Best Online Lottery Sites in the USA for 2024

Play on the best online lottery sites in the USA in 2024. Read our expert advice on the best sites that you can trust with your dollars.

Our In-Depth Guide to Online Lotteries in USA

The online lottery industry in the USA is globally the largest online lottery run by any government. Before 2011 it was illegal to buy lottery tickets online. Previous legislation required that the person purchasing the lottery ticket had to be present in person for the purchase. Since then, the laws defining legal lottery improved to be more favorable towards lottery sites. Yet, until today it remains a very complex system with different requirements set for every state in the USA. The system is even more complex with several unreliable sites that present themselves as legal lottery sites.

Find out more about how you can achieve success by following our guidelines regarding online lottery sites in the USA. Our professionals also share valuable advice regarding the many easy to use lottery app options you have in the USA.

  • Answers to Common Questions About Online Lotteries in the USA
  • Explore the 10 Best Online Lottery Sites USA
  • All You Need to Know About Buying an Online Lottery Ticket
  • Lotteries to Play in the USA
  • The Current Legal Situation for Online Lottery in the USA
  • Lottery Bonuses & Campaigns
  • Is the “Free Lotto” Concept Legit
  • Online Lottery Glossary
  • Summary and Takeaways for Online Lottery in the USA

Answers to Common Questions About Online Lotteries in the USA

Yes, they are in some states. Not all states in the USA are yet open to online lottery sites, but many are. These sites offer safe platforms where you can buy lottery tickets online with the confidence that your data is secure. These legal lottery sites offer various jackpots, welcome bonuses, promo codes and many more ways of winning.

Can anyone play at a state online lottery in the US?

No. You have to be 18 years old and be in the same state as the one where you want to buy your ticket.

Can anyone win with online lotteries in the USA?

Yes, even non-citizens can play and win with an online lottery in the US, but they have to buy their tickets within the state where they win. They also have to pay 30% federal tax on their winnings.

How do you play the online lottery?

In a few simple steps you can register at an online lottery site. You can find these sites listed at retailers on the official lottery site of your state. Once registered, it is easy to pick the lottery you want to play. Follow the steps to choose your numbers, and you are ready to win.

Is Free Lotto free?

It is free in the sense that players don’t have to buy a lottery ticket. Players have to enter personal information, and this information will be used in marketing campaigns. We don’t recommend this type of lottery.

Do online lotteries offer bonuses?

Yes, some do, but not all of them. It will depend on the state where you are playing. Some offer lucrative welcome bonuses while others don’t. The guidelines concerning bonuses, promotions and even instant wins are all stipulated by state legislation.

Are lottery winnings taxed?

Yes, winnings are taxed. The amount of tax you would have to pay depends on the amount that you have won. Jackpots are often taxed at the highest tax rate. These tax deductions would influence the amount that you get in the end.

No, the US government is very strict regarding participation in international lotteries. Not adhering to these laws can result in penalties or even a light sentence.

Explore the 10 Best Online Lottery Sites USA

Over recent years the growth of interest in online lottery sites in the USA has expanded. Some of the states decided to make online lotteries legal. NJ lottery online is evidence of such a success story in this industry.

  • Michigan Lottery
    Michigan State owns and manages the Michigan Lottery. The site allows players to buy lottery tickets online for 11 different kinds of American lotteries. In a few easy steps, you can access the opportunity to play. You can even stand a chance to earn extra dollars with many instant-win games too. The steps are as easy as registering an account on their website. You will need to enter some basic personal information and the last four digits of your social security number. Once registered, you can have complete access to various games and online lotteries.

    The Michigan Lottery offers three different payment solutions when you win. The lottery credits your account when the amounts are less than $600. For amounts up to $50 000, you would need to log into your account. Then you can follow the easy step-by-step online claims process. When your winning amount is above $50 000, you need to collect your money in person from a claiming station

  • Illinois Lottery
    Online access to the Illinois lottery launched in 2012. The legislation states that anyone older than 18 years can buy online lottery tickets on the lottery site. You can also use the lottery app to buy tickets for various online lotteries. Lucky Day Lotto, Mega Millions and Powerball are all included in the list of online lotteries. You can follow an easy registration process to be part of the fun-filled action. Illinois Lottery is mobile-friendly, and you can buy lottery tickets online from your mobile device.

    The online lottery limits daily purchases to $150, and no instant games are available either. The online lottery site does offer support via telephone or email. You will also have the choice of various banking solutions by linking a debit or credit card. Claiming any prize above $600 and below $1 million requires that you either complete the necessary claims form and mail it to Lottery Central or visit your nearest claims center. If it was your lucky day and your winnings exceeded $1 million, you would have to call the Central Claims office for the Illinois Lottery.

    The Illinois Lottery is one of the leading online lottery sites in the USA. They played a major role in moving legislation to legalize lottery sites.

  • Georgia Lottery
    The Georgia Lottery has shown one successful year after another for the past 12 years. The result is that they can offer you more substantial jackpots and prizes than any other online lottery in the USA. The Georgia Lottery operates 2 of the largest online lotteries in the States. There are also several other online lotteries that you can enjoy on the official website.

    Their credit card options make transfers easy and safe. For easy troubleshooting, you can contact their support team via phone or email. The Georgia Lottery offers a secure platform with a large game variety and excellent jackpot opportunities.

  • North Carolina Lottery
    The North Carolina Lottery offers a range of exciting online lottery games. They do not offer instant win games. Online lottery is available on various platforms, including mobile devices. You can sign up easily by simply following the steps. Their online lottery doesn’t present new players with a deposit bonus. You can, however, add some dollars to your account using regular promotions. The lottery site relies strongly on its mobile lottery app. The app can scan tickets when you win to collect rewards.

    You have to be older than 18 years to legally participate on this lottery site. Banking is convenient and safe. You can transfer funds either via debit card, with a bank transfer or from an online play gift card. The North Carolina Lottery is your trusted partner delivering on loads of fun and great opportunities to increase the dollars in your pocket.

  • North Hampshire Lottery
    When you buy lottery tickets on the state-run North Hampshire Lottery site, winning is almost confirmed. The online lottery site offers several instant-win games, and you can also buy tickets for the largest lottery draws. An additional benefit is that you pay the same price when you buy lottery tickets online than when you make in-person purchases. Their jackpots are lucrative and exciting, and the site is straightforward to navigate.

    Registration takes a few simple steps and gives you access to a selection of games that are slightly lacking, considering the possibilities available. Yet, players will enjoy the excellent graphics that are the result of brilliant software used. This advanced software also helps to protect your information to offer a safe and secure platform for you to enjoy.

  • Kentucky Lottery
    The state-run Kentucky Lottery is an exciting platform for players playing online and on the go. It is one of the most promising lottery sites in the USA offering a diverse list of instant-win games and entries into the major drawings. You can also expect quick payouts from the enticing jackpots available. This lottery site is highly rated when it comes to security. Thus, you can register with confidence in the privacy of your information. You will find clear and simple instructions to follow when you buy lottery tickets online.

    A great benefit of this online lottery site is that you will get a $50 bonus simply for signing up. It is to no surprise that the Kentucky Lottery recently added a horse racing themed game. The lottery site offers a variety of transfer options which varies from debit and credit cards to iFunds.

  • Pennsylvania Lottery
    The Pennsylvania Lottery is home to a much-advanced form of online lottery called iLottery. iLottery is best described as an online gambling platform. It brings players opportunities to win real Dollars with several options of games of chance. You can join in via their website or by downloading the lottery app onto your mobile device.

    Playing iLottery is fun and easy. To sign up, you have to be within the borders of the state. You only have to enter a few simple personal details, and then your registration is complete. To access these games, you have to deposit funds into your online account, which enables you to buy tickets for any game available. Their banking solutions for easy and safe transfers include PayPal, PayNearMe and Ach/eCheck as well as Visa and Mastercard options.

  • North Dakota Lottery
    The North Dakota Lottery is the youngest online lottery USA has at present. The site limits players like no other lottery site in the States. Players are only allowed access to multi-state draw games. The State doesn’t allow any state-exclusive draw games, and there are no instant games on offer. The site has a mobile lottery app where you can buy lottery tickets online.

    North Dakota Lottery is also the only online lottery in the USA, allowing players to pay for tickets either with debit cards or cheques. The specific payment solutions offered are, however, retailer dependent. Another exciting feature of this online lottery is that it is part of the Lucky for Life initiative. This feature is valid for players of more than 20 states. It offers $1 000 per day to jackpot winners for their entire lives.

  • Texas Lottery
    Texasonline lottery is relatively limited in the sense that until recently, you were not allowed to buy lottery tickets online. Now laws have changed, and you can purchase a ticket from online retailers. You would have to be 18 years old and have a bank account to be able to register. Alternatively, if you are of legal age, you can also download the TexasLottery app onto your mobile, which will give you access to purchase your tickets.

The Texas Lottery Syndicate is a group that enables players to increase their chances of winning. It is easy to join a syndicate and will improve the odds in your favor to win the Texas Lottery Jackpot. You can expect fun games with secure banking options. It provides a safe and secure platform for online lottery enthusiasts in Texas.

All You Need to Know About Buying an Online Lottery Ticket

The USAonline lottery is open to the entire globe. The only requirement is that you buy your online lottery ticket within the borders of the United States. Each state within the USA has their custom set of laws concerning online lotteries. It remains any player’s responsibility to adhere to these guidelines. Even if you are a non-citizen, you have to adhere to both the federal law as well as state legislation.

The Details You Need to Provide

The details which you would need to register at an online lottery site in the USA vary from state to state. It can even vary between different retailers. In general, the best advice is to prepare to enter some basic details. These details would include your identity, age, physical address, email address, contact numbers and country of residence. In some cases, you might need to enter the last 4 digits of your social security number. You would also have to have a bank account in your name.

The Sites That You Can Choose From

In every state, various sites are affiliated with the local state lottery. These sites adhere to the guidelines set by the local gambling authority. Do not buy lottery tickets online from any online lottery site, which is not linked to the local state lottery authority. The state lottery websites list the retailers which they approve. Best would be to visit their site before registering with any online lottery site.

Easy Signing Up with the Following Process

The process to register with an online lottery is easy and perfectly explained by the various online lotteries.

  • Decide on the online lottery with which you want to register
  • Enter the basic details required
  • Depending on the site and state you are in, you might have to deposit a small amount of cash
  • Decide on the specific lottery you want to play
  • Pick your lucky numbers
  • Wait for the results.

How to Pick a Lottery Ticket to Buy

Lottery numbers are mainly picked based on luck. Yet, you can increase your chances of winning by taking specific measures.

  • Start by picking unusual numbers. The last thing you want to do is to share your money if your number was the lucky one.
  • Join in on lottery pools. Doing this won’t cost you more, but by adding your ticket to a pool of tickets, the odds of winning are much better. Rather share in the winning money than losing out entirely.
  • Every single online lottery has several options when it comes to making your selection. Some of these do have better odds than others. It will be to your benefit to do a bit of research to determine which lotteries have a history of delivering more winners.

When you’ve done everything possible to increase your luck, you can only wait on Lady Luck to do her share.

Lotteries to Play in the USA

Players of online lotteries have a large selection of lotteries from which to choose. Over recent years various states have changed their legislation to legalize online lottery sales. These changes mean that multiple states do offer state-run online lotteries. These lotteries have several retailers approved retailers. Players who reside in these states can partake in a legal lottery when they buy lottery tickets from these sites. When you want to play at an online lottery site, the best would be to visit the state lottery website for the state first. Here you will find the details concerning reliable retailers. You can also download a lottery app to buy lottery tickets online on your mobile.

USA State Lotteries

There is no national lottery in the United States. Players who live in specific states are however able to purchase lottery tickets from the state lotteries. Local state government controls the legislation for these online lotteries. These laws can vary from one state to the other as each operates independently. Players living in these states where lotteries are available can buy lottery tickets from various retailers.

The primary purpose of USA state lotteries is to raise funds for various development programs. Thus, using all money invested within the state is to that state’s benefit.

International Lotteries

It is illegal for US citizens to buy a lottery ticket from international lotteries. The legislation prohibits players from partaking in any kind of international lottery. Even first-time offenders can face either penalties or imprisonment. These laws protect USA citizens as many of these international lotteries are often linked to fraud. History has taught us that these sites are not trusted platforms for playing the lottery in the States. Hence, the strict guidelines concerning these lotteries.

US State Lotteries v. International Lotteries

The difference between these two lotteries is the one is legal in certain states and the other not at all. Only approved retailers provide access to state lottery tickets. These measures ensure player safety. There are certain limitations, such as you have to reside in the state which you support. International lotteries are illegal in the USA. Not adhering to this legislation can result in penalties and even a light sentence.

Currently, online lottery sites are legal in most states. It means that you can buy lottery tickets online in most states within the US. Do take note that not all of the various lottery games are available in all the states.

Lottery Bonuses & Campaigns

Various online lotteries in the USA offer unique bonuses and campaigns for their regular players. These can vary from welcome bonuses to special offers and giveaways or even promo codes. The options available is depending on the state legislation and the specific guidelines of the particular retailer.

Jackpot Lottery

You can find the life-changing jackpot which most merely dream about in several online lotteries in the USA which offer extraordinary jackpot payouts. The most well-known is Powerball with Mega Millions following closely in pursuit. These massive jackpots easily amount to more than $700 million. The number of tickets sold determines the value of the jackpot. If more people buy lottery tickets, the amount of money made is higher and thus also the jackpot prize money. If nobody picked the winning number, this amount rolls over, increasing the total jackpot even more.

Is the “Free Lotto” concept legit?

Yes, Free Lotto is legal in the USA and many claims that they have won big prizes simply by entering. It does come at the cost of having your inbox spammed with adverts though. Free Lotto relies on advertising to make money.

We Analyze The “Free Lotto” Industry

Here we would like to distinguish between legal and legit. Even though no laws prohibit Free Lotto as a business concept, we advise against it. The Free Lotto platform is a medium to gain interest from players in advertised goods. The money which this site makes is from advertising fees, and this structure allows entries to be free of charge. To be in the running for a particular prize, you would need to enter some personal details. The result of playing Free Lotto is that you make yourself the target of focused advertising campaigns. 

Online Lottery Glossary

When you are a newcomer to USAonline lotteries, it might be confusing to understand the various terms often used. Below we explain some of the most common ones.

  • State lotteries – The term refers to state-owned lotteries. The rules for these lotteries can vary from one state to the other. The state lottery is an initiative to raise funds for development projects within the state and have to adhere to strict legislation.
  • Free Lotto – A lottery platform where players can partake free of charge. In return, you receive marketing material and adverts from various suppliers. This lottery makes money from advertising fees paid by advertisers on the site.
  • Instant-win games – These kinds of games offer players the opportunity to win money instantly and is often in the form of scratch cards.

Summary and Takeaways for Online Lottery in the USA

US legislation concerning online lotteries is still very strict with many regulations prohibiting specific actions. These strict guidelines protect players of online lotteries. Players can buy lottery tickets online with the confidence that their information is safe. Online lottery is a very lucrative industry as it offers endless opportunities to make money effortlessly. Always play responsibly to achieve the best results.

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