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An In-Depth Exploration of’s Privacy Policy: Discover How We Collect and Use User Data.

The Purpose of Our Privacy Policy

This page outlines the details of our privacy policy. You will find information regarding our company, how we collect and use your data, and your rights. We believe that all users of our website should have access to this information. We strive to comply with all regulations and legal mandates. To address this value, we outline our policies clearly.

We respect the rights and privileges of our users, and we always balance these rights against our rights and legal obligations. We strive to collect information that improves our users’ experience on our website. We remove information that is unrelated to that purpose, is irrelevant, or could potentially be harmful to our system under all legal requirements.

All our users should feel comfortable knowing that we are using their information in full observation of the law. This guide is intended to answer any questions that you may have regarding the kind of information that we collect and how we use it. If you have further questions that we do not answer below, we encourage you to contact us to address those concerns.

Our purpose is to provide our users with expert online casino reviews that are relevant and comprehensive. This guide will help you to understand the data that we collect to help us serve our users.

The Company Responsible for Guarding Your Data connects users with the best online gambling platforms available. Our purpose includes providing relevant information, reviews, and guides on how to gamble safely and responsibly at various sites on the internet. As these sites are available in many countries worldwide, maintains consideration about international interest in how we collect and use data.

As a trusted source of information regarding online casinos, we treat your personal data with high regard. We use software to ensure that your data remains protected from unauthorized access. We limit how we share your information with others. In all circumstances, we aim to protect our users from harm and digital fraud, so we offer ways to request the restriction or removal of your information.

About Us

We employ experts who analyze online casinos. Our expert reviews focus on several features for each casino:

  • How trustworthy is the casino as a website, and what information is available about the company that owns the casino?
  • Which software and certifications do these casinos use to ensure that the games are fair?
  • Under which authorities or governing bodies are these legal and licensed casinos established?
  • How user-friendly is the website, and how easily can users set up accounts?
  • What kinds of games are available, and which restrictions are there regarding who can play these games?
  • Which promotions do the casinos offer to encourage users to return?
  • How do the casinos address and encourage responsible gambling?

We produce in-depth guides on how to play various casino games, including poker, blackjack, and roulettes. Our experts review common strategies, errors, and methods of play.

Depending on the information that we collect about you, we may be able to better fulfill this objective. We will use relevant information about how you use our website to suggest games, casinos, and more.

The Data That We Process

We collect several categories of information. Some of these are legally mandated, some ensure the best website experience possible for our users, and some we collect to improve the services that we offer. These categories include:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • IP Address
  • Location Data
  • Website Usage
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Personal Preferences and Opinions

Most of this information is directly related to your account. You can see the importance of this information by reviewing the following examples:

  • An 18-year-old in New Jersey visits our site to learn about online gambling opportunities. As the minimum age to participate in online gambling in New Jersey is 21, we may use this information to limit the kind and amount of direct marketing that is sent to this user.
  • A user from New York looks at several reviews of online casinos that are exclusive to New Jersey. We may send this user information about upcoming specials at these casinos paired with a reminder that the user must physically take a trip to New Jersey to partake in these specials.
  • A user creates an online profile with our website. We retain the user’s email address and password to ensure that the user can continue to access that profile even if they forget their login information.
  • A user consistently reviews our pages highlighting how to play or improve at roulette and searches for articles and expert reviews that include roulette. We may send direct marketing to this user based on their preference for this game.
  • The European Union may track down a case of widespread fraud or data tampering related to an online casino frequented by European users. Authorities may legally request information that we store about users who reside in Europe, and we may be legally compelled to provide that information.

Automated and Manual Processing

To preserve our users’ privacy, we limit how much manual data processing occurs on our site and in our database. We achieve this through two primary means:

  • Cookies - We address this concept below in section 8 (‘Our Cookie Policy’). Because we use cookies to store information on your device, we can limit the amount of data that we must retain on our servers. This storage process automates how the data is processed in real-time as you use our website. Our cookie policy also protects you from some of the risks of data breaches.
  • Automated Processing - As often as possible, we use automated systems to store, encrypt, and retrieve users’ information. This policy is particularly relevant regarding usernames, passwords, email addresses, and personal information. For example, if you forget your password, the process that will assist you with recovering it is automated. No one on our technical support team will manually access that information in response to a password request.

International Data Transfers

Our policy regarding international transfers addresses the use of your information outside of the European Union. We may allow third parties to access your information in some circumstances, and those parties may reside outside of the European Union.

In other circumstances, we may be required to disclose your information in response to legal requests. We are compelled by law to respond to official requests from law enforcement agencies based on legal regulations and requirements.

In all situations, we strive to preserve your rights regarding your information. As per our policies, we will confirm and verify the legitimacy of any requests originating from law enforcement agencies.

Your Rights as a User

When you visit our website, you have rights as a consumer. We protect your personal data in several ways, knowing that your experience on our website is dependent on our observation and acknowledgement of your rights.

Your Rights and Options

We have broken this section down into several categories of rights. Please review each section to find relevant information if you would like to exercise any of your rights relating to our data collection.

Access - You have certain rights regarding your access to the data that we collect.

  • You may ask us to confirm if we are collecting information about you and how you use our website.
  • You may ask us for a copy of that information.
  • You may ask us about information related to your information; that is, how we use your information, how long we retain it, how you can exercise your rights, how you can file a complaint, and how we collected your information.

Rectification - You have rights related to the quality and accuracy of the information that we collect.

  • You can ask us to correct any erroneous information that we have stored about you or how you use our website.
  • In some cases, we may require that you verify the correction using clear evidence.

Erasure - You have limited options to request that we erase your information.

Examples of information you may request we delete include:

  • Information that is no longer necessary or relevant to how you use our website.
  • Information based on your consent at the time that has since been withdrawn.
  • Information related to a successful exercise of your right of objection.
  • Information that has been illegally obtained.
  • Information that you have a legal right to have deleted.

There are some categories of information that you may not request we delete, including:

  • Information that we are legally obligated to collect and retain.
  • Information required to exercise legal claims and investigations.

Restriction - You also have rights that prevent us from using some information that we retain.

  • If you contest the accuracy of some information, it may be restricted until the rectification is complete.
  • It may not be used lawfully, but you prefer that we retain it.
  • It is no longer necessary for standard use but is still needed regarding legal claims.
  • There is a pending objection to our right to collect the information.

This restriction does not extend to several situations:

  • If you have provided consent for us to use the information.
  • If we are required to use the information regarding legal claims.
  • If we must use the information to protect another person.

Portability - You have rights regarding how we provide you with the information that you’ve requested.

  • The information may be processed when you have provided consent.
  • The information must be processed using automation rather than personal review.

Objection - If you believe that your personal rights outweigh our legitimate interests regarding data collection, you may object to its use.

  • In any such case, we may take the opportunity to defend our right to use the information.

Supervisory Authority - You have the right to file complaints with relevant supervisory authorities regarding your information.

  • We request that any such issues be brought to us for direct resolution first, though you are free to contact a supervisory body whenever you choose.

Direct Marketing

In some instances, we may use your data may for direct marketing communications. These communications will be related to the categories of information articulated in section 3 (‘The Data That We Process’). Generally, this information will be used to alert you to specials, promotions, new features, and website changes that may be relevant to you as an individual or as a member of a class.

Most of the time, this marketing will be related to our legally-articulated legitimate interests. As relevant, we will conduct this marketing with your consent. For situations in which the marketing is not relevant to you, based on incorrect information, or otherwise not desired, you may opt out via a restriction or objection to the information that we possess.

Separately, we send our marketing communications with the option to ‘opt out’ from further promotional communication. We will still alert you to information that we are legally obligated to communicate, such as changes to our terms of service.

In all circumstances, we will restrict our marketing communications to a reasonable level. We believe that this communication is mutually beneficial for our users and us, but we also respect nuisance concerns. Based on this understanding, we will keep our direct marketing communication relevant and actionable for your interests based on the data that we possess about you.

The Time Frame During Which We Keep Your Data

In determining how long we retain your data, there are several categories that we use. These categories include:

  • Data that is technically necessary to ensure that the website functions properly on your device.
  • Data that we are mandated to record and retain by legal authorities or supervisory bodies.
  • Data that is helpful to facilitate users’ positive experiences on our website.
  • Data that must be retained for tax or economic and regulatory purposes.

The length of time during which we retain your information varies depending on these categories. If we are not legally mandated to retain the information for criminal or economic purposes and you withdraw your consent, we will remove the information immediately after we approve your objection. If we are legally required to retain the information, we will keep it indefinitely. We may remove technically-necessary data after your device changes or we update our website.

After any mandatory period of data retention, we may voluntarily and unilaterally remove your information. We may take this action to free up storage space or to protect users from potential data theft. Alternately, we may retain the information but fully anonymize it. This policy is especially pertinent to information regarding website usage and demographics.

Due to the variability in legal regulations depending on our users’ countries of origin, we adhere to consent-based justification for collecting and processing your data. This policy manifests in several ways:

  • By using our website, you provide tacit consent that we may collect your personal data and website usage information.
  • You may explicitly withdraw your consent in part or in full. If this decision impacts your ability to use our website effectively, we may communicate with you regarding the impact.
  • We observe all legal requests for information that we receive and verify. We comply with legal injunctions against collecting information in specific circumstances.
  • We make information related to our data collection, use, and processing freely available to all our users.

There are some protected categories of information that we may collect. In some cases, we are required to collect that information in the event that law enforcement agencies request it. These situations generally arise when there is a strong possibility that the information pertains to an ongoing or potential investigation.

A cookie is a piece of software that resides on your computer to preserve your preferences and settings regarding a website such as ours. Our website communicates with your computer through cookies to ensure that you have a more streamlined experience, including logging in, viewing pages, and your search preferences.

By using our website, you consent to our use of cookies. While you can view our website without cookies, its performance will be suboptimal, and you will not have the ideal experience in terms of functionality and speed.

You may manually delete cookies or turn off your acceptance of cookies through your browser or system settings controls. If you would like additional information regarding cookies and how to remove or deactivate them, visit’s FAQ page.

Categories of Cookies

There are many categories of cookies, but some of the most common cookies that you will encounter on our site are those that are technically necessary; those that are stored and used for some time; and those that are stored by us on our website.

Technically-necessary cookies serve vital purposes for website functionality. Without them, you would not be able to access important parts of the website. As such, your browser will download these cookies by default as needed unless you have instructed it not to do so.

Other cookie categories include those that are not technically necessary but are functionally useful. These include cookies that save settings, improve website performance, and preserve information related to how you use our website. These cookies improve your user experience on our website.

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