this list, you’ll be able to bet online on cricket games with confidence that your money and information are safe. If you want to have one recommended site directly from us we would like to recommend for Indians, as you can see in our review of 24 betting this is a trustworthy and a perfect site for cricket bettors.

Exploring the History of Cricket Betting

As with most sports, people have wagered on the outcome of matches for as long as the game has existed. Cricket originated in England during the 1500s and gradually developed into the game we know and love today. During the 1800s, English troops, colonists, and officials brought their love of cricket with them. Over time, the Indian people came to love the game and adopt it as our own. 

In terms of Indian culture, gambling is an ingrained part of our society. Even since ancient times, people of all castes would frequently gamble, especially around Diwali. Any happy or social occasion was a welcome opportunity for friendly (or not-so-friendly) gambling. Only with the arrival of the English and the incorporation of the Protestant ethic was there a consideration of prohibiting gambling. Eventually, this new perspective won out, and the law changed across India. 

Despite the official ban on gambling in the 1860s, ordinary people throughout our country continued to gamble regularly. Ultimately, this caused a tacit acceptance of gambling as something that occurs in our society. Therefore, different states adopted various laws to regulate the industry. The government designed these laws to protect people from abuse and criminal behaviour. Such behaviour included match-fixing, which is still an issue even today. For example, in 2013, the Indian Premier League was embroiled in a major scandal for that very issue. 

Nevertheless, as new online betting sites continue to expand, and the government begins to accept the reality of gambling, you can expect it to become more popular. Betting on cricket combines two parts of Indian heritage in a way that blends the ancient with the modern. 

Strategies for Betting on Cricket

Unlike casino table games and card games such as poker or blackjack, there aren’t as many betting strategies to control the circumstances. However, betting on cricket is also unlike roulette, because the outcome is not purely up to chance. While it’s impossible to know for sure who will win until the match happens, there are ways that you can prepare and bet intelligently. Below, we offer some free cricket betting tips to ensure that you have all the available information to bet successfully and enjoy gambling online with cricket.

Making Strategic Bets

There are significant commonalities between betting on sports. While the rules vary, cricket betting is not dissimilar to badminton betting or hockey betting. Nevertheless, you can use expert knowledge about cricket teams’ and player performance to help you make informed decisions. Most of the time, the odds are established by an algorithm that reviews the teams and determines the likelihood of winning. These gambling odds are always based on past performance, but they do not always reflect the ideal statistical odds of a team winning. 

For example, if you are deeply familiar with your favourite team, you can use that knowledge to help you bet. Perhaps you know that your team’s wicket-keeper conducts interviews differently when he’s confident and healthy compared to when he’s ill or experiencing self-doubt. You can use that knowledge to bet for or against your team more aggressively despite what the betting odds say. 

Such knowledge is the most effective way to bet more intelligently on cricket matches. You can consult informational sites to learn more about regular patterns within cricket teams’ performance and make the best bets possible. 

Special Betting on Cricket

Another method of betting involves bonus cash at the sportsbook. Universally, these companies have wagering requirements and treat bonus money separately before allowing you to withdraw it. In that case, you must wager the bonus money a specific number of times, then you may withdraw it as cash to any verified payment method you’ve used and that the sportsbook allows.

There are several types of bets that you can use when betting on cricket:

  • Straight Bet - Standard bet regarding the winner of a game.
  • Parlay - A single bet on multiple teams and games.
  • Futures - A bet on a future game.
  • Propositions - Bets on specific events within a game, such as a team or player to score the first point.
  • Teasers - Expanding the scope of your bet in exchange for decreased payouts.

Round-Robins - Parlay bets that are split into smaller groupings, such as a bet on three teams to win that is split into each of the three possible pairings of those teams.

Common Money-Losing Mistakes to Avoid

While there are no effective ways to guarantee an increase in your winnings, you can still avoid some common pitfalls:

  • Splitting Your Bet
    Betting on both teams is a sure way to lose money. While you can make extra money if the underdog wins, you’ll generally just be losing money when the expected team wins. Ultimately, you’ll gradually lose money over time and be left with nothing. Cricket betting is a hobby that rewards taking the risk to invest in a team’s success and not hedge on it.
  • Untrustworthy Services
    The other sure way to lose money while cricket betting is to use an unsafe service. We can’t stress enough how important it is to use trustworthy information such as our expert reviews. You must take every opportunity to learn about who you’re entrusting your money to if you want to bet safely.

Best Bonuses and Campaigns for Cricket

Once you’ve signed up with a sportsbook, you can engage in online cricket betting safely. By following our tips, you can avoid the dangerous habits and mistakes that are out there. However, there are still additional ways to improve your experience! Specifically, you should find the best bonuses and campaigns available to Indian players so that you can maximise your betting opportunities and minimise the risk. 

Betrally India
You can use the deposit code 100MIGHTY to receive a 100% deposit match up to INR7,500. Additionally, the casino runs promotions with payment providers that give players additional matching bonuses up to INR10,000. You can further improve your bonus takeaway by using the monthly telegram exclusive bonus of a 50% match up to INR1,500. 

Finally, Betrally India also offers betting insurance on ongoing cricket series. Each calendar week, you will receive INR1,000 back as bonus cash if you bet at least INR1,000 on an eligible game and lose.

Trustworthy Software Providers for Cricket Betting

The software that individual sportsbooks use varies according to their needs. Some, such as Dafabet, develop software in-house. This development gives the sportsbook full control over function and layout, but it means that there’s no third-party reputation regarding the software to consider. If the sportsbook is trustworthy, as Dafabet is, then you should have no concern regarding this.

However, several companies produce sports betting platforms, including:

  • OneWorks
    Dafabet has used this company in the past but is gradually transitioning to its own software. Nevertheless, OneWorks delivers safe, reliable sports betting. Its software is not designed for beautiful aesthetics but instead focuses on security.
  • SBTech
    This company has won numerous awards over the years from EGR, SBC, GIA, and CEEG, as well as awards for regulatory compliance. Beyond the sportsbook platform that it produces, SBTech also cooperates with industry staples such as NetEnt and Microgaming to make casino software.
  • Betscheme
    The sportsbook platform at Betscheme allows several payment methods and a crisp interface for users. Additionally, their account information service ensures that players can easily see history and betting patterns. 

Putting Theory to Practice with Cricket Betting

With all the information above, it’s clear that you can safely have fun with online cricket betting. If you already have a passion for cricket, then put your knowledge to work by betting on your favourite teams. Browse our reviews to find a trustworthy online sportsbook, sign up, and deposit to receive your first bonus. Then, take the plunge into cricket betting online by choosing the next match about which you feel confident. As you watch the teams compete, you’ll experience a different kind of excitement than you’ve felt before. We believe that cricket betting is an excellent opportunity for anyone to gamble responsibly, so we look forward to seeing you at the betting tables!

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