Most Common Numbers Roulette Illustrated
Roulette Wheel Illustrating the most common numbers to appear when playing Roulette.

The most common number that pops up on the roulette wheel is determined by how far exactly your sample size is that you’re considering. However, in most cases and casinos around the world, the most common numbers on the roulette table are 17 and 7. Find out how we have come up with this number below.

FAQs - All Your Questions About Roulette Numbers Answered

Q: What is the most played number in roulette and why?

A: The number 17 seems to be one of the most played numbers on the roulette table. Perhaps, it’s down to the physical positioning of the number as it features in the middle of the entire board, it attracts attention from more gamblers.

Q: What is the most common number outcome in Roulette

A: There are four numbers that seem to be the popular bet for gamblers; these include 17, 7, 23, and 24.

Q: How many lucky numbers should I play on roulette?

A: The answer to this question depends on your individual strategy and what type of budget you’re working with. When you cover more numbers, it means you have a higher probability of landing a bet, but the size of the winnings won’t be as much as it would if you chose a few numbers to place larger wagers.

Q: What is the worst number in roulette?

A: Superstition plays a role in labeling the number 13 as the worst or unluckiest number on the table.

Q: Is there a successful roulette number strategy?

A: Whether it’s successful or not depends on the results you experience when placing your wagers. Following the hottest numbers, such as 7, 17, 23, and 24 doesn’t guarantee success, so it’s not a proven strategy that will deliver wins all the time.

Q: Do number predictors and random number generators work for roulette in casinos?

A: No. The numbers that the ball falls in are completely random and can’t be predicted in any way. It’s largely down to the luck of the draw and your winning fate. 

The Theory Behind These Roulette numbers

Naturally, roulette players are always looking for some sort of logical explanation for popular numbers. We’ll discuss this theory throughout the article and try to find out what is the most common number that wins on roulette spins.

Roulette Numbers 7 and 17

People around the world have a fascination with the number 7, more so for spiritual or cultural reasons. Gamblers immediately associate a number of this caliber with some degree of reliability and luck.

The number 7 also has some roots in religions worldwide, referring to seven days a week, and seven heavens in Islam and Hinduism. In Christianity, it refers to the Sabbath or the day of rest which people believe to be holy. As a result, more gamblers put their faith in the number 7.

The number 17 features as a central point of the roulette table. Furthermore, renowned roulette players of the past have made large amounts of money by depending on the number 17, which is where its reputation comes from.

Sean Connery had once bet on the number 17 where he was successful with not just one spin but three spins back-to-back at a popular casino in Saint Vincent. 

The probability of that scenario occurring is about 50 000 to one, but it happened. Since then, people have developed an idea about the number 17, helping it become one of the hottest numbers in the game of roulette.

Most and Least Common Numbers in Roulette

The nature of American roulette is based on luck. There is no definite science or strategy that you can adopt to guarantee to win. The hottest and coldest numbers that you’d find on the table are an indication of the past 500 spins or the results from the previous 24 hours.

As a result, the most common and least common numbers can change. Players use these statistics as guides or superstitions to bet on specific numbers or determine what numbers may appear next.

For example, if a number has been cold for a long while, the gambler presumes that it could be any moment that it might turn out in a spin, although no evidence suggests an argument for either scenario.   

Hottest Numbers in Roulette

After examining the hottest numbers within the recent spins on the roulette table, the best numbers are 7, 17, 23, and 24 for most spins. On average, every number will come out approximately 8 times, with the hot numbers returning roughly about 14 times within the last 300 spins.

Coldest Numbers in Roulette

Cold numbers appear far less than the average in the last 24 hours or 300 spins. Some of the cold numbers only make an appearance about 3 or 4 times during the test period. These numbers are usually 3, 6, 13, and 34.

However, it remains an interesting concept because 17 and 34, and 6 are in close proximity on the roulette wheel. In fact, we refer to these numbers as neighbors because of their closeness.

Consequently, even though the hottest 17 is nearby, we’re considering 6 and 34 as cold numbers. This clearly demonstrates the amount of luck that goes into a game of American roulette. 

Are All Roulettes Games the Same?

Whether you’re betting on European or American roulette, the principle remains the same. 

Bear in mind that the American wheel has a Double Zero and, in total provides 38 numbers, while the standard European roulette board offers 37 numbers. American roulette offers you the lowest chance of winning, because of that double zero on the wheel, increasing the house edge.

A bet on European roulette has a 2.70% house edge, compared to the 5.26% on American games.

Each number has the same probability of coming out regardless of which table you’re playing at. The statistic about the hottest and coldest numbers still applies to both games. 

The common numbers in roulette will be determined by the 24-hour history and the past 300 or 500 spins. 

Takeaway on the Most Common Number on Roulette

It’s essential to understand that there’s no clear roulette strategy that reduces the house edge to the point where the advantage lies with you. Even with knowing what the most common numbers are, there’s no way to guarantee that the ball will drop in there again.However, gamblers around the world tend to gravitate towards certain numbers for various reasons, either spiritual or otherwise. The reasoning provides some form of comfort when playing roulette in online casinos.