So, you’ve played every crash game you could possibly find in an online casino? Maybe not, because the DraftKings crash games selection offers something more - DraftKings Rocket Crash Game. In this article, we’ll uncover everything you need to know about this entertaining crash game called “Rocket”.

Fast Facts about DraftKings Rocket Crash Game:

Where to Play:DraftKings
Software Developer:In-House
Type of Crash Game:Rocket
Minimum bet:$1
Table with facts on DraftKings Crash Game Rocket.


Q: How do you play crash on DraftKings?

A: Simply head over to the ‘Variety Games’ section on the site or app and discover a world of crash games online. Select a game like Rocket and place real money wagers for a chance to win big.

Q: Is DraftKings Rocket Crash Game random?

A: Yes, the gameplay is determined by a random number generator, which means you have no control over the result. As such, you depend on luck to win money.

Q: What is the best strategy to win in DraftKings Rocket Crash Game?

A: While there isn’t a particular strategy to win, you can use the auto function and place bets over several legs with a low bail-out amount.

Q: Can I play DraftKings Rocket Crash Game for real money?

A: Yes, you can start playing Rocket for real dollars after making your deposit with real money. 

Characteristics of DraftKings Rocket Crash

Rocket is DraftKing's version of a crash game where there isn’t a use of playing cards or spinning of reels. The game is straightforward to learn. You’ll find Rocket under the Variety Games section on the DraftKings site or mobile app.

What makes DraftKings Rocket Crash Game a special game?

The premise of Rocket is the same as other crash games, as you simply need to bail out before the rocket crashes or the game ends. If you don’t, you lose your initial wager. This game is different from the others in that the team at DraftKings developed it themselves.

They made the game fun through bright colors and added elements that make it exciting.

The betting options are also slightly different from other crash games, which is why you should give Rocket a try, especially if you enjoy crash games.

Is DraftKings Rocket Crash Game a multiplayer game?

Yes, players from across the country are betting on the same game as you. In fact, during the game, you can see the usernames of players who are bailing out and how much they’ve won. However, their presence in the game doesn’t affect you and your betting in any way.

DraftKings Crash Game Multiplayer
Image on DraftKings Crash Game.

Pros & Cons of DraftKings Rocket Crash Game

DraftKings is an excellent online casino, which you can learn more about in our in-depth DraftKings review. Providing crash games is a highlight since most players enjoy their simplicity. These are some of the pros and cons of Rocket, in particular. 


  • The game is simple and easy to understand.
  • Players have the potential to win up to one million dollars.
  • The automatic betting function offers players more control over their spending.


  • The idea of the game isn’t different from other crash games.
  • Rocket is a highly volatile game; you can lose money very quickly if you’re not cautious.
  • There isn’t a single strategy to implement that can guarantee a win. 

How Does DraftKings Rocket Crash Game Work?

Rocket is exclusive to DraftKings since it was developed by their in-house team. It's their take on crash gambling. They wanted to offer a unique experience to players with their product, and they succeeded. We’ve played other forms of crash games, including titles similar to Rocket like Aviator and Jetx
However, there are some differences with this game. You can select what type of rocket you have on your screen, yet other players in the same game will see a different rocket in front of them.

DraftKings Crash Game Select Rocket
Image of the type of rocket you can have on your screen.

The game is completely random, and winning will be highly dependent on luck. 

Rocket is a multiplayer game to a certain degree. While other players can’t affect the outcome of your result, they’re all placing wagers and bailing out on the same game.

The primary aim of Rocket is to place a wager and try to multiply that with every second the rocket stays in flight. When the rocket crashes, that game is over, and anyone who bailed before that will win their wager and the amount that it was multiplied by. However, you lose your initial bet if you don’t bail in time.

How to set your initial stake?

During the countdown sequence, you can enter what level you think the rocket will crash at; if you don’t, it’s automatically set at 1 000 times, which means you have to bail manually.

Then, type in how much you’re prepared to wager on your prediction being correct. Enter the wager button and watch the rocket take flight.

How to take the winnings?

Withdrawing your winnings is the same as you would for other games in the casino. Your winnings from the Rocket game are added to your playing account. You can then withdraw the funds as you would with other casino winnings. 

On What Devices Can I Play DraftKings Rocket Crash Game?

The developers at DraftKings ensured that players of Rocket would enjoy the same experience on any device. Since they have a mobile app, you can access the game on your smartphone or tablet and traditional desktops and laptops.

How can I win DraftKings Rocket Crash Game?

Crash games, by nature, are volatile. Since the random number generator delivers the game's result, there’s no way you can influence the outcome. As a result, Rocket is completely based on luck.

However, some players adopt some strategies that assist in getting closer to winning money at the end of your session. Most people use the auto cash-out function, where you must set the multiplier before the game begins. When the rocket passes that multiplier, it will automatically bail you out instead of riding your luck and eventually losing.

Players often select lower multipliers to win a little at a time.    

Learn about the rules of the game

As with any casino game, it’s crucial to understand the rules before spending your dollars.

Some games may have demo versions available where you can familiarize yourself with the basics of the game.

However, without this, it’s a wise idea to learn about crash games as a whole. The way Rocket plays is exactly like other crash games that you’d find in an online casino.

Understanding the essentials of any crash game will prepare you for what Rocket has in store.

Pay attention to what the competitors play

While Rocket doesn’t allow you to view the bets of other players, you can view their winnings as they’re bailing out of the flight. You can check out who was the player that lasted the longest and how much they won in that round.

Use the Auto-Cash out function

The auto-cash-out function is your friend in any crash game. It’s the ideal way to control your gambling and try to win money playing this type of game. With Rocket, the auto cash-out option is also known as Bail.

DraftKings Crash Game Auto Cash vs. Manual
Image comparing Manual vs. Auto-Cashout Function on DraftKings.

While you can set the auto cash-out multiplier, you still have control to manually override this if you want to cash out earlier. Additionally, you can set the game on Auto using that specific tab where you can dictate how many games should proceed automatically and with what wager, and at which multiplier. 

Takeaway on DraftKings Rocket Crash Game

The Rocket crash game from DraftKings is unique in that you won’t find this game in any other online casino. They created and designed this game specifically for DraftKings players, so the elements will keep you interested.

The high RTP is worth shouting about, but you must remember that it also comes with high volatility. Playing Rocket offers you the potential to win $1 million, but the chances of that happening where the multiplier reaches 1 000 times are slim.

Bear in mind that there’s no clear strategy to win at Rocket; you can use the auto cash-out function to assist in securing winnings where you might be tempted to stay in the game for longer and lose out.