The Best Horse Race Betting Sites in India

Learn where you can safely bet on horse races in India. Explore the best horse betting sites according to our experts and learn effective ways to gamble responsibly.
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Bet On Horse Racing On These Sites

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Our In-Depth Guide to Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing betting is one of the oldest forms of gambling in the world. Nearly every nation lets its citizens bet on horse racing, and going to the tracks is an activity that has united families and friends for centuries. With modern technology, it is now easier than ever to bet on horse races occurring around the world. There are even sportsbooks dedicated to helping Indian gamblers access the most exciting horse races out there. Today, the opportunities for betting on horse races are better than ever, so it’s the perfect time to explore this exciting gambling subculture.

Our guide addresses many of the common questions that new players may have regarding betting on horse races. We cover the legality of betting on horse races, good strategies for gambling, and how to identify trustworthy online betting sites. By the time you’ve finished reading our guide, you’ll be fully prepared to start betting and enjoying the pleasure of being part of an ancient human institution that remains a thrilling and popular pastime today.

Answers to Common Questions about Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing betting requires players to use one of the world’s major casino or sportsbook options. Fortunately, there are several to choose from: Betway India -  This trustworthy casino offers a 100% signup bonus of up to INR2,500. Betrally India -  As an Indian-localised arm of an international casino, Betrally provides a welcome place for Indian gamblers. It also offers an inviting 100% signup bonus of up to INR7,500. Dafabet -  This casino offers the most impressive signup bonus available: 150% of your deposit up to INR10,000. The casino is one of the most trustworthy options available to Indian players. There are plenty of other casino options to consider. The best way to track down other popular options for horse racing betting is to look at our expert reviews of individual casinos and sportsbooks.

Can I win real money from horse racing betting?

Yes: when you bet at online casinos or sportsbooks, you can bet real money and win real rewards. You’ll be able to withdraw those winnings from the online casino as soon as the prizes are sent to your account. Depending on the casino and your payment processor, you may need to wait a few days, or you could see your winnings on the same day.

Where can I find out the results of horse racing game for free?

Most sportsbooks will provide the results of each race after the fact, but you may want real-time results so that you know how your bets performed before the sportsbook pays out your winnings. There are some of the trustworthy sites that you can use to get current horse racing results in India.

Can I bet using INR?

Generally, yes. While not every sportsbook accepts INR as a currency, several of the best-suited sportsbooks for Indian players, such as JeetWin and Dafabet, do accept INR. Even if you’re betting with an international sportsbook (for example, Betrally), then you can still use a payment processor that converts your currency for you. If an online sportsbook accepts PayPal or Neteller, you should be able to use your standard currency with no problem.

What are the risks associated with horse racing betting?

Because the Indian government recognises horse racing as a skill-based contest, you won’t run into any legal trouble. The only real risks associated with horse racing betting come from the possibility of getting too involved with the hobby and betting too much. Every reputable sportsbook that lets you gamble on horse racing provides tools to help you restrain yourself if you feel that you are going too far with gambling.

Do I have to know much about horse racing to bet successfully?

No. We encourage you to study the sport for its own merits and to bet more intelligently, but it is possible to successfully bet on horse racing without knowing much about the sport. If you are lucky or have a good sense for sports gambling, then you may find yourself betting on the right horse more often than not. We can’t say that you should count on this possibility, but rest assured that you don’t need to spend years studying the history of each horse before you start betting.

Should I trust online horse racing betting?

Yes, as long as you select a sportsbook that has been reviewed and vetted by our experts. We put in the hard work to ensure that you have an easy way to find reputable sportsbooks where you can engage in horse racing betting in India. Our experts ensure that each casino we review has a good reputation, proper licensing, and all of the online security features necessary to keep your data and money safe.

Are there bonuses and incentives for betting on horse racing online?

Yes, and they vary depending on the sportsbook. For example, Jeetwin offers a 5% cashback bonus on all sports events bets up to INR3,500. That casino is not alone in this offer, either, as most casinos will offer either a signup bonus or a betting cashback program. One notable exception is Unibet: instead of offering a bonus program, the casino offers better payout odds on all its games and sports.

Indian Horse Racing Betting Guide - All the Details You Need to Know

Horse racing betting is one of the popular ways that Indian gamblers can get involved in the excitement of sports betting in India. Since this gambling avenue is entirely legal, many gamblers feel more comfortable getting started with horse racing betting than other options. The sport is full of excitement, and betting on races adds another dimension of fun to the experience. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of your money and bet safely on horse racing. 

How to Bet on Horse Racing

It’s easy to bet on horse races in India. Many online sportsbooks offer the chance to bet, including Dafabet, Jeetwin, and Betrally India. Once you’ve taken the steps to sign up for an account and deposit money, then you can immediately use your funds to bet on races. Each sportsbook is designed slightly differently, but each offers a “Sports Betting” section. Within that section, you’ll find the horse races, which will show up as horse racing cards. These cards contain all the information available on the day’s races, including participants and odds. 

Once you’ve found the races that you’re interested in betting on, then you can select a horse. Place your wager on that horse and wait for the race to start. Watch the race live through a streaming service or review one of the sites that we listed above to keep track of the results. Once the race finishes, the sportsbook will pay out winning funds to your account as appropriate.

How to Bet on Horse Racing Safely

Given the legitimacy of many online sportsbooks, it’s easy to bet safely on horse racing. You can look at our reviews to get an inside look at the most popular sportsbook options. When you select one of our recommended sportsbooks, you’ll get several benefits. 

  • You’ll be using a sportsbook that is officially licensed by one of several governmental organisations.
  • You can confirm if a particular sportsbook has been certified by eCOGRA or other certification companies. These companies confirm that the online sportsbook uses software that is safe from privacy concerns and pays out legitimately.
  • Learn if the casino has a negative reputation or any common player concerns regarding payouts and customer service. 

When in doubt, simply look for a sportsbook with a 5/5 rating so that you know you’re working with a trustworthy platform.

Digital Money Management

The biggest concern regarding digital money management in India is identity theft. There are predators ready to swipe your information and sell it or steal your credit card numbers to empty your account. Fortunately, the internet’s most reputable sportsbooks use high-quality payment processors with 128-bit encryption to prevent most hacking attempts. Many of these casinos also use military-grade security software. You can safely deposit funds with any of the online sportsbooks that we have reviewed. 

Another common player concern is whether the sportsbook charges any processing fees. Most casinos cover the transaction costs for credit cards and other payment methods for deposits. When in doubt, you can ask customer service. We recommend only using payment methods that avoid these fees to keep more money in your wallet. 

There are several strategies that you can employ to make the most of your money while betting on horse racing. We review those in detail in a later section.

Where You Can Bet on Horse Racing Online

If you’re looking for a good place to bet on horse racing, you are in luck. There are many safe, enjoyable sites that allow you to bet on races from around the world. There are several that cater well to the Indian gambler; in addition to betting on horse racing, these sportsbooks may let you also bet on pro kabaddi matches and other popular sports. 

Whether you’re looking for cricket betting, horse racing betting, or casino games, the following online sites are safe ones to consider. 

  • Betway India
    Betway is a safe, reliable online casino and sportsbook. It offers new players a deposit matching bonus up to INR2,500. Additionally, you can both deposit funds and withdraw winnings using a Visa or Mastercard credit card, meaning that the casino provides an extremely convenient way to manage your money.
  • JeetWin
    JeetWin is one of the best options for gambling online in India. It focuses exclusively on providing an excellent experience for Indian gamblers, so you’ll have no problem depositing and withdrawing funds in INR. You can find all of the classic Indian casino games here alongside betting opportunities for games like kabaddi and cricket.
  • Dafabet
    Dafabet is one of the safest casinos that you can find online. Dafabet is certified by both TST and eCOGRA for security and legitimacy, so you can trust that it will carefully tend to your money. Dafabet also understands the Indian gambler and has built its site to appeal to Indian gamers’ style and interests for betting on sports like horse racing.
  • 888 Casino India
    888 is an internationally recognised casino that provides a safe, standard experience for any kind of online gambling. The casino was not designed specifically for Indian players, but it does provide a special opportunity to engage in online gambling with other players from around the world.

Exploring the History of Horse Racing Betting

Nearly every civilisation in the world has engaged in horse racing at some point in its history. Archaeologists have discovered evidence suggesting that horse racing was a popular sport among the ancient people of Aryavarta. Over time, it spread throughout the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. As horses were reintroduced to the Americas, horse racing became popular there. For as long as people have competed by racing horses, others have bet on the outcomes. Horse racing betting is truly one of humanity’s most ancient pastimes. 

Due to its ancient provenance and the skill involved in the sport, the Indian government has made an exception for betting on horse races: regardless of restrictions on other forms of gambling in your state, you may legally engage in horse racing betting. 

Strategies for Horse Racing Betting

Betting on horse races can seem overwhelming to those who are exploring this style of gambling for the first time. There are a lot of variables, including the history of each horse and jockey, the physical differences between tracks, and the sheer number of races occurring around the world each day. Our experts have compiled some helpful Indian horse racing tips to help you get on the right track.

Free Strategies to Improve Your Odds at Horse Racing Betting

The first of our free Indian horse racing tips is, do a little research on the horses that you may want to bet on first. While you can simply select a horse with a name that you like and bet on its victory, you will not be taking full advantage of the breadth of information available. 

Each horse has a history and a track record. If you put in the time to study the conditions under which a horse performs well, you can get an advantage over those who haven’t done their research. For example, if you know that your horse always overperforms in wet or rainy conditions compared to other horses, you may bet on it when it’s raining even if the odds aren’t in its favour on paper. 

Ultimately, the amount of skill involved in horse racing means that results aren’t usually a matter of luck. While the difference between some horses’ performances comes down to a few slim percentage points, other horses will consistently outperform their competition. We encourage you to take the time to study the horses that you may bet on to make informed decisions when it comes to where you put your money. 

Money Management for Horse Racing Betting

The most important thing for money management with horse racing is not to bet everything on a single outcome in a single race. We understand the attraction of wagering everything and possibly winning big, but most of the time, this approach simply results in the gambler losing all of his or her money. We don’t believe that you should take so large a risk immediately, as it will make it harder for you to have fun later on if you pin all your excitement on major stakes. The best way to manage your money is to strike a balance between the possibility of a big, exciting win and the satisfaction of betting on multiple races successfully over time. 

You can make the most of your money by taking advantage of a sportsbook’s bonus offers. From time to time, sportsbooks run promotions that provide cashback or matching bonuses on the deposits that you make. Earning a little bit more on your wagers, win or lose, makes it easier to manage your money when betting on horse races.

Common Money-Losing Mistakes to Avoid

Some horses will never be at the top of the group. While the payout would be incredible if such a horse won, we strongly discourage you from betting on the worst-performing horses in any given race. Bet on horses that have a genuine chance of winning the race. 

You should never bet everything on a longshot chance of victory. Instead, bet reasonably on a horse that could pull an upset without the lead horse getting struck by lightning or some other unlikely event.

Best Bonuses and Campaigns for Horse Racing Betting

Considering the nature of sports betting and horse race betting in particular, it can be hard to choose between sportsbooks. Every sportsbook draws its betting odds from the same information, and each one lets you bet on the same races. One area that distinguishes sportsbooks is the bonuses that each casino offers. Some sportsbooks provide better incentives while others focus on improving the user experience and increasing payouts. For those who are newer to the sport and lack the experience to discern between horses with a high chance of winning, bonuses provide an opportunity to win extra money. 

Several of our favourite sportsbooks offer strong initial bonuses to new players: 

  • Dafabet
    Dafabet offers new players a matching deposit bonus of up to INR7,500. Additionally, the sportsbook offers a 0.75% rebate from bets on its OW and Dafa sports betting. While the percentage isn’t large on its own, it adds up over time to the possibility of continuing to bet without losing everything.
  • Jeetwin
    In contrast to Dafabet, JeetWin offers its players a substantial cashback rebate on all bets. You can earn 5% back up to INR3,500 every week. This kind of encouragement makes it easy to continue betting even if you run into an unlucky streak.
  • Betway India
    Betway India provides a matching first deposit bonus up to INR2,500. From time to time, it also runs promotions for sports betting, including an opt-in “Free Bet Club” that rewards players with INR500 on some bets of at least INR500.

Trustworthy Software Providers for Horse Racing Betting

The software that individual sportsbooks use varies according to each casino’s needs. Some platforms, such as Dafabet, develop software in-house. In-house development gives a sportsbook full control over function and layout, but it means that there’s no third party reputation to consider regarding its software—but if a sportsbook is one of the trustworthy betting sites in India, then you should have no concern regarding its ability to support safe software. 

There are several companies that produce sports betting platforms, including:

  • OneWorks
    Dafabet has used this company in the past, but it is gradually transitioning to using its own software. OneWorks produces safe, reliable sports betting. Its software is not designed for beautiful aesthetics but instead for strong security.
  • SBTech
    This company has won numerous awards over the years from EGR, SBC, GIA, and CEEG as well as awards for regulatory compliance. Beyond its sportsbook platform, SBTech cooperates with industry staples such as NetEnt and Microgaming to make casino software.
  • Betscheme
    The sportsbook platform at Betscheme delivers several payment methods and a crisp interface for users. Its account information service ensures that players can easily see their history and betting patterns. This platform is excellent for both horse racing betting and cricket betting.

Putting Theory to Practice with Horse Racing Betting

Though the associated technology has evolved, horse racing betting is a thrilling hobby that has united humanity across the world and over millennia. You can partake in this exciting form of leisure that people throughout history have enjoyed before you. With modern tech, you can even bet on horse racing occurring thousands of miles away from your own home.

Whether you’re getting together with your friends to bet or simply like to bet on horse races solo after a long workweek, we believe that you should enjoy yourself. As we connect you with the best legal betting sites in India, browse through our reviews to find sites that you can trust. Take advantage of generous welcome bonuses to ensure that you get a leg up on the competition and continue betting safely for years to come.

From all the experts at JustGamblers, we wish you good fortune on the track. Gamble responsibly and enjoy yourself! 

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