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We have listed all Atlantic City casinos including addresses where to visit them and URLs to their online sites where you can sign up and play from home.

Top 5 Atlantic City Casinos in 2024:

OperatorBonus OpportunityOur comment
Golden Nugget CasinoUp to $1,500 free+ $10 on sign upBest bonus opportunity
Caesars Casino$10 free on sign upBest for live dealers
Borgata Casino$20 free on sign upBest for exclusive games
Resorts Casino$20 free on sign upBest for Blackjack games
Hard Rock Casino$25 free on sign upBest for free spins
Table with the Best Atlantic City Online Casinos.

Fast Facts about Atlantic City Casinos:

Year the City was Founded:1st of May 1854 (1)
Number of land-based casinos:9
Number of Online Casinos active in 2024:22
Amount of previously operational which are now closed:10
Most popular casino in 2024:Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa
Table with facts on Atlantic City Casinos.

Guide to Atlantic City Casinos

It’s quite tricky to think of NJ casinos and gambling history without Atlantic City coming to mind. 

With such a rich history in the industry, Atlantic City has always been a bustling ground for games of chance. Today we’re looking into the top 5 casinos in Atlantic City, how many land-based casinos they have, which casinos those are, what types of bets you can expect to place around the city, and more.

Whether for locals or tourists, there is no denying what a bustling hub Atlantic City has been and continues to be for those seeking interesting hotels, casinos, or similar forms of entertainment. 

From the most famous casinos to the functions of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, we will cover it all.

List of all land-based casinos in Atlantic City

Here is our list of New Jersey licensed online casinos:

  1. Resorts Casino and Hotel, 1133 Boardwalk
  2. Caesars Casino Atlantic City, 2100 Pacific Avenue
  3. Bally’s Atlantic City, 1900 Pacific Ave
  4. Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, 777 Harrah's Boulevard
  5. Tropicana Atlantic City, 2831 Boardwalk
  6. Golden Nugget Atlantic City, 1 Castle Boulevard
  7. Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, 1 Borgata Way
  8. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City, 1000 Boardwalk
  9. Ocean Casino Resort, 500 Boardwalk

You will also find reviews for these NJ licensed online casinos on our page here.

Google Maps with pins on all the active New Jersey land-based casinos


How many Atlantic City casinos are still open?

There are currently 31 operational casinos in Atlantic City, with 22 online and 9 land-based casinos.

What is the largest casino in Atlantic City?

The largest casino in Atlantic City is the Borgata Hotel, with 160,000 square feet of space, 3000 gaming machines, and 186 table games.

What is the difference between Las Vegas and Atlantic City?

Las Vegas is far more extravagant than Atlantic City, even if Atlantic City’s history with gambling runs deeper. While many expect Atlantic City to look like Las Vegas, there is no comparison as they both bring their own atmosphere and uniqueness to the table.

Can I play in Atlantic City if my home residency is in another state?

Gambling out of state is entirely legal, so yes, you can gamble in Atlantic City even if you live in a different state.

Atlantic City Casinos in 2024

Atlantic City is a coastal resort city in the Atlantic County of NJ. It has a rich history, with casinos, boardwalks, and beaches dating as far back as 1870. Some of its more famous histories include the prohibition era, the nightclub era, and of course, the eventual legalization of gambling which saw a massive rise in games of chance in the city.

Atlantic City currently generates tremendous amounts of money from its tourism and entertainment sector. In 2021, it generated roughly $1.87 billion from retail slot machines, $680 million from table game wins, and an overall Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) of $211.8 million.

Which company regulates current active casinos in Atlantic City?

The NJ Casino Control Commission (2) regulates all casinos in NJ and has done so since 1977. This commission was initially founded as the state’s Gaming Control Board, which licenses casinos in Atlantic City under the Casino Control Act. The casinos currently under regulation by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission include the following:

  • Resorts Casino and Hotel
  • Caesars Casino Atlantic City
  • Bally’s Atlantic City
  • Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City
  • Tropicana Atlantic City
  • Golden Nugget Atlantic City
  • Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa
  • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City
  • Ocean Casino Resort

Many online casinos are run by the casinos listed above under different names. These online casinos are also all regulated by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

When managing funds for investment into Atlantic City’s casino attractions, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority takes the lead.

How many casinos are open nowadays?

There are currently nine land-based casinos fully operational in Atlantic City’s casino industry. Here is a list of all the casinos:

  • Resorts Casino and Hotel
  • Caesars Casino Atlantic City
  • Bally’s Atlantic City
  • Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City
  • Tropicana Atlantic City
  • Golden Nugget Atlantic City
  • Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa
  • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City
  • Ocean Casino Resort

What types of bets can you place in Atlantic City?

Atlantic City allows for all forms of gambling under the laws of NJ. You can bet on the following:

  • Sportsbooks
  • Esports
  • Casino Games such as craps, baccarat, poker, and blackjack.

While these bets are legal in Atlantic City, they are subject to the casino. For example, you might not find esports or sports betting in all casinos.

Top 5 Atlantic City Casinos - Our List

The following is our list of the top five casinos in Atlantic City. We made our decisions based on several aspects, including how famous it is, the types of games on offer (like poker, slots, sports betting, etc.), the general atmosphere and aesthetic of the casino’s property, and a comparison of excellence and mediocrity.

1.   Golden Nugget - Best Bonus Opportunity

The Golden Nugget Atlantic City is located at 1 Castle Boulevard. It’s been operational for 37 years and sports a Gold Rush theme. Its main attractions are the Farley State Marina and ‘The Deck’. The casino previously went by Trump’s Castle and Trump Marina before eventually changing to Golden Nugget Atlantic City.

It offers 717 guest rooms, seven restaurants, a nightclub, a 462-seat theater, a massive recreation deck, and much more. The casino-specific offerings include sportsbooks and table games such as craps, baccarat, poker, blackjack, and slots.

2.   Caesars - Best for live dealers

Located on 2100 Pacific Avenue, Caesars Atlantic City offers a beautiful Roman and Ancient Greek-inspired getaway. With more than 120,000 square feet available to visitors, there is no shortage of entertainment.

They offer 3,400 slot machines, a nightclub, a spa, a cabaret theater, and an 1100-seat showroom. You can expect typical casino-based entertainment such as sportsbooks, slot machines, and table games like craps, baccarat, and poker –specifically, the best options for live dealers anywhere in Atlantic City.

3.   Borgata - Best for exclusive games

If you’re looking for exclusive games that you won’t find at other casinos, Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa can provide them. Borgata offers the largest hotel in all of New Jersey, with a whopping 2,798 rooms, and is the top-grossing casino in Atlantic City.

The entire casino spans 161,000+ square feet and includes the signature Poker Room, Comedy Club, restaurants, and an extensive range of incredible exclusives to enjoy on the casino floor, whether slots or table games like craps, baccarat, and poker.

You can find Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa on 1 Borgata Way.

4.   Resorts Casino - Best for Blackjack games

Blackjack will always remain a favorite of many gamblers, and Resorts Casino Hotel knows it. They bring the best experience of this kind to their players at 1133 Boardwalk, plus other expected forms of entertainment, including table games, slots, and sports betting.

Dating back to 1904, the Resorts Casino Hotel is one of the older casinos in Atlantic City. They offer 942 rooms and their signature Platinum Place Slots.

While focusing on their blackjack, don’t think they lack in other games such as craps, poker, or baccarat.

5.   Hard Rock Casino - Best for free spins

Everyone has heard the name Hard Rock Casino, and it’s not surprising, given their theme and superb games. If you’re looking for the best free spin deals in Atlantic City, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City is the place to go.

With their beloved rock ‘n roll theme, their premises at 1000 Boardwalk is hard to miss. You can expect the typical favorite slots and table games like poker on the casino floor, live hard rock shows, fantastic restaurants, and sportsbook betting.

What about the rest of the casinos?

As we’ve mentioned before, there are nine operating casinos in Atlantic City. You might wonder why we’ve only decided to feature five in detail and why the others didn’t quite make the cut.

Here is a brief list of the casinos we won’t feature in detail:

  • Bally’s – Famous for its Park Place and the Boardwalk thanks to the popular board game Monopoly. Located at 1900 Pacific Avenue, they have a decent array of games and live entertainment.
  • Harrah’s – Located on 777 Harrah’s Boulevard, this casino is one of three in the Marina District of Atlantic City. It is the fifth casino to open in Atlantic City since legalizing gambling there.
  • Ocean Casino Resort – You can find the Ocean Casino Resort at 500 Boardwalk, towering above other structures in the area. With their underwater theme and 130,000 square feet of property, you can expect typical casino entertainment, whether live, at a table or a slot machine. The Ocean Casino Resort is certainly worth a visit but doesn’t offer anything intrinsically unique.
  • Tropicana – Tropicana boasts more than 5000 parking spaces in two 2,500-space parking garages. They are located at 2831 Boardwalk and offer a range of entertainment from an IMAX theater to restaurants, online gaming, and typical casino table and slot games.

Our main reason for not delving into as much detail for these casinos is that they don’t particularly offer anything as unique as our top five. While you can still have a blast at any of them, our top five include special features that we felt were worth showcasing.

These four casinos above generally offer the same things, such as table games, sports betting, smaller venues, slots, and other smaller forms of entertainment.

What happened with the closed casinos? - Find out if they are going to reopen

Over the years, Atlantic City has seen many casinos come and go. From all of Trump’s casinos to the Showboat, some were rebranded while others were demolished. 

Here’s a list of the closed casinos and their stories of how they closed their doors to poker and beyond.

The Atlantic Club Casino Hotel - 1980 to 2014

The building and contents were sold to the Caesars Entertainment Corporation, while the slots and tables were sold to the Tropicana Casino and Resort.

Trump Plaza - 1984 to 2014

After announcing their plan to sell Trump Plaza to the Meruelo Group for $20 million – the lowest price for any Atlantic City casino in history – the sale didn’t materialize. The casino was eventually demolished on February 17th, 2021. (3)(4)(5)

Revel – 2012 to 2014

Even though much excitement came from the prospective purchase of the Revel Casino Hotel in 2014 by the Brookfield Asset Management Group, the company eventually backed out of the deal. Four years later, in January 2018, an announcement came for the sale of the casino. It later re-opened as the Ocean Resort Casino in June. (6)(7)

Showboat Atlantic City - 1987 to 2014

Initially purchased by Stockton University to turn the property into a campus, a pre-existing covenant required the property to operate as a casino. Stockton eventually sold the property to property developer Bart Blatstein, who re-opened the property as a non-casino hotel. (8)(9)

Trump Taj Mahal - 1990 to 2016

Failing to reach a deal with its union workers for restoration of health care and pension benefits, nearly 3000 people lost their jobs. The casinos struggled with bankruptcy issues and finally closed. It was eventually purchased by Hard Rock International and became the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City.

Revel – 2012 to 2014

Even though much excitement came from the prospective purchase of the Revel Casino Hotel in 2014 by the Brookfield Asset Management Group, the company eventually backed out of the deal. Four years later, in January 2018, an announcement came for the sale of the casino. It later re-opened as the Ocean Resort Casino in June. 

Trump Marina – 1985 to 2011

The building was sold to Landry’s Inc and later renamed the Golden Nugget Atlantic City in May 2011. It has since remained operational under the same name.

Sands – 1980 to 2006

The initial property was demolished to make way for a casino proposal by the Pinnacle Entertainment group of more than $2 billion in 2007. This never went forward, and the lot remains empty. (10)

Claridge – 1981 to 2002

Claridge stopped operating as a casino and decided to focus on being a hotel-only property in 2002.

Atlantis Casino – 1981 to 1989

Initially opened by Playboy Enterprises, which was found unsuitable when trying to procure a license, the Playboy casino closed and re-opened as the Atlantis. However, in 1989, the Casino Control Commission revoked Atlantis’ license, which led to the sale of the property. The property went on to become Trump World’s Fair.

Trump World’s Fair – 1996 to 1999

The building for this casino was demolished in 1999 / 2000 and replaced with new strip stores. (11)

Takeaway on Atlantic City Casinos

There is no denying the sheer volume of casinos and casino-related entertainment in Atlantic City. Given its rich history with casinos over the course of history – especially since the prohibition era – it’s almost as if games of chance are ingrained in Atlantic City’s culture.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful sea-view hotel room, massive restaurants with your favorite foods, games of chance in the thousands, or to enjoy a weekend away with some sportsbook bets, Atlantic City has it all.

While the casinos that operate currently certainly flourish, one can’t help but wonder what’s next for the casino landscape in Atlantic City, given its many changes in the past.

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