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Fantasy cricket betting is quickly becoming a favourite pastime among Indian players. JustGamblers fills you in on the top fantasy sites and apps so that you can find a site that suits your gaming needs.
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Guide to Fantasy Cricket Betting in India

If you love watching cricket, you have undoubtedly thought about what it would be like to put together your own dream cricket team. Fantasy cricket betting allows you to do just that. By creating an account on one of many fantasy cricket sites, you can create your ultimate lineup and possibly win cash.

The JustGamblers experts have put together an in-depth guide for everything that you need to know about fantasy cricket betting in India. We will review the top fantasy cricket sites and apps, answer the common questions that we receive from Indian players, and fill you in on your IPL fantasy cricket options.

Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Sites & Apps in India

One of the most important decisions that a fantasy cricket gamer will need to make is where to place their bets. Here is a list of the top 10 fantasy cricket sites for Indian players:

  • 11Wickets
    11Wickets markets itself “India’s Most Trusted Fantasy Platform.” The site focuses on fantasy cricket games but also offers players the option to take part in basketball, kabaddi, and football fantasy games. Users can create a fantasy lineup for international matches as well as ODI, T20, and the Afghanistan Premier League. There are a handful of deposit options for this site, including credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. 
  • Dream11
    Dream11 is known for being one of the leading sites for fantasy cricket. You have the option to take part in an IPL fantasy league as well as daily games. Do you want to know more about a player? Simply click on their player profile and receive a breakdown of everything that you need to know. Adding money to your account is a stress-free process that you can complete either through the Dream11 site or the app.
  • MyTeam11
    As soon as the MyTeam11 page loads, players are met with a full rundown of available cricket games. As soon as you fund your account through a secure payment option, you can begin to play. One of the best features of MyTeam11 is that the site provides you with tutorials that show you how to play, meaning that you don’t waste time learning the basics of the game and site and can commit more time to the game.
  • FanFight
    If you are looking for a site that offers daily cash games, FanFight is an ideal choice. Although FanFight does offer options for other sports, including football and kabaddi, there is no end to the choices that players have for fantasy cricket. Both the GooglePlay store and Apple store offers the FanFight app for download. Do you have questions about how to play one of the games? Click through the helpful frequently asked questions page.
  • BalleBaazi
    In our comprehensive BalleBaazi review, our experts found BalleBaazi to be a fantastic website for Indian gamblers. While BalleBaazi is relatively new to the fantasy sports betting scene, the site keeps pace with the latest trends that interest cricket gamblers. Not only does the site offer a great selection of game options, but it also provides players with a good mix regarding funding options and campaigns.
  • DraftKings
    DraftKings is known globally for its dedication to providing players with an excellent fantasy betting experience regardless of their game of choice. Cricket players will undoubtedly enjoy this site because it is easy to navigate and offers an abundance of funding methods and game options. You can confidently add money to your player account with the peace of mind that your funds and identity are safe.
  • PlayerzPot
    PlayerzPot is a growing choice among gamblers for fantasy cricket. The site offers a reasonable selection of cricket matches but does not exclusively focus on one game. The PlayerzPot app is not available for download through the Apple or Google Play store—instead, you need to enter your mobile phone number on the homepage. The site will send you a message with a link to click on, and you can download it from there.
  • Fanmojo
    One of the leading attractions of using Fanmojo as your fantasy sports betting site is the platform’s incredible initial deposit bonus. Fanmojo gives new players 200% back on their first deposit. Although the site can be challenging to navigate, it does give gamers handy tips and tricks for making bets.
  • Howzat
    The influence for the name of this site comes from a common cricket term. When a player asks an umpire, “Howzat?”, they are questioning whether the batman is out. When you register for a Howzat site, you can rest assured that you will always be right in the middle of the game during every bet. This site is definitely trustworthy and offers a mix of funding options to suit nearly any player.
  • Gamezy
    Gamezy caters to gamers from all over the world. The app is available in eight different languages with a live chat feature to ensure that any issues you have are addressed quickly. Do you have friends and family members who also enjoy playing fantasy cricket? Take advantage of Gamezy’s referral program, which gives new users 100 rupees per referral. One of the downsides of Gamezy, however, is the high withdrawal threshold of 200 rupees.

Of course, there are other fantasy betting sites available to Indian players, including My11Circle and Fan Duel. You can find out more about any of these sites by reading through our comprehensive site reviews.

3 Apps for Playing Fantasy Cricket for Free

Many fantasy players prefer to download an app to their phone to get their fix of fantasy cricket betting. The question that we often get is, “What is the best fantasy cricket app?” Here are a few of our favourite apps that offer players the option to play fantasy cricket for free:

  • Fantasy Cricket (Fanzy Inc.)
    Although Fantasy Cricket is an excellent choice for a fantasy cricket app, over the past few months, players have reported mixed reviews about using the app. Late in 2019, the app made some updates to its scoring policies and overall design, which did not please current players. Overall, however, the app is easy to use and navigate.
  • Fantasy Playing11 (Fantasy Sports Team Predictions)
    Fantasy Playing11 is an excellent app that gives players access to the Dream11 platform. Not only does the app allow you to create your ideal IPL fantasy team, but it also supplies you with essential information regarding the health of various cricket players, tips regarding your choices, and live score updates. Fantasy Playing 11 is continuously updating the app to fix any bugs that players experience, which demonstrates the platform’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • CricFL (Beaconites)
    CricFL is an app that focuses exclusively on fantasy cricket. The app allows you to join different tournaments and leagues with your friends or compete against players from around the world. Customer service is one of the great benefits of this app: representatives are very responsive to client issues and work quickly to resolve them.

FAQ about Fantasy Cricket

What is fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket allows the player to build their ultimate dream teams. You have the opportunity to fill an 11-player roster with players from any cricket team. Your team picks receive “points” for different happenings throughout the game. The gamer who has the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Is it considered gambling?

The legality of gambling is a main point of contention among the Indian government and gamers. In recent years, the Indian government deemed fantasy sports betting a game of skill that is not considered gambling.

Do you bet with real money?

Players have the choice of taking part in fantasy sports either by placing real-money bets or through free apps. If you opt to play with real money, be conscious of the minimum and maximum betting rules for each game as they tend to vary depending on your site of choice.

Due to clarifications in Indian law, fantasy cricket is legal. Keep in mind that there are still restrictions on certain forms of gambling in the country, so if you opt to play something other than fantasy betting, you should always double-check the legality of the game in India.

Can I play directly at a website or do I need to download an app?

The answer to this question varies depending on the site that you use to play. Most reputable sites offer a high-quality app so that you can take part in any event on your phone.

How do you win?

The players in your fantasy lineup receive points based on their performance during the game. If the players you chose have the highest amount of points at the end of the game, you are the winner. You can check in on your fantasy team during the game or once the game is over. Most sites will email you if you won your bet.

Is it a skill-based game, or is it just luck?

Although some people believe that taking part in a fantasy sports event is a matter of luck, there are certain steps that players can take to increase their chances of walking away with the money. If you do your homework, read through the injury report for players, and look into the teams that have players who are on a hot streak, you improve your chances of winning.

Is there an age restriction? Can I play if I am under 18?

You must be at least 18 years old to take part in any fantasy cricket events. Any reputable site will require that you provide them with photo proof that you are over 18 before you can begin placing bets. You will need up upload a picture of your ID to confirm your date of birth.

Referral Codes, Bonuses & Campaigns

Usually, fantasy betting sites will offer their players a signup bonus, which usually entails the site adding extra betting cash to player accounts based on the amount of their initial bets. For example, if a site offers a 100% initial deposit offer, a player can easily double the amount of money in his or her player account.

Note that if you take part in this promotion, you will not be allowed to withdraw the money that the site adds to your account until you either add a certain amount of money to your account or win a set amount.

Communities & Portals for the Fantasy Cricket Enthusiast

One of the best ways to keep up on the latest news about cricket is to read through the communities and message boards associated with the game. There is no shortage of sites where you can find this information—here are our top picks:

  • Sportskeeda
    Sportskeeda gives gamers an up-to-date report on both cricket players and game outcomes. An excellent feature of Sportskeeda is that the site lists all upcoming games for the next month, which gives fantasy players the flexibility to map out future lineups.
  • Crictracker
    Crictracker is known for comprehensive articles on the latest news in the cricket world. Whether you need more information on a player or are curious to see up-to-date information about a specific cricket league, Crictracker is an excellent choice. The site also delivers great insights for fantasy cricket players through one of their fantasy cricket “quick links. 
  • Cricketworld
    Cricketworld provides fantasy cricket players with an abundance of information. From live scores to betting tips to predictions on future games, this site gives fantasy bettors a comprehensive breakdown of all things related to the game. This site is slightly hard to navigate, but once you get used to the platform, it can provide you with helpful information for your bets.

Fantasy Cricket Contests & Tournaments

Each site has multiple options for cricket contests and tournaments. You have the option to take part in either a daily fantasy cricket game or sign up for a long-term tournament. Keep in mind that if you register for a long-term tournament, you will most likely have to stick with your lineup for the duration of the tournament.

Daily games or contests are different: gamers can change their lineups every day, which means that if a player from the day before was injured or did not perform up to par, you can put in someone else. Many sites offer games throughout the day, which means that you can create a lineup for each event.

How-To’s for Fantasy Cricket

Are you ready to start placing bets for a fantasy cricket game or tournament? This section is for you. Our experts guide you through the steps that you need to take to establish an account so that you can begin to enjoy fantasy cricket betting.

How Do You Get Started?

After you have settled on a fantasy site, the next step is to register for it. Sites will usually ask for the following information during their signup processes:

  • First and last name
  • Full address
  • Date of birth

If you sign up for a site where you intend to place cash bets on a fantasy game, the site will require that you fund your account. Before you can do that, the site may ask that you submit certain forms of documentation confirming your identity. However, if you opt to play fantasy cricket for free, all you will need to do is enter your identification information to create an account.

How to Join a League and Create Your Cricket Team

Before you consider joining a fantasy cricket league or creating your fantasy cricket team familiarise yourself with the site that you’ve selected. Once you log into your account, you should see a link or tab to the section of the site that allows you to either join a league or enter an event. You should always be conscious of the time and date of the games and the entry fee before you commit to joining.

Fantasy Cricket Glossary

If you are not familiar with cricket, it’s critical to learn some common terms that you will likely hear throughout the game. We have deciphered some of these terms for you to make gameplay more enjoyable.

  • Googly: A throw that spins to the leg of a right-handed batsman.
  • Jaffa: An excellent pitch. Another phrase that may describe a great pitch is ‘corker.’
  • Perhapser: A questionable stroke.
  • Lolly: A catch that a player makes easily.
  • Dorothy Dix: Slang term for a six-run score.

Takeaways from our Fantasy Cricket Betting Guide

Once you register for a trustworthy fantasy betting site, you are sure to spend countless hours creating teams and watching cricket. During your first few bets, we recommend that you wager on games with lower minimum entry fees so that you can get the hang of the site and the concept.

If you have any questions about playing fantasy cricket or your betting options, we encourage you to reach out to the JustGamblers team. We are always happy to help you make profitable bets.

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