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ts’ thoughts on Mohegan Sun’s security, gaming options, and usability features. We explore customer service, website design, and security measures so that you can make an informed decision before signing up.

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What is good?

  • Ease of Use
  • Security
  • Cooperative Spirit
  • Corporate Vision
  • PayPal

What is bad?

  • Game Selection
  • Bonuses and Promotions
  • Payment Processing
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Is Mohegan Sun Casino Trustworthy?

Mohegan Sun Casino is an interesting new arrival in the world of online casinos. As a tribe-owned casino in Connecticut from its early days, the casino has successfully and consistently grown through the years. Now, with its online offering, it joins the list of legit online gambling sites where US players can safely gamble.

Despite being hit hard by the recession in 2008, Mohegan Sun recovered well. In 2018, the company purchased a casino in Seoul, South Korea, expanding its physical reach internationally.

Mohegan Sun Casino’s Security Certifications

Mohegan Sun is a safe brand, but the casino has not specifically requested security certifications from any of the major companies that offer the service. Mohegan Sun relies entirely on NYX Gaming for its software, and NYX partners with eCOGRA to audit each of its games. As a result, you can rely on Mohegan Sun as a safe online casino in the USA.

Who Licenses Mohegan Sun Casino for Operation?

The Mohegan Sun online casino is licensed through the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. The casino relies on the license that the NJDGE granted to Resort Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, which Mohegan Sun manages.

In the future, Mohegan Sun Casino may be one of the first online casinos to allow players from Pennsylvania. In 2018, the company filed its application for several online casino licenses with the PA Gaming Control Board. As the market for online gambling in Pennsylvania opens up in the upcoming years, expect to see Mohegan Sun target the state from its location in the Poconos.

The Origin of Mohegan Sun Casino

The Mohegan Tribe founded its first casino in 1996 in Connecticut. Since then, they have increased both their casinos’ popularity and revenue. In the past two decades, the casino has expanded operations to include several new domestic locations. With its international expansion in 2018 and new online partnership as of 2019, the casino will likely continue to expand. The tribe may only gradually increase its attention to the online casino, as brick-and-mortar locations remain far more lucrative and popular.

Mohegan Sun Casino’s Online Reputation

Mohegan Sun is well-received by regular gamblers in the United States. Players in the northeast United States frequently visit its locations in Connecticut, the Poconos, and Atlantic City. People widely trust these casinos based on years of personal experience, and that trust easily translates to confidence in the Mohegan Sun online casino.

The central criticism that most people report for Mohegan Sun online is its low number of gaming options.

Mohegan Sun Casino’s Alexa Ranking

The website does not rank highly with Alexa, and as of July 2019, it was ranked at 119,778 in the United States. The fact that this casino is so new explains the ranking, but ultimately, the online casino has a long way to go to increase its popularity.

The Company behind Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan Sun is the brand that owns Mohegan Sun online casino NJ. The company is owned and operated by the Mohegan Tribe in Connecticut. The company is not listed on any stock exchange, nor is it like to be sold or publicly traded at any point in the near future. Mohegan Sun is a strong brand that consistently generates positive revenue.

Mohegan Sun Casino’s Associated Brands

In addition to the home casino in Connecticut, the company owns a branch in the Poconos and several other brands: Ilani in Ridgefield, WA; Inspire in Seoul, South Korea; Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ; and Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville, LA.

Mohegan Sun has combined its efforts with other big names in online gambling, partnering with Unibet to offer sports betting both online and offline through its location in the Poconos. If you’re looking for other trustworthy online casinos that suit you such as Unibet, browse our expert reviews of other brands.

Gambling Responsibly at Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan Sun provides the standard suite of responsible gaming options. These options include self-exclusion both for deposits and gaming of any kind. You can find links to basic resources for gambling addiction through the casino’s customer service FAQ.

Signing Up to Play at Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan Sun online casino offers its players a streamlined experience through its website. This experience begins with signing up, which is under the “Getting Started” tab rather than its own button on the main page. We found this placement unusual but fairly attractive. While most of its competition features a large, eye-catching button on the main page to start the signup process, Mohegan Sun moves it one step away, leaving the focus on its games.

Given that you need only sign up once, we found this exchange to be worthwhile, and it shows that Mohegan Sun is not simply following the crowd.

Registration Information Required by Mohegan Sun Casino

Players who have registered at other casinos will find nothing unusual here. Mohegan Sun Casino’s signup requirements include name, email address, birthday, address, phone number, and desired login credentials. Finally, the site requires that you confirm your age, agree to terms and conditions, and provide several security questions in case you forget your password.

What Documentation You’ll Need to Withdraw from Your Account

Fortunately, you won’t need any documentation to withdraw beyond what you provide during the deposit process. Below, we cover the information that the casino will require from you to complete that process.

How to Sign up at Mohegan Sun Casino

At the top of the main page, there are several tabs. The second one next to “Play Now” is “Getting Started”. Hover over that tab (or tap it on a mobile device) to bring down the menu, and select “Creating an Account”. Then, provide the requested information (which we described above), click on the “Register” button at the bottom, and you’re good to go!

The process couldn’t be easier for US players.

Processing Time for Your Withdrawals

Mohegan Sun Casino provides extraordinarily rapid withdrawals, but withdrawal methods are limited. Generally, you will receive your funds within minutes of processing the transaction.

Verifying Your Identity and Payment Methods

Generally, you will only need to provide valid payment methods that can be confirmed through third parties without adding further documentation. However, you will need to show a driver’s license, US passport, or state ID card.

How Long It Takes to Deposit Funds and Start Playing

For US players, Mohegan Sun provides an easy and swift way to deposit funds. If you use any of the platform’s regular methods, you can deposit in a matter of minutes and begin playing immediately.

Money Management at Mohegan Sun: Deposit and Withdrawals

Mohegan Sun has a distinct layout to its financial section with a cashier and separate page for each processing method. The casino offers extremely fast deposit and withdrawal methods but clearly favors a few options.

Our experts noted that the minimal withdrawal methods are tightly controlled by the casino (MoheganSunCard and Resorts Casino Cage) or supported by highly reliable third parties (PayPal and VIP Preferred). As a result, we consider the casino to be conservative when it comes to monetary processing.

It was confidence-inspiring to see PayPal listed as one of the payment options, as PayPal approval is a strong recommendation regarding the safety of a casino.

Deposit Methods and Information

Mohegan Sun Casino’s online deposits are remarkably fast, and there are no deposit minimums for any methods. Some methods have deposit maximums, but those are set by the service provider rather than Mohegan Sun. The VIP Preferred method links your bank account to your Mohegan Sun account, permitting effortless deposits and withdrawals, which we recommend. Otherwise, you can get a MoheganSunCard, which functions as a prepaid debit card.

Deposit method Processing time Minimum deposit Maximum deposit
Bank TransferInstant--
Cash at CageInstant--

Withdrawal Methods and Information

While Mohegan Sun Casino offers several methods for depositing funds, there are far fewer withdrawal methods. We recommend VIP Preferred as a primary option followed by PayPal.

Withdrawal method Processing time Minimum withdrawal Maximum withdrawal
Cash at CageInstant--

How to Prove Your Source of Wealth

In most situations, you won’t need to prove your source of wealth. Due to the use of third-party processors, Mohegan Sun relies on its security measures. As with all online casinos, if your deposits raise suspicion with the auditing or customer service teams, the casino may ask you for information to justify your expenditures on the site.

Mohegan Sun’s Promotional Bonuses and Campaigns

This casino has taken a page from other casinos’ books in assembling its bonuses and campaigns, but with one twist. Unlike many casinos, Mohegan Sun reserves most promotions as unique rewards for those who are part of the loyalty program, Stellar. Fortunately, every player joins the rewards program by default when signing up, which grants the opportunity to access these bonuses.

At higher levels, the casino offers more lucrative rewards. For the average player, the results are less than what you can get at other casinos. The most enthusiastic players may experience highly valuable bonuses.

What Kinds of Bonuses Does Mohegan Sun Use?

Mohegan Sun does not offer many bonuses for the average player outside of a generous welcome bonus. If you know that you’re going to be gambling at this casino regularly, then you can take full advantage of the 100% match on your initial deposit. The casino offers you up to $1,000 in matched funds deposited directly into your account as bonus cash.

Promotional Campaigns at Mohegan Sun Casino

from time to time, Mohegan Sun online casino runs promotions on its new live table games. New Jersey players can join live table action between 11 AM and 3 AM any day of the week. Live games include Ultimate Texas Hold’em, 3-Card Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat. These games are based in the Atlantic City location at Resorts Casino.

Our Helpful Bonus FAQ

🔢 Do I need a special code to get the bonuses?

No, you don’t need a Mohegan Sun online casino bonus code to unlock the bonuses. In fact, when you visit the site, it will present a popup right on your screen. In exchange for allowing push notifications to your device, the casino will offer you all available bonus offers at once.

💰 Is the Stellar Rewards program worthwhile?

Unless you’re a big player, you’re unlikely to see rewards beyond the first or second tier of play. Given that you’ll need to wager at least $4,600 per month to get to the second level, then $46,000 for the level after that, most players only access bonuses and extremely minor points-to-cash redemption options.

🎮 Does Mohegan Sun push specific games with their promotions?

Yes. For example, Mohegan Sun Casino recently added live roulette and dealer games to its online lineup, featuring these new options in current promotions.

💸 Does Mohegan Sun offer any cash redemption programs?

Yes, through the Stellar program. Depending on your level in the program, you can exchange points for cash at a rate of 1,150 points for $1 advancing to 200 points for $1.

Gaming Options at Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan Sun Casino relies on NYX Gaming to provide its suite of digital casino games. Through this reliance on a single producer, Mohegan Sun delivers several advantages but also suffers some disadvantages. There is an astounding degree of cohesion between games, and the site’s aesthetic is cleaner without the chaos of dozens of providers. On the other hand, the casino offers far fewer slots and arcade games than some of its competitors.

We have casino games that you can play here if you can’t find the specific game that you’re looking for right now at Mohegan Sun.

How You Can Gamble at Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun currently limits its options to casino games. You’ll find table games such as roulette and baccarat, video and live poker and blackjack, and hundreds of slots as well as nearly 20 Slingo games. Unfortunately, the casino does not provide a tremendous variety for players who want to try a new slots game with every visit, but the variety is wide enough that players who prefer to find a favorite and stick with it will enjoy what they find.

Read up on the best roulette advice, blackjack advice, and slot advice before gambling with real money at Mohegan Sun.

In the future, the casino is likely to add sports betting in partnership with Unibet, but it has not yet implemented this service. Keep an eye on this casino if you’re interested in sports betting. In the meantime, you can browse our reviews of other New Jersey casinos that accept sports betting.

Software Support for Mohegan Sun’s Games

Mohegan Sun partners with NYX Gaming to provide exclusive software support for games on the website. NYX Gaming has a solid reputation for security, including certification from eCOGRA. NYX Gaming is based in Sweden, and the company’s software is known to be well-designed.

Mobile users can freely enjoy access to the same suite of games, as NYX carefully designs its games with mobile devices in mind.

Mohegan Sun Online Casino presents users with a friendly, easy-to-navigate page layout. It is visibly different from the competition, which is always refreshing. The site is not perfect, but overall, it presents a tasteful and user-friendly online experience.

Methods of Playing at the Casino

The casino makes it easy for players to access online gambling with nearly any device. Whether you’re on a desktop machine or an iOS or Android mobile device, you’ll have no problem signing into your account and betting today.

Mohegan Sun Online Casino’s Aesthetics

The site is well-designed, reflecting a modern aesthetic. The use of a single software provider ensures that all games provide users with a cohesive experience. There are no transitions between pages or games that feel jarring or disorienting.

Regarding the layout, Mohegan Sun scores well with us. It’s easy to log in at the top of the page and natural to navigate between tabs. The designers have laid the information out clearly for the user, and there is minimal clutter. Desktop users will notice the wasted space on either end of the screen, a result of making the site mobile-friendly.

Customer Support at Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan Sun Casino offers prompt, friendly customer service through various methods. The Mohegan Sun customer service team does a good job of helping those in need. The team is flexible, and you can speak with them through whichever method makes you feel the most comfortable.

Customer Support Methods and Availability

Mohegan Sun provides several ways to contact the customer support team:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-800-407-9167
  • Live Chat: Accessible as a popup on any page of the website

The support team is available 24/7. Players who prefer to do a little searching or not speak to a live person can use the FAQ:

How Mohegan Sun Compares to the Competition

Mohegan Sun strives to offer a distinct experience for its US users, and our experts agree that the casino is successful in this capacity. Considering that most of the casino’s weak spots involve a lack of gaming options, we hope that the platform continues to develop. Especially as Mohegan Sun adds sports betting and potentially the option for Pennsylvanian players to gamble, we expect that the casino will improve.

What Distinguishes Mohegan Sun Casino from the Rest?

The casino takes pride in its distinctions and devotes a subpage to the things about it that stand out against the competition, which is fairly unusual for online casinos. One innovation that Mohegan Sun has developed is the option to immediately gamble your winnings after a good hand or play. Qualifying games will prompt you to choose whether you’d like to bet with the possibility of doubling or quadrupling your winnings.

Our experts pointed out that Mohegan Sun is unusual in selecting only a single supplier for its software. In this case, we don’t mind the results, as NYX Gaming is an excellent choice. The result is a more narrowly-focused casino than others you’ll find online.

Should US Players Choose Mohegan Sun over Other Casinos?

The answer to this question depends on what you want to get out of your casino experience. If you’re looking for a safe, stable place to gamble online, then we can strongly recommend Mohegan Sun. However, if you’re looking for sports betting, numerous payment and withdrawal methods, and a limitless selection of games, then you should consider playing elsewhere.

Ultimately, Mohegan Sun is a casino that US players can trust, but it may not satisfy each player completely.

Our Mohegan Sun Review Summary

Mohegan Sun Online Casino gets a lot right for an online casino but ultimately misses several key opportunities. While the casino’s management continues to make intelligent choices and add new features, our experts feel that the casino is a work in progress in several ways.

Mohegan Sun Casino’s Five Best Qualities

From the casino’s overall attractiveness to its trustworthiness, here are five of our favorite things about Mohegan Sun Casino.

  • Ease of Use
    From the very beginning, you’ll understand where to go and which site sections to access. If you have any uncertainty, the live chat button is always nearby and the customer support team is ready to help. Players may simply intuit what the casino offers and find no need to ask for help.
  • Security
    This aspect is an important one to our experts. Mohegan Sun boasts an impressive reputation for quality and safety. It’s always nice to safely deposit into a casino without worrying about fraud or foul play.
  • Cooperative Spirit
    Mohegan Sun doesn‘t do anything too flashy, but it coordinates its efforts with other organizations to better the player experience. The result is safe, streamlined software from a single provider and the promise of added sports betting in the future.
  • Corporate Vision
    The casino is owned by a single company with a clear vision for the future. Our experts particularly praise the importance of the international casino purchase and application for Pennsylvania online gaming in 2018, plus the upcoming addition of sports betting. It’s clear that the casino’s management does not want to rush things unnecessarily, but neither is the casino sitting idle.
  • PayPal
    Our experts always appreciate when a casino employs PayPal for money management. Whenever you see this method listed on a website, you know that the platform is a safe place to deposit your funds and gamble.

Three Ways Mohegan Sun Can Improve

Mohegan Sun has several ways in which it can stand to improve.

  • Game Selection
    Despite the hundreds of slots available, the overall games selection feels a little hollow. There are currently only a few tabs for different kinds of games, so it’s easy for players to be left wanting a bit more.
  • Bonuses and Promotions
    Unfortunately, Mohegan Sun neglects most bonus and promotion opportunities. The casino brings attention to new live games but its promotions don’t provide any discounts or extra funds.
  • Payment Processing
    The payment options that Mohegan Sun provides to its players are fairly thin. Despite the platform’s excellent processing, minimal variety in payment processors means that players are forced to use the payment methods that Mohegan Sun wants without another strong option.

Our Experts’ Final Take on Mohegan Sun

Our experts agree that the casino has a lot of promise for the future. The good certainly outweighs the bad, but there are enough significant issues regarding player options that we have to dock points.

After consideration, we give the casino a 3/5 rating. We expect additional features and benefits to arrive in the next several years that will improve Mohegan Sun, and we would be surprised not to review this casino as a 4/5 or higher once sports betting –and more bonuses, promotions, and player options—arrive.

Operator details
Company Name: Mohegan Sun Casino (website), Resorts AC (license)
Address: 1 Mohegan Sun Blvd., Uncasville, CT 06382
Licenses: New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement
Established: 2018
VAT Number: N/A
Registration Number: N/A
Awards: None for online
Languages Supported: English
Associated Brands: Inspire (South Korea), Resorts Casino Hotel, Ilani, Paragon Casino Resort
Affiliate program: None
Customer support
Live chat: Yes
Live chat 24/7: Yes
Devices & Apps
Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Apps: Android, iOS
Games & Providers
Amount of games: 500
Games: Slots, Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette
Amount of providers: 1
Providers: NYX Interactive
Banking & Payments
Currencies: USD
Payment (Deposit): Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bank Transfer, PayNearMe, Cash at Cage
Minimum deposit: -
Payment (Withdrawal): PayPal, Cash at Cage
Minimum withdrawal: -
Pending withdrawal period: Instant
Bonuses & Requirements
Deposit: -
No deposit: -
Free spins: -
Wager requirements free spins: -
Wager requirements: -
Coming Soon
Accept players from USA USA Flag

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